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Hisham Dalle - Zero client computing - taking the desktop into the cloud
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Hisham Dalle - Zero client computing - taking the desktop into the cloud


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  • 1. Zero Client Computing Taking the Desktop into the CloudZero Client Computing Radical Centralization. Simple. Complete. Here for Name Click Click Here for Title Click Here for Date
  • 2. What is Client Computing? Excessive Costs Overburdened Security and Capex & Opex Management Compliance Risk• 3-5 Year Refresh Cycles • Multiple Vendors • Endpoint Breaches• Hidden Costs from Gap • Multiple Products • Regulatory Compliance Filling Technologies HIPAA, SEC, Grahm Leach- • User Customizations with Bliley• High Operating Expenses Different Systems, Users, Images, Applications • Intellectual Assets at Risk• Exorbitant Energy Costs • Distributed PC Architecture • Unpredictable user activity Copyright © 2010 Pano Logic, Inc.
  • 3. What is Zero Client Computing?• Eliminate the desktop PC.• Move 100% of client software into the cloud.• Leverage the power of cloud computing.• No Management at the Desk. Copyright © 2010 Pano Logic, Inc.
  • 4. Why Move Desktop to the Cloud? Centralized ManagementManagement Automation & Orchestration No Break-fix Cycle No Data Leaves the Cloud Security Centralized Security & Policy No Viruses Access from Anywhere Flexibility Policy-Based Provisioning Business Agility Copyright © 2010 Pano Logic, Inc.
  • 5. Desktop Management in the Cloud Brokering Monitoring ProvisioningReporting Orchestration Security Entitlement Policy Copyright © 2010 Pano Logic, Inc.
  • 6. What’s at the desk?• Ideally, nothing.• Need some sort of I/O Concentrator. +• Definitely, no compute capability. Copyright © 2010 Pano Logic, Inc.
  • 7. Zero Client No Processor (CPU) No System Memory (RAM) No Persistent Memory (e.g. Disk or SSD) No Software No Firmware No Drivers Copyright © 2010 Pano Logic, Inc.
  • 8. Why Not a Thin Client?Thin Clients Require Management.Thin Clients are for Terminal Services.Thin Clients are Expensive.Thin Clients are Complex. Zero Clients are the Future. Simple. Secure. Affordable. Copyright © 2010 Pano Logic, Inc.
  • 9. Cloud Ready Desktop Computing Cloud Endpoint Data Applications PC Management Complexity Management Complexity Management Drivers Centralization Operating System Data Services Terminal Applications Applications Management Management Drivers Operating System Operating System Virtualization Data (PC/TC) Applications Management VM Management VM Drivers Operating System VM Operating System Data Pano Zero Applications Eliminates Client VM 100% Management Endpoint VM Drivers Centralized Management VM Operating System9 Copyright © 2010 Pano Logic, Inc.
  • 10. What is a PC? O/S, Software, Drivers, Compute Input/Output Copyright © 2010 Pano Logic, Inc.
  • 11. What is a Thin Client? Two PC’s to do what my one PC used to do??? PC in the Cloud PC # 2 Cloud Thin Client Copyright © 2010 Pano Logic, Inc.
  • 12. What is a Zero Client? No CPU 100% of Software No Software in the Cloud No Management Cloud Zero Client Input/Output At the Desk O/S, Software,Drivers, Compute Copyright © 2010 Pano Logic, Inc. In the Cloud
  • 13. Summary Compute = Management Compute in the Cloud 100% I/O at the Desk Brokering. Provisioning. Automation. Save Money. Save Time. Choose the Right Vendor. Copyright © 2010 Pano Logic, Inc.
  • 14. Simple. Secure. Complete. Click Here for Name Info Security Exhibition - for Title Click Here Kuwait Click Here for 20-21 Stand # Date