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Do you feel lost or confused when it comes to online fundraising? Do you know you should be raising money online, but don't know where to start? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions then join us at the Online Fundraising 101 session and learn how to start raising money online.
During this jam packed session, we will cover
• the core components you need to create a successful online fundraising campaign and
• give you actionable steps to help you get started today. In this session we will cover:
• Overview of online fundraising;
• Importance of a strong foundation;
• How to create a Fundraising Campaign;
• Basics of email marketing;
• Getting your first donations.
Presenter: Richard Dietz, President, Nonprofit R+D

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  • --- Remember the 7 touches
  • -- Urgency – infomercials -- End date Need by…. -- System - don’t wait until next year to ask again… they may be already giving to someone else -- Remember the stats
  • -- A donate button is not going to do the job -- *** Infomercials – sponsor a child – get picture, letter, etc. Strong connection one on one!!!
  • -- Sinek – The Why is the key --- 1st 10min for sure, but whole video very good -- Emotion opens the wallet -- Want to hear ------- Don’t load with facts… give it to them later
  • --- This is all in the ebook.. No need to take furious notes
  • CommonKnowledge studyHigh vs. low frequency emails – - 23% more $ - 31% less unsubscribes
  • Online Fundraising 101

    1. 1. Online Fundraising 101 Richard Dietz 1 of 49
    2. 2. Richard Dietz Richard has spent the last 20 years working both in and with a wide variety of nonprofit, political, and government organizations, as well as technology companies focused on the nonprofit sector, including Sage Nonprofit, Convio and KIMBIA. Richard holds a M.S.W. from the University of California at Berkeley as well as a B.A. in Political Science from UCLA. Online Fundraising 101 2 of
    3. 3. Nonprofit R+D is dedicated to helping emerging and growing nonprofits fully utilize technology and the web to support their missions through training, best practices, and support. Our definition of success is simple – we teach you how to use technology to effectively further your organization’s mission and then you do it. We want to work ourselves out of a job! Think of it as the “teach a man to fish” model applied to technology use by nonprofit organizations. Online Fundraising 101 3 of
    4. 4. Agenda 1. Overview of Online Fundraising 2. Strong Foundation 3. Fundraising Campaigns 4. Email Marketing (Text Heavy Slides) Online Fundraising 101 4 of
    5. 5. Our Goals Today • Get you thinking about some new ways to improve your online fundraising efforts. • Get you to take action and test out some new ideas ASAP • No campaign is ever perfect or “ready” • Only way to improve is to get something out there and test • Pick one or two ideas and add them to your campaigns. • A survey course Online Fundraising 101 5 of
    6. 6. Soap Box Online Fundraising 101 6 of
    7. 7. Don’t Panic There is help out there Google is your friend Online Fundraising 101 7 of
    8. 8. What you talkin’ about Willis? SaaS, CRM, CMS ROI, API, SEO wysiwyg Open-Source Fundraising Platform Blah, Blah, Blah Online Fundraising 101 8 of
    9. 9. Experts have all the answers… No, not really There are “best practices,” but you must test in your organization Testing is the key, • Much easier to do online • If it works, do more. • If not, try something else. Online Fundraising 101 9 of
    10. 10. “I already know this…” We all have enough information right now to raise more money online. The key is what have you DONE with the information. Just take one or two things from the presentation today and Take Action Online Fundraising 101 10 of
    11. 11. Off Soap Box Online Fundraising 101 11 of
    12. 12. 1. Overview of Online Fundraising Online Fundraising 101 12 of
    13. 13. What is Online Fundraising? Online Fundraising is NOT a Donate Button We see Online Fundraising as: a coordinated, multi-faceted process of soliciting donations using online tools, including but not limited to websites, email, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), video, social media, etc. Online Fundraising 101 13 of
    14. 14. Why Online Fundraising?• Online giving is the fastest growing channel and is growing fastest for smallorganizations• Double digit growth year over year since 2009 (13-75%)• 87% of orgs had at least one online gift of $1,000+• 65% said they will make an online gift this year » Young donors (86%), 35 – 64 (68%), Over 65 (53%)• Direct mail donors – 29% made their gift online• 93% of Millennials gave to nonprofits in 2010 – 21% gave $1,000 or more• 26% who gave via mail said they were going to give LESS this way in 2011 Online Fundraising 101 14 of
    15. 15. 2. Strong Foundation Online Fundraising 101 15 of
    16. 16. Shiny Objects There are many, many ways to raise money online Much of the press focuses on “sexy” ways to do it: • Social media, online video, text-to-give, Etc. Shiny Object Syndrome Most organizations still raise more money from the basics It may not be as cool or exciting initially • But you will raise more money in the long run Online Fundraising 101 16 of
    17. 17. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Online Fundraising 101 17 of
    18. 18. Online Hierarchy of Needs Online Fundraising 101 18 of
    19. 19. Strong Foundation Clean, attractive website Prominent donate button Simple and easy donation process – Where’s the checkout? Capture Emails / Email Marketing Fundraising campaigns Online Fundraising 101 19 of
    20. 20. Higher Level Strategies Once you have a strong base, you can focus on the more advanced strategies • Peer to Peer Fundraising • Online Video • Social Media • Emerging technologies A strong base lets you fully leverage these strategies. • Would you be ready if something went viral? Online Fundraising 101 20 of
    21. 21. Event Fundraising The 890% Difference • Event fundraising vs. Online donation forms • Not just online vs. direct mail • Another way to engage and stand out • In-person meets increase sense of community and connection • Great way to get businesses on board • More likely to “sponsor” events (Win – Win) • Tie events into other campaigns and the story * Thank you Jamy Squillace – Sage North America Sage Fundraising Online Online Fundraising 101 21 of
    22. 22. Foundational Tools Online Fundraising 101 22 of
    23. 23. Tools: The Foundational Four You only need four tools to run a solid online fundraising campaign: • Place to make your case – website • Way to take money – donation form • Way to connect with potential donors – Email marketing • Way to track results – online analytics Start where you are! Online Fundraising 101 23 of
    24. 24. Website – Place to make your case Remember the Fundamentals • Online Hierarchy of Needs Clean, Attractive, Easy to Navigate Use Photos and Stories • People connect with people • Online video is great – when you are ready Online Fundraising 101 24 of
    25. 25. Donation Form – Take money Simple Donation Process • Easy to find donate button •Too many clicks and they are gone • Where’s the checkout? (Shopping cart abandonment.) Short, Easy to Fill Out Form • Don’t ask too many questions Make Them Feel Safe • Privacy Policy and security logos Online Fundraising 101 25 of
    26. 26. Email – Connect with donors Email is still the most effective driver for most orgs • Social media and Facebook may be hot, but email works Easy way to stay in touch • Remember the 7 Touches Need to use an email service provider • Outlook and bcc does not cut it anymore Online Fundraising 101 26 of
    27. 27. Analytics – Track Results How do you know if it’s working or not? • You need to track results or you’re flying blind Start simple and add more as you learn • Don’t get overwhelmed with data Testing is crucial. Analytics are the tools that allow efficient and effective testing. • You can’t test without data Online Fundraising 101 27 of
    28. 28. 3. Fundraising Campaigns Online Fundraising 101 28 of
    29. 29. Fundraising Campaigns THE key to online fundraising.. Or any fundraising for that matter Fundraising Campaigns are the framework • You could run a successful campaign with just this info • The other Strategies and Tactics can then be added to this framework Online Fundraising 101 29 of
    30. 30. Definition: Fundraising Campaign Most definitions something like: “a campaign to raise money for some cause” Our definition: “A coordinated series of actions that utilize • a specific goal • a clear call to action • a sense of urgency (Timeline), • a compelling story, and • part of a larger supporter cultivation system Online Fundraising 101 30 of
    31. 31. Our Definition Coordinated series of actions • Not a donate button or a single email • Multi-appeal (7 Touches) Specific Goal • Focus should be on a specific program or need • Monetary goal should be relevant to the need • Not just a number, but what that number will mean Clear call to action • What do you want them to do? • Tied to the specific goal Online Fundraising 101 31 of
    32. 32. Our Definition Sense of urgency (Timeline) • Don’t let them put it off until later • Ex: If we don’t raise the money by Aug. 1st, then we can’t launch this school year Compelling Story (Storytelling) • Stories increase emotion and donations • Tie the story into all communications Part of larger supporter cultivation system • The donation is only a small part of the Fundraising Campaign • Continuous follow up and engagement – Long term benefits Online Fundraising 101 32 of
    33. 33. Storytelling Inspire supporters with passion • Get a nonprofit person talking about success • Always write your own content • You know your org the best and the passion will come out – Especially with stories Create emails and campaigns with “stories” in mind • Individual stories • Across emails.. The Cliffhanger • Multichannel Online Fundraising 101 33 of
    34. 34. Why Fundraising Campaigns Campaigns are compelling.. Donation pages are not People give to People (animals too) • Individual stories are more effective • Late night infomercials • Childhood Hunger vs. four-year old Marie Online Fundraising 101 34 of
    35. 35. Why Fundraising Campaigns Emotion >> Rationality • Buy based on emotion / Rationalize it later with facts A Reason Why • Xerox study, Langer, Blank, and Chanowitz (1972) • Cut in line to make copies • 60% ---> 93% using only “because” What donors want to hear about: • Organizational Impact (80%) • Success Stories (74%) • More details about the organization (71%) • Info on financial accountability (43%) Community Philanthropy 2.0 survey Online Fundraising 101 35 of
    36. 36. Campaign Overview Timeline Tasks Days 1-10 Brainstorm, research, and schedule your campaign Days 11-25 Design, write and prepare communications Days 25-30 Finalize all communications and test the campaign Day 31 Launch Campaign • Remember this is just a suggested outline. Your organization may be able to do this more quickly or you may have to involve more people in the process and it could take longer. • The important thing to take away is the order of the steps and the actions themselves. Online Fundraising 101 36 of
    37. 37. Fundraising Campaign Planning • Appeal 1 – Campaign Kickoff • Sets up campaign and tone • eCard - Reminder / Update / Acknowledgement • Gentle reminder about the campaign / Stay “ Top of Mind“ • Can also update them about a success or progress • Appeal 2 – Follow up / Last Chance • Sense of urgency / time is running out Online Fundraising 101 37 of
    38. 38. Fundraising Campaign Cycle Traffic (Email, DM, Social Media) Donor Landing Page Engagement (Website) (Feed the Funnel) Thanks / Action Follow Up (Donate, signup, etc.) Online Fundraising 101 38 of 3
    39. 39. 4. Email Marketing Online Fundraising 101 39 of
    40. 40. Email is Still #1 Many new “tools” in the press Email still takes the prize Online Fundraising 101 40 of
    41. 41. Email Marketing Email is still the most effective method • 69% prefer electronic over print communication • Cygnus Donor Survey Email fits perfectly into • Fundraising Campaigns • Follow Up strategies Relatively inexpensive Start capturing emails now! Online Fundraising 101 41 of
    42. 42. Email Best Practices Monthly newsletters no longer work • Too much content, lost in the inbox • Need shorter, engaging content • Tell stories over multiple emails Relevant and enticing subject lines • Literacy eNews – January 2011, OR 5 tips to create a life long reader Easy to digest Single Call to Action in every email Online Fundraising 101 42 of
    43. 43. Frequency Don’t fear the unsubscribe • Probably not going to be supporters anyways • May not happen anyways – • Case study – High vs. Low Frequency Emails • 23% more money • 31% less unsubscribes More frequent “asks” • Not always for money – build a relationship • Other small favors and actions Online Fundraising 101 43 of
    44. 44. Follow Up / Thank You Easiest way to build follow up – saying “Thank You” The Power of Thank You • Most folks don’t get thanked enough • Makes both sides feel good (Maslow) • Remember the emotional connection Say “Thanks” right away (auto-generated email) • Additional calls-to-action • What can they do from here? • Interest and support are high right now Online Fundraising 101 44 of
    45. 45. Thank You Strategies Thank them throughout the year • Great reason to email Thank you updates • Highlight individual / Success stories if possible • Let them know it could not have happened without them • Still work to do – soft ask • Call to Action… always. Make them part of the fundraising campaign Online Fundraising 101 45 of
    46. 46. Thank You Example Generic: Personal: Thanks to you, Marie and her family will Thank you for your generous have something to eat every night this donation of $xx to support XYZ year. Nonprofit. Your gift of $xx has helped Marie, and We greatly appreciate your many more children like her, focus on support of our organization and learning instead of hunger while in our mission. school. We look forward to sharing more of the successes you have helped to build in our newsletter. Online Fundraising 101 46 of
    47. 47. Action Steps Commit to doing Online Fundraising Identify and set up a fundraising campaign Email > Landing page > Donation Form > Follow up Select a few strategies or ideas and test Take action, collect results, evaluate results Take another action Online Fundraising 101 47 of
    48. 48. New Online Course Just Launched! Online Fundraising Bootcamp Pg.15 of Program Online Fundraising 101 48 of
    49. 49. Q&A Download the Slides: Contact Info: Richard Dietz @nonprofit_rd Online Fundraising 101 49 of