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How to Make "the MAKERS"
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  • 1. ©SIProp Project, 2006-2008 1How To Make the "MAKERS"Noritsuna Imamura(
  • 2. ©SIProp Project, 2006-2008 2AgendaWhat’s “MAKERS” ?How To Make the “MAKERS”
  • 3. ©SIProp Project, 2006-2008 3What’s “MAKERS”?Makers: The New Industrial RevolutionAuthor: Chris AndersonDate: October 2, 2012
  • 4. ©SIProp Project, 2006-2008 4SummaryTopicsBring manufacturing to the desktopMaker MovementThe individual person and small company can makeproducts. age of the only mass product is over.Nowadays add in an age of do-it-yourselfproduct design and creation for nichemarkets. Its called "The new IndustrialRevolution".
  • 5. ©SIProp Project, 2006-2008 5What’s the focus point?Mass Productsproduction volume100,000~companiesA FewThe New IndustrialRevolutionproduction volume1,000~99,999companiesA LotHand Madeproduction volume1~999companiesA Few (Hobby)MassProductsNONEHandMadeThe NewIndustrialRevolutionBig MarketNiche MarketThe number ofcompanies
  • 6. ©SIProp Project, 2006-2008 6Why is a lot of companies in There?Everyone wants “the Product for himself”.Example:1. Design(Variety) for yourself1. Watch, Clothes, etc…2. Function for yourself1. Ex. GreenFan2
  • 7. ©SIProp Project, 2006-2008 7Why can make?PrototypingLow Price Machines3D PrinterCNC Milling MachineShort lot productionManufactureFusion PCB FoundingKickstarter ServicePCH International
  • 8. ©SIProp Project, 2006-2008 8How To Make the “MAKERS”(How To Be the “MAKERS”)
  • 9. ©SIProp Project, 2006-2008 9Important ThingsIn Maker’s CaseGet ideas & inspirationsIf your product is NOT good, nobody buy it…Get friendsThe recently products use 2 more special technologies.Ex. Android game console OUYASoftware & ElectronicsActions for getting themGet Knowledge & ExperienceImprove your SkillsRelease your Works
  • 10. ©SIProp Project, 2006-2008 10Let’s Get Knowledge & ExperienceFor Getting ideas & inspirationsGreat ideas are made by great Knowledge &Experience.Recommended Actions (By my opinion )Join Event & ConferenceLots of specialists are in there. So you can get greatknowledge from them easily Travel to Foreign CountryForeigners have different thinking way. So you can thinkon other views from them.
  • 11. ©SIProp Project, 2006-2008 11Let’s Improve your SkillsFor Getting FriendsEveryone want to know special knowledge andcollaborate with person who has special skills.Recommended Actions (By my opinion )Try to Do Everything !Ex. Cooking, Plant, etc... All Making Things!!!Buy Rare Thing by your money !Somebody don’t want to spend own money. They want toget knowledge by FREE.
  • 12. ©SIProp Project, 2006-2008 12Let’s Release your WorksFor “Give and Given” wayChange “Do It Yourself” ⇒ “Do It With Others!”You should collaborate with people in over the world!Recommended Actions (By my opinion )Release your Works as Open Way.Open Source, Open Hardware, etc…You can get some feedbacks by over the world.
  • 13. ©SIProp Project, 2006-2008 13Next StepDeliver your product to customers!This is written in “MAKERS”.MakeTeamDesignyourproductFoundingPrototypingManufacturing
  • 14. ©SIProp Project, 2006-2008 14DemonstrationCNC Milling Machine
  • 15. ©SIProp Project, 2006-2008 15This was predicted in 2006IBM Global Innovation Outlook 2.0(06’) "one man company" will appearbillions.Collaboration environment based on a contribution.The role of a company is supporting to anindividual creator and group.A new product is made by them.