Five Common Sitecore Mistakes: Business advice before you start your rebuild


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Sitecore is a powerful web content management system and digital marketing platform. But if you want to get value from your investment, there are a few things to consider first.

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Five Common Sitecore Mistakes: Business advice before you start your rebuild

  1. 1. A business oriented deck to help you avoid the many pitfalls others have already suffered BEFORE you begin your project. Prepared by: Shannon Ryan November 2013
  2. 2. nonlinear creations is a marketing and technology services company. Founded in 1995, we build digital solutions for global customers.
  3. 3. nonlinear digital is a full-service agency that uses data and analytics to build exceptional digital solutions for global clients.
  4. 4. … and we really know our Sitecore
  5. 5. • Sitecore is an incredibly powerful CMS and engagement marketing solution. However, Sitecore doesn’t offer any intrinsic value to your company or organization until it is properly installed, configured and used. • Out of the box, Sitecore offers no: - Pre-configured anything: templates, workflows, caching mechanisms, etc. - ADVICE: Only work with partners who have an extensive and flexible library of components and codes that will help you speed your time to market
  6. 6. • Jetstream is a slick demo to be sure. But don’t forget: • • It doesn’t run in the wild • • Sitecore spent over a year building it EVERY FEATURE Sitecore has thought of is showcased, optimized and scripted for a one hour demo. Remember this: • Its great to see Sitecore pushing the envelope and demonstrating the cutting edge, however sweet/cool functionality doesn’t mean there is a good business or production model behind it for your organization. • • ADVICE: Have a clear understanding of what drives your site’s value – do those really well, then move on to the cutting edge. Sitecore spent a boat load of time on front end of the demo site but the content authoring experience is comparatively weak. • ADVICE: Especially for content heavy sites, spend time and money thinking and optimizing the content authoring experience. It pays off in multiples down the road.
  7. 7. • I live in Toronto, our embattled and now selfadmitted crack smoking mayor actually told the media “I wasn't lying, you didn't ask the correct question” • Well, in this case, it isn’t 100% about asking the right questions, it is about knowing to whom you should ask the question to in the first place: - Advice: Don’t ask Sitecore questions about how to build your website. e.g. How long will this take to get up and running? - Remember: Sitecore is a software company. They are very good at building software. But they don’t build websites.
  8. 8. • Why are you buying Sitecore? • Hopefully it is to leverage the power of a flexible, scalable .NET platform that dynamically serves optimized and, increasingly, personalized content and media in a just in time, measurable fashion that hopefully moves the needle on your business. • To do that, in almost every company I have ever seen in 20 years, isn’t going to be simple, “cheap”, straightforward or NOT TOUCH THE BACK END SYSTEMS! • ADVICE – to get the real benefit from Sitecore it is going to have to, at a minimum, connect with a few of the following: - Some sort of AD setup - Your CRM or like minding application (AMS for example) - Your product catalogue - An enterprise search appliance
  9. 9. • As I write this, four of my Sitecore MVPs are in Florida #sitecoremvpsummit to talk all things “best practice” because best practices are a moving target! • ADVICE – a couple of things - Hopefully your Sitecore CMS deployment is going to be around for awhile, so that means you will see more than one left of decimal upgrade. How true to the upgrade path you remained will be directly proportional to the pain you will see down the road: Remember what Nietzsche Spiderman said: With great power comes great responsibility. Customize with caution. - There is only a right way for your organization. This is not a one size fits all.
  10. 10. Want to discuss this further? Get in touch.