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How valuable is Search Engine Marketing? Presentation done by Kristjan Mar Hauksson @optimizeyourweb -

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  • Connects the the physical to the virtual
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  • The Power of SEO - Nordic eMarketing

    1. 1. The Power of SEOSearch Engine Marketing
    2. 2.
    3. 3. Iceland
    4. 4. I Have had the pleasure working with...
    5. 5. I am business personI care about the opportunity Strategy -> Implement
    6. 6. Web MarketingThe world
    7. 7. 80%80% of searches areinformational
    8. 8. Why is this important?• With close people using the Internet world wide it is taking down all barriers in the way we can market our products and services
    9. 9. The merger has begun
    10. 10. More importantly• Mobile phones world wide have passed 4,6 billion with over 1 billion smart phone users
    11. 11. Web MarketingInternet versus traditional
    12. 12. Every page is the front page
    13. 13. The Net is Turning the Advertising World on its Head1. Increasingly the consumer is in control2. Technology innovation and broadband penetration foster environment of consumer’s need for relevant and on demand information3. Marketers held to new levels of accountability to Business ROI vs Media ROI4. Escalating content choices creating new complexities for marketers5. Consumer shopping behaviors have been radically altered
    14. 14. Four Fundamentals of SEO Relevance Authority Indexibility Clickability SEO
    15. 15. IMPORANT: “Idexability”• Is the search engine robot able to access the content on your site – Here the CMS plays a major role!• Are there robot traps and barriers to indexing – Content stuck in images – Improper redirects – Incorrect robots coding – JavaScript and DHTML navigation – Multiple dynamic variables & Session ID’s – Session ID’s or cookie restrictions
    16. 16. Test your siteCrawling Which pages have the search engines crawled? What kind of pages are they?Indexing Has the search engine indexed all of the crawled pages?Ranking How’s the search engine traffic?
    17. 17. Inclusion Test Test how many pages are being indexed
    18. 18. Into the searchers mind Searchers intent is either navigational, informational, or transactional? ~ Source: 2008 Web-Smart CMO Report 80% 80% of all searches are informational . (Penn - 2008)
    19. 19. Consumers embrace the Internet! 95% of corporate purchasing 93% of consumers use the Internet to agents use the Web to research major purchases. research purchases of products and services. +130 64% of net users start Europe retail e-commerce sales purchase research with In billions of £ las t year. search engines.
    20. 20. Consumer is in ControlShift in the way consumers engage… – Visitor Controlled: Pull vs Push – Consumers can engage on their own terms – Task Oriented: The consumer is no longer surfing the Web aimlessly; They are on a quest to find, do or buy something! – Low Risk: If they don’t like what they see they are just a click away from the back button. – Comprehensive: Vast amount of information both empowers and frustrates – Transparent: Transparency equates to credibility – consumers demand respect
    21. 21. The Online BrandBrand online is about:• Visibility – Attracting customers who are actively looking for you• Usability – Engaging customers with clear concise web site that speaks their language• Transparency – Retain customers with open dialogue and information that empowers
    22. 22. The Web is Marketing GlueOver 56 percent of marketingexecutives said that the web waseither the hub of theirorganization’s marketing strategy,or that it will become the hub inthe next year. 56%~ Source: Web-Smart CMO Report
    23. 23. People react online• You can see clearly when things are top of mind they become top of search – This is Iran only searches.
    24. 24. People react online
    25. 25. Online Effect of Offline “happening”Short Case: “Volcano goes off in Iceland”• The Problem: – A small volcano in Iceland starts to erupt – Flights are halted and millions are stranded – People are interviewed and state “I hate Iceland”• Result: – Searches for Iceland go up 800% – Searches for Iceland travel go up 600% – 2011 Record year tourism
    26. 26. Seize theMomentCarpe Diem
    27. 27. Take advantage the situation• Feed the need for control and create compelling information consumers will pull and interact with on demand.• Test your offline messaging with paid search advertising before it goes live• Close the awareness loop with search by monitoring increased demand for new keywords• Plan for and take advantage of the increased demand at search engines generated by offline• Embrace search in your 360-degree world
    28. 28. The mapping cycle of “users” is closing The The The Social The Status The Field Purchase Query Graph update Check-in What I’m Who I am Signal What I Buy What I want doing / Where I Am and know Happening Amazon Google Facebook Twitter Gowalla Sample eBay Yahoo MySpace Facebook Yelp players Limundo Bing Google Google Foursquare
    29. 29. Early day’s• Despite all the hype search marketing is still in it’s infancy – It is just starting!• There are developed markets like the US and the UK• There are emerging markets like Brazil, China and Iran to mention few• In Europe, countries like Serbia, Bulgaria and even Russia with great and growing potential• Then there is Asia and Africa etc…• And let’s not forget possible privacy issues and how governments in various countries are dealing with the Internet
    30. 30. New players in town• More than 9 in 10 marketers are planning a Facebook presence by the end of 2011• World wide social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have well over 1 billion users world wide• Facebook just reach 800 million users in May 2011 and is growing fast• In a recent survey from, 73% of B2B respondents who were using social media had less than two years of social media marketing experience.
    31. 31. Web Marketing Organic Visibility 101
    32. 32. 20:40:40 SEO rule 20% 40% 40%Technical items Copy / Text Links- Site Architecture - Quality - Quality- Navigation - Accessibility - Content relation- Programming - Meta data - & more …- & more … - & more …
    33. 33. 20%80%
    34. 34. What does Google say?• Google Webmaster tools says it looks at over 200 items when it ranks web sites• I say let’s put most our efforts into these – Make sure your CMS in crawler friendly – Good unique descriptive title focusing on your main keywords <title> • Don’t overfill your page with text for the sake of search engines. • Think about the keywords people are actually going to search for – Good text that includes all your targeted keywords – Don’t lock you text in images – Have an option for user reviews and comments
    35. 35. Then there are links
    36. 36. The visibility options are many• Organic results• Pay Per Click results• Online News Results• Online social media results• Image search• Video search• More later in the deck…
    37. 37. The Power of SEO Case Studies Pure Organic
    38. 38. Start-up / Case Study• What happens when you open an online shop and only use search to market it? – Year one - 2004: $4500 • Close to zero inventory – Year two – 2005: $32,500 – Year three – 2007: $150,000 – Year four – 2008: $190,000.- What was done: – Year five – 2008: $360,000.- Good CMS Keyword analysis – Year six – 2009: $800,000.- Organic Search marketing – Year seven – 2010: $1,000,000.- • Physical store opened in 2009 • Minimum inventory • 2.5 employees
    39. 39. DressUp Games .COM DressUp Games  Est 30,000 Unique Visitors per day  Est 40,000,000+ page views per month  10 years old  Over 1 million $ profit  ½ employee
    40. 40. Great Local Sample of Success
    41. 41. Link Building
    42. 42. Nice dog?
    43. 43. Getting links should• Increase your traffic considerably• Improve your search engine visibility through more link popularity• Give an extra resource to your website• Save you a lot on other advertising spend• Have high ROI as you site gains momentum
    44. 44. Search for “Click here” in Google• What comes on top is Adobes Acrobat Reader page (PDF reader plug-in), and why is that?• Tens of thousands of pages are linking to them with the word “Click here” in the URL, anchor tag.
    45. 45. Create your own “Click Here” Strategy• What is your “click here” phrase? – “Hotel in Central Tehran”• Use that as you can in your Link Request Anchor tags – Anchor tag = The text on the link• Use that in your Description text that comes with the link request – Our family owned Hotel in Tehran is located only 60 minute drive from the airport and offers ….• Use that in the URL of the landing page your are link requesting towards –
    46. 46. The Concept of Region• According to John Riccardi former Product Manager, Search Distribution at Yahoo! Europe, there is something called “the concept of region” in regards of visibility, the basics of it are: – The language your site is in (35%) – The language and type of the links pointing to you (35%) – Your ccTDL e.g. .DE for Germany (25%) – Your hosting location (5%) – Note: The Weighting (%) is based on my experience but varies between clients and vertical
    47. 47. POST.. Setting the pace
    48. 48. POST• The POST Method (Groundswell / Forrester) – People • Understand where you customers are? – Objectives • Decide what you want to achieve – Strategy • Plan the impact of your efforts – Technology • Choose the technology that fits
    49. 49. What.. Universal Results
    50. 50. Mapping your digital asset cloud G Buzz Technorati YouTube eBay Flickr RSS PPC Email lists Blogs Mobile Company .dk .de RegionalTwitter Topical .us .no User forums .COM CEO .nl .is Vimeo .pt Display Intranet .fr .se PR LinkedIn Newslettes Webinars Digg Slide Share Facebook
    51. 51. SEO main areas of focus Monitoring & measuring Off-Site Direct Requests Site sponsoring Link reporting Press releases Syndication reporting Article syndication Link remeddiations Content Audits On-Site Content optmization Kw visibility reports Page Markup (H1, H2, etc) Web Analytics Link structure Kw Efffectiveness score URL structure Asset optmization Page Indexed Content optmization Link checking Page loading time Page validationTechnical Code validation Server response Broken links Site maps and Robots txt‘s HTTP Header checks Servre fuctions
    52. 52. Content is Much More Than Text Text Content/ & measuring Monitoring Rich Internet Blogs Applications Maps Off-Site Direct Requests Link reporting Link remeddiations Syndication reporting Presentations Site sponsoring Press releases Article syndication Images Content Audits PodcastsOn-Site Content optmization Kw visibility reports Page Markup (H1, H2, etc) Web Analytics Video Link structure Kw Efffectiveness score URL structure Asset optmization Page Indexed Content optmization Link checking Page loading time Page validationTechnical Code validation Server response Broken links Site maps and Robots txt‘s HTTP Header checks Servre fuctions
    53. 53. Google Universal Image Results Web Results News Results Video Results
    54. 54. Blended Search Results Study Source: JupiterResearch
    55. 55. 2006 2009
    56. 56. Massive Opportunity• With close people using the Internet world wide it is taking down all barriers in the way we can market our products and services
    57. 57. Kristján Már HaukssonTHANK YOU