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Making Wine At Home.pdf

Making Wine At Home.pdf



The Home Winemaker's Inner Circle ...

The Home Winemaker's Inner Circle
Making Wine At Home Is Easy - If You Know The Right Steps To Take.
This Member's Only Site For Homemade Wine Gives You All The Secrets
To Produce Delicious Fine Wine.



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    Making Wine At Home.pdf Making Wine At Home.pdf Document Transcript

    • ==== ====The Home Winemakers Inner Circle. Making Wine At Home Is Easy - If - You Know The RightSteps To Take. This Members Only Site For Homemade Wine Gives You All The Secrets ToProduce Delicious, Fine Wine.http://www.howtoget.us/winemaking==== ====If you are a wine lover, home wine making with wine kits is definitely something you will want toconsider. There isnt any particular type of person who is drawn to wine making at home-anyonecan be a wine maker. Wine kit making appeals to all different types of people. Name a professionor type of job and you will find home wine makers who love making wine from kits among them.There is also no specific age group to which wine making appeals to more than another; winemakers range in age from young adults to the mature but young-at-heart. There are many reasonsto make wine, and many reasons to make wine from wine kits. Best of all, you can save a lot ofmoney and have a great time enjoying the fruits of your labor. And who doesnt like that?These are the types of people who are making wine from kits:Single Young Adults: Young adults between the ages of 21 and 35 are among the fastest growinggroup of wine kit enthusiasts. Wine kit making is a practical and inexpensive way to have wine toenjoy for entertaining and for personal enjoyment. What a great episode that would have made on"Friends" if Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross had become wine kit makers. Fora group of young adult friends, it is a smart financial boost for them to pool their money and makea variety of different wine kits. Reds, Whites, Blush, and a Port or two. By splitting the costs andsharing in the fun of making the wine kits, each person is rewarded with a delicious assortment ofwines to take home to enjoy. And you and your friends can make kits as often as you want.Women Friends and Womens Clubs or Groups: Women are the second-fastest growing wine kitmaking group. Wine making was once thought of as something "the guys did," but no longer. Infact, women are better wine makers than men because they actually read instructions, areconcerned about the importance of cleanliness, and they tend to nurture their wine till it is perfect.They also take pride and pleasure in becoming excellent wine makers.When a group of friends experience the success of making their own wine from wine kits theywant to share the fun and delicious rewards with others. Many girl friends, co-workers, sisters,mothers and daughters, and womens club members (of all sorts), have found making wine fromkits a fun way to get together, a great way to try new wines, and a cost-effect way for each womenin the group to get a wide variety of wines to take home to enjoy.This makes becoming a wine kit maker not only fun, but personally rewarding. And women love toenjoy the fruits of their labors and are great at creating a party or celebration around each of thewine types and styles they have made. How many hobbies allow you to have this much fun?Also, there is a serious side to women making wine together. Twice as many women die from
    • heart disease than from all forms of cancer combined. Women need to consider the healthbenefits of a daily glass or two of wine. See the health information given below for seniors,because those health benefits apply to women as well.Men and their Friends: Usually in the past when men got together it was to drink beer, but in thepast few years, that has changed a lot and more and more men are drinking and enjoying wine.Wine is no longer considered a womans drink. Many men have been enticed to leave theirfavorite brand of beer for the vast selection of wines available from the Old World and the NewWorld wine regions. Also many have learned about the long-term benefits of drinking wine andthat has been a strong motivator as well.Some men simply enjoy the pleasure of making wine themselves and find it relaxing and stress-free. They enjoy making it for family and sharing it socially with friends. Others have discoveredthat wine kit making is a fantastic way of creating a truly international wine cellar. Often a smallgroup of friends will get together and pick a number of premium quality wines to make so they canexpand their wine cellars. Award-winning wine kits are available from just about every great winegrowing region of the world, as well as, regular yearly limited-releases or restricted-quantity kits.Wine making is a unique hobby and because everyone knows there is a craftsmanship that goesinto making wine, people will automatically respect you as a wine maker. There is nothing like thepride youll feel in your accomplishment when you take that first delicious sip from your ownbottled wine.Couples and Their Social Circle: Couples find that wine kit making is something that they canenjoy doing together. It gives them the "us" time so many couples long for and desire. Workingtogether during the different stages in the wine making process gives them time to talk and just betogether. Plus the enjoyment of opening and enjoying a bottle of wine they have made together-especially over a great meal.Often couples will invite one or two other couples to join them and make a social event of theentire process. It is a great way to build relationships and save money. Wine made from a wine kitmay cost between $2.50 and $4.50 a bottle but equivalent in taste to a retail wine costing between$15.00 - $35.00. It pays to make your own.Another great advantage to wine kit making is it makes entertaining affordable. It allows you tokeep a wide selection of great wines on hand to go with every type of meal and you (as the host orhostess) have the confidence of knowing that your guests will absolutely love your wine selectionand you wont run out of a good wine.Couples also find that wine kit making social groups are a great way to meet other wine makerswho share a common interests. Good wine. Good food. Good friendships. All three go hand-in-hand.Seniors can make wine for the health benefits: Dr. John Dixon of Alfred Hospital in MelbourneAustralia says, "The advantages of light to moderate wine consumption in reducing cardiovascularrisk are very powerful. If the benefits of red wine came in a tablet it would be one of the mostprescribed medications."
    • Wine Kits provide convenient and cost-effective health benefits. There has been a lot of scientificresearch done over the past few years that reveals the health benefits of moderate wine drinking.Here are some of the benefits, (based on these world-wide studies) of consuming one or two, four-ounce glasses of wine each day:* Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease* Reduces Heart-Attack Risk* Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes* Lowers Risk of Stroke* Cuts Risk of Cataracts* Cuts Risk of Certain Cancers especially Colon Cancer* Slows Brain Decline* Improves Memory* Boosts Your Bodys Immunity* Promotes Better Bones and helps Prevent Bone Loss* Can Help to Keep Your Weight Down* and best of all, Promotes LongevityWine kits allow you to "indulge" in this healthy lifestyle on a daily basis at an affordable price formost budgets.In Summary Canadians have embraced wine kit making with a passion and are fortunate that themajority of the worlds finest Wine Kit Manufacturers are located in Canada.In the US, wine kit making is just now starting to take off and will soon be a major trend as peoplefind they can make wine at home that tastes as good as, or even better, than many of thecommercial wines they may have been drinking, at a fraction of the cost. Americans are fastbecoming the world leaders in total wine consumption edging out France and Italy but even as theeconomy improves scores of wine lovers (young adults, women, men, couples and seniors) arediscovering the pleasure of wine kit making and will continue to enjoy making wine at home foryears to come.Final Thoughts So you can see that making wine from wine kits is fun, healthy, and can save youa lot of money. Maybe the idea of wine making has interested you for some time, but you dontknow where to start?
    • This is why the " Wine Kit Making Guidebook " by Hayden Walker Alexander was written.Now you have no excuses. Only your own delicious wine to look forward to.Hayden Walker Alexander has authored and co-authored a number of best sellers, including hislatest book, "Everything You Need To Know About Wine Kit Making." He loves photography, dogs,and Macintosh Computers. For more wine-related and wine-kit-related articles, go tohttp://www.winekitmaking.comArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Hayden_Alexander==== ====The Home Winemakers Inner Circle. Making Wine At Home Is Easy - If - You Know The RightSteps To Take. This Members Only Site For Homemade Wine Gives You All The Secrets ToProduce Delicious, Fine Wine.http://www.howtoget.us/winemaking==== ====