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Hauksson seo competitive analysis - final


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Slides from a session done at the SES NY 2012

Slides from a session done at the SES NY 2012

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  • Competitive Analysis is one of the most important and informative components of an SEO strategy. Your competitors are a wealth of free information. From determining which links are providing your competitors with the most value, to deciphering what their most profitable keywords are, with the right systems in place you'll be able to capitalize on their mistakes and learn from their successes.This session will cover:On-site competitive analysis: Analyzing the structure of your competitors websites, the keywords they are targeting and how they are optimizing their content.Off-site competitive analysis: Analyzing how they are participating in key social networks, what their link building strategy is and which content has performed the best/worst for them.Competitor monitoring: What types of trends should you be on the lookout for? What tools are best for keeping track of what your competitors are doing?
  • By crawling their site with a tool like Zoom Search Engine you can compare your site against the competition – See how various aspects influence visibility.
  • What files are “crawlable” and do they play a role when it comes to Organic?
  • Understanding the dynamics of your competitors assets is crucial giving you competitive advantage
  • And then there is the brain
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    • 1. SEO Competitive AnalysisThe BrainKristjan Mar HaukssonOwner / Director Internet Marketing and CommsNordic eMarketing@optimizeyourweb New York | March 19–23
    • 2. New York | March 19–23, 2012 | #sesnyThere are so many tools… @optimizeyourweb
    • 3. New York | March 19–23, 2012 | #sesny
    • 4. New York | March 19–23, 2012 | #sesnyOne of the best kept SEO secrets… @optimizeyourweb
    • 5. New York | March 19–23, 2012 | #sesny @optimizeyourweb
    • 6. New York | March 19–23, 2012 | #sesnyCrawl the competition site• Get answers to questions like • Are their PDFs or word files “crawlable”? • What about their SWF files? • How do they store their data if they are not using typical web standard document file types?• Understand the dynamics of their content Your logo here @optimizeyourweb
    • 7. New York | March 19–23, 2012 | #sesnyImage data• How are they storing their images? • Are they accessible? • Alt tags? • What about image naming? • Image type and size? Your logo here @optimizeyourweb
    • 8. New York | March 19–23, 2012 | #sesny @optimizeyourweb
    • 9. New York | March 19–23, 2012 | #sesnyHaving your “own” crawler• Boost understanding • Reverse engineering • Filter data and understand dynamics • Crawl the site regularly looking for changes Your logo here @optimizeyourweb
    • 10. New York | March 19–23, 2012 | #sesny @optimizeyourweb
    • 11. New York | March 19–23, 2012 | #sesnyThe weighting• What is it that impacts your site versus the competitor’s site? • Reverse engineer: what is the competition doing better than you? • Change the weighting of… • The Page Title • Description • Headings • File names • Etc….
    • 12. New York | March 19–23, 2012 | #sesnyInternal Weightings @optimizeyourweb
    • 13. New York | March 19–23, 2012 | #sesny @optimizeyourweb
    • 14. New York | March 19–23, 2012 | #sesnyThank you Kristjan Mar Hauksson Nordic eMarketing Owner @optimizeyourweb