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Holocaust Katie And Kelsey
Holocaust Katie And Kelsey
Holocaust Katie And Kelsey
Holocaust Katie And Kelsey
Holocaust Katie And Kelsey
Holocaust Katie And Kelsey
Holocaust Katie And Kelsey
Holocaust Katie And Kelsey
Holocaust Katie And Kelsey
Holocaust Katie And Kelsey
Holocaust Katie And Kelsey
Holocaust Katie And Kelsey
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Holocaust Katie And Kelsey


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  • 1. Holocaust
    By. Kelsey and Katie
  • 2. Holocaust
    The meaning of Holocaust is Sacrifice by fire
    The Nazi’s murdered approximately six million Jews after WWII
  • 3. Holocaust
    The killings began in June 1941 shooting of Jews during the German invasion of Soviet Union.
  • 4. Holocaust
    In the end of 1941 the Germans deported the Jews into concentration camps in Poland
    In may of 1945 approximately 2/3 of Jews in Europe were murdered.
  • 5. How it began
    The Holocaust began when Hitler came into power in Germany
    The killings started in April of 1933
    It stopped in 1945 when the Nazi’s were defeated by the Allied powers
  • 6. How:
    Number of deaths:
    11 million people killed during the Holocaust
    6 million Jews were killed
    1.1 million children were murdered
  • 7. Where:
    The Holocaust took place in mostly Europe
    The Jew Citizens were in the Western Europe countries
  • 8. Where:
    Extermination Camps murdered the people in the camps by murdering them with poison gas.
  • 9. Why:
    The Germans constructed camps which was the purpose of the genocide
    The Kristallnacht night was when the zazis destroyed mainly Jewish buildings
  • 10. Who:
    Hitler was the leader who was in charge of giving orders to the Nazis to kill the Jews
  • 11. Why:
    Many regions German soldiers rounded up the Jews then they shot them
    Nazi’s also killed hundreds of thousands of Gypsies, poles, mentally disabled people, and the political and religious prisoners
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