merge         Apply the differences between two sources to a work-    --ignore-ancestry        Subversion Quick Reference C...
--stop-on-copy                                                         svnlook subcommands                                ...
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Svn refcard


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Svn refcard

  1. 1. merge Apply the differences between two sources to a work- --ignore-ancestry Subversion Quick Reference Card ing copy path. Ignore ancestry when calculating differences (rely on path $Rev: 28 $ mkdir Create a new directory under version control. contents alone). move (mv, rename, ren) Move a file or directory. --incremental propdel (pdel, pd) Remove a property from an item. Prints output in a format suitable for concatenation.Subversion is a version control system that is a replacement propedit (pedit, pe) Edit the property of one or more items --message (-m) MSGfor CVS. It has most of CVS’s features. Generally, Subversion’sinterface to a particular feature is similar to CVS’s, except where under version control. Specify a commit message MSG .there’s a compelling reason to do otherwise. propget (pget, pg) Prints the value of a property. --no-auth-cache proplist (plist, pl) Lists all properties. Prevents caching of authentication information. --no-auto-propsQuick start propset (pset, ps) Sets a property on files, directories, or revisions. Disable auto-props, overriding the enable-auto-propssvnadmin create /var/svnroot directive in the config file.svn import LocalDir file:///var/svnroot/ProjectName resolved Remove conflicted state on working copy files or --no-diff-deletedsvn checkout file:///var/svnroot/ProjectName directories. Prevents Subversion from printing differences for deletedcd ProjectName revert Undo all local edits. files.svn help [command] status (stat, st) Print the status of working copy files --no-ignore and directories. Shows files in the status listing that would normally beSubversion URLs switch (sw) Update working copy to a different URL. omitted since they match a pattern in the svn:ignorefile:// Direct repository access (on local disk). update (up) Updates your working copy. property.http:// Access via WebDAV protocol to Subversion-aware --non-interactive Apache server. svn switches Prevents prompting for authentication information.https:// Same as http://, but with SSL encryption. --non-recursive (-N) --config-dir DIRsvn:// Access via custom protocol to an svnserve server. Stops a subcommand from recursing into subdirectories. Read configuration from DIR instead of ~/.subversion.svn+ssh:// Same as svn://, but through an SSH tunnel. --notice-ancestry --diff-cmd CMD Pay attention to ancestry when calculating differences. Use external program CMD for generating diff output in- --old ARGsvn subcommands stead of internal diff engine. Uses ARG as the older target.add Adds files and directories. --diff3-cmd CMD --password PASSblame (praise, annotate, ann) Shows author and re- Use external program CMD for merging files. Password for authentication. vision information in-line for the specified files or --dry-run --quiet (-q) URLs. Run the command without changing anything. Print only essential information while performing an op-cat Outputs the contents of the specified files or URLs. --editor-cmd CMD eration.checkout (co) Checks out a working copy from a repository. Use external program CMD for editing files. --recursive (-R)cleanup Recursively clean up the working copy. --encoding ENC Makes a subcommand recurse into subdirectories. Instructs Subversion to use encoding ENC to store log mes- --relocate FROM TO [PATH ...]commit (ci) Send changes from your working copy to the sages. Used with the svn switch subcommand, changes the lo- repository. --extensions ARG (-x) cation of the repository that your working copy references.copy (cp) Copy a file or directory in a working copy or Additional arguments for external diff, eg.: svn --diff-cmd --revision REV (-r) in the repository. diff -x --normal diff main.c. Supply a revision REV (or range of revisions) for a partic-delete (del, remove, rm) Delete an item from a working --file FILE (-F) ular operation. copy or the repository. Use the contents of file FILE as an argument for a given --revpropdiff (di) Display the differences between two paths. subcommand. Operates on a revision property instead of a Subversionexport Exports a clean directory tree. --force property specific to a file or directory (requires --revisionhelp Prints help text. Forces a particular subcommand to run. switch).import Recursively commit a copy of local dir into a repos- --force-log --show-updates (-u) itory. Forces a suspicious parameter passed to the --message Causes the client to display information about which filesinfo Print information about PATHs. options to be accepted as valid. in your working copy are out-of-date.list (ls) List directory entries in the repository. --help (-h or -?)log Displays commit log messages. Prints help for a given command or general help text. 1 2 3
  2. 2. --stop-on-copy svnlook subcommands svn:mime-type MIME type of a file. Stop harvesting historical information when a copy is en- svn:ignore List of file patterns which certain Subver- author Prints the author. countered. sion operations will ignore. Full list may be--strict cat Print the contents of a file. obtained by svn status --no-ignore. Causes Subversion to use strict semantics. changed Print the paths that were changed. svn:eol-style Possible values are: native, CRLF, LF, CR.--targets FILE date Print the date stamp. svn:externals Instructions for Subversion to populate a ver- Get the list of files that you wish to operate on from the diff Prints differences of changed files and properties. sioned directory with one or more other checked- file FILE . dirs-changed out Subversion working copies.--username NAME Print the directories that were themselves changed. Username for authentication. svn:keywords List of keywords that will be substituted dur- help Help. ing commit:--verbose (-v) history Print information about the history of a path in the Verbose mode. $Date$ date of the last modification repository.--version info Print the author, date stamp, log message size, and $Rev$ revision number Prints the client version info. log message. $Author$ the last user who changed the file--xml Prints output in XML format. log Print the log message. $URL$ full URL to the latest version of proplist Print the names and values of versioned file and the file in the repository directory properties. $Id$ compressed combination of key-svnadmin subcommands tree Print the tree. words abovelist-unused-dblogs youngest Print the youngest revision number. Ask Berkeley DB which log files can be safely deleted. Client configurationcreate Create a new, empty repository. svnlook switches File ~/.subversion/config:dump Dump the contents of filesystem to stdout. --no-diff-deleted [helpers]help Help. Prevents svnlook from printing differences for deleted files. editor-cmd = vimhotcopy Makes a hot copy of a repository.load Read a dumpfile-formatted stream from stdin. --revision REV (-r) Specify a particular revision number that you wish to ex- [miscellany]lstxns Print the names of all uncommitted transactions. log-encoding = iso-8859-2 amine.recover Recovers any lost state in a repository. --transaction TID (-t) enable-auto-props = yesrmtxns Deletes transactions from a repository. Specify a particular transaction id TID that you wish tosetlog Set the log-message on a revision. examine. [auto-props] --show-ids *.sh = svn:executable Show the filesystem node revision IDs for each path in the *.bat = svn:eol-style=CRLFsvnadmin switches filesystem tree. *.c = svn:eol-style=native;svn:keywords=Id--bypass-hooks Autocompletion in bash: Bypass the repository hook system. File status shopt -s extglob progcomp--copies U File was updated. . /usr/share/subversion/.../bash_completion Follow copy history when examining a path. A File was added.--in-repos-template ARG Other sources of information Specify a template for the repository structure when cre- D File was deleted. ating a new repository. R File was replaced. G File was merged. Home page of the Subversion project.--incremental Dump a revision only as a diff against the previous revi- C Conflicting changes. sion, instead of the usual fulltext. Version Control with Subversion — a book on Subversion. ? Resource is not under version control. ARG ! Resource is missing or incomplete (removed by another tool TortoiseSVN is a Windows client for Subversion imple- Specify a template to use for the on-disk structure of the than Subversion). mented as a windows shell extension. repository you want to create.--revision ARG (-r) Special properties Specify a particular revision to operate on. svn:executable Executable file permission. Compiled by Cezary Sobaniec 4 5