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Download a love like this pdf Download a love like this pdf Document Transcript

  • Download A Love Like This pdfTo download now please click the link below.http://amzn.to/11yvXwLOverviewSettled in New York City, Ryan and Julia Matthews seek to enjoy their idyllicnewlywed life together. Julia’s high-profile job at Vogue and Ryan’s promisingcareer in medicine will surely set them up for everything they could ever want.Their only obstacle seems to be finding enough time to spend together.When a scuffle at Ryan’s hospital puts his life in danger, a colleague steps in tosave him but is critically injured in the process. In a heroic and unwavering effort,Ryan manages to save her life, but her injuries irrevocably change her future
  • forever.What happens next will push Ryan beyond human endurance, when he is forced todecide how much he will pay for his new friendship and Julia, what she is willing tosacrifice in order to spare herself the unspeakable pain of watching someone elsetry to replace her in Ryan’s heart.Join Ryan and Julia in the heart-wrenching conclusion to the unforgettable story ofan incredible love, worth every single sacrifice…For there is nothing more sacred than… A Love Like This…ReviewsI cant tell you all how amazing this book is. Its almost impossible to articulateinto words. This mad, mad love between the beautiful Ryan and Julia is turned upten-fold in this third and final instalment, but with a twist that will knock yousideways. Kahlen has hit the ball out of the literary park with A Love Like This.You will experience every poignant emotion from unyielding love and devotion, tototal desolation, frustration and…heartbreak, so profound, so palpable it will leaveyou breathless.BOOK REVIEW: A Love Like This (The Remembrance Trilogy, #3) - Kahlen Aymes‘I wanted every day of forever to spend in his arms, secure in the knowledge thathe loved me in ways I couldn’t comprehend and I loved him more than I couldever put into words. The love between us was too much and yet…not enough. Ifwe died drowning in each other’s arms, it would never be enough.’ - JuliaPlans for the future are finally falling into place for Ryan and Julia, as they embarkon a new journey, experiencing the pleasures and sacrifices of matrimonial bliss.
  • Attending the wedding of Aaron and his Jenna is the icing on the cake. Bothbrothers now successful and thriving in medicine, both settled with the womenthey love so irrevocably.There is only one thing that has ever, and continues, to come between them…their careers.Like passing ships in the night, Ryan and Julia have long established that timetogether is precious, but with Ryan enduring 80-hour weeks in the ER at St.Vincent’s Hospital in downtown New York and Julia’s career catapulting her to newheights at Vogue magazine in Manhattan, it was always going to be workingagainst them.Especially as they now yearn to start a family of there own, a baby to seal thebond of love they share - hoping it will further help them both to heal and come toterms with the loss of their firstborn many months ago.Just as their dream plans start to become a possibility, Ryan and Julia’s world isrocked off it’s axis when Ryan comes under attack in the ER after trying to savethe life of a young male who was involved in a gangland shooting. Tryingdesperately to thwart the criminals wielding deadly weapons while saving the lifeof the 16-year-old gang member was not something he could do alone. When therival gang leader attacks, the last thing Ryan sees is Jane, his ER nurse as sheshoves him out of the way and becomes victim to a fatal blow to her lower torso.With Jane’s life hanging in the balance, Ryan battles to stem the significant bloodflow by pinching her artery closed until extra aid arrives, amid the realisation thatthis selfless woman had probably just saved his life.When Jane learns of the devastating life-changing injury she has received, theonly person she can confide in is Ryan, as he aids her in her recovery, bothphysically and emotionally. Swarming with guilt, Ryan tries his hardest to jugglegruelling work schedules, married life and…Jane.
  • But as Jane starts to gradually form a close friendship with Ryan, a wedgebetween Ryan and Julia starts to develop, especially when all the signs are evidentto Julia that Jane feels more for her Husband than he is willing to accept oracknowledge.With no room for a third party in this marriage, the clock is continuing to tickdown, walls are starting to crumble and it’s only a matter of time before the worldas they know it, may just come crashing down around them…*Prepare yourselves readers, for this book is unlike the other two! Ryan and Juliaare the strongest book characters I know when it comes to that unconditional, allencompassing love. These are two soul-mates who will always find their way backhome to each-other, regardless of the many obstacles that have, up until now,been thrown amidst their path.But, with book 3, Hold. On. Tight! Because this new and refreshing plot will haveyou experiencing Ryan and Julia in a whole new way.We are still treated with double first person narrative, giving us, the reader, afront row seat to the inner thoughts, the undeniable passion, emotional turmoil,jealousy and upset that each individual character flits between, further capitalisingon the magic that is, Kahlen’s writing.She is the master of love scenes and emotional projection. When they hurt, youhurt. When they love, you love. When they act undesirably, you feel thatdisappointment and frustration. Because to me, Ryan and Julia are not just bookcharacters anymore, they are friends, and as a friend there were times I wantedto jump in-between them and smack their heads together, then in the next breathhug the ever loving shit out of them.
  • I highly recommend that you read both The Future of Our Past and Dont Forget toRemember Me before reading A Love Like This.I wasnt sure where this book could go. It seemed like Ryan and Julia had made itthrough so many different tests to their relationship that they would be rock solid.They were so connected that Julia had immediately trusted Ryan without hermemory intact. I wondered if an epilogue or a few chapters advancing a few yearsahead might have been a good way to end the story of Ryan and Julia. Instead Ifound that even a couple so in love and connected and had a strong foundation oftrust and friendship could be torn apart under the right circumstances.I absolutely loved this book. This book was a wonderful way to showcase Ryan andJulias relationship and a fabulous ending for the Remembrance Trilogy. For me,each subsequent book was an improvement over the one that came before it.Ryan and Julia are married and finally living together in New York, but they quicklyfind that they have barely any time to spend together. Both are in demandingcareers with long hours. The time they do spend together has them connecting bymaking love. Their chemistry is a tangible thing. I felt that connection, that needto be with the other person constantly. But because they spent their time makinglove, the basis of their relationship suffered. I saw them losing touch and nottalking to each other. They were almost no longer each others best friend.The event that seems to change everything is when Ryan and a co-worker areinvolved in an incident in the ER. The co-worker steps in and saves Ryans lifewhile being seriously injured in the process. Out of guilt and gratitude, Ryan feelsthe need to help her through the after effects and heal. But the closer he gets tohis co-worker, the more Julia feels shutout. While Ryan is typically so sensitive toJulia, her needs, and her feelings, he feels torn in two. He expects Julia to be moreunderstanding and show her gratitude. I understood Ryans motivations, but I justwanted to smack him for being blind to how he was being manipulated and lettingthe situation escalate. I just knew that a few of those decisions would come backto haunt him when Julia found out.
  • There are times when they seem able to put the conflict behind them andconcentrate on reconnecting. When Julia is finally pushed past the breaking point,she makes a crucial decision about her job and establishes a physical distancebetween them. At this point my heart broke for both Ryan and Julia, but in the endI think it was the right decision. Both needed time and space to really considerwhat they wanted and put their priorities into perspective. They really couldntcontinue as they were going. Ryan needed to handle the situation and Julianeeded to know if she could live with this woman in Ryans life.I loved the ending! The ending resolved the conflicts between Ryan and Julia whileshowing a plausible future for them both.When I thought Julia and Ryan couldn’t get any more intense, Kahlen Aymescomes out with A Love Like This. From the first of the series, The Future of OurPast, I’ve developed this…insatiable? No…obsessive? No, no. This…bond…towardsboth Julia and Ryan, and I loved watching the growth of their relationship.I might be biased because I am a huge Ryan Matthews fan, I think he is brilliant,extremely sweet, and sexy as Hell, but underneath it all, he is still male, whichmade him a little naive on how Jane is affecting his relationship with Julia, in thisbook. I’ve always believed that Julia spoils him (and he knows it), while she is astrong protagonist, there is a soft spot within her that gives in to Ryan. In A LoveLike This, I felt she let her fierceness shine the most in the whole series and whileit gave me that lump in my throat and that heart squeezing feeling, I wascompletely Team Julia! There were plenty of scenes where I wanted to scream intomy book at Ryan or ring Jane’s neck, or offer a high-five (and a big hug) to Julia.And I’m not sure if I will ever be able to walk past a physician’s lounge and not gethot flashes, or see a set of scrubs and not think of Dr. Matthews. I have to alsomention that there are some of the hottest love scenes EVER in A Love Like This, Imean…forgetting to breathe hot scenes. But, I attribute that to the intensity oftheir relationship, too.I don’t want to ramble but I really enjoyed A Love Like This, as always, it wasbeautifully written, the storyline is genuine and this was a nice closure to theseries. The Remembrance Trilogy will definitely remain as one of my favoriteseries.A FAB-U-LOUS 5 Star Finale to Ryan & Julias story
  • The remembrance trilogy books were the first books I read after reading FSOG andBared to You and I fell in love with Ryan & Julias story and have been anxiouslyawaiting this book ever since, and let me start by saying OMG and WOW, this booktruly did not disappoint.Ryan and Julias love story is truly an amazing Mad Mad Love between these twothat you cannot help but fall in love with. This book picks up with Ryan and Juliamarried for several months now living in New York and heading to Boston forAaron and Jennas wedding. They are finally together after spending four yearsliving apart and Julia has now gotten all of her memories back but even thoughthey are living together married, time together is always an issue they strugglewith, there is never enough time with them both having very busy careers buttheir love and desire for each other is still stronger than ever."I dont care about anything else. Take my job. Take it all. I just want to hold youforever and never let you go" ~ RyanBut what happens next is an incident at the hospital that forged a new friendshipfor Ryan, which starts complicating things with their Mad Mad Love and it getstested over and over again to the point of causing Julia to make decisions she justmay regret she made and may push their love to a place that it cannot return fromand has you questioning can that love they had and shared for so long endurethis, can they have their HEA."You forgot to remember me." ~JuliaWhen I received the ARC copy of this book I decided I wanted to relive their wholestory from start to finish so in the matter of one weekend I read all three booksand truly have book hangover. I loved The Future of our Past and their story ofthem finally admitting their love to each other and enduring four years of a longdistance relationship and loved Dont Forget to Remember me where their love istested by a tragedy and was so heartbreaking at times but this one is truly myfavorite, it had their mad love and desire for each other, but it had me laughing, ithad me totally swoony over how romantic Ryan was and the love they shared, it
  • had me crying for them but it truly had me on the edge of my seat the whole timeand I could not put it down until I was finished.I was asked to give an honest review and this book truly was a 5 star book for me.The author truly did an amazing job writing the finale to their story and althoughafter spending my weekend amongst Ryan and Julias romantic love story, when itwas done although I was sad there was no more story to come, I felt fulfilled withhow it ended.For there is nothing for me Forever...But You,And This Mad, Mad Love...I was a little hesitant to start this book as I hate saying goodbye to characters thatIve grown to love. Once I started though there was no way I was putting it down.This was by far my favourite book in the series and Kahlen truly outdid herselfwith this one! I felt this book dealt with some issues that young married couplesrealistically face. Its those obstacles that will either make the relationship strongeror break it.Ryan and Julias relationship is being put to the ultimate test in this book. Becausewe are privileged to get both points of view it helps better understand what bothcharacters are thinking and it definitely helped me understand some of theiractions better.You do not want to miss out on this phenomenal final instalment in TheRemembrance Trilogy! Honestly, I believe everyone should read these books justto see how true love should be! Ryan and Julia, through their ups and downs,show the readers what that "Mad, mad love" looks like!To download now please click the link below.http://amzn.to/11yvXwL