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82706583 petrus-romanus-the-book

  1. 1. Petrus Romanus- new book, old lies Christians beware! We know that Peter was not a first Pope! 1
  2. 2. Content1. Intro2. Synopsis3. Timeline of deception4. What they say5. Links 2
  3. 3. 1. IntroI had an occasion to listen to the radio show about the last popewho is to be the antichrist. Surprisingly what they were saying [costhe book is unreleased yet] is based on false prophecies of Fatima,dictated by demonic entity called ‘Mary’, and catholic mystics,Jesuit works!That’s a great surprise. Over 400 years took Jesuits to not onlypenetrate the ranks of Protestants, but also to convict some totheir theology.We know that at least from the time of Reformation, all preacherscalled Papacy and Roman Catholic institution- the Antichrist.Today, instead on relying on the Bible and the revelation,prophecies given by the Holy Spirit, folks turn to myths, pagansources, old ‘prophecies’ and mystics!Please read the following pages, and judge yourself. See on whatside you are. Is the Bible valid, or the heretics, persecuting ‘in thename of God’ were right. Some, being at the time of Reformationwould oppose the Bible. How about ya? 2. Synopsis 3
  4. 4. During 4 hour program, they touched on many topics, someinteresting, some reasoning taken out of context. The topics were: • Nostradamus • Fatima and demonic apparitions rd • Messages of Fatima and especially 3 ‘secret’ of Fatima • Catholicism • False prophets • Papacy • Malachi Martin[they often call him father] • Prophecy of the popes • ‘Saint’ Malachi • Ecumenism • ‘Hidden truths’ • Power struggle in the Vatican, as if it was something new • Final pope • Ancient catholic ‘prophesy’ • Catholic ‘prophets’[too bad they did not see idolatry and heresy they were part of] • Mafia in the Vatican • Windswept House book • Enthronement of Lucifer ceremony in the Vatican • Horus ceremony Etc. 3. Timeline of deceptionDate Person/ What happened1094-1148 ‘Saint Malachy’ 4
  5. 5. 1503-1566 Nostradamus “… claimed to base his published predictions on judicial astrology – the astrological judgement, or assessment, of the quality (and thus potential) of events such as births, weddings coronations etc”Wikipedia1517 Martin Luther posted his 95 theses1483-1546 Martin Luther1509-1564 John Calvin1484-1531 Huldrych Zwingli1492-1536 William Tyndale1560 Geneva Bible1568 The Bishop’s Bible1611 The King James Bible1901 Pentecostalism started1885 Revised Version1901 American Standard Version1960 Charismatic Movement1962-1965 Second Vatican Council1917 ‘Secrets’ of Fatima1950 David du Plessis strayed and started ecumenical efforts with Papacy1948 World Council of Churches heresy1921-1999 Malachi Martin, unsaved priest of Rome.1910 Start of ecumenical movement1819-1893 Philip Shaff- ecumenical ‘prophet’ 5
  6. 6. 4. What they sayBesides brother Omegaman, there were 3 people present on theshow: • Steve Quayle[SQ] • Tom Horn[TH] • Cris Putnam[CP] I’m gonna use these abbreviation to indicate who is speaking what. Steve Quayle teaches heresies like: •Pre- adamic races based on one scripture that does not say so and mythologies. • Demons as disembodied spirits of Giants, another never find in the Bible ‘doctrine’. Giants are mentioned in Gen 6, what happened to them- Bible stay silent about it. • Author often base his research on mythologies, not realizing that all of them were made to deceive folks to not to find the true God. All things are twisted and there is no truth in them except for maybe the names of demons. • His friend was Derek Prince. Brother Prince had many good books, however he followed 2 destructive doctrines: shepherding movement, and ‘Catholicism as a part of the Christian church’. He also consulted unsaved Catholics, when it came to publish the books. Derek Prince present his stance on Catholicism:” I really deeply appreciate our Catholic brothers in the Charismatic movement and it’s a great honor to me that the Catholic Charismatic movement published the book simultaneously co-published it with Christian Growth Ministries. I think that’s historic. Really, it’s one of the honours I feel God has conferred upon me because the theme of the book is 6
  7. 7. the just shall live by faith. That was the very text that started the reformation. When Catholics and Protestants can publish a book together on that theme we have come a long way! But what I want to say I want to say tactfully and carefully. When I submitted the original draft of the book to my Catholic brothers —because they wouldn’t publish something that was out of line with what they believed — the thing they questioned was the teaching of abundance. It’s rather remarkable. I made some adjustments in the material which I feel has improved the book so I’m grateful for the questions that they asked.”Why to mention it? Well, maybe to give some background, and tounderstand the views of brother Quayle. I don’t know if heunderstand what toll brought ‘shepherding system ’to the lives ofmany believers. So what? Well who is gonna answer for brokenmarriages, burn-out people attending the Popes of Protestantism?Oh, sure, you were not there, and you did not have to undergowhat they had to, so you won’t understand, attacking all who dareto mention something about Derek Prince. I think, finally all of the‘fantastic four’ denounced movement.Speak with ‘Charismatic Catholics’ and they will tell you how:”demons squeal hearing the sound of rosary and Mother Mary’sname”. Ask them about their theology and how they cast outdemons. They should be called “ordo Maria” instead! They willteach you how to do idolatry! That’s for shure!Ok, let’s check what was said on the show:[SQ]” Catholic believers”. Yeah, but in what?[SQ]”Protestants don’t understand the significance of the 3rdsecret of Fatima. Third secret of Fatima is real but it was not onlyso prophetic but apocalyptic” 7
  8. 8. Paul was brave to state “But though WE, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospelunto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.”. And he weighed his words, knowing that he places curse upon himself had he preaches false prophecy and doctrine![My comment]- It’s like- Israelites did not understand thePhilistine’s secrets![CP]”I’m skeptical about the 3rd secret of Fatima in one way. I don’tbelieve that ‘Mary’ is getting messages. I think there is a level ofdeception going on ”[TH]”You’d better be careful with non- canonical writings… occulticforces can make very accurate predictions…God uses unsavedpeople…was it with the secrets of Fatima? How accurate theprophecy of pope is?... This catholic ‘prophecy’ ”Oh? Well, you all use it all the time! Authors quote as examplessuch folks as Nebuchadnezzar or Balaam. Nebuchadnezzar waspagan king, who had visions from God directly! He did not get itfrom some demons! As a disobedience and lack of repentance hewas punished.Balaam, was TRUE prophet of God, we see how the Holy Spirit fellupon him. It was not so with the children of Fatima. As we knowBalaam went witch, and seeked for gain, and was the reason offurther sins of Israel. 8
  9. 9. Should we however listen to what the demons have ‘channeled’ inorder to understand the prophecies of the Bible?[SQ]”What’s the deal with ‘saint ’Malachy and his prophecy?”[CP]”We cannot say that only certain ordained prophets have thefuture…There is a Biblical precedent for prophecies coming fromstrange sources…This is kinda dubious, it’s catholic prophecy, notBiblical. I’m gonna to discredit myself…Part of it is a forgery”[TH]”Some people believe that Nostradamus is the author of theprophecy of the popes…”. Nica,ha?If it was of God- He would tell them to come out of idolatry anddeception! God has not made popes at all! Why should he givesomething about made up, fairy tale folks?BTW. Steve Quayle has an following attitude- Ye all know nothingat all, and ignorants, but we have the knowledge. But dare todisagree and we put: “shame on you” or God smite ye!“Prophecy was kept for 400 years”. Popes wanted to wait tillproper time to help demons look credible and deceive furthergroups.[TH] ” Whether it was [st]Malachy…or Nostradamus”[SQ] ”Let me interrupt you guys. This is all good stuff andnecessary stuff…here is one thing people don’t understand, evenpeople that are close to me don’t get this…[somebody wrote]‘Why do you give these people credentials?’ “Although the woman with Python spirit has spoken the truth, Paulwas not following her and study her ‘doctrines’ or ‘teachings’ butrebuked the demon in her. There es a HUUGE difference to askdemon for a name and study ‘demonic doctrines’, buildingtheology upon them! 9
  10. 10. [SQ]”The book of Enoch…The book of Jasher… I admire theCatholics because they stand up against the abortion…There arebelievers in Jesus in all the denominations”Wow! What about sexual abuse of children? What about cases ofinfants being dumped under the convents, according to thetestimony of Alberto Rivera? Don’t you know that all Satanistsmust build credibility, so they are active and proper, influentialcitizens!How blind? Just cos they do something? Since when Catholicism isDENOMINATION of CHRISTIANITY?[TH]”Some very powerful people in the Roman curia do believe init”So what? Catholics believe in all heresies accumulated down thecenturies? What does this prove? Who are they to say? They arenot even saved to see the truth. They don’t believe in the BiblicalJesus, otherwise they would have left the harlot long time ago.Instead, they follow Marian demon. Catholicism is Marian cult, notChristianity.“There are very powerful people who do believe this prophecy”.Does the ‘power’ n the world made them credible?“Zohar…hebrew caballah…date 2012[appearance of antichrist].Prophecy in Zohar sounds almost identical to prophecy of thepopes…900 year old catholic ‘prophecy’ and 700 year old ‘Jewishprophecy, both of them saying that false prophet and antichristare arriving in 2012… Mayan calendar ends in 2012…Azteccalendar ends in 2012…Cherokee calendar ends in 2012…KaliYuga calendar ends in 2012…and the list goes on and on”Well, those calendars and prophecies kept devotees of falsereligions for thousands of years in deception. Well how about 1600hundred years of doing unbloody sacrifice of the mass. Does itmake it credible and historical? 10
  11. 11. [CP]”Highly praised Jesuit priest…what he had to say aboutcoming of the final pope”Before we proceed further, I would ask readers to answer andthink about some questions: 1. Where does God tell us to follow demonic revelations? 2. Nowhere in the Bible God used evil spirits to reveal His future! Check out! 3. Can Jesuit, who led by ‘Mother Mary’ demon and viciously, mercilessly persecuted Protestants become some sort of info on the last days? 4. Are we to look for demons to reveal the future for us? 5. If Vatican accepts something, does it mean this is credible? Why? 6. When Noah built an ark, how many folks who followed demonic teaching of pre flood civilizations knew what would happen very soon? 7. Are not pagan systems created by the devil to deceive the whole world? 8. Unsaved catholic mystics become for some reliable source of information. They rejected the Bible, but are somehow mouthpieces of God in this case? 9. Was not Popery deemed Antichrist from at least the time of Reformation? What new is this book to present?[ 21 Protestant reformers of the middle ages believed the Pope was the antichrist] 10. Can demonic apparition tell the truth to the world? Some divining, ha? Playing Sauls? Remember the witch saw apparitions and Saul ended in death curse that landed on him, his crew and family! 11. Should we check unsaved folks instead of seeking God and studying prayerfully the Bible? 11
  12. 12. 12. To pagans, their myths and prophecies lead them not to true God but kept them well and warm in deception. 13. Is Nostradamus the prophet of God? 14. Where are now Mayans, American Indians, and Aztecs? Where is the ‘glory’ of their kingdoms, knowledge and religions? 15. Demonized catholic people killed millions of innocent folks and now we have ‘researchers’ studying Catholic prophecies [one has lived it to see it?] to find out the truth? Have you noticed that people don’t want to learn from the history? 16. Are those folks who rejected the Bible and follow false traditions of men, that was absorbed from pagan sources- reliable sources of info? 17. If 2012 prophecy goes booey, what would you do with the book? Another Harold Camping?We can notice Agabus, who was real prophet:“And there stood up one of them named Agabus, and signified by the spirit that there should be great dearththroughout all the world: which came to pass in the days of Claudius Caesar.”Acts 11:28John saw the Revelation without turning to any sources! Elijahprophesied like crazy and all that without turning to secrets ofAhab, Jezebel or Philistines! Oh, how come? Hey, how about askingthe Lord? God still gives prophecies. Ask for this gift, it may helpyou avoid embarrassment and deception.I wonder whence that ‘fascination’ of some Protestants withcatholic harlot come from? Ecumenism, Jesuitic ‘interpretation’ ofthe Bible and now, obsession with Marian apparitions and treatingit as a valid and important so called prophesy? Do you hear theright voice? What inspiration is behind? I assure you, there aremany ex Protestants now kneeling to Mummy Mary and bowingdown to idols! 12
  13. 13. John, seeing the Great harlot was almost deceived andmesmerized! Demonic power was emanating from her. Jesus toldus that in last days there will be such deception to ensnare, ifthat’s possible the very elect!“For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that,if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” Mt 24:24Are mythologies to help us to understand the passages from theBible?Where does God tell us the exact date of the arrival of theAntichrist? Or Second Coming of Jesus?There are thousands of books in the market, but which can say:Thus sayeth the Lord? Assumptions, insinuations, concoctions,suggestions or prophecy?Are we to walk in the Spirit of God or ask ‘Mary’? You cannotdistance yourself from the SOURCE OF SECRETS! Who DICTATEDthem? 13
  14. 14. Popes deceived their followers, and they went to hell throughoutthe ages. Waiting for the system that is already here?Would you ask Kali for her insight? Maybe she can really seesomething? Go and see some Hindu who would channel this deviland tell us, enlighten us! Trances of Kali‘Mother Mary’ is not telling the Catholics to repent, but to trustHER instead of Jesus. ‘She’ became the door to Messiah forCatholics!Devil wants to prepare the world for the antichrist, not to WARNthem![TH]”Jesuits adopted the methodology of Catholic mystics”[SQ]”Catholic Brethren you need to pray for discernment. Thebattle that IS COMING to the Catholic Church”How about getting saved and leave the deception? What battle?[TH]” The cover-up [of] 3rd secret of Fatima. You have somecatholic ‘prophets’ that are telling us Vatican withheld animportant part of Fatima ’revelation’. Catholic prophet believes…”All popes and Catholicism are under the sway of the devil already,long time ago deception encroached ! Are Catholics departing 14
  15. 15. from ’unsaved state’? They go to hell anyway! From fire to thefrying pan?They may become Hindu, but their spiritual state has not changed!Maybe the devil uses it to attack the conversion to Biblical faith?[SQ]” [Vatican] Symbol of the at least major part of ‘Christianity’must be destroyed…”[TH]” How mankind could be ‘evangelized’ in contact with spiritualaliens…astronomers in Vatican…“Well, they already are! Marian demon is evangelizing hard, anddeceiving folks.Unfortunately both authors of the coming book and Steve Quaylehave no idea of the Bible or history. To me they just ‘research’instead of praying and asking God to show it to them! If that’swhat the book is all about, many Protestants may be deceived.Catholics are already deceived, so it really does not matter if theyfollow u.f.o or Pope! Jesus cries out:[SQ]”It’s so mindblowing”Well, actually it is! Instead of looking to the Bible folks pick insome rubbish and are fascinated by mystics, Jesuits. Howunbelievers are to get saved if they are not told the truth? 15
  16. 16. [TH]”Dragon with his tail sweeping third part of the clergy[stars]…Catholic seers predicting that Rome will go into ‘apostasy’. It willbe the seat of the antichrist…Many catholic prophecies say thesame thing…Rome, the ‘church’ will be in crisis, Rome will lose the‘faith’…”“Here is what ‘father’ Cramer prophesies…Rev 12…papal election”That’s obvious pervertion and false prophecy! Well, if they leavewood and stone, they may get saved finally !Bro Omegaman, don’t get carried away with this heresy. We knowthe Vatican is already the beast and their heresies grow evenmore and more till that very day!“And Jesus answering said unto them, Do ye nottherefore err, because ye know not the scriptures,neither the power of God?”Mk 12:24 5. Links 16
  17. 17. Following links will tell the truth about apparitions and ‘Mary’ ofCatholicismMessages from Heaven movieSeries of sermons done by bro. G Craig Lewis on Vatican andcatholic ‘church’: Part 1a Part 1b Part 2- Inclusion Part 8-On tattoos Part 9-Many Antichrists Part 11-Man of Sin Part 12-The Papal Beast Part 13-1260 days Part 14-The mother of all whores Part 16- Synagogue of satan Part 17- Covering lies Besides there are 2 very good sermons of Win Worley: The Harlot Church [mp3] The fiendish forward march of the Fatima [dvd] And interesting article, quoting Win Worley There are free books to read in pdf format on Marian apparitions: Queen of all Messages from Heaven 17
  18. 18. Do not be deceived, brothers and sisters in Christ! I think thebook will bring confusion to many people. On the show therewas no pointing out, that Roman Catholics need to repent andcome out of this demonic deception. Tell all to be watchful.Devilworks cause he knows his time is short.” Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. Abstain from all appearance of evil” 1 Thes 5:21-22 18