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Eat to live kindle edition

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Eat to live kindle edition

  1. 1. Eat To Live kindle editionTo download now please click the link below. Mehmet Oz or any of New Yorks leading doctors has a patient whose lifedepends on losing weight, they call on Joel Fuhrman, M.D. In EAT TO LIVE, Dr.Fuhrman offers his healthy, effective, and scientifically proven plan for sheddingradical amounts of weight quickly, and keeping it off.
  2. 2. Losing weight under Dr. Fuhrmans plan is not about willpower, it is aboutknowledge. The key to this revolutionary diet is the idea of nutrient density, asexpressed by the simple formula Health=Nutrients/Calories. When the ratio ofnutrients to calories is high, fat melts away and health is restored. Losing 20pounds in two to three weeks is just the beginning. The more high-nutrient foodDr. Fuhrmans patients consume, the more they are satisfied with fewer calories,and the less they crave fat and high-calorie foods. Designed for people who mustlose 50 pounds or more in a hurry, EAT TO LIVE works for every dieter, even thosewho want to lose as little as 10 pounds quickly. No willpower required-justknowledgeReviewsEat to Live is such a life changing book!!!! Its changed the way I look at food. Thisisnt a fad diet book. Its a book that examines the American diet and exposes it tothe truth it really is.......disease causing.Now here is the downside to the diet:1. Its extreme compared to the American diet so unless you are very motivated tochange, the diet will prove to be foreign and challenging.2.Since no one really eats like this, its hard to find healthy options when you goout to restaurants.3. It can get expensive. Although its not necessary to buy the most expensiveblender, you will eventually need a vita-mix ($500) and probably a juicer ($200).Also, most of your grocery items will be produce. Lots of produce!!! That can becostly.4. Recipes are provided in his book but most are not quick and easy. You canbecome a member on his website to access more recipes but there is a small feeand his website is gimmicky.
  3. 3. This isnt a diet you go on for a few weeks. This book will re-educate you in termsof what is healthy for our bodies. Id also recommend the McDougall diet (easier tofollow and many recipes are free on his website). Also check out the "Engine 2Diet" and "Forks Over Knives" (book or documentary).Now for the horrible news. This diet goes against the grain so much, I feel it setsmany people up for failure. It is almost like a fade diet because its so extreme andhard to maintain. The diet itself is perfect. You can feel a real difference to yourhealth. However the world in that we live in makes it so hard to eat like this. Formonths I had nothing but greens, beans, greens, fruit, nuts and more greens.Although I changed my taste buds to actually enjoy this food, the second I ate acookie or a slice of pizza I was like an addict who hadnt had heroine is years. Iwould lose controll so much. Id go on binges and eat horrible. I lost sight of somany things. When making a choice between a turkey sandwich or acheeseburger, Id opt for the cheeseburger because in retrospect, both items donot follow his diet and deemed equally unhealthy. I followed or rather tried tofollow this "diet" for over a year and I would yo-yo from gaining and loosing 10pounds. I simply couldnt stick to it.So why the five stars? It really is the ultimate way to eat. If you are suffering fromhealth issues, it will most likely cure them. If youre a cancer or surviving cancerpatient, it will have unbelievable amounts of benefits. I still try and follow it withthe ultimate goal of eating like this full time in the future. It will take time though.This is NOT about a diet. Which is what all the diet books say, I know, I know. Ibelieve this truly is the exception, focusing on nutritional excellence, diseaseprevention, and backed by serious research.If you ever had a suspicion that there was something really wrong with a 100-calorie portion pack of cookies getting a "thumbs up" from your weight loss groupleader, or felt kind of freaked out that a doctor was recommending several monthsof protein shakes laden with fake sweetener, then this dose of reality will be anenormous relief and sanity saver.I call Dr. Fuhrman a "nutritional bad-ass" because he doesnt construct a plan inorder that the largest number of people would be able to adhere to it; rather heconstructs a plan that will give you maximum nutrition - even when that is not the
  4. 4. easiest thing to adhere to. That said, he describes what to expect (taste buds thatalter to prefer the healthier choices, detox symptoms that resolve damage if youride them out) and, again, backs it up with completely solid evidence.I admire how he doesnt fear big pharma or the FDA but just speaks truth. Itresonated with me completely when he called the Standard American Diet"perverted" - it is! And theres not a single reason to not grab optimal health. It issubversive and awesome.This is a wonderful guide for anyone interested in eating healthy by sticking to adiet full of vegetables and fruits. It is not just a diet book, but a lesson in nutrition.The best part about the book, though, is all of the recipes and ways to incorporatefruits and vegetables into your everyday. Everything from ice cream made fromonly fruits and nuts to purees of lentils and vegetables to use as a veggie dip.Here are the basics of the nutritarian diet:Very limited meats including fish or meat products including eggs or dairy.Very low in grains/starchy vegetables: only 1 cup of either one per day.You do have 10 percent of leeway each day for 100 to 150 spare calories forthings like oil, sweets, and the occasional dairy product, but if you want to loseweight "just say no"The bulk of your diet is vegetables, particularly green ones. The author says to eat1 lb of raw veggies and fruits and 1 lb of cooked v/f each day. At least.So while you dont starve in the fact that you dont cut calories so to lose weight,you are eating a heck of a lot of fruits and vegetables so you stay full. And you arestill going to lose a lot of weight, an estimated 1-2 lbs per week, until your body isthe size it is suppose to be. And in exchange, you get a great amount of nutrientsso your body and mind are able to function at peak performance.More information:
  5. 5. A nutritarian is a person who has a preference for foods that are high inmicronutrients. Nutritarians eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds,onions, mushrooms, beans, and berries, and particularly consume leafy greens,which are the most nutrient-dense foods. A nutritarian strives to consume at least90% of their diet from these foods.The term “nutritarian” was coined by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. In his book, Eat to Live, heoffers this health equation, which also serves as a succinct summary of thenutritarian approach to health:Health = Nutrients/Calories (or H= N/C for short).In other words: the more nutrients you consume per calorie, the healthier you willbe.Basically, Fuhrmans theory is that we should be eating mostly vegetables, fruits,beans, and nuts. Everything else (dairy and meat, oils and fats) is mostly not verygood for us. A little bit is okay, but not much, whereas its nearly impossible toovereat fresh produce. He recommends a six week period of only eating the goodstuff in order to cure your body of the addictions we have to the bad stuff.According to Fuhrman, if you stick to this diet, youre more likely to avoid most ofthe major diseases Americans (with all their obesity) are so susceptible to: heartdisease, diabetes, cancer, and more. Since ALL of these run in my family, I figureit couldnt hurt to be pro-active about trying to avoid all these and instill goodeating habits in my children so they can avoid these problems, too. This diet ispretty extreme, so I wont go around recommending it to everyone. But I dorecommend reading the book and seeing what you think of his ideas yourself!Craig and I will be trying it starting on Sunday-- wish us luck!*Update: I never got around to reporting on the results, but they were AWESOME.I lost 17 lbs during the 6 week plan, and then on the slightly less strict plan,continued on to lose at least 10 more. And my husband lost even more than I did.
  6. 6. It was so lovely being my skinny self again! Unfortunately, now Im pregnant andpacking it all back on again, but after the baby comes, Ill be re-reading this bookand recommitting for sure!Life changing for me. Its marketed as a diet book and I NEVER would have pickedit up based on that but Jenna swore it would change my life. . .and it did!This book is great because it provides basic nutrition information and providessummaries of medical/health studies to help educate you and provide motivationto eat healthy. You can tell me a million times to eat my fruit not drink it but if youtell me exactly what happens in my body suddenly I think "Oh! I dont want to dothat" and I dont want to drink juice anymore.Dr. Fuhrman has read HUNDREDS of medical studies and condenses his findingsso that I dont have to go read them all. He also debunks a lot of the fad diets outthere. If youre LDS, you might think, "gee a lot of this sounds familiar." I re-readthe word of wisdom and was shocked to realize how much I WASNT living the partthat was about what we SHOULD be doing.Wonderful motivator, wonderful education tool and even though I didnt intend touse this as a weightloss tool, I lost 15 pounds this summer! Take into account thatI was still losing baby weight and was nursing but I didnt increase my exercise, Iwas swimming 2-3 times a week, and just increasing my fruits/veggiesconsumption and cutting out a lot of meat, dairy & unrefined foods made all thedifference!So, this book almost convinced me to become a vegetarian. It is very well written,but a tad preachy. The author does a great job explaining why vegetarianism isgood for you, but then goes on and on about how dumb you must be to notbelieve him. Or something like that.I was shocked to learn the nutritional value of some foods. I had no idea lettucehad protein or fat. I loved all the tables which showed me how ignorant Ive beenmy whole life on the real make-up of food.I thought he used research and personal stories effectively. I didnt think heexplained the actual diet very well though. I needed more recipes or meal ideas.Dumping a box of frozen broccoli on top of a large salad with no dressing just isntgoing to work in this family. My kids would starve to death rather than eat it. Andfrankly, so would I.
  7. 7. I tried this diet whole-heartedly for almost 2 weeks and hated it. I had horribleheadaches the first few days but then I felt great and I lost several pounds. But Iwasnt happy eating crappy food. Again, I think I just needed better ideas on whatto eat.So, Ive taken his suggestions and done a lot of research on the internet and foundsome recipes and were slowly working on becoming more vegetarian. Were tryingto cut back on meat and dairy and will eventually get rid of them all. Or most of it.Im happier eating a large salad for lunch with a little bit of dressing. I feel greateating so much more fruit and vegetables and the family is willing to try lots ofnew things. And Ive kept off the initial weight I lost and have lost a few morebesides.Overall, I think this is a valuable book with some great information. Thepresentation lacks a bit, but I can live with it.Dr. Fuhrman is the guy in Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. His ethos aligns just as wellwith the guys from Forks Over Knives, so if you are interested in how to eat foryour HEALTH not just weight loss, this is a good primer. He also has a volumecalled Eat For Health that may be of more interest if the fact that the title states"weight loss," in it is off-putting for you.I liked the format of the book, which is largely educational. Dr. Fuhrman spendsmost of the book explaining what all the different crap we are putting into ourbodies is actually doing to us downstream. The last part of the book explains theeating plan for pretty much everyone, but that will get you losing weight if you areoverweight.I liked that he still treats us as omnivores that just eat too many animal productsrather than as people that should be swearing off all animal products forever, eventhough I do try to follow a mostly plant-based diet. It made the book feel lesspreachy somehow.
  8. 8. I also liked his tone of, "Yes, this is not the usual, and its not for everyone--mostpeople would rather be unhealthy than do what this lifestyle suggests." He prettymuch lays it out there--eating healthily is not easy in our society of pizzas, burgersand chicken breast.That said, his research is sound and is backed by more studies every month itseems. I would recommend this book to you if you have been sucked into thiswhole, "Maybe I shouldnt be eating all this crap that Im eating," thing and wouldlike to understand more about why you should consider more than just a slightchange to your dietI will always give a book 5 stars when it changes my life for the better.:-)This book is also well-written and has lots of ideas for practical application. A newway of eating that was easy to follow.Basically his plan is to eat an unlimited amount of Fruits and Vegetables andBeans/Legumes. You only get 1 cup of whole grains and 1 cup of starchy grains aday. And no dairy, animal products, or treats.Ive been doing it for a week and can tell a real difference in how I feel. I think myprevious diet had too many grains and sweets. I felt tired a lot and generallyunwell even though Im active and not overweight.Everyone is different. Im not going to pretend that everyone needs this diet. Iknow it has helped me, and I think most people would benefit from following it tosome degree. You cant go wrong by adding more nutritious whole food, andremoving the excess grains and junk food.I think my favorite part of his plan is that I dont crave sweets anymore. THIS ISNOT NORMAL FOR ME:-)He argues that the processed food and high-carb diets cause our bodies tocontinue craving processed food and sweets.
  9. 9. I can definitely say this is true, and feel more in control of myself and what I eatthat I ever have before.To download now please click the link below.