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The elite (selection) download

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The elite (selection) download

  1. 1. The Elite (Selection) downloadTo download now please click the link below. hotly-anticipated sequel to the New York Times bestseller The Selection.Thirty-five girls came to the palace to compete in the Selection. All but six havebeen sent home. And only one will get to marry Prince Maxon and be crownedprincess of Illea.America still isn’t sure where her heart lies. When she’s with Maxon, she’s sweptup in their new and breathless romance, and can’t dream of being with anyoneelse. But whenever she sees Aspen standing guard around the palace, and is
  2. 2. overcome with memories of the life they planned to share. With the groupnarrowed down to the Elite, the other girls are even more determined to winMaxon over—and time is running out for America to decide.Just when America is sure she’s made her choice, a devastating loss makes herquestion everything again. And while she’s struggling to imagine her future, theviolent rebels that are determined to overthrow the monarchy are growingstronger and their plans could destroy her chance at any kind of happy ending.Reviews"All I want is your promise to stay with me, to be mine. Sometimes It feels likeyou cant possibly be real. Promise me youll stay."I have been eagerly awaiting the release of The Elite and now, after reading it for8 hours straight, Im finished. Im sad, Im happy, Im excited and Im worried but,even with all my mixed feelings (and I say mixed feelings in a good way), nothingcan overshadow the fact that Kiera Cass delivered a stunning sequel.We all fell in love with America Singer in The Selection, when she was picked alongwith 34 other girls, to fall in love with Prince Maxon, so one of them could becomethe next Princess of Illea. And now in The Elite, we see how intense things aregetting when America is amongst the 6 remanding girls. Things are not easy forher though, because with the return of her first love; Aspen, America has to figureout who she really wants, and more importantly is she strong enough to take onall the responsibilities of possibly being a Princess means. All America knows fornow, is shes not ready to leave and nor is she ready to make her choice, but timewaits for no-one and Americas running out of time.I dont know how shes done it but Kiera Cass brings us a sequel that overthrowsthe predecessor, seriously The Elite is that good. Im left dying though because Icant wait to see what happens next and as a reader, knowing that you have towhole year to wait for the finale is pure torture. I was wholeheartedly consumedby this novel and I just want more.
  3. 3. America is completely back and forth in this book, shes constantly confused aboutwhom she should really be with, and then when she finally figures it out,something happens and takes everything shes worked out away. It did get aslightly frustrating at time but when you have two great guys battling for yourheart - not forgetting one comes with some much more than love but managing awhole country too, can we really blame America for feeling how she does? Icouldnt! I felt she handed everything naturally and very well, although at timesrash, she still tries to do the best she can. She has feelings I think any girl wouldhave, her heart constantly battles for her old love and her new love. How does shechoose? Its not an easy journey, its one that comes with a lot tears but she doesget there in the end, but the journey isnt over just - yet!Maxon and Aspen get so much time in the spot light this time around; its just ashard for them as it is for America. Their two great guys - both who make mistakesalong the way but no guy is perfect. You all know my hearts leans toward Maxonmore than Aspen, and Im hoping it all works out for them.Not only is the love triangle a huge part of this book but the rebels playing abigger part. Theyre back and theyre here to cause trouble. It was interested tolearn more about them and we do, and I believe they will play a bigger part in thefinal book. Im for one excited to see what this book will bring.In all, The Elite has an intriguing and unique story line, a history that isfrighteningly engaging, and a love triangle that works perfect. Kiera Cass shouldbe proud of what shes achieved so far!Holy crap! why did you do this to us Mrs. Cass? I fell like my heart has been tornfrom my chest and then put back in the wrong way. every chapter in the book wasa plot twist or a change in events. Once it took a hold of my heart it didnt let go. Ifell terrible now because I read this in a day and will have to wait another yearand a half for the third book. I loved how stong America is and how even if theyare in a castle and treated like royalty its not and most of the time not just somefairytale book where everything works out. I like and greatly admire authors whoarent afraid to go a little rough on their characters such as with Mrs. Cass. I havenever actually hated a book character before. I had strongly disliked bookcharacters and even wished them gone but I can honestly say that I hate Celeste,Aspen and even the king. My best advice to anyone wondering if they should readthis is to pick up the book grab some popcorn and possibly a box of tissues and
  4. 4. READ IT! I found myself conflicted about Maxon some of the time which is okaybecause I like books that make the readers feel everything the characters werefeeling and this book acomplished that. I liked Aspen in the first book but now hesjust starting to get on my nerves. This book is a Must read. Kudos to you KieraCass!I was so excited to receive an advance reader copy of this book to review! I havebeen eagerly anticipating its release since I read The Selection back in April. I wasa little concerned that the story might not have enough depth when I saw the sizeof the book, *only* 323 pages. But let me tell you, there is SO much actionpacked into this novel! This book was not what I was expecting at all!! It tookabout two pages and I was completely absorbed into Americas world. I could notput this book down. It was so intense and literally kept me guessing until the verylast page. I wasnt just guessing where the plot was going, I was second guessingmy own previous assumptions. It was very interesting the way layers kept gettingpeeled back and just when you thought you knew the score, something new wasrevealed and changed everything. Dont forget where The Selection left off, thisisnt just a love story, Maxon vs. Aspen, although there is that...which createssome seriously awesome moments. <3 :) But there is also so much more to thissurprisingly complex world Ms. Cass has created.Loved the setting, loved the characters, loved the conflict, loved everything! :) Idont want to say too much because I dont want to give anything away, but ifyoure a fan of The Selection, I think this will be even more than youre hoping for,and if you didnt like The Selection much, you should give this a shot anyway, Ithink youll be surprised. I will definitely be reading this again.From the beginning, Ive really only looked at you, wanted you."Oh. My. God! I literally have no words right now. I read this book in one sittingand it just completely and utterly blew me away! I thought The Selection wasgood? The Elite is phenomenal! I had pretty high expectations for this book since Iloved the first book so much and The Elite met all of those expectations andcompletely surpassed them. This book was literally phenomenal and I seriouslyjust cannot gush enough.Americas heart is still torn. She is fast falling for Prince Maxon but shes stillovercome with her past relationship and feelings for Aspen. She doesnt knowwhat to do and when other things get in the way of the matters of her heart
  5. 5. America doesnt know what to think. How can she trust Maxons feelings when shecant even trust herself? Will she be able to make a choice before its too late?I... just... OMG! That is seriously all I can say when thinking of this book. I lovedever single second of it. I am so emotionally invested in this series I had the warmand fuzzies one moment where I just wanted to hug my eReader I was so happyand in love and then the next I was freaking out and anxious. This book will makeyou go through every emotion you possibly could go through. I laughed and criedand everything in between.America is such a great character. I love her. I love her feistiness and herstubborness and I think she is such a great character to read about. However shebugged the life out of me in this book. Dont get me wrong I still love her to bitsand she is one of my favourite characters ever but there was just some things thatshe did in this one that had me screaming "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU" Americagoes through a big journey in this book and the state of mind she is in by the endmakes me extremely happy but for me she went through so many up and downsand going backwards and forwards in this book I just wanted to reach into thebook and give her a bit of a shake.Maxon... oh my Maxon. Is there anything that can make me love him less? ErmNO! I adore him! Im pretty sure he is the most amazing character ever! I am justcompletely head-over-heels in love with him. Take note of Chapter 8 girls becauseseriously I melted into a puddle of goo! I LOVE him! There were parts of this bookwhere Maxon broke my heart completely but when looking at things from himpoint of view you really cant blame him for doing that. I genuinelly love him and Iam still Team Maxon all the way!This book was just phenomenal to me. Right from the start I could tell that it wasgoing to be a 5 Star rating. Right from the start I was just completely hooked andI couldnt put the book down. I literally just say for hours and I read this book inone sitting. I just had to know what happened. Even when it was making me cryand breaking my heart. One thing is for certain Kiera Cass is literally phenomenaland I cant wait to see what she does in the next book. I literally have no ideawhat it going to happen from her but I know I will enjoy every singe word of whatis to come.
  6. 6. The Selection Series is fast becoming one of my favourite series of all time. I findthat it is so heavy on the romance that is can be a little bit cheesy but come on,who doesnt love a little bit of cheese in their life. I love everything Kiera does. Herwriting style, the world and characters she has created and the romance thatliterally stops my heart and wants me to become a character in the book so thiscan happen to me. I need book 3 right now and I despreately need America andMaxon to be together. I love Maxon and I think America would be a fantastic rulerof this country and make everything better.If you enjoyed The Selection you will love The Elite. It is a hundred times better! Ithas everything that you could possibly need. Romance, action, romance, abeautiful setting, romance, a phenomenal dystopia society and ROMANCE! Itcompletely took my heart and my breath away and left me dying for more! I lovedevery single second of it and I cant wait to experience is all again when I re-readit. A MUST READ!"Ive been looking for a suitable alternative, but the truth is... theres only you."I have been so excited about this book since I finished The Selection last year,which was amazing. I loved it so much and I’ve been hoping that I would feel thesame about The Elite. I’m happy to report that I did! I can’t even choose whichone I’ve liked better, since they were both great.The Elite picks up pretty much where The Selection left off. I think a small amountof time had passed (hours, maybe?) between what had last happened in the firstbook and this one. I didn’t remember much the ending of The Selection and someof the things that had happened, so I was worried that I would feel lost. I didn’t,though. The story picked up quite nicely and I was instantly immersed in the storyonce again. I was so into it. You definitely don’t need to remember every singledetail of The Selection to continue on with the sequel. I had forgotten one of themost important details, actually. 35 girls had started out with America, competingfor Prince Maxon’s affection, but by the end there were only 6. I had no idea thatso many had been cut out in the first book! I didn’t remember at all. I was veryglad that despite my slips of memory, I was able to get into the story so quickly,without remembering much at all.
  7. 7. So, why did I love this book? Oh, my. There are so many reasons! I can’t think ofone bad thing that I didn’t like. Seriously. My main reason for loving The Elite werethe boys. The relationships that America had were so important to this book andthe series as a whole. I’m very pleased with how their relationships played outthroughout the book. I was constantly flipping back and forth between Maxon andAspen, unable to choose which one I preferred. Every time America changed hermind, so did I. I was so conflicted. I mean that in the best of ways. I was soinvested in the story. I mean, I felt like I was America, facing such difficultdecisions. It was intense.Another thing I loved was how the story played out. So much happened, butnothing felt like it was looked over. The story moved at a great pace, whereeverything that was happened was given enough pages for me to grasp what washappening and learn more about the characters.The characters were also a great, bright highlight of The Elite. I continue to loveAmerica. I think she’s a great character. She seems very normal. She has a hardtime making decisions (Maxon vs Aspen) and when she does make decisionsthey’re not always the best, but these things just make her so endearing. I lovedher throughout the book, I felt for her and understood her when she struggledwith what was going on. Maxon and Aspen got more “page time”, so I felt like Igot to know them more.When I started reading The Elite, I wasn’t really into Maxon. I thought he seemedvery pushover-ish and kind of a jerk. He was “dating” a bunch of girls at once.BUT as the story moved forward he grew on me. I liked him a lot, though I’m stillundecided on the Maxon vs Aspen debate.As I said before, I can’t think of anything I didn’t like. The Elite didn’t make for aprofound and literary experience, but it was fun. Once in a while it’s nice to read abook that is simple and cute. The Elite definitely met these requirements. It waslight and I read it pretty fast. I think it was great. Overall, really great book. If youloved The Selection give this a try!Sooo Kiera Casss I need book 3 immediately after that ending! The Elite wasbeyond amazing and Maxon has definitely won me over with his compassion andlove for America!! As most of you know I loved The Selection and the same for
  8. 8. this one because it was completely and utterly one book that will keep you to readmore of! I was definitely hooked to reading what was going to happen after allthese rebel attacks on the kingdom. The writing was very well put together and Iwas not disappointed after reading The Elite.The plot and romance increased A LOT which I was happy about because Americadid need to connect with Maxon more, at the same time Aspen is trying to redeemhimself to her. As one of The Elite, America is definitely under the pressure oftrying to make a choice between them at the same time, I saw her in The Elite asmuch a stronger character who can defend herself and maybe in the end becomea princess. Maxon, Maxon, Maxon. I loved you even more in this book and withyour kindness and patience you have made a way into may heart.We also saw the progess of how Illea came to be and how it was created with thecaste system. It was a very interesting take of events. There was surprises withsome of the characters and the story did more show the relationship more ofAmerica and Maxon which I also liked. The political turmoil is more of a precautionand it was interesting of why are the rebels attacking the castle or what were theylooking for.The Halloween scene is definitely a favorite in the book because its a ball andMaxon wanted to do this for America. The Elite had my emotions everywhere and Iwanted to cry at the end of what was happening between America and Maxon, andAspen who needs to rethink some stuff as well. There were moments of utterchaos and hoping nothing would happen to the characters (maybe Celeste who Iwant out of the Selection), but as more secrets behind the kingdom started tocome out it will be an eye opener for the next book which I sense is going to beutter chaos and more competition, romance and pretty dresses!The Elite is one book you need to read right away because this sequel will makeyou cry, scream and just cry!! I want the next book right now, if you haventpicked up The Selection I must command you to go pick it up and give it a try ifyou love dystopian with a twist of romance. Fans of Kiera Cass will love this book,as do myself. I look forward to book 3 to see the conclusion of the series as wellas finding out who will win Americas heart.
  9. 9. To download now please click the link below.