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Here is an Action Plan I wrote for managers to go after large opportunities. I am using NorhTec as the company doing the plan.

Here is an Action Plan I wrote for managers to go after large opportunities. I am using NorhTec as the company doing the plan.



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Actionplan Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Key Opportunity Action Plan
    • Prepared by Michael C. Barnes
  • 2. Mission Statement
    • Assure that key customers are supported.
    • Assure that our partners identify and win large complex deals.
    • Identify and coordinate resources to win identified key opportunities.
    • Monitor sales activities and provide vision and leadership as required.
    • Advise and accept responsibility for:
      • bid strategies and capture plans,
      • coordination of Sales Account Manager’s roles for cross-geo program capture,
      • defining the architecture and,
      • developing our partners into effective NorhTec Advocates.
    • Own the Architecture
  • 3. Action Plan
    • Know the customer
    • Fill the funnel with new opportunities
    • Create a matrix of solutions for each business unit and match these solutions against opportunities
    • Influence the architecture
    • Monopolize the partners
    • Prioritize Opportunities
    • Develop a Capture Plan
    • Execute
    • Win
  • 4. Action Plan
    • Know the Customer
      • Research your customer’s demographics
      • Learn as much as possible about budgets, politics, economics and anything else that makes you an expert about your customer
      • Look for patterns
      • Study the organization chart of the company and know who makes decisions and what the decision process is.
      • Make a list of key influencer's inside the organization.
  • 5. Action Plan
    • Fill the funnel
      • Know all opportunities as soon as possible. Track budgets, financing and any source of information that will create the largest pool of opportunities.
      • Identify opportunities first, quantify later
  • 6. Action Plan
    • Create a matrix of solutions for each business unit and match these solutions against opportunities.
      • Create a list of all sub-industry classifications.
        • Examples
          • Transportation
            • Ports
            • Air
            • Railways
            • Shipping
            • Trucking
          • Under each sub-industry classification, try to find NorhTec based or potential NorhTec based solutions.
          • As opportunities occur, match these against the list of identified solutions.
  • 7. Action Plan
    • Influence the Architecture
      • Once the opportunity is identified and, it is important that we influence the customer towards our solution. Make the customer aware that NorhTec has a solution and influence the customer to write their requirements around that solution.
  • 8. Action Plan
    • Monopolize the Partners
      • Form strong relationships with potential solution providers. Make sure they favor their solution on NorhTec. If that vendor has a good relationship with the customer, exploit it. If the vendor has no relationship, help them build one.
      • Don’t allow key providers to develop relationship stronger than the one you have with the customer. Monopolize their time--monopolize their mind-share.
  • 9. Action Plan
    • Develop a Capture Plan
      • Once you have identified an opportunity, matched up the solutions and partners, and influenced the customers, it is now time to develop a capture plan.
        • A capture plan is a document that is shared among all partners and participants to provides all the relevant information and outlines a strategy to win.
        • The capture plan is a living document that predicts the future and records the past
        • Identify the resources required to win the project
  • 10. Action Plan
    • Develop a Capture Plan
      • Elements of a Capture Plan
        • Background -- description of the opportunity
          • Customer
          • Primary Application
          • Confirming Documentation -- articles, web sites, etc.
        • Description
          • Contract Type
          • Equipment Type and Quantity
          • Value
            • Total
            • NorhTec
  • 11. Action Plan
    • Develop a Capture Plan
      • Example (continued)
        • Milestones
          • Purchase Schedule
            • Design Stage
            • Call for Tenders
            • Interview with Interested Parties
            • Benchmarking
            • Award
            • Delivery Schedule
  • 12. Action Plan
    • Develop a Capture Plan
      • Example (Continued)
        • Probability of Go
        • Strategic Value
        • Fit with business strategy
        • What Happens if NorhTec does not bid?
      • Evaluation Criteria
        • Mandatory Requirements
      • Approach to meet this Criteria
      • Pricing Strategy
      • Competitive Analysis
      • Resources required to win
  • 13. Action Plan
    • Develop a Capture Plan
      • Example Continued
        • Proposed Coverage Model
          • Industry Manager
          • Proposal Manager
          • Program Manager
          • SAM (Strategic Account Manager)
          • Pricing
          • SE (System Engineer)
          • Writers
          • Consultants
  • 14. Action Plan
    • Develop a Capture Plan
      • Example
      • Business Case
        • List out Revenue for program and revenue for NorhTec for the life of the program
        • Summary
        • Conclusion
  • 15. Action Plan
    • Prioritize Opportunities
      • Weight each opportunity based on criteria established by the region.
      • Only eliminate opportunities that have no potential of capture.
      • Evaluate each opportunity on
        • Reward for successful capture
        • Consequences of not winning/bidding
      • Higher priority programs must receive more focus (disregarding time)
      • Work as many projects as possible without detracting from the most important ones
  • 16. Action Plan
    • Execute
      • Manage the successful completion of whatever steps required to win the business
        • If the opportunity is sole-source, make sure that all white papers, documentation and offers are completed.
        • If the opportunity is competed, make sure that all the steps outlined in the Proposal guide are executed properly.
  • 17. Action Plan
    • Win
      • The only reason we do all this work is to win.