Jurong Port Corporate Brochure (2012)


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Jurong Port Corporate Brochure (2012)

  1. 1. A leading international multi-purpose port operator37 Jurong Port RoadSingapore 619110Website: www.jp.com.sg
  2. 2. A Leading International Multi-purpose Port OperatorJurong Port is a leading international multi-purpose port operator headquartered in Singapore, Jurong Port has 23 berths capable of serving the varied needs of the maritime industry.handling general, bulk and containerised cargo. The port handles more than 40,000 vessel Its berths have drafts of up to 16 metres and can accommodate vessels of up to 150,000calls annually. deadweight tons. Within the port, there are 174,000 square metres of warehouse facilities, which also accommodate a number of London Metal Exchange operators. Located within theJurong Port began operations in 1965 as a general and bulk cargo port, serving the port is one of the largest common-user cement terminals in the world.development needs of Singapore’s Jurong industrial estate. The port, then operating as a unit ofJurong Town Corporation, met the needs of a growing number of manufacturing operations in Jurong Port’s multi-purpose facilities enable the loading and/or unloading of:the industrial estate. • Dry and liquid bulk cargo • General cargo, including heavy lift project cargoWith developments over the years, the port has expanded its role to serve Singapore and the • Containerised cargoworld. In 2001, the port was corporatised, and became a fully owned subsidiary of JurongTown Corporation. Besides handling containerised cargo, the port is now the gateway to Today, Jurong Port is an international multi-purpose port with global connectivity to more thanSingapore for general and bulk cargo. 80 ports in over 30 countries.
  3. 3. Award Winning Port Jurong Port has won numerous awards since its corporatisation on 1 January 2001. The port is the recipient of the Asia Pacific Multi-Purpose Terminal Operator of the Year (Asia Pacific) Award at the F r o s t & S u l l i v a n A s i a P a c i f i c Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n & L o g i s t i c s Aw a r d s i n 2 0 1 1 a n d 2 0 1 0 . T h i s a w a r d r e c o g n i s e s J u r o n g P o r t ’s a c h i e v e m e n t s i n managing the shift in consumer demand, sustaining innovation, retaining talent, focusing on strategic transactions, addressingAsia Pacific Multi-Purpose Terminal Operator of the Year environmental concerns and ensuring regulatory compliance. Jurong Port was voted the “Best Asia Pacific Container Terminal” Award at the Supply Chain and Management Logistics World Awards 2007. From 2008 to 2011, the port was presented the AFSCA Award for the “Best Container Terminal Operator in Asia (under 1-million TEUs category)”. In 2009, Jurong Port won the “Achievement in Safety” Award at the Lloyd’s List Asia Awards 2009. In 2010, the port also won the “Most Innovative Use of Infocomm Technology” (Private Sector) - Merit Award at the Singapore National Infocomm Awards 2010. 1
  4. 4. Comprehensive Cargo Handling Capabilities Our general and bulk cargo terminals are the hubs for steel products, metals, mechanical appliances, machinery, cement, copper slag, sugar and project cargo, while our container terminal handles a full range of containers. General Cargo Terminal The general cargo terminal is a specialised terminal handling a diverse range of cargo including steel products, project cargo, machinery and mechanical appliances. The terminal boasts of a well-developed infrastructure with modern warehouses, wide aprons, and natural deep water berths to cater to all types of general cargo. The terminal has 2 roll-on roll-off mechanical ramps for landing-craft at all tide levels; a small craft terminal for wooden craft, and a lighterage terminal for ship-chandlers and outer-port limit vessel operators. For large-sized and heavy-lift project cargo, the terminal provides mobile harbour cranes for cost-effective handling operations.2
  5. 5. There are also transit warehouses adjacent to the berths foreasy ship-to-shore movements; and large apron areas forloading and discharging operations. In addition, the port hasample column-free warehouses and open yards to supportcargo storage, packing, consolidation and distributionactivities in our Free Trade Zone. Selective warehouses havebeen approved by the London Metal Exchange (LME) for thestorage of LME-traded metals.Jurong Port leverages on an integrated port concept. Thishas enabled the port to dual-handle general cargo andcontainers on the same berth as well as to perform seamlesshandling of bulk imports, which are discharged, bagged andcontainerised for re-export hassle-free. In addition, severalcompanies are located in the port’s on-dock warehouses,within the Free Trade Zone, to carry out cargo consolidationand distribution to the region. 3
  6. 6. Bulk Cargo Terminal Our bulk cargo terminal handles cargo such as cement, sugar, furnace slag, copper slag and liquid bulk. Jurong Port has a dedicated common-user facility to handle cement. This cement terminal is one of the world’s largest common-user cement facilities; Jurong Port handles more than 90% of cement throughput into Singapore. At the bulk cargo terminal, there is an extensive network of pipelines and conveyor systems, including common and dedicated unloaders, to ensure a non-pollutive and efficient working environment. With these unloaders operating at a maximum rated capacity of up to 800 tonnes per hour, bulk commodities are speedily discharged from vessels at the berths directly to nearby storage facilities of customers. This translates into faster vessel turnaround, more shipment deliveries and cost-savings on stevedoring charges. The port has also developed the General and Bulk Management System (GBMS), which allows customers to make B2B transactions easily and conveniently.4
  7. 7. Container TerminalThe container terminal started operations in 2001. The container terminal has consistently won votes of confidence from the industry for its efficiency, productivity,The terminal is equipped with modern equipment that can and customised services and facilities. The terminal is nowhandle a full range of containers. linked to over 80 destinations worldwide, across 30 countries. 5
  8. 8. Leveraging on Infocomm Technologies Innovation plays a key role in ensuring that Jurong Port achieves operational excellence for its customers. Leveraging on IT and mobile technologies, Jurong Port has put in place business processes for greater cost-effectiveness and optimal performance. Jurong Port has developed a number of infocomm systems: General and Bulk Cargo Management System (GBMS) The GBMS is a system that employs state-of-the-art technology to enable efficient and convenient operations. Key features: ◊ Automatic cargo space and berth planning based on vessel priorities, berth characteristics and berth availability ◊ A control centre, and mobile applications that provide comprehensive monitoring of vessel and cargo activities ◊ Self-ser vice terminals and systems for online risk assessment and notification of stevedoring order, enabling faster and more convenient transactions and information access JP-Online A web portal that integrates the flow of information between containers and port operators, JP-Online provides customers quick and easy access, placing the entire logistics and transportation resources at our partners’ fingertips. Available 24 hours a day, JP-Online allows customers to be in better control of shipments, from planning to vessel operations.6
  9. 9. C3I (Command, Communications, Control and Intelligence) Centre The C3I Centre is the first in Singapore to employ a mobile application system for general and bulk cargo operations in the industry. Apart from convenience and efficiency, this system creates cost advantages for customers with different needs. Key features and benefits ◊ Advanced technological sub-systems that include master risk assessment, cargo and container tracking, bulk cargo delivery, cashless payment collection and pass application ◊ Increased vessel productivity and lower cost with shorter vessel turnaround time for shipping companies ◊ Enhanced manpower performance and shortened processing time for stevedoring companies and port workersContainer Terminal Management Services (CTMS) Pass ApplicationThe CTMS leverages on IT and engineering technologies to automate the port’s container operations. With its planning Container Bulk Cargocapabilities, the system provides customers with greater flexibility and enhances the port’s performance. Tracking DeliveryKey features and benefits: C31 CENTRE◊ Centralised control centre to handle operations and modify plans Cargo◊ UNEdifact EDI Messaging support Master Risk Entry/Exit Assessment◊ Improved overall utilisation of resources like berth and yard space Tracking Payment◊ Speedy and real-time processes for planning and allocation of container ground slots and vessel berths as well as Collection monitoring of vessel productivity 7
  10. 10. Commitment to Safety, Security and the Environment Jurong Port is committed to safety, security and the environment. We strive to ensure that every port user takes personal responsibility for health and safety. The port is registered as a Bizsafe pioneering company and a member of the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Committee (Logistics and Transportation) in Singapore. We work closely with the relevant government authorities to actively promote higher safety standards amongst port users. To meet industry safety standards, Jurong Port has implemented various safety initiatives including: ◊ Safety campaigns, emergency exercises and on-going safety training programmes for staff ◊ Frequent sharing sessions on safety issues with industry partners, and ◊ Regular toolbox meetings with contractors and stevedores working within the port’s premises The port is security-compliant under the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code, and meets the maritime security standards under the code. To promote environmental protection, the port has initiated a long term go-green programme to enhance energy efficiency and to reduce our carbon footprint.8
  11. 11. Safety is an integral part of our port’s operations 9
  12. 12. Our People Diverse Talent for our Journey On the journey of a leading international multi-purpose port operator, Jurong Port places particular emphasis on talent management. We draw upon the strengths of our staff of diverse nationalities and cultures. In our search for new talent, our focus is on getting the best we can find, from Singapore and the world. Growing Talent As we move forward on our journey, we are systematically scouring the marketplace to find exceptional talent with the knowledge, skills and attributes to excel in developing and managing multi-purpose ports. Bringing in top talent at all levels is one prong of our talent management strategy; growing these and existing talent is the second prong of the strategy. Jurong Port has developed and established a holistic and systematic approach for growing our people and talent. We have put in place a competency framework that defines the skills, knowledge and attributes required for success in our company. At the same time, we have a talent management system that sources, identifies, develops, and rewards talent, supported by a performance management system which sustains peak performance.10
  13. 13. Awards and Accolades FROST & SULLIVAN ASIA PACIFIC BEST PRACTICES AWARDS “Asia Pacific Multi-Purpose Terminal Operator of the Year” 2011 “Asia Pacific Multi-Purpose Terminal Operator of the Year” 2010 NATIONAL INFOCOMM AWARDS 2010 “Most Innovative Use of Infocomm Technology” (Private Sector) – Merit Award IDC ENTERPRISE INNOVATION AWARDS 2010 LLOYD’S LIST ASIA AWARD 2009 “Award for Achievement in Safety” SUPPY CHAIN & MANAGEMENT LOGISTICS WORLD AWARDS 2007 “Best Asia Pacific Container Terminal” ASIA FREIGHT & SUPPLY CHAIN AWARDS “Best Container Terminal Operator – Asia” (Under 1m TEUs per annum) 2011 “Best Container Terminal Operator – Asia” (Under 1m TEUs per annum) 2010 “Best Container Terminal Operator – Asia” (Under 1m TEUs per annum) 2009 “Best Container Terminal Operator – Asia” (Under 1m TEUs per annum) 2008 “Best Emerging Container Terminal Operator – Asia” 2003 - 2007 11
  14. 14. Mission To develop and excel in managing multi-purpose ports, terminals and related services thereby creating value for customers and stakeholders Core Values Service Excellence People Excellence Integrity Innovation Dynamism12
  15. 15. Contact InformationAddress Tel/Fax Media Relations37 Jurong Port Road Tel : 65-62650666 Hotline : 65-6660 9091Jurong Port Building Fax : 65-62656614 Email : mediarelations@jp.com.sgSingapore 619110 For more information about Jurong Port, please visit www.jp.com.sg For more information about our parent company, JTC Corporation, please visit www.jtc.gov.sg