Is happiness really beyond reach?


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Is happiness really beyond reach?

  1. 1. By the great humane eminent scholar(His soul has been sanctified by Al’lah)The researcher and thinkerAll the books of the great humane eminent scholarMohammad Amin Sheikho are distributed by:Nour Al-Basheer publishing houseDamascus, Syria.Our web
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  4. 4. Is happiness really beyond reach?! The civilization of this time has reached the highestdegree of development and scientific rise by theinversions and unique achievements which the technicaloutburst produced; and thereby people nowadays haveattained all means that allow them to enjoy a life that ismore comfortable than the life they lived before. Theyput laws and systems in order to employ the naturalsources so that they may give them more and more andcreate for them better and higher ways of living. Thuscars and planes were industrialized, electricity andelectronics were discovered, towering palaces were builtand large factories were founded and provided withmachineries of high technology. Beyond all of that, mankind was seeking after awelfare life so that they may enjoy happiness. However,despite all the plans and the rules they adopted anddespite all the means they created, there has stillremained one missed cycle in the chain of their life 7
  5. 5. Chapter Onewhose absence caused stern spiritual anxiety in the heartsof all humanity. Although modern and developed science prevailedover the countries and supported people with great laws,discoveries and high technique, they have missedhappiness and all feelings of heart pleasure. The thickmaterial veil has thrown its dark shadow over the spiritsuntil it closed up the entrances of light and delights intothem and deprived them of enjoying the Godly heart lifeand happiness. Having realized the absence of happiness from theirlife, a group of scholars turned to look for a way to attainit. They wondered if they can put their hands on thecore of happiness by physical laws, so that they mayreach it scientifically and enjoy it by following them!!But… Can worldly scientific laws, whatever great they are,control happiness and make it surrender to them andgive them its reins?! Will they actually help them tastehappiness so that the earth may turn into a garden ofparadise?! How great this achievement would be if they coulddo it!! 8
  6. 6. Is happiness really beyond reach?! In the early decades of the twentieth century, onescientific team studied the ways which may help themoverrule happiness by physical laws. For this purpose and out of yearning for happinessand loving for finding it, one researching staff inBritannia set to studying this important problem(happiness) and threw an arrow so that they might hit thetarget which all their inventions were but ways to attain.This British team consisted of master of geniuses,scholars, philosophers, and specialists in psychiatry; theybegan to study all the social classes of humanity, theupper class and the lower one, the poor and the rich, andsearched deeply and carefully into each of them. Theyexamined the measure of happiness existing among themembers of each class to know where it could be found,which class might enjoy it and live in it and how one canreach it. They did so trying to introduce a method withrules that can be followed by any society and be taken asa guide that leads people to absolute pleasure all duringtheir life without suffering or disturbance. So, byfollowing these precise rules and laws, everybody shallride the ship of the happy people to sail in seas of serenityand felicity and enjoy a life filled with joy and delight.They shall roll in eternal bliss and rise up from good andbeautiful one to another better and more beautiful with 9
  7. 7. Chapter Onewonders that attract minds and captivate hearts until theybecome wholly absorbed and immersed in highhappiness and great enjoyment. Many are those whoseek after a better life so that they may become happier,more comfortable and more peaceful. That is becausestriving for perfection which is accomplished by theattainment of happiness according to inclusive law thatall humanity can apply and be distinguished from othercreatures by, is the desired hope. 10
  8. 8. Is happiness really beyond reach?! In the view of the majority of people, perfecthappiness and good life are not be obtainable unless manhas abundant money, great wealth, wonderful palacesand kingdoms to which the heads bow; therefore you seethem compete one another in amassing money andtreasure as much as possible and make every effort to getthem. They make studies, projects and businesses, andmay even travel to faraway lands, sea and air to getdegrees caring not about the troubles and dangers whichthey may meet. They look for picking up the fruits ofhappiness materially and immaterially, concludingfavorable trading transactions, or getting great monetaryenterprises, and bear for that what they bear. Themoney, in their view, enables them to get whatever theywant and wish, as it removes any obstacle that preventsthem from leading a pleasant life with the utmost level ofluxury and advancement. So, by money the worldly lifewill open its doors before them saying: “come on, here Iam”. But how far! How far!! 11
  9. 9. Chapter One The British scientific team began to search and tomake investigations among that section of society, that isto say, the upper class which contains the rich people andthose living in great luxury, so that it might find its long-pursued aim (happiness) therein within material laws; butit was not long until it came back disappointed, havingwasted time and effort for nothing. The researchers stood before a bitter fact when theyrealized the anxiety and restless life of this class. Itsmembers set to remembering their past life, yearning forthe days when they were possessing nothing to bementioned but, however, enjoying a peaceful andpleasant life, far from distress, grief, and troubles. But why?! That is because when they possessed the magnificentpalaces and the large factories and workshops, thecompetition took place extremely between one anotherthen it turned into contention and stormy struggleswhich, as usual, ended at litigations and taking cases tocourt. Thus, the hearts of every party became filled withill will towards the other one until they spent most oftheir time in scheming and laying plans and machinatingagainst their competitors in order to surpasses andovercome them, they are obliged to spend evenings and 12
  10. 10. Is happiness really beyond reach?!nights in preparing and making accounts and thereforethey neglect their duties towards their wives and childrenand consequently they fail to enjoy the homelyhappiness, amassing money and aggression havedistracted them from giving their relatives and familiestheir rights, and of course they completely forgot theshare of the needy and the poor people. Not to mentionthe horrible nights which they spent without sleepingwhenever they feel that their competitors are going togain a lot in their deals whereas they have lost theircommerce. As a result, those people cannot feel tranquility orfind a way to be at ease. They fear lest they be killed orface ruin and failure. They are the center of attraction forcriminals and thieves; therefore worry does not leavetheir minds. If they could take safe steps for protectingthemselves, the possibilities of loss and failure would bealways before their eyes. They fear unsalability for theirmerchandise therefore they are always absorbed in theaccount of profits and losses. Their hearts are trembling out of their concern lestthe structure of the fortune which they have built falldown and vanish. 13
  11. 11. Chapter One In such circumstances, how can happiness find a wayto creep into their hearts?!! Nothing other than distress and chagrin are thatwhich have settled in their hearts. Thus, although theyhave abundant money and enjoy various materialspleasures they are not happy. Out of curiosity and loving for more inquisitiveness,the team which was looking for happiness began to askand to speak with those people. It questioned some ofthem. Perhaps happiness is hidden somewhere behind apuzzle that none knows except the people of palaces andwealth. Yet the answers of those were completely clearand open. They said: “since we became of abundantmoney we became wholly busy, distressed and unhappy.We tasted no flavor of pleasure or joy, moreover webecame remiss in giving rights to their people, for in themidst of such conflicts we have no free time. Thus weneglected the rights of our wives and children, fathers,friends and relatives. We became longing for the sweetsleep as we are always obliged to burn the midnight oil.All of that is out of our concern about our wealth. Indeed, amassing money has deprived us fromenjoying this life and thrown us in heated struggles andmaterial aspirations; and because of our large and many 14
  12. 12. Is happiness really beyond reach?!occupations, we forgot our religious duties and drew farfrom our Provider until our heart life became dark andbitter. Apart from this, we have entered into struggles withthe workers who wish to destroy us and follow thesubversive faiths to overcome us (such struggle isinevitable) Over and above, we humble ourselves before ownersof authority so as to stand by us in our strife against ouremulators of people of factories and wealth. Thus wehave missed happiness, tranquility, safety, heartsease andpeace of mind. In fact, we would like now to live as thesimple people live so that we may become carefree, sleepin peace and wake up in delight. Oh! Had people known the miserable spiritual lifewhich we live, they would have never thought thatmoney may ever bring happiness. Now, we mention some actual incidents whichaffirm this fact. We say: Shahn-shah the prior king of Persia and the king ofkings gave evidence on T.V. and admitted thisundeniable truth before all people. He declared theactual fact which all kings and rich people live in when 15
  13. 13. Chapter Onethe revolutionaries kicked him out of his country toAmerica “which later on banished him to Egypt”. So, hefell a victim of a spiritual shock and suffered a greatdistress. He said: “everybody hoped to possess what I waspossessing; nay they envied me for the graces I have gotand the kingdoms I have founded. Indeed, I built a largeamusement city at the sea shore so as to play as I like andto enjoy whatever I want. I threw a great unexampledbanquet and invited to it all kings and presidents in theworld. All the services of that banquet were made ofresonant yellow gold; however, I gave every invitee allpieces with which he ate even one morsel. Now here I am standing before you, alone andexpelled, with no possession or money. I swear by God,the Great, that I did not taste the flavor of happiness onceall during my life, and that nothing found way to myheart save discontent, restlessness and ill-being” Take lesson from the story of the king of kings, youwho are endowed with insight; and how true saying isthat which serves: “take whatever you want form thisworld but suffer distress equal to it” Accordingly, happiness is not got from whatsurrounds us, nay it is generated in the depth of spirit andshines in it so that it colors it with garments of beauty, 16
  14. 14. Is happiness really beyond reach?!delight and serenity. As for those opulent people, thetools of luxury and lavish expenditure for them are likedoses of anesthetic which are given to patients afflictedwith chronic diseases; so when their effect finishes soonthe agony of boredom and tiredness and the severe painsreturn to settle in the body and the heart of this poorman. All the means and the ways of amusement and self-indulgence which they create or import to completelyfulfill their desires do not serve in putting an end to theboredom and tiredness which usually return to themafter they satisfy themselves by them to add more moansand sighs to their spirits without knowing where theycome from and how to get rid of them. Despite the obtainability of the various means ofamusement to those people which work as painkillerdoses, they could not draw happiness to them after theyused them up and felt bored of them. They suffer severespiritual pains, and complaint and displeasure overwhelmtheir life as well as troubles and spiritual afflictions comeover them from everywhere to full up their spirits;therefore there remains no way to escape from suchmiserable life in the view of the person who hassurrendered to his suffering except death and suicide sothat they may change the horrible state and the hellishheart fact which they live in. 17
  15. 15. Chapter One You wonder and I wonder, nay all people andauthors everywhere wonder at the suicide of the worldmillionaire who was the king of diamonds in Americaalthough he had the biggest riches in the world. Weheard how he entered his room, closed its door andlocked it then he put his revolver at his head and shot itto fall dead!! Why did he do that when Karoon’s richeswere between his hands and allowed him enjoy all hisdesires?! Why did he kill himself?! The puzzle keptincomprehensible for the minds of the westernresearches that have the view of that money (which is thematerial of all desires) is everything, nay it is thehappiness itself. This is also the belief of many people who knownothing about the fact of this life; they think thathappiness can be got by money and that only rich peopleare the happy group. Why then did money cause that millionaire to killhimself?! Absolutely it is wrong to think that having abundantmoney may draw happiness to hearts. In fact, the ratio of suicide in the rich and developedcountries has reached a horrible number that warns their 18
  16. 16. Is happiness really beyond reach?!societies of total ruin. For example in Switzerland,suicide became permissible officially and the governmentthere gives licenses and commercial registers for manycompanies which have been established particularly forintroducing painless ways for death for those who wantto commit suicide; and as a result a new tourism calledsuicide tourism came into existence in Switzerland aswell as new graveyards were assigned for the foreignsuicides. So, anyone who wants to kill himself on thoselands should pay 25 S.F. in order that the company helpshim die in painless way. Those companies justify theirwork by referring to the Swiss statistics which show thatmore than 63,000 Swiss citizen committed suicide in1995 without receiving any help. According to the wayswhich they used in suicide they are divided as following: 338 have suicide by poison. 16 by narcotics. 16 by sharp tools. 382 by hanging. 99 by drowning themselves. 392 by shooting themselves. 128 by throwing themselves form high floors. 4 by throwing themselves in front of cars of high speed. The rest by other ways. 19
  17. 17. Chapter One The first report about suicide in china denoted thatthe rate of suicide cases comes to 287,000 every year; andaccording to the Chinese news agency, the cases ofsuicide form 3.6% of the total death in china. Approximately, this is what happens in Britain, foramong every 100,000 person of the population, there areabout 14 one who commit suicide. In France about 40,000 French teenagers try to killthemselves yearly; there are 800 ones from among thosethat met death at the moment of suicide. In America, there are 18526 ones who killthemselves yearly. Such rates are not found in our countries, not eventhe developing ones of them although the spirit’srequirements and desires are not obtainable as they are inthe developed countries of high rates of suicides. An authority in forensic medicine said in his reportthat although Dubai Emirate has the high rate of suicideamong the Arab countries yet it is still less than thatknown in European countries, Canada and America. Other than that, it is noticeable that cocaine, opium,alcoholic beverages and drugs are widely spread among 20
  18. 18. Is happiness really beyond reach?!people in the advanced countries. They addictthemselves to them in order to forget the horrible statesof their spirits which make their heats flaming with fireand often lead them towards suicide and death. Theythink that death will drive away their gloom and savethem from their feelings of tiredness, hardship, boredomand annoyance. But, in fact, they act like that who seeksrefuge in fire from swelter. Alas! All their worldlysciences avail them nothing in acquainting them with theterror which they shall face after death. Now, here is an actual event that evidently illustratesthis fact to us. One day our humane scholar, Mr. MohammadAmin Sheikho met one head of a family that was well-known with wealth and authority in our lovely countryDamascus. When he looked at his face, he saw himdejected and overwhelmed by grief, blues and boredom.So, he asked him: “what is the matter, Bey? What makesyou too distressed and unhappy?! You have great palacein Bloudan, the famous summer residence, and anotherin Lebanon, the charming country. Not to mention yourhotels and project in Switzerland, Europe and America.So why do you not go for a ride in those countries sothat you may amuse yourself and relieve it?!” But the 21
  19. 19. Chapter Onemillionaire answered: “Oh Bey! As for Bloudan, I knowit by heart and feel bored of it. So regarding Lebanon,Switzerland and America, I have become fed up withthem, rather sick and tired of them. Oh Bey! I am toobored and I can find no way to turn from this feelingwhich is about to kill me. I have seen everything in thisworld and have become tired of everything” It was no more than four days after that meeting andconversation when the scholar read the deathannouncement of that millionaire of papers on the walls. He had loathed this worldly life with all its pleasures.He loathed the money and hated it. Although he couldget everything yet he could not get happiness; on thecontrary, his riches brought him nothing other thanstraits and miserable life. That is exactly what the Prophet Mohammad (cpth)told of in his noble saying when he said: “unhappy is hewhose heart follows dinar or dirham”1. This is the fact of this life. You find those who love itseeking it and running for enjoying its pleasures, butwhen they obtain everything by means of the money, 22
  20. 20. Is happiness really beyond reach?!they find themselves quite far from feeling happy;therefore they prefer to die or to commit suicide. There are also the patients of melancholy who do notfind any way to be cured of it; as for the medicines theytake, they give them only temporal alleviation with nouse or recovery. But what is the reason behind all that?!In fact, the power of human body is limited. It cannotsatisfy the spirit’s aspiration and its limitless desire. Thespirit wants to get all enjoyments and treasures and torelish all pleasures, but it is broken by the little limitedabilities of the body. So, the source of pain and ill-beingcomes from setting something of limitless power onanother of limited power. This looks clear at old ageafter fifties and sixties when the body loses power andbecomes used up; so it becomes unable to fulfill thelimitless aspirations of spirit because of diseases, disabilityand exhaustion, in addition to failure of sight and hearingand continuous bodily depression. All of that drives thespirit to despondence so it loses hope and sometimescommits suicide. An Arab poet said: “I have become bored of thetroubles of this life for he who lives for eighty yearssurely will feel boredom” 23
  21. 21. Chapter One Many are the rich men who possess millions of dinarsbut wish in their depth that they have nothing but canenjoy good health, activity and vitality as other peopleenjoy. Can a sick man that has been worn out by afflictionand suffers a lot from bodily pains, diseases and anguishthat overwhelm him and deprive him from enjoying anydelight, I say, can such man feel happiness in any way??However, any sensory enjoyment that is fulfilled by thebody does not produce true happiness. They are merelytransient and passing delights and gratification of desiresfollowed by suffering. There is a big distance betweenthe momentary delights and the eternal happiness. Howdifferent they are! Happiness settles in the spirit and it intermixes andcombines with it. The spirit is the conscious self whichhas unbounded powers, as for the body, its power arebounded; hence it cannot respond to all desires andhopes of spirit. So, as previously mentioned, to setunbounded power on one bounded makes the latterunable to achieve the purposes of the first one, that thespirit is like a mare, whenever it satisfies itself by onedesire, it seeks another without feeling tiredness orboredom. The essence of its composition (nature)is 24
  22. 22. Is happiness really beyond reach?!immaterial so it can enjoy all the delights of this existencewithout feeling satisfaction of quenching the thirst of itsinfinite (unlimited) powers. The human spirit was not created to be filled withdirt, nay it was prepared to be filled with absoluteperfection and beauty, to enjoy rising and everlastinghappiness, to drink from inexhaustible source and toabsorb a part of the endless beauty, magnificence, scienceand compassion of its Creator. Only then it will behappy and will drink continuously from that unceasingspring with no cessation or turning, for happiness comesfrom God, alone, and it is accomplished by the nearnessto God who is the Creator of everything: of all beautyand all happiness. Death is the unavoidable fate: Those who are living in luxury look at the materialwelfare as a means that saves them from ill-being andsuffering. Therefore, the running begins, seeking to findnew and unfamiliar varieties, and thereby the life coursemoves towards complication instead of simplification,and misery takes the place of happiness. Anyhow, whatever humanity achieves, they cannotescape from the unavoidable fate which is death “the 25
  23. 23. Chapter Onedestroyer of all worldly pleasures and the scatterer ofgroups” and the end of lifetime. How horrible that houris!! How miserable will be that who is in the throes ofdeath! It is the time of departing and moving to unknownworld; and one is enemy to what he knows nothingabout”. They have forgotten that death and life are runningabreast and that behind this life there is another life.They did not think of that hour when man will bedispossessed of everything he has, even the clothes theyput on their bodies will be driven, alone and single, tothe grave with no associate or close friend nor materialbed or rest. The appointed time has come and howdifficult the life is with no hope! What shall money profit them?! Will it drive awayanything from them?! Even if they have the gold of this earth, what shallthis avail them when they will be put in narrow gravesand absolute darkness?! Such is the fate of he who depends on physical lightsand bodily senses all during his life without living inheart state of belief and witnessing divine sights; when 26
  24. 24. Is happiness really beyond reach?!they will be merely corpse having no senses and no lightof eyes, they will sink into darkness knowing nothing.Their spirit will ask: “who am I?! Where am I?! How didI come to this world?” The spirit and the body have become strange forthem and the place is horrible and dark. It is a quick and sudden moving!! Where are the friends?! Where are the lovers?! Where are the riches and the children?!! It is a prison with heavy shackles. At that time therewill be no way to escape, for the last flame has died andthe support with life has ceased; thus the foundation ofthe tower which he built on sand has fallen down. If this is the fate, where is the hoped happiness then?! If the end is limited in such excavation, will be thereany pleasure or joy?!! Since returning to God is the definite fate and theeternal life is accomplished only by Him, so would bethere any everlasting bliss or wished tranquility ifhumanity did not know or recognize the Creator?! 27
  25. 25. Chapter One After many and many rounds, the great scientificteam found that the welfare life has choking and burningtaste at the rich people, admitted that the hoped-forhappiness which they expected themselves to enjoy islike a mirage in sandy deserts which they mistake forwater containing life and delight; but when they comeup to it, they find it to be nothing but illusion andhardship. The fact is that, the money was the reason oftheir suffering and losing the true and everlastinghappiness. Besides, when they die they will be put ingraves, alone and undressed, having taken no dirham oreven one penny with them. 28
  26. 26. Is happiness really beyond reach?! Having reached this unexpected findings, theresearching team which is looking for happiness turnedtowards the simple and poor people (the laboring class ofsociety which work hard to earn living lest hunger maycause its members’ death) so that they might findhappiness in their world. But when this class was asked,their answer indicated nothing other than discontent,complaint and displeasure, and the door was opened toshow a horrible sight of depression, and hopelessness. Each poor man sat to wailing over his bad luck thathe spent all his lifetime living in want and lack, and tosinging songs referring to his yearning for havingabundant money, big wealth and towering palaces likethose which the rich are the happy people, therefore yousee them work hard seeking to attain high glory but invain!! According to their dreams and thoughts, theythink that if they live in comfortable and luxurious lifelike that of the rich, they will be happy. The hunger has 29
  27. 27. Chapter Onebitten them by its claws, the want has torn their clothes,and the penury has gnawed away their fingers. Thushappiness has no entrance to penetrate into their housesor even to hover in their sky. The rich class has corrupted their living. The houseswhich they were used to see beautiful have turned intocheap hut in comparison with the high mansion whichhad been built next to their houses. That is undeniable fact. In societies which are equallybalanced, man keeps pleased with his living, but whenunevenness takes place, all what they admired anddeemed nice before would seem bad and low to theireyes and consequently they would feel discontent,irritation and tiredness with this life. People of wealthhave debased the life of the masses of society; that isbecause not all people are able to build castles or toprovide their houses with furniture of superior quality.That is why we see the poor people’s spirits are filledwith rancor, and that a great wish for revenge has whollyoverwhelmed them. So, no wonder to see them bandtogether against the rich people hoping to throw axesover their heads so that they may drink sups of colocynthlike that which they drink. This arises in their spirits as aresult of the injustice which the rich apply on them and 30
  28. 28. Is happiness really beyond reach?!the unwarranted advantages they take of their hard work(as they guess), although they come under lowness andindignity only for the sake of earning a proper living andwell situation! This is a fact existing all over the worldand the common people are passing through it. There isno happiness neither in the high class nor in the lowerone, for the class disparity between the rich and the poorgives way to irritation, complaint, bitter feeling anddissatisfaction to rise instead of happiness. The toilingworkers are always putting plans to make a coup orrevolution against the employers so that they may takerevenge on them. They feel sorrow for their childrenwho lead a hard life while the children of the rich enjoywarmness and luxurious life and eat the delicious. Similarly, the simple farmers rise against thetyrannous feudal lords who put their feet on the mouthsof thousands of them to crush them and reduce them notto demand the return of their robbed rights (according totheir view). So, day after day those indulging in luxury becomemore wealthy, masterful and profiteering while thosesuffering privation become more poor and moresubjected and consequently more hateful and revengeful. 31
  29. 29. Chapter One Having realized such struggles and conflicts, the teamlooking for happiness stood confused before animpenetrable wall. The high scientific committee hasspared no effort in researching and investigation but invain. All efforts availed them nothing, for they could notfind one print of happiness at the wealthy and self-indulgent people or at the simple and poor ones. 32
  30. 30. Is happiness really beyond reach?! So, hoping for finding the lost and missing happiness,the team headed for another category which disavowed(discharged) itself from the burdens of responsibility andthe charges of the hard life. They are the youth and theadolescents; perhaps, they enjoy it since they have nowife not child, and no charge to be carried. The scientific team set to investigate their status andrecognizing the depths of their life closely to know ifthey really bask in the aspired happiness so long as theirburden is light and they enjoy the utmost degree ofoutflowing vitality!! Yet when inquiring andquestioning, it was revealed that each unmarriedyoungster got lost from the path leading to achievehappiness and that none of them was satisfied with hissituation which he lives. They have golden dreams thatthey aspire to turn into facts in the future. Each youthdreams of marital life which may give him a feeling oftranquility and quench the thirst of his heart. They have 33
  31. 31. Chapter Onegot troubled because of the ghost (thought) of the sexuallife which inflamed sleeplessness in their spirit, as thesexual desire acts in the spirits of youth just like fire whenit burns the straw. Their heart-tongues gave one answerthat, “no life without a wife” thinking that they will notenjoy happiness unless they have a wife whom onedelights, and thus they will spend the rest of their lifehappy having achieved their uppermost wishes. By then,the team looking for happiness directed their scientificresearch towards the married category of the societywhere it guessed to find the happiness prevailing in theirlife according to the claim of the class of youth. Yet, itwas detected that each married man was yearning for thedays when he had been free and discharged of the bondsand burdens of the marital life which imposed upon himrules and duties that were dispensable for him when hewas unmarried. He became responsible for leaving home or beinglate, and so is it with his behavior; also the places wherehe may visit became defined and in certain days hisabsence from the house causes him troubles and quarrelsthat make him miss the soul (essence) of love, intimacy(harmony) and clarity among his family and feel a chokewith every bite he has. The wife is calling upon herrights and the children need a part of his time especially 34
  32. 32. Is happiness really beyond reach?!for them; not to mention the idle talk which takes placebetween him and her family and between her and hisfamily. In fact, the sexual enjoyment brings nohappiness, for it is a mere temporal fulfillment of a desirewhich occurs repeatedly in one degree with nothingnew, of which creates boredom after a period of time,especially if there are quarrels. And it was said: “that whoexperience beauty knew that they are a light that hidesdarkness inside” The wife often disapproves what is acceptable for herhusband’s relatives, and hereafter, disputes begin andoppositions become aggravated till they overcome anyfeeling with love and faithfulness. As for the poorhusband, he sits on his hands failing to find an end or aneffective solution for these discords which will cost himeither to lose his relatives and kin or to separate from hiswife by divorce. Thus he would hope that he had notgot married for he could not find the happiness andpleasure which he sought after and dreamed of when hewas single, enjoying freedom and far from troubles,responsibility and quarrels. The sweet and nice wishescould not be achieved and the desired happiness turnedinto mirage vitiated by controversy and lacking thehearty love and harmony at this stage, the scientific teamstood puzzled before the problem of happiness for all the 35
  33. 33. Chapter Onecategories whom they met were complaining of theirlife. They wonder, for whom does this world smile,then?! Where is happiness?! Actually, there is no happiness and everything theyclaimed about it was mere saying! 36
  34. 34. Is happiness really beyond reach?! Yet, the team of scientific research kept having aglimpse of light when it dashed towards the innocentkids and joyful boys so that they may find their pursuedtarget which is happiness. It was unobjectionable for theteam to question them whether they were really happyin their life or not since they are quite far from thetroubles and the opposite complexities of society. Yet it(the team) found them waiting for the process of years toreach the age of adults who are around them. For, bythen, they shall be like them enjoying power, financialcapacity and freedom of opinion which they lack in theirfather’s house. The researchers noticed that each lad wasnagging and grumbling with the limitations and thesocial rules and the other bounds that restrain theirfreedom, while they should forcibly obey them. Every morning, the little child prepares himself to beshowered with instructions and parental educationaldirections, such as, “go”, “don’t be late”, “don’t 37
  35. 35. Chapter Oneaccompany so and so…”, “don’t say so…”, “don’tbehave in this way…”, “don’t… don’t…” etc., and afterthat there is another shower of bonds waiting for him inschool. He spits out (got bored with) his life because ofthese limitations which block his freedom and he hadunwillingly to obey. Thus he keeps discontent with hissituation and aspires for growing hastily to liberatehimself from orders and obligations so that he behaves ashe likes and enjoy happiness. But now strange! Whenthe kids grow up and become youths and men, they sitduring their untroubled times and set to rememberingtheir lovely innocent life in the years of childhood. Theylook at them as joyful periods that do not leave theirminds and the sorts of playing and fun keeps passingbefore their memories making them wish wholeheartedly that they can turn back to childhood onceagain and never grow up. But the children themselves were not happy duringchildhood, for they were shackled by the bonds ofsociety, home and education and hoped to get releasedfrom all that which hinders their desires, while the otherthink that the happiness is available in their world. So,children are also lacking happiness!! Oh! Is it possible that the happiness is nonexistent?!! 38
  36. 36. Is happiness really beyond reach?! Yes! The scientific team which was looking forhappiness reached an obstructed way after the differentstudies which it was made about many sections andclasses of society; therefore they came out before peopleto declare the findings of their researches. They said:“happiness is an unobtainable aim. It likes mercurywhich flees easily from fingers. So the scientific rulescannot lead to it” Hereupon, they supposed and considered thehappiness to be mere fancy and imagination! But, theway thereby happiness might be attained remains as awish that keeps tickling (striking) the philosophers’ andscientists’ thoughts, as they think that one day they shallcontrol the nature and make it give birth to a neonatecalled (happiness) by means of what they put of positivetheories and invent of material civilization and developedscientific technology. Such is their claim, while theunavoidable fact foils (disproves) their dreams andrevokes (reverses) their suppositions. What did civilization bring other than destruction,killing, ruin, hunger, poverty, shedding bloods andcrying of innocent children?!! 39
  37. 37. Chapter One Such is the production of the destroying war meanswhich leave none of mankind but reach by its bullets’humming and bombs’ peal that deafen the ears of thedwellers of the earth, I mean by bombs, the all-outdestructive arms and the nuclear heads which are carriedon satellites threatening the whole world to be utterruined at the moment of their falling down on the earth.They set to competing for creating and inventing moredestructive arms of wider ruin for women and progenyunder the pretext that: “if you want peace, get ready forwar”. And hereupon, happiness, safety and tranquilitygot lost! Really, they went astray form happiness! On His part, the Merciful God did never create anymeans of destruction and ruination in this broad universenor had He made for man a canine or a claw to kill hisbrother in humanity; on the contrary, He granted usroses, flowers and fragrant, aromatic and flourishing basilswhich attract the hearts to the Creator of their beauty, aswell as, He created tasty fruits and lively plants andsparkling out flowing springs and fresh water rivers. “The Peace” is one of Allah Supreme Attributes,therefore He has provided us with everything that givessafety, happiness and pleasure so as to let us enjoypleasant life and sublime and pure love. He has created 40
  38. 38. Is happiness really beyond reach?!wonderful beauty in all His universal wonders (signs).Behold how He sends to us the drops of dew whichanimate the mellow leaves with most tender and sweetgreeting filled with life! Behold how He overwhelms uswith warm and brilliant sunrays containing various vitalenergies. Being the Most Merciful and the tender, Hedelights us with the singing of birds and the warbling ofcurlews and bulbuls and with the merry purl of waterand the gentle whish of trees. So, The Generous Creator has never brought us intobeing except for granting us liberally much of Hisbenevolence and charity, and overwhelming us with Hiscare and favor. He turned His Might, His Omnipotenceand His strength to compassion, kindness, longanimityand clemency. So, He created a luminous mooncrowned with brilliance and beauty, as He found greatstars and heavenly bodies but made them appear to uslike light and calm lamps decorating the sky at night. He has never let the heavy clouds drop as mountains,nay He turned them into small drops (Al-Wadq)2 filled 41
  39. 39. Chapter Onewith life and manifesting God’s tenderness, love andblessing. Such is the making of Allah; now show me what isthere that others besides Him have created! It’s He who has given everything its creation, then,He has guided man to the way leading to achieve peace,happiness, and security. Allah, the Almighty, does notplease aggression, tyranny or sorrow for His servants, yetthey, themselves have preferred blindness to guidanceand selected murder, destruction and oppression. Theycompete with each other for that which is passing andtemporal because of the thick material obsession that thetechnical revolt has thrown over their hearts. Thisobsession has made the spirits sink in deep darkness to beveiled from the abodes of peace and safety. They claimed that they can attain happiness throughthe sciences and the inventions which they discover andwhich soon turn into hellish devisal (inventions) andemulation towards armament for destruction and totalruin. It had never occurred to their mind that the bestand the most everlasting is found at Allah’s. Thus they 42
  40. 40. Is happiness really beyond reach?!drew far from the Almighty God, the Creator of theearth and the heavens who has created (and is stillcreating) everything and brought humanity into beingbefore and is still doing so, then they tended to theirdestructive science which became really their god. Alas! They did not know that this will entail themnothing other than total ruin and woe. Is it for suffering we have been created?! Is it possible that the merciful Creator who foundthese heavens and Earth upon such wonderful disciplinemade no way for happiness in this existence so that itbecame unattainable goal that man moves blindly to findwithout getting any fruit?! Definitely not! The absolute fact is that the Almighty brought usinto this world in order to let us enjoy felicity in this lifeand in the life to come. I say, the Maker of the heavens and Earth has createdthis being in utmost degree of accuracy, excellence, andmagnificence so that humanity can find wide fields ofcontemplation, they can look and think how the sky israised high, how the stars are tied up, how the mountainsare fixed firm, how the oceans are filled up with waterand how great is He who has filled them. They can 43
  41. 41. Chapter Onewatch the Earth and all that moves on it and think howHe created them and provided them, and how He putsforth every kind of beautiful growth in pairs and irrigatedthem from His Splendid beauty (Glory to Him). In wonder, who made and is still making all of this?!!Who supported and is still supporting this existence withbeing in every moment?!! He “Glory to Him” did not only create, but He alsosent laws and legislation for humanity corresponding tothe nature of which He disposed them. Those laws lead man to know how they enjoyhappiness here and there. They are based on straight principles that lift upspirits to help them recognize their Provider and get alink with their Creator. Such a link is that which makesus happy; for the Almighty God is the source of creationand life He provides the bodies with food and drink, andoverwhelms the spirits and the hearts which are filledwith good with endless felicity, eternal bliss andperfection, nay absolute perfection. Thus, happiness is taken from God and it can beattained by the link with Him. 44
  42. 42. Is happiness really beyond reach?! The only happy man is that who has true belief inGod; for the Provider of everything is the Provider ofhappiness. So anyone that follows His laws can certainlyattain happiness; and when they get it they will not sufferanymore; on the contrary they will enjoy it increasingly. Since Allah has no end, therefore the happinesswhich man find by drawing nearer to Him is unceasing,growing, rising and everlasting. When humanity approaches God, they will live inhigh and developing gardens of Paradise. There will beno boredom nor grief but only great happiness, and thishappiness is not restricted to this life, nay it will remainafter death until Doomsday to last them forever. Onlythen we can save ourselves from the love of materialwhich distresses and destroys the spirits that are absorbedin it, whereas by believing in God and following Hisstraight path such a material will turn into a means thathelps in rendering favor and good deeds to lead later onto bliss and Paradise. How can the factor of content be realized? By belief, communication with God and true prayer,fear clears away while hope increases when man growsold and approaches his inevitable fate. He will never care 45
  43. 43. Chapter One–by then- whether he is lucky or not and will nevermind if he falls ill or be smitten by a misfortune as hequite knows that this worldly life has no endurance, andthe spiritual recovery is better and more enduring. It isthe cause to attain paradises and blessing of an endlesscontinuity. In fact, happiness is found in content, that is, thecontent of man with his situation however days rotateand states change. That is because a real lightoverwhelms the heart (spirit) of the person who trulybelieves in his Provider this Godly light radiates in hisheart through his communication with his Provider andreflects a bliss that cannot be described and all theworldly delights fail to give a bit of it. This happiness is not material; it comes from Allah,the Creator of beauty. So, the eternal tranquility can begot only through communication with God which allprophets invited people to perform and it is that whichproduces content and bliss. Only then you can get the happiness, for you will bepleased with all your situations, even if you are sufferingfrom incurable disease that makes you unable to move oryou are destitute having nothing. 46
  44. 44. Is happiness really beyond reach?! So, “happiness” means to be content and pleasedwith all the situations of life that come over you: thesweet and the bitter, the hard and the easy. If all thestates are equal for you and you are content with all ofthem, you are then a happy man and surely your spirithas a link with your Provider for He is the source andthe origin of happiness. But so long as you are engrossed in this worldly lifeand your spirit is unlinked with your Provider who is theSource of good and bliss, you will not be content withyour situation, nor will you then taste happiness. You may feel astonished at my such saying andwonder deprecating “Is it possible for man to be contentwith his situation when he lives a hard life after it hasbeen easy, and becomes humble after being honorable??! Who may accept your saying save him whose heart isas hard as the rock, or him who is certain of what willfollow this distress of honor that surpasses every ease hewas living in?!” In reply I say: you are completely right in yourobjection and saying. Absolutely it is not easy for man tobe satisfied with what was afflicted him of misfortunesand adversities. But if he certainly knows that there is 47
  45. 45. Chapter Oneone Hand that controls this universe and steers it withinjustice and wisdom and with full mercy, sympathy andclemency, he will change his mind. Yet this knowledge cannot be got except bycontemplating the signs (wonders) of this universe whichlead to know the Creator “Glory to His Majesty” and bythinking of the great making of mountains, seas, andheavens which acquaint with their mighty Maker. Thatis the way which your father Ibrahim Abraham, thefather of the Prophets “peace be through him”,followed. So, if you tread in his steps and ponder on thecreation, you will be guided to God, the Creator ofbeauty and the Source of happiness, and then your heartwill enjoy everlasting bliss. When you recognize your Provider, you will knowthen that His Hand “the Almighty” which directs theuniverse and His managing and wise Will which lookedafter you and built you up when you were an embryo inyour mother’s womb so that it made hearing, sight andsenses for you, then it did not neglect you when youbecame an infant so that it directed all this universe andsent down the rain for your drink and feed, I say, youwill know then that this Supreme Self is more clementand merciful with you than your mother, father, wife 48
  46. 46. Is happiness really beyond reach?!and sons, even than your spirit which is between yourtwo sides, and that it drives to you what helps youbecome righteous and what brings in great benefit uponyou. Besides, you will know that all what you suffer hasindeed come over you because of your evil deeds so thatyou may turn from your wrong conduct and follow thestraight path which leads to your advantage andhappiness. So, all what the Almighty drives to spirit is asuitable (useful) remedy in accordance with its state andcommitting, and all that afflicts humanity of poverty,destitution, jailing, tormenting, facing killing orexecution is to let the spirit submit to Allah and knowthat the affliction that has befallen it is but because ofwhat it has done and committed of crime so that it mayturn faithfully to God and resort to Him. If it does, it willsee its bad deed, so it will withdraw from it and trulyrepent to its Provider who, then heals it and confershealth, honor and money upon it in order to spend themin right ways and enjoy the blessing of this life and thelife to come. Then, how quickly the reality will be unveiled to it!It will realize that there is no God but Allah, so allactions come into existence by Him, and the distresswhich encompassed it is nothing but mere compassion,charity and favor from Allah. Therefore it will thank 49
  47. 47. Chapter OneHim for affliction and for what he has driven to it of thehighest chastisement before the greatest chastisement. Had He not sent to it that distress, it would haveremained deprived of good. Thank God, then, for allafflictions, and praise be to Him for every situation.None but Him is praised for sending misfortune. Thus, the spirit which becomes living in this statewill be always happy, pleased and well-pleasing untoAllah, the Almighty. 50
  48. 48. Is happiness really beyond reach?! I say, man cannot attain such knowledge believe inthis fact truly unless his spirit becomes sure of theinevitable coming of death hour in order that it loathesits worldly desires and becomes clear of its troubles. Afterthat it should contemplate the making of these universalbeings and heavenly creatures through which it can beguided to the great Creator and Maker and realizes Hisexistence by witnessing a trace of His light. When it reaches this point, it will know for certainthat God is present with His universal signs as HE ispresent with man, providing him with life and movinghis heart and lungs after He has created him from asemen and made him a perfect creature then turned himinto a wise man; and since he is really existing so it isresponsible before Him. He is the originator of thesecreatures which He wove perfectly therefore it has noright to transgress His possession. Thus man’s spiritascertains that there must be a Day of Reckoning and 51
  49. 49. Chapter Onewitnesses it by Allah’s light, so he becomes straight andall his deeds towards the creatures will be filled withgood and mercy and completely far from any evil. Any good deed-after he has spirit to be confident ofAllah’s satisfaction with it, therefore it will flow to Himpleased with its good deed and surely attain happinessfrom the Creator of happiness and beauty who manifestsHimself upon man as He manifest Himself upon allworlds with qualities of benefaction, happiness, bliss,donation and growth and grants good and perfection toall. Thereupon, this believer will witness Allah’s favorand graces and will sense His love. He will rememberHis charity upon him since he was in his mother’s womband how He provided him and is still providing all withnutriment, life, and growth. So, he will love Him,appreciate Him and praise Him greatly. He will feel, touch and taste the bliss of the meetingwith this Benefactor and Obliging Provider, as he willbelieve then that all praising –i.e. the spiritual thanking-is but to Him who loves him as He loves His creaturesand overwhelms him and them with sympathy andkindness. Thus he will perceive the reality of thestatement “Praise be to God, the Provider of all worlds” 52
  50. 50. Is happiness really beyond reach?! In fact, if man truly believes in the statement: he will then feeltranquil and peaceful, and will submit wholly and becontent with the vicissitudes of fate this contentmentmakes him feel no confusion for any situation nor doeshe complain the changes of time. How may he feel painor confused when he finds that this merciful Hand andwise pitiful Will has deprived him the little in order togive him the much?! How may he feel that when herealizes his nearness to that Supreme Presence andwitnesses of its perfection and its beautiful sublimeattributes what makes anything else vanish behind them?! Such a believer enjoys the bliss of being near to theAlmighty and the delicious taste of having a link withHim, as he lives in feelings that all delights of life fail tobe compared with. After those witnessings (attainedthrough his communication with his Provider and by hislink with Him), he will return beautified by virtue, andthe love to God and the contentment with His goodsteering in every state are his gain and provision forfacing the distress of life. 53
  51. 51. Chapter One Thus, man cannot attain the real happiness unless heis content, and he will not be truly content unless hebelieves in his Creator and submits to Him. He shouldfeel His sympathy and compassion and keep looking atHim with reverent insight and drawing nearer to Him.Thereupon, the Grand God will bestow upon him a partof His great revelations and a brand of the seas of Hislight so as to let him derive a light from the pearls of Hisabundant water from the springs of His love after whichhe will never be thirsty. He will dwell in the everlastingbliss which will flow upon him increasingly leaving noway for boredom to creep into his heart. This believerhas become one of those whom Allah endowed withhearty Paradise as an entertainment from which they willwish for no change, they witness the Almighty’s light,and by His light they watch His Majesty, beauty, andsplendor, so they live in the greatest happiness in thisworldly life before the hereafter. God says: 3 that is one in the present life, and another inthe life to come. That is the everlasting life which has no limit or end.As for this worldly life, it is no more than a twinkling of 54
  52. 52. Is happiness really beyond reach?!eye or less than that in comparison with it (theeverlasting one). Have not you heard about the words of “AbuYazeed Al-Bastami”, the believer, when he said, “hadthe kings known the bliss I have in my heart, they wouldhave fought me with swords to get it”. He meant that ifthe kings taste, by their hearts, and witness the Creator’sflowing donation over me when communicating withHim, they will belittle their possession and turn awayfrom it, yet, they will abandon it seeking the happinesswhich I get by God and from God. That is whathappened to the magicians of Pharaoh when theycommunicated with God through our Master Moses(pth). They turned away from Pharaoh’s possession andsacrificed the worldly pleasures for what they hadattained of happiness from Allah after they believed inthe Provider of Moses (pth) And when Pharaoh threatened them of death andlosing their worldly life, they said: “as for this presentlife, it is worthless compared to what we had got fromour Provider, Allah’s reward is better and more lasting.He who comes before his Provider with true faith andgood deeds shall enter the highest Paradises”. 55
  53. 53. Chapter One Heart-cured will be those who believe and prosperin this present life. They will attain the true faith fromAllah when they approach Him by performing gooddeeds, and this is the plain prosper and the way to get theenduring happiness that lasts forever. God says: (true) 4 hence, no prosper without belief. As for those who turn away from their Creator anddisbelieve in their Provider, you find them interestedonly in collecting dirhams and dinars although the fact isthat money will never ensure to them what they seek ofhappiness. That is what the almighty indicates in Hisnoble saying: (in his heart) 5 So, everything save Allah is no more than a miragewhich the spirit delights in for a while, then it terminatesas if it was not being to leave only disgraceful effectswhich draw evil, grief, and turbidity. Thus, the evil deed that man commits will alwaysbring evil upon him, for Allah is the Owner of Supreme 56
  54. 54. Is happiness really beyond reach?!Attributes and nothing comes from Him except whatdraws favor and happiness to man. So, if you want toenjoy a pleasant living and to be delighted in the abodesof felicity and gladness; if you seek tranquility and easethat is not mixed with tiredness or troubles; if you arelonging for the overwhelming; smooth and pure laughwhich flows out from every atom of your spirit andbody; if you aspire for the eternal happiness which noworry, grief or distress may break so that you lead a lifeflooding, in all its faces and states, with delight,cheerfulness and towering worlds of bliss with variouspleasures that are always growing in beauty, taste andmagnificence; if you want to have a supreme love whichis followed by loving of everything and every creature sothat all what is around you draws forth real pleasure inyour heart and makes it overfilled with bliss that you gainand never lose at all. I say: if you want to attain all ofthat, you have to believe in God and to seek might inyour Provider all over the time. And through yourmovements and rests, so that you keep resorting to Himall during your life. If you believe in Him by yourself, mention Him inyour standing and sitting, seek protection in Him fromevery evil, grief, distress and fatigue and ask Him, the 57
  55. 55. Chapter OneAlmighty, to grant you a good life and a real purehappiness. It is He, Glory to Him, Who created everything andbrought them from nonbeing into being, as it is He whocreated the happiness when He created you and providedand is still providing with it. So, if you turn towards Him, the Almighty, He willgrant you happiness with eternal beatitude; but if youturn towards anything other than Him; you will miss it,and your life will become bitter and miserable in all itssituations. 58
  56. 56. Is happiness really beyond reach?! You may wonder: how can I seek protection in Godand resort to Him? What is the way leading to true happiness?! I say, thispresent life is no more than a school in which you haveto study and get good result. God sent man to this worldin order to prepare himself for that life which comes afterdeath. Out of His great care and grand compassion withhumanity; He provided them with all what they needand all what help them attain the greatest happiness thatHe, the Almighty, wished for them. Therefore, Hespecialized them with that precious jewel and greatsystem, I mean the thought, by which man disunites,assembles, infers and deduces many results, and then hecan get into mind the realities hidden behind the shapes(appearances). As well as He granted him hearing, sightand other senses so as to help and support that system inhis scientific research and his looking for the right, thetruth, and the happiness until he becomes sure of theexisting of God, the Provider of happiness. Moreover, He made all what is in this universe, ofEarth and Heavens with what they contain of creatures, 59
  57. 57. Chapter Oneeven the man himself with what his body consists ofsystems and organs, as great signs (wonders) and proofsthat help man to get the degrees of true faith if he turnswholly to his Provider asking for might and protectionand keeps remembering death and visiting the graveyardswhich are the inevitable worldly fate before entering theabodes of the other world. This is the main pillar on which happiness isdepending. None is truly happy. Save the believer. If man doesnot believe in God, he will not attain happiness howeverhe works hard and offers good deeds. As for money which Allah the Almighty provideshumanity with in this life just as He provides them withchildren and wives, with prestige and authority, withknowledge and power, offices and high posts, and allwhat He, the Almighty, obliges us with, they are nomore than means which He honors us with and makesthem between our hands in order to help us recognizeHim through them. If we could know Him, we wouldderive perfect qualities and noble manners out of Himand get illuminated by His light so that we become ableto distinguish between good and evil. None may drawevil to himself, but it is the heart-blindness that lets man 60
  58. 58. Is happiness really beyond reach?!see evil good. If man becomes of enlighteneddiscernment, he will avoid the evil and rush to do goodto all mankind without discrimination and to bebeneficent to all the creatures since they are all theproduction of the Merciful God. Only then, we shall beworthy of entering the Presence of the Compassioner tolive under His wings and become immersed in thatgreatest happiness which begins since then in present lifeand lasts forever and ever, rising endlessly in real and truehappiness. So, if your strive and proceed earnestly in the way ofbelieving in the Great God and the Generous Creator ofyou and of all creatures, and if you give the rights to theirowners, your spirit will be sure of Allah’s satisfactionwith it, then it will draw nearer to Him and resort toHim, and by such nearness it will derive light, bliss andhappiness from Him, the Almighty. In fact, only the believer whose heart is enlightenedby Allah, the Almighty, with true faith, knows the Godlyaim behind creating this universe and sending man tothis worldly life. So if you follow the way that yourProvider legislated for you so that you recognize Himthe Almighty and believe in Him truly then approachHim and proudly seek refuge in Him, you will certainly 61
  59. 59. Chapter Onebe happy. You will get the true happiness whichintermixes the spirit and mingles with its atoms so that itspreads in it just as how electricity flows in wires andwater streams in branches. You will attain such happinessby your true communication with God, and none ofmankind will be happy like you for you know well whatblessings you earn every day, and what goodness youattain from the Provider of all providers. You will getboons and acquire honor by spending your money orlending a helping hand to the needy ones. Yes, if you truly believe in God, you will be reallyand truly happy: happy in your house with yourfamily… happy with your wife and sons… happy in yourjob or office… happy in your life and after death. Blessed are those who get illuminated by God’s lightand become pure and blameless; for they are the onlyhappy people. May Allah join us to them to be like them and keepus from loving this worldly life or making its charms ourgreatest interest or the top of our knowledge. 62
  60. 60. Is happiness really beyond reach?! ( His full moon appeared over Damascus in the year1890 on a blessed night when a Damascene tradesmanhad a newborn baby. The father loved his son very muchbecause he resembled the full moon in its beauty, and forhis good clever presence. In his childhood, he was active, clever, full of motionand cheerfulness so as to create a serenity and happinessof life in the hearts of those surrounding him. Day by dayhe grew, and he showed an increase in cleverness andstrength of personality, something which made hisposition greater before his parents. They venerated himand looked after him with love, affection and sympathy. 65
  61. 61. Chapter TowBut death soon snatched his affectionate father in hisyears of youth after an exhausting illness and tiring pain. The death of the father had a great effect on the heartof everyone who knew him, for he left behind him awidow and two sons. Mr. Mohammad Amin had notreached seven years of age when he took responsibilityfor his mother’s protection, defending her and keepingher away from the evils which appeared around hisfamily after the departure of his father from thisexistence, and his older brother Saleem’s travel toTurkey. Even in his orphanage, Mohammad Amin wasdistinguished by his patience with the difficulties of life.He bore patience that mighty men could never bear,because he was an individual in a small respectable familythat had faced many difficulties. Because of his honorable lineage that relates to thegreat messenger (cpth) he could approach the highresponsible personalities of the ruling Turkish state atthat time so that his family could reside in Sarouja 64
  62. 62. Is happiness really beyond reach?!Quarter which was called ‘Little Istanbul’, a dwellingplace for the Turkish statesmen at that time. He also wasable to study in the Royal Ottoman Faculty inDamascus, Amber. He completed his studies when he became eighteenyears old. He graduated in the rank of security officer.He surpassed his colleagues in extreme courage, trust,truth, hard work and his perseverance and continuouswork with distinction. He headed many police-stationsin Damascus and became director of its counties. He wasthe example, for no sooner had he taken his positionthan peace and safety prevailed in the region of his work. He was the sleepless eye and the unmistakable arrowin the state’s quiver. Whenever the state was confrontedby a criminal or a crime, they used to ask for his help.When fear, killing, corruption and criminality spreadover a region, he was the saving hope, who kept offdanger and liberated people. When decay began to bite the body of the Turkishstate, and the torch of Islam was quenched, corruptionand chaos prevailed all over the country until crimereached an unbearable limit, living became difficult, andthe days were encompassed by danger, and the darknessof the night was horrifying: except in Damascus, its 67
  63. 63. Chapter Towcountryside and suburbs, for security was prevailing as avigilant eye was watching and a merciful heart wasdedicated to peace. He faced storms of criminals in his work withcourage and boldness, and he besieged many guerrillasand arrested their leaders. All his works were crowned invictory and support until he was surnamed ‘Aslan’,meaning ‘the lion’, for his audacity in facing difficulties.By his reliance upon God, he was the only officer whostood in the face of injustice and terrorism so that thecriminals and thieves used to surrender to him, fearinghis bravery, to offer a plea to his justice, mercy andcontentment. Thus he advanced in the ranks and was movedamong the police-stations until he was appointeddirector of the citadel of Damascus, which contained thewarehouses and the prisons. He remained in this positionfor a very long time during which he achieved gloriesand displayed bravery that Damascus had never seenbefore. He was very audacious in freeing thousands ofprisoners with capital sentences and putting them in thefront lines to defend the country against the infidelenemy. His action was the cause of removing the gallowswhich were planted by Jamal Pasha, the butcher, in the 66
  64. 64. Is happiness really beyond reach?!marketplaces and quarters of the country and which usedto swallow hundreds of young men every day. For thatreason he was exposed many times to death. Thus Al’lahsaved him by His Greatness, His Mercy, and HisAssistance. During the French mandate, as he was a civil securityofficer, he was returned to his position as the director ofa district or the chief of a police-station until the greatSyrian revolution took place. Due to his love for Godand his noble wish to serve his country, he was the ironarm of the revolutionaries and the aorta of therevolution. Its seal was in his trustworthy hand. Hedisquieted the French forces with his wonderfulexperiments in changing retreat into victory and ingiving the revolutionaries the greatest arms deal betweenFrance and the Greater Syria. He handed these arms,which the French stored in Anjar castle in Lebanon, tothe revolutionaries at night. General Catro, the governorof Syria at that time, lost his mind and ordered that Mr.Mohammad Amin be executed, but the Almighty Godsaved him and his assistant through His CompleteWords, and he turned into a very trustworthy man forthem despite their error of judgment. 69
  65. 65. Chapter Tow After he became forty years old, God revealed to himHis Omniscience. He began to see the recitation of the prophet (cpth)in his prayer (communication with God) of ‘Al-Fatiha‘(the Opening) Fortress in sight and in hearing. After thathe began to guide his disciples and he bore the banner ofguidance in extreme strength and worthiness. He used to be called ‘Amin Bey’ for ‘Bey’ is aTurkish word meaning ‘the pure’. His salon used toembrace the flower of youth of Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq,asking for irrigation from his Mohammadan spring, richand generous in giving an atmosphere of haughtiness,majesty, and sanctity. 68
  66. 66. Is happiness really beyond reach?! His sanctified assemblies were distinguished bycharming and unique revelation in perfect and plainmeanings, and complete presence of reality. His wordsused to hit the target and fall cool and peaceful in thehearts of the listeners, as a light that bewitched them tofree their spirits to soar very high. He drove away darkness, tore asunder contradictions,and finally obliterated the intriguing schools and barrenargumentations which created a big gap in the minds ofpeople between themselves and their God. Heacquainted people with the reality of God, and theconsummation of His Qualities… a Merciful God,Compassionate, Wise, Fair, Conferrer of benefit,Donator, deserved to be worshipped for Himself for Heis the Owner of Beauty and Consummation. It is Hewho is praised for any harm because this harm results incure and donation. He is Needless of creation, and of ourallegiance and our obedience, because He is Rich andwe are poor and our obedience is for our own good andbenefit. We need to enter His luminous fort of faith, tobe protected from misfortune and adversity. 71
  67. 67. Chapter Tow His honorable life history was a high interpretationand a clear constitution for the wonderful revelation thathe brought, which contained facts for which headsbowed. The reality was a light, the form was a proof andthe true practical application was a guide. His revelationwas matchless in world civilizations and the positive lawsof present life. Why are we created? What is this universe for? What is the use of religious rituals? What is hunger for, followed by eating in Ramadan? What is the output and benefit of prayer? Why do pilgrimage to a waterless and treeless desert? Why were we brought into existence? Where were we? What is death for? And what is really after it? What is the spirit? What is the soul? What is the mind? What is paradise? What is hell? What about the problem of fate? 70
  68. 68. Is happiness really beyond reach?! What is the pre-material world (the world of spirits)? Facts and questions have not come to people’s mindsbecause they were busy in the tempting world and itsdeceptions, and they forgot to search in the files ofexistence and know its secrets. The famous coeval English scientist, Sir JohnGodolphin Bennett, in one of his meetings with westernscientists, said: “All the sciences that we have achievedare not equal to the sea of that great eminent scholar inthe Orient.” His invitation to God is based on a course that isnever mistaken: In the light of this honorable Ayah (verse), he beganto call to God for more than thirty years a callconcentrated on the following points: Acquainting people with the consummation of theAlmighty God, and showing His Mercy to His obedient 73
  69. 69. Chapter Towpeople and His Justice with His creation. He refuted allthat remained in human minds and whatever wascirculated that contradicted the Godly Justice,Clemency, and Mercy and (all) Godly Consummations,and his guide was the Word of God: Revealing the consummations of the messengers(ptt), of whom God witnessed in His Glorious Book asto their spirits’ purity and their impeccability, and madethem supreme examples for the worlds to be guided bythem as mentioned in his book: The Impeccability ofProphets, – a book the like of which could never havebeen written by his forerunners. He confuted everyfabrication or exegesis that disagreed with their sublimityand their high rank adhering in that to the Word of God 72
  70. 70. Is happiness really beyond reach?! Calling people to adhere to honorable jurisprudenceand to attain piety of God truly (witnessing by Al’lah’sLight), besides warning people not to let their spiritsfollow their capricious whims, and not to depend uponvain wishes but turning to the Word of God: And also calling to the tradition of the messenger(cpth): “The discerning person is one who accuseshimself and works for what is behind death, and thedisabled is one who follows his caprices and asks God forwishes.” Guiding people to the steps of true faith as shown bythe messenger (cpth) to his noble companions, derivingthem from the Book of God. No person has their heartmixed with delight of faith but they straighten for God’sOrder and have a self-deterrent (from committing sins).God mentioned that in His noble saying: 75
  71. 71. Chapter Tow Revering God’s messenger (cpth), glorifying him,and showing his high position with Al’lah, then guidingto the way of his love (cpth) and revealing what fruitcomes out of loving that pure chaste spirit, from enteringinto Al’lah’s presence through him, and dying with abelieving spirit coupled through him to perfection fromGod, following the Almighty’s saying: It was a valuable age that this pure man had spentstriving and seeking nearness to Al’lah. And through thisnearness he acquired the high ranks and consummationthat he acquired, and realized glories and works chargedwith holy humane strife, and great humane sacrifices. Sothat his life was the highest example for the highestbehavior, for supporting what is right through matchlessheroic deeds that defeated falsehood and made itperishable. He devoted his valuable life to the service of hishuman brethren. He competed with the wheel of time 74
  72. 72. Is happiness really beyond reach?!in its running and matched the sun in its light. The jetblack nights of Damascus were changed at his hands intobright days for the glittering light of his works and theblessing grace of his sacrifices. He joined his night to hisday overcoming rest. His eyelids never closed except forlittle naps to save his human brethren who were inswamps of sorrow and pain, not caring for the dangers ofdeath or capital punishment or for what money orconcessions he had paid in the service of God. Many times he remained penniless despite hisprevious wealth. It is no wonder that God revealed tohim that manifest revelation on a sacred night to let himwitness the realm of God and ascend in his spirit into thesacred lofty Mohammadan worlds which were preparedfor him because of his truthfulness, effort and sacrifice.Similarly, anyone who strives to attain this and betruthful in their love and their quest for God and themessenger (cpth) shall find the door open for them andfor every truthfully desiring follower. In this wonderful way, he spent a valuable life full ofknowledge of God, which the heart does not feel safe 77
  73. 73. Chapter Towwithout, and without which humankind won’t achievehappiness. He was the lamp that gave light to generationson their way to happiness through the Book of God, andthe cresset that guided mankind to felicity,consummation, virtue and good life from God until hejoined the highest Comrade in the first days of Rabi’Thani in the year 1964. He was buried in the cemeteryof God’s prophet ‘Dhi Al-Kifl’ in Al-Salhiyeh Quarter. God says: 76
  74. 74. Is happiness really beyond reach?! Verifier Publisher of Books of the HumaneScholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho (His soul has beensanctified by Al’lah) His light rose on 24 July 1934, and he was lucky tosee the light in the Damascene house of his father, a greatscholar, Sheikh Mohammad Al-Dayrani (God has mercyupon him), a disciple of the great Sheikh Badrud-DeenAl-Hassani Al-Hussaini (God has mercy upon him), oneof the great scholars of Hadith in Damascus at whosehands Professor Abdul-Kadir received a virtuouseducation full of knowledge. The extent of his learningwas such that he left not one of his father’s books unreadin his youth. Before he had completed his secondary education, hemet with the scholar, M. A. Sheikho (his soul has been 79
  75. 75. Chapter Towsanctified by Al’lah), and was astonished at his greatest ofGodly sciences. He then adhered to him like his shadowfor nine years, throughout which he was educated as ascholar. These were years full of great science andknowledge. He finished his secondary education and starteduniversity, and got 10 university certificates. These certificates have availed me no fact; rather, Igot all the facts from my guide, the great scholar M. A.Sheikho. I have got a certificate in Arabic literature, butit has never profited me in philology or in understandingthe meanings of language. I know the language with itsmeanings only from the scholar’s mouth, and this is soconcerning the other sciences. All the books I have published are inclusively derivedfrom the scholar’s sciences, and include facts which haveastonished every philosopher and scientist. Certain greatsciences and witnessed facts are what I have received andheard from the great scholar’s mouth; I have publishedthem literally, as they are Godly revelations that cannotbe attained by human science, even if all humanityassembled to aid one another. They are tangible and 78
  76. 76. Is happiness really beyond reach?!actual defiance, before which the sciences of humankindhave vanished. Some of these facts came to light and then removedobscurity; for example, the operation of cupping, whichincomparably surpassed medicine when it cured diseasesthat had been considered incurable by the Arabic,Roman and Greek medical sciences for thousands ofyears. This has been noticed by millions of people whohave applied cupping, and therefore, it is considered amiracle of the present age. Similar to this is the secret of mentioning Al’lah’sName aloud over carcasses while slaughtering them,which was discovered by the great humane scholar andhas been a mercy presented to the eaters of humanity andto all cattle slaughtered in this way. In addition, there is what he presented in physics,such as discovering the sources of spring water, an issuewhich had not been known before by anyone. Besides this are the great Qur’anic sciences, such asrevealing the meanings of the letters with which theFortresses start, and his wondrous explanation of theexordium (Al-Fatiha) and of the meanings folded underthe verse: “Praise is to God, the Provider of the worlds”; 81
  77. 77. Chapter Towand further, the meanings of each verse of the HolyQur’an (Al’lah’s saying). And there are other sciences ofthe scholar which contain facts which have not beendiscovered by anyone before or after him. I hospitably accept any discussion about thesesciences: a scientific impartial discussion far fromemotions, seeking the truth and the absolute reality freedfrom any argument, quackery, or falseness. Prof. Abdul-Kadir wrote a lot of collections throughthe Qur’anic lessons of his guide, the humane scholar,and he drank a lot from the spring of his sciences. Heheard of the scholar’s deeds from those who hadwitnessed them, just as he himself had viewed a lot ofthem. When he devoted himself to guidance and the call toAl’lah, he collected, checked and examined what he hadreceived from his scholar, and then he published thesecollections in order for their benefits to spread all overthe world, in this time when humanity is greatly in needof such science. The number of books which Prof. Abdul-Kadir Al-Dayrani has checked exceeds fifty-five, and his name hasbecome widely known as being associated with the name 80
  78. 78. Is happiness really beyond reach?!of the great humane scholar M. A. Sheikho (his soul hasbeen sanctified by Al’lah). He undertook unique modern scientific researchabout the operation of cupping which the scholar hadtaught to his disciples from the right holy prophetictradition, and he became the head of the Syrian medicalteam who carried out a modern scientific study ofcupping, where all the requirements of research and theapplication of cupping rules were fulfilled under hisauspices and with his guidance and consultation at everystep. This study has been spread widely all over the worldso that many Eastern and Western hospitals haveseriously adopted it, and it has become the talk of peopleand their chief concern because of what astonishing cureshave been achieved in this way. He also did more scientific research to prove thewisdom behind mentioning the statement ‘in the Nameof God, Al’lah is Greater aloud over cattle whenslaughtering them. This was an astounding modern medical methodbased on the tests of great scholars of medicine andthrough which it was confirmed that mentioning the 83
  79. 79. Name of Al’lah results in purifying the cattle’s meat frommicrobes, saving it from the pain of slaughter, and curingit from the incurable dangerous diseases like mad cowdisease and bird plague. This was a subject which hadbeen elucidated by scholar M. A. Sheikho (his soul hasbeen sanctified by Al’lah) through giving his Qur’aniclessons to his disciples. 82
  80. 80. Is happiness really beyond reach?! (God has sanctified his soul) 1. Interpretation of Am’ma Part of the Qur’an 2. Visiting the Prophet (CPTH) and the Effect of his Love in Elevating the Believed Spirit 3. Impeccability of Prophets 4. High Schools of Seeing by God’s Light (the Jewels of Rules in Explaining the Pillars of Islam) 5. The Sources of Spring Water in the World - And - A Research on Discoveries of the Circumcision Mystery 6. Interpretation of the Great Qur’an (Lights of Descending Realities of Meaning) Volume -1- 7. Interpretation of the Great Qur’an (Lights of Descending Realities of Meaning) Volume -2- 8. Am’ma Encyclopedia (The Compassionate’s Gifts in Interpreting the Qur’an) Volume -1- 9. From the Heros’ Careers for Children and Babies (The Courageous Boy and the Female Jinni) 10. From the Heros’ Careers for Children and Babies (The Dog that Became a Horse) -2- 11. From the Heros’ Careers for Children and Babies (The Brave Boy and his Practical Reply to His Uncle) -3-85
  81. 81. 12. From the Heros’ Careers for Children and Babies (Ring of Wrestling) -4-13. From the Heros’ Careers for Children and Babies (Disciplining of the Greengrocer) -5-14. From the Heros’ Careers for Children and Babies (God Bless you, Cub ‘of a Lion’ of the Quarter) - 6-15. From the Heros’ Careers for Children and Babies (Adventure of the Little Horseman) -7-16. Al-Amin Interpretation of the Great Qur’an (The Previous Nations) volume -1-17. The English Translation of (The Sources of Spring Water in the World A Research on Discoveries of the Circumcision Mystery) Book18. Pages from the Eternal Glory (Life of the Great Humane Eminent Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho) Volume -1-19. Reality of Intercession - A calm Dialogue between Dr. Mostafa Mahmood Dr. Yousef Al-Qaradhawi20. The Reality of our Master Mohammad (CPTH) Appears in the Twentieth Century21. The Persian Translation of (the Reality of our Master Mohammad ‘CPTH’ Appears in the Twentieth Century) Book 84
  82. 82. Is happiness really beyond reach?! 22. God is Greater - Be kind to Animal: A Medical Scientific Study about the Use of Mentioning Al’lah’s Name over the Carcass at Slaughtering 23. Islam… What is the Veil for? What is Divorce for? What is Polygamy for? 24. The West has Disenthralled Man from Slavery, so, why Islam has not?? 25. The Great Scientific Discovery - the Astonishing Reality of the Six Days and the Seven Heavens 26. The Amazing Miracle of the Fundamental Verses of the Book in the Twenty - First Century 27. Faith (The First of High School of seeing by God’s Light) 28. Communication with Al’lah (The Second of High Schools of Seeing by God’s Light) 29. Zakat (Almsgiving) (The Third of High Schools of Seeing by God’s Light) 30. Fasting (The Forth of High Schools of Seeing by God’s Light) 31. Pilgrimage (The Fifth of High Schools of Seeing by God’s Light) 32. A Calm Dialogue about the Great Humane Eminent Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho 33. Am’ma Encyclopedia (8) – Interpretation of Alms (Al-Ma’un) Srua87
  83. 83. 34. Am’ma Encyclopedia (9) – Interpretation of Quraysh Fortress35. Am’ma Encyclopedia (10) – Interpretation of the Elephant (Al-Fil) Fortress36. Am’ma Encyclopedia (11) – Interpretation of the Prodder (Al-Humaza) Fortress37. The Marvellous Medicine that Cured Heart Disease, Paralysis, Hemophilia, Migraine, sterility and Cancer38. The Great Humane Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho Retorts his Opposers39. The Glorious Researches40. The Mohammadan Revelations - (part 1)41. Interpretation of the Great Qur’an (Light of Descending Realities of Meaning) volume -3-42. Unveiling the Secrets of the Magicians’ Sciences43. The Persian Translation of (God is Greater - Be Kind to Animal) Book44. The Reality of Great Tamerlane Appears in the Twenty - one Century - (part 1)45. The Second Coming of Christ46. Secrets of the Seven Double Praiseworthy Verses47. Good–bye to Doctor of Al-Muqawqass 86
  84. 84. Is happiness really beyond reach?! 1. The Reality of Great Tamerlane Appears in the Twenty – one Century - (part 2) 2. Interpretation of the Great Qur’an (Lights of Descending Realities of Meaning) Volume -4- 3. Am’ma Encyclopedia (12) - Interpretation of the Age (Al-Asr) Fortress 4. Am’ma Encyclopedia (13) - Interpretation of the Worldly Gain (Al-Takathur) Fortress 5. Am’ma Encyclopedia (14) - Interpretation of the Disaster (Al-Qari’a) Fortress 6. Am’ma Encyclopedia (15) - Interpretation of the Wind (Al-’Adi’yat) Fortress 7. Am’ma Encyclopedia (16) - Interpretation of the Earthquake (Al-Zal’zala) Fortress 8. Am’ma Encyclopedia (17) - Interpretation of the Proof (Al-Ba’yina) Fortress89