Lane341 25-11-2013 & 2nd DEC


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Lane341 25-11-2013 & 2nd DEC

  1. 1. Course Title: Introduction to Literature Course Code & NO.: LANE 341 Course Credit Hrs.: 3 per week Level: 5th Level “The Cask of Amontillado” Edgar Allen Poe Nov., 25th , 2013 Dec., 2, 2013 8-9: 20 AM Instructor: Dr. Noora Al-Malki Credits of images and online content are to their original owners.
  2. 2. Session Content - Unit Learning Outcomes - Poe as poet and short story writer - Dark Romanticism (and the Gothic) - Publication of “The Cask of Amontillado” - Plot - Setting - Dark Romantic and Gothic Elements - Themes - Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Birthmark” : General Remarks 12/02/13 Dr. Noora Malki, al (c) all rights reserved 2
  3. 3. Unit Objective: In this lecture, we are going to read “The Cask of Amontillado” by E. A. Poe and comment on the major ideas and themes explored in this short story with special reference to the horrific and Gothic in Poe’s writing. We will also consider Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Birthmark” as a Faustian allegory in comparison to Poe’s story. Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this unit, students will be able to: -Analyze Poe’s short story focusing on plot elements, themes, and literary style. -Reflect on the Faustian themes in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Birthmark” with reference to the Dark Romantic aspects of the story 12/02/13 Dr. Noora Malki, al (c) all rights reserved 3
  4. 4. Plot The story is told by Montresor, who hates Fortunato for an “insult” that is never named in the story. Montresor invites a drunken Fortunato to taste a cask of Amontillado--a wine that Montresor has just bought. He led him through a series of chambers beneath his palazzo with the promise of tasting the infamous wine cask. When the two men reach the last underground chamber, Montresor chains Fortunato to the wall, builds a new wall to seal him in, and leaves him to die. Listen to a reading of the short story Watch this vid for a reenactment of the story 12/02/13 Dr. Noora Malki, al (c) all rights reserved 4
  5. 5. Setting 12/02/13 Dr. Noora Malki, al (c) all rights reserved 5
  6. 6. Gothic And Dark Romantic Elements  “The Cask of Amontillado” is a Romantic text; it is part of the Romantic subgenre of the gothic,  a Gothic tale of horror which describes a setting that is usually full of dungeons, catacombs, and corpses.  Poe perfected this sub-genre because he did not concentrate on the horror of the setting being described but on the horror of the soul.  Poe was a pioneer in writing psychological fiction, often representing extremely neurotic, if not abnormal, personalities.  He also was an early advocate of art for art’s sake; unlike his contemporary, Nathaniel Hawthorne, he did not write moral allegories. 12/02/13 Dr. Noora Malki, al (c) all rights reserved 6
  7. 7. Gothic and Dark Romantic Elements • • "The Cask of Amontillado" is a classic Gothic horror tale. Poe uses many tropes of Gothic stories, including dark imagery, underground chambers, and violent revenge. Poe's longtime fear of being buried alive is depicted in this story. Although this itself is not directly a feature of the Gothic tradition, it plays well into other elements, including the underground chambers. As Montresor takes his revenge, the wine-cellar becomes almost a medieval torture chamber instead of a repository for wealthy wine collectors; the torches on the walls sputter instead of shining brightly, and the walls are not clean and dry but covered by nitre, which adds to the claustrophobic mood. 12/02/13 Dr. Noora Malki, al (c) all rights reserved 7
  8. 8. Gothic And Dark Romantic Elements •macabre and dark story •aristocrat in old house as main character •scenes underground and in dark places •set in an old, crumbling, antiquated place •old crime buried from sight 12/02/13 Dr. Noora Malki, al (c) all rights reserved 8
  9. 9. Themes "Nemo me impune lacessit." No one "cuts" (attacks) me with impunity REVENGE as a major theme 12/02/13 Dr. Noora Malki, al (c) all rights reserved 9
  10. 10. The Main Character: The Unrepentant Murderer Montresor Montresor is the "I" who narrates the story, telling an unseen listener or reader about his killing of Fortunato fifty years before. Montresor is a wealthy man from an established family, who lives in a large "palazzo'' with a staff of servants. He speaks eloquently and easily drops Latin and French phrases into his speech. He has been nursing a grudge against his friend Fortunato, who has committed several unnamed offenses against him, and has been coldly planning his revenge. Meeting Fortunato in the street one evening, Montresor takes this opportunity to lure his friend into the deepest catacombs beneath his palazzo, and there he chains Fortunato to the wall of a small alcove, seals him in behind a new brick wall which he builds even as Fortunato begs for mercy, and leaves him to die. Montresor's coldness sets him apart from many murderous characters and many Poe protagonists. Even as he tells the story fifty years later, he reveals no regret for his actions, and no real pleasure in them. This lack of feeling made Poe's early readers uncomfortable, and led some to accuse Poe of immorality in creating such a character. 12/02/13 Dr. Noora Malki, al (c) all rights reserved 10
  11. 11. The Birthmark Main characters: Aylmer- Georgiana- Aminadab Aylmer is undoubtedly the Faustian man who is never satisfied with his own limitations In the nineteenth century, many understood science as the ultimate cure for the problems of the world. Ordinary nature is never good enough to fulfill his idealistic aspirations, and like both Christopher Marlowe’s and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Faust, he is entranced with the Greek ideal of perfect beauty. One unforgivable sin: intellectual pride “The Birthmark” argues that the artistry of nature, even when imperfect, surpasses any art created by humankind. As a result, idealistic endeavors that aspire to an art more beautiful than what nature offers are morally flawed. 12/02/13 Dr. Noora Malki, al (c) all rights reserved 11
  12. 12. Questions to Consider - Discuss the major theme in Poe’s story? - Poe’s story is an example of the gothic tale. Explain this statement with enough illustration. - Describe the character of the Montresor. - Write a short note about the plot of “The Birthmark”. 12/02/13 Dr. Noora Malki, al (c) all rights reserved 12
  13. 13. Have a super day…. 12/02/13 Dr. Noora Malki, al (c) all rights reserved 13