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  • 1. NONI MILLIONAIRES Noni MillionairesHow ordinary people are making a fortune in the next trillion dollar industry Janice F. Ayre Ansel E. Gough
  • 2. NONI MILLIONAIRESPublisher: Gough Corp.Authors: Janice F. Ayre Ansel E. GoughProject editor: Gloria ChauvinCover Design: Kavery SubbayyaData Analyst: Brent GoughCopyright © 2006, Janice F. Ayre & Ansel E. GoughAll Rights ReservedPRINTED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAAdditional Resources:www.NoniTrainer.comDisclaimer: This book was written to provide information regarding the subject matter. It is believed to be accurate but not infallible. It is sold with the understanding that the author, publisher or resellers are not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional services. If legal assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought. We assume no liability or responsibility for errors or omissions. The author, publisher or resellers shall not be liable to the purchaser for liability, loss or damage caused or alleged to have been caused directly or indirectly by this product or our websites. The figures presented herein are to illustrate given points and should not be considered average earnings or advice. Individual results may vary and are unpredictable. Without limiting the foregoing, everything on the site is provided to you AS IS WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.Income Disclaimer: We make every effort to ensure that we accurately present our research information. However there is no guarantee or claim that you will make the levels of income our interviewees make. Therefore you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual. As with any business, your results may and will vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience, if any. The examples used are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. There is no assurance that examples of past earnings can be duplicated in the future. We cannot guarantee your future results. We are not responsible for your actions.
  • 3. NONI MILLIONAIRES Special Thanks To Our Noni Millionaires Listed in no order of preference Floyd & Ann Holman, John & Laurie Bentley, Alex &Doralee Brewer, Trudy Crow, Bert & Elisabeth Jensen, Sheron Hoot, Ken & Michelle Rolfsness, Larry & Katie Lim, Merlin& Bonnie Weeks, Asbjorn Ones, Akio Wada & Rie Shidomi,Birger I. Olovsson. And our anonymous millionaires who filled in the survey.
  • 4. NONI MILLIONAIRES Table of ContentsIntroduction.............................................................. 1Chapter 1:The Noni Millionaire............................................... 5Chapter 2:Noni Millionaires Vs The Average IPC................ 39Chapter 3:The Single Biggest Mistake IPCs Make................. 53Chapter 4:Art in Prospecting..................................................... 69Chapter 5:Leadership: Team-Made Millionaires.................... 103Chapter 6:Focus: Affirmative Action....................................... 139Chapter 7:Overcoming Objections.......................................... 157Chapter 8:Retention: Cultivating a solid organization........... 175Chapter 9:Whos Building My Organization?......................... 205Chapter 10:How to Build a Noni Business Empire................ 225
  • 5. NONI MILLIONAIRES Free Audio Training Program To download the audio training companion for this book just go to the link below. It includes some of the conversations and case studies we had with noni millionaires while interviewing them. Some of theinformation is exclusive to the audio program and is not presented within this book.
  • 6. NONI MILLIONAIRES INTRODUCTION A Predictable Path If you want a predictable path of success then follow a path based on statistical performance – Ansel Gough The time has come when success has become ascience. Its based on fixed principles and skills. Theseskills can be tracked, recorded, analyzed and moreimportantly – learned. Charles F Haanel (acclaimed author from the 1800s),summed up this concept when he emphatically stated... “Men now understand that for every result there is an adequate and definite cause, so that when a given result is desired, they seek the conditions by which alone this may be obtained.” We hope to provide the conditions which will giveyou the knowledge to know what actions to take, inreturn for a desired result. We have built a commondenominator by studying many noni millionaires, not justone of them. Were discovering “reasons why.” Rather than merely setting disorganized (or general 1
  • 7. NONI MILLIONAIRESgoals), you can literally map out your success path, apredictable path. The causes and effects have been wellanalyzed and tested. They are proven. This is not theory. In the following pages you will learn how ordinarypeople have become team-made millionaires with thehealth juice that is sweeping the world - noni juice. Noni Millionaires isnt another system to follow. Asa researcher, weve based the book on statisticalinformation, not on opinion. The cold truth is - opinionscan often be unintentionally misguiding. Statisticalinformation usually provides a better foundation onwhich to build your business. My background is in marketing, and one of the firstthings I learned was to test, test, test. We would testdifferent campaigns, gather the data and then run withthe most successful system - based on the numbers!Even professional marketers, who manage multi-milliondollar projects usually wont get their campaign right thefirst time. They need hard statistics to let them know thebest direction to go in, the best plan of action to take,and more importantly what strategy to use - Not astrategy based on opinion, a strategy based on collectiveresearch. Noni Millionaires is based on the information ofthose who have succeeded and those well on their way.But we havent just interviewed noni millionaires... weveinterviewed people who are moving forward, peoplewho are moving backwards, and people who just arentmoving at all. Why? So we know what works and whatdoesnt, based on averages. Or in other words, whatactions you can take that have the highest chance ofcreating success. We can only know this from pastresults and performance. 2
  • 8. NONI MILLIONAIRES Youll see in vivid contrast the truth, (not hype) whatyou should and shouldnt do. This is currently the onlybook of its kind that provides such an insight andeducation for the would-be noni millionaire. The authors have personally spent countless hoursinterviewing and reviewing data (data mining) from nonimillionaires, other successful noni business owners, andthose struggling. This balanced analytical approachreveals many surprising secrets. Youll find that each chapter has 3 distinct points: 1. Statistical information: Based on the surveys and interviews we conducted, youll see exactly where the problems are and what the noni millionaires do differently. 2. Observations: We discovered patterns, good and bad. Patterns of noni millionaires and patterns of the average IPC (Independent Product Consultant). In many cases the patterns between the two are opposite. Change your pattern - change your level of success. But you have to know the patterns to change them. 3. Commentary: Based on the research, we lay down plans of actions anyone can use to make dramatic changes in their noni business.5 Key Skill Sets Out of all the data gathered, 5 key “skill sets”became apparent. Most of the time our noni millionaireshad different skills, but ALL of them had these 5 criticalskills. Every noni millionaire typically had fine tunedthese particular skill sets. Well detail each of these skills 3
  • 9. NONI MILLIONAIRESor attributes throughout the book. It has become thepattern for their success. Prospecting Leadership Focus Overcoming Objections Retention Well compare what the average IPC does in relationto these 5 skills and what the noni millionaires do. Model these successful people and learn their skillsets. Through strategic hard work you can buildanother noni juice business success story! 4
  • 10. NONI MILLIONAIRES CHAPTER 1 The Noni Millionaire The noni millionaire is an ordinary person who has, through personal expectation and choices, done extraordinary things. No matter what twists and turns, valleys and mountains they encounter, they have the passion to continue the journey. - Janice AyreProfile of a Noni Millionaire What does a noni millionaire look like? What doeshe spend his time doing? What kind of skills has he finetuned? Answering these questions in detail will form asolid foundation on which to build your own action plan. Below is a summary of the information we gathered(data mined) when surveying the noni elite. Here is a list of the topics we covered: Financial status prior to noni Business Educational background Career experience Experience with network marketing Business focus Initial prospects approached Upline support 5
  • 11. NONI MILLIONAIRES Most effective lead sources Their biggest challenges Lead sourcesBelow is the statistical information we gathered from oursurveys and interviews. Well break this information downin the upcoming chapters, but for now, this will give you asnapshot overview of our results. Background Education College 66% Graduate 17% High school 17% Economic Background Low 50% Average 33% Wealthy 17% Background Experience Self-employed 50% Professional 25% Labor 17% Trade 8% 6
  • 12. NONI MILLIONAIRES Initial prospectsFamily/friends 46%Associates 39%Strangers 15% Upline SupportHigh 50%Low 42%Medium 8% Previous Network Marketing ExperienceYes 67%No 33% Bring Organization from other CompanyNo 67%Yes 33% 7
  • 13. NONI MILLIONAIRES Biggest challengeReplicating their system 50%Time management 33%Price of juice 17% So, does your profile have to match the above table?No, but we have isolated – as we mentioned in theintroduction, what we feel are the key skill sets. Focusingyour time on these critical skill sets can dramaticallyincrease your level of success. OBSERVATION: Beginning Associations Whether they commenced their business with or without spouse or family involvement has made no difference to the millionaires success. Even lack of assistance from upline did not stop those determined to success. Those that did have effective support from their upline were appreciative of their good fortune. Choice of Company After due diligence the noni millionaires choose Tahitian Noni International for these reasons: - The Product - Its uniqueness and effectiveness - Its in high demand - A Marketing Plan offering excellent compensation - A strong ethical Company - Sponsor influence. noni millionaires are not immune to failure, set- 8
  • 14. NONI MILLIONAIRESbacks and hardships. In fact, the table above (EconomicBackground) shows 50% of our millionaires were lowincome earners. The important thing which separatesthem from most of the population is their high level ofskill in certain areas. Some have it inherently, others havelearned these skills. Even more evident is their ability tonetwork with people in a position of influence. Puttingin time and effort to learn how to do the same, will bringgreat rewards for a long time to come. Bert Jensen faced great challenges in building abusiness in Europe before the company had establisheditself there. Building a big organization was one thing,trying to handle the repercussions of people in hisorganization disobeying the law, by retailing the nonijuice before it was accepted by health authorities wasenough to stop most people in their tracks. Bertovercame this by not taking his eye off his ultimatedestination. Many people focus on the problem instead of thesolution. The millionaires would meet people, just likeother IPCs, who think the product is too expensive, thatthe juice tastes bad, or people who dont see the value ofthe business. But they are prepared to respond anddiffuse the objections on the spot. They resolve theproblem or move on. It doesnt slow them down or useup their resources. When we see a successful person, it is very easy todiscount all the challenges they went through to bewhere they are today. It is a common thought that thesesuccessful people somehow had advantages the averageperson doesnt have. As you read the millionaireinterviews, you will see that while some came from agood or reasonable background, others were deeply in 9
  • 15. NONI MILLIONAIRESdebt, and some didnt have above average schooling. If you feel extraordinarily disadvantaged with yourstarting point, reflect on this portrait: She was so ill she was bedridden for 14 years. Shehad no cash or credit card. She had no car and nocomputer. She didnt even have literature to share withprospects or customers. She went from bedridden to working full timeovernight. Her office was the corner of the kitchen tablein her small 500 square foot apartment. Today she is anoni millionaire! You will find her story and many others in thechapters that follow. 10
  • 16. NONI MILLIONAIRESCASE STUDY – Floyd & Ann Holdman1. Floyd, can you tell us a bit about yourbackground? Well, ever since 1973 I was involved in photography.I was a cartoonist way back before that. While majoringin art at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah Ibecame interested in photography and changed mymajor. Then for about twenty years or so that’s what Idid. I photographed for clients all over the world,including many airlines, Fortune 500 companies, and theone people remember most is, National Geographic. Itraveled to over fifty-four countries as a photographer. That gave me quite a worldwide background and Iloved my photography work. In fact it was photographythat first brought me to networking in 1989. I did somephotography for a company and produced a multimediapresentation for them. I used to produce largemultimedia slide-sound shows; four projectors, twelveprojectors, twenty-four projectors with originalsoundtracks. As I did that, I started seeing these people making alot of money, having fun and helping other people at thesame time. It was a company that sold a liquid healthproduct up in Canada. I got excited about it and becameinvolved and became fairly successful with it. Then that company in 1994 was going down. I didhowever learn a lot. I learned about networking, what todo and how to do it. I was sponsored by one of the top 11
  • 17. NONI MILLIONAIRESpeople. In fact it was the daughter of the top person inthe company, so I just learned how to do it. I made a lot of contacts in that business. I then wentfrom one company to another. All of them went down.But during that time I did get a lot of experience. In factthere was one company we joined while it was still inpre-launch, and we sponsored 3,500 people in onemonth before the company opened its doors. We almostdrowned them with applications. It just didn’t work outtoo well. From that point, spring of 1996, I had actuallysworn never to do network marketing again. I returned to photography. I decided to phone KellyOlsen, whom Id done photography work with in thepast. I had known Kelly for about 20 years, at that time.He was vice president of marketing for anothercompany. I explained I was no longer doing networking,and asked if he could hire me to do some photographyfor the company. He agreed. Three weeks later I learned that he was no longerwith that company. When I tried to track him down, Icontacted his wife. She started telling me about noni andwhat Kelly was doing. She said, “In fact I think Kelly’sgoing to be calling you.” Sure enough, just a few dayslater Kelly calls me up. Kelly called me up knowing my expertise in thenetworking industry and invited me over. When I went out the door I was thinkingphotography, Tahiti, they’re going to need pictures. I’vebeen to Tahiti three times before, this was going to begreat. Kelly was thinking networking - Floyd’s good atthat. As I was leaving, my wife said, “If you sign up don’tcome home.” I responded, “Don’t worry I’m not going 12
  • 18. NONI MILLIONAIRESto sign up.” I went over and met for about three and ahalf hours and I didn’t sign up, I remembered what Ann,my wife, had said. There were just some folding chairs,no furniture, the phones were on the floor, 70,000bottles of TAHITIAN NONI® Juice in the warehouseand no marketing plan. They were incorporated but they hadn’t actuallyofficially opened the doors for business yet. A few dayslater I got my wife to come with me and she met withKerry Asay and he won her over. We then joined thecompany as frontline distributors.2. Why was this company different? What attractedyou to TNI? Well, what attracted me to TNI was the fivefounders. I knew them all. I should say I knew four of them. John Wadsworth Ihad not known before, but I knew Stephen Story verywell. In fact, when my banker saw that they were startingthis company (I tried to get him involved in two or threeother networks before - he would never join anything),he came up to me and said, “I want to sign up. This iswhat I’ve been waiting for.” I thought, “Man, if this really does what they say itwill do…” I went and started calling my Polynesianfriends, they all said, “You’ve got noni? We want noni.You can never get noni anywhere. You can only get it inPolynesia.” They shared all these stories of how theyhad used it, their families had used it and how much ithad helped them. I remember thinking “Wow, if nobody’s ever heard 13
  • 19. NONI MILLIONAIRESof this and it does all that they say, and we’re the firstones to bring it to the market, we’ve got something that’sa “once in a lifetime product”, then how can I lose?” I learned a lot from those other companies, I’d hateto have just walked away from all that I’d learned onhow to build networks. We had never had the rightcompany, but I had a feeling about this company. I tellpeople even today, if you take it from your head to yourheart you’ll know its the right thing to do. And that’swhat we did.3. Did you go back to people that you had joined upin the other business or did you start afresh? Whatwas your strategy there? No, the first thing I did was I got on the phone.The network I had before, had quite a few people, but Ihad told them about four months earlier.. “That’s it, I’mdone, I’m through, no more networking, go out and dowhatever you want. It’s been great working with you butI’m going back to photography.” Several had joined other companies and even calledme trying to recruit me and I kept saying, no I’m notdoing it. So some people say, “You had this other network todraw from”... but really they were all gone, they weredoing other things, and I had told them I wasn’tinterested in anything. I called people that were not in my network before,but whom I knew from networking. Some of them werehaving problems in their business and they were willingto listen. 14
  • 20. NONI MILLIONAIRES4. So did you go to family at all, to promote thebusiness? No, all my family is spread out quite a bit. They’renot around here by me. Family members can be the worst people to startcontacting in the beginning, to tell you the truth. If youwant someone to start shooting your dreams down, juststart calling your family members. That’s what we teach alot of people in our training. It took several years before we finally got my wife’smother to start using the product and the same with mymother. They both swear by it now. I went to some business acquaintances whom Iknew would make rich if they did this business. They’rethe first ones I started calling. We have a unique product. It works, it’s affordable.All you’ve got to do is get people to start drinking it andyou’re in business.5. Do you approach people on the product or thebusiness? I approached people on the business, but I used theproduct as a catalyst. I believe your business is onlygoing to be as good as your product. And your long-term success is only going to be as good as your product.So I approached them on the business but said, “This iswhy this business is going to make us rich - let me tellyou about the product.” The product is important but I didn’t say to people,“Well use this and if it works or if you like it you mightwant to sign up.” It was definitely, “We have a business, 15
  • 21. NONI MILLIONAIRESwe’re going somewhere, we’re going to make millionsand I want to know if you want to go with me. Andhere’s what we’re going to use to help us make thatmoney.” That was the approach back then and that’s thesame approach I use a lot today. There are lots of different ways I approach people. Ihave never advertised, I have never bought a list. Andyet I have 150,000 people in my organization in 78countries. Our team, the Evergreen Team, does over ahundred million dollars a year in sales. I’ve just talked to people. I started with my firstpeople and just started building from them, and I stillmeet people all the time. Ive signed up taxi drivers in New York City with anapplication right on the spot. Ive done it in Mexico, I’vedone it in Malaysia, I’ve done it London and I usuallygive them to the local distributors. There are severalthings I do. One of them is, I’m always wearing aHawaiian shirt and people say, “That’s a neat shirt.” Isay, “Thanks, this is my uniform.” Of course the nextquestion is... “Your uniform, what do you do?” “Youknow, I teach people how to become millionaires. Doyou know anybody that might be interested?” If Im inthe U.S. I tell them our company gives people trips toTahiti. I teach people how to get a free trip to Tahiti. Ofcourse you wait for the next question. I don’t just unloadon them, I make a statement that gets them curious. Sometimes I may say, “I import and market a fruitjuice from Tahiti that really helps people”. And then youdon’t say anything else and they’re always going to say,“Well what does it help?” And I say, “What have you gotwrong? I can’t make any claims or anything but you have 16
  • 22. NONI MILLIONAIRESgot to hear about this juice.” Make people want to ask you questions. Anotherthing is, if you sit next to somebody on a plane or yousee people - you just start talking to them, being friendly,ask them about themselves. People love to talk aboutthemselves. Just keep asking questions and listen. And after awhile if you listen to them, they’re going to ask youabout yourself. This gives you a chance - so don’t juststart unloading on them. There are lots of different things I may say. Often Ijust say, “I import and market a fruit juice from Tahitithat really helps people.”6. Ok, so overall your strategy is to give them teasersand have them come back with the question? Exactly! You want to give them enough to piquetheir curiosity. If I just said I sell a fruit juice, they wouldsay – “Oh, ok well that’s nice.” People love Tahiti. It conjures up visions anddreams. I mean companies pay millions of dollars tryingto build some kind of a corporate image, where ourscomes with the product. It’s built into what we do.7. When you were building your downline, did youspecifically try to identify business builders or didyou wait for them to prove themselves or to standout from the crowd? Well, I went after leaders. I learned a big lessonwhen I was in my first networking company in ’89. Forabout 8 months I went nowhere. My upline then taught 17
  • 23. NONI MILLIONAIRESme a simple little thing. He said, “Look for the heavyhitters, look for the people who will make you rich ifthey get involved.” You see, most people go and they’re like thoseMatryoshka dolls. You open one and there’s a smallerone and a smaller one and a smaller one. The one yourecruit is a little bit smaller, the one they recruit is a littlebit smaller, and before long, you have a wholeorganization of small thinkers. It should be the otherway round with the Matryoshka dolls - you start with thelittle one - that’s you, and you keep going bigger andbigger and bigger. In other words, you believe enough inyour product and in your business. You go after thepeople whom you know will make you rich. Don’t goafter the people that are just never going to do anything. Go after the people that don’t have time. They don’thave time because they’re always busy, they’re doingthings. Go after the people that are, what I call “Centersof Influence” - If they do it, others will do it. That’swho you’re looking for - people that other people trust. Get them into the business. Other people will thenjoin because they joined. Don’t try to convince people,you sort people. A lot of people make the mistake of trying toconvince people all the time. Don’t do that, you just sortthem. You find out who’s ready and who isn’t ready,who’s interested and who isn’t interested. When I got started in this industry, I knew nothing,I mean I was just like a babe in the woods. I’m aphotographer, an artist by trade. I didn’t know how todo this. So I went to every meeting I could. I went toevery training I could that was taught by key people. Notjust people who teach a lot of theory (there’s a lot of 18
  • 24. NONI MILLIONAIRESthose running around), I think you need to learn frompeople who are actually doing it. Tahitian Noni International has it together like noother company ever has. Everything’s come togetherfrom the the owners, management, the product, theincredible people in the sales field, the stories that wehave to tell. Nobody can equal what we have and itshows. 3 billion dollars in sales in our first nine years andthe fourth fastest growing company in recorded historypublic or private. It’s a pretty incredible story. It’s a great industry,network marketing. Where else can you go for just asmall investment and build a multi-million dollarbusiness, work from the comfort of your own home,have total lifestyle, control of your time, and becomefinancially independent? I’ve got an organization of a hundred million dollarsa year, yet I have no employees, I have no inventory, Ihave no payroll, I have no office that I have to drive to, Iwork out of my home. Where else can you go and dosomething like that - where you hope that the people youbring into the business are better than you are? That’snever going to happen in the corporate world becauseyou’ll lose your job if they are better than you.8. How long until you actually became full time withnoni? The day we opened the doors. I went back tophotography after my other networking experience anddidn’t have any assignments, that’s when I was callingKelly looking for some work to do. But then when Ilearned about this I thought, forget the photography, 19
  • 25. NONI MILLIONAIRESbecause we have the Fast Start Bonus and the Fast StartBonus is as good as a pay check, because you get paidevery single week. If you put the energy and effort intothis, it’s as good as working a job except you have morefreedom. It’s as good as a job because you’re going to getpaid every week. All you’ve got to do is go out and dothe work and you get the checks. Fast Start Bonus isn’tanything like a lot of other networks have, where youtake a month or two before you make any money. Yougo out and start recruiting people right now and you’regoing to start making some money. The week after yousign up you can start getting paid. I was full time from the get go. I was full time rightout the gate.9. Did you encounter any problems working athome? Zero, no problems. I work in my basement. In thebeginning I worked about 17 hours a day, Mondaythrough Saturday, I don’t work on Sundays. My wifebrought down breakfast, lunch and dinner. We didn’thave the Internet then. So I was on my phone and thefax machine. I didn’t travel anywhere for about three months,because I couldn’t afford to. We were so broke, I dideverything by phone and fax and the company wouldship out the product to people. I would recruit thepeople and the company would supply the product andpay them their checks.10. When you were starting your business, and evennow, where did you and do you focus most of your 20
  • 26. NONI MILLIONAIREStime? Well it’s a little different now because in thebeginning finding people was a priority, because you’vegot to have somebody you can train. However, I wasgoing after people I didn’t have to train. When I startedI was looking for people that knew as much as I did.That’s what I was looking for and that’s what I startedfinding. They got sold on the whole concept. Now somepeople turned it down, in fact more people turned medown than accepted. I just made this “machine” with momentum, wewere all working together. I’d get a whole load of peopleand they would start with me doing three-way phonepresentations with them and then they would go out andget others. It was just constant.11. One of the problems we discovered whensurveying people, was retention. How do you keeppeople active? Thats one of the key things. And that’s really asimple answer - give them a check. People quit becausethey don’t make any money. With our Fast Start Bonusesyou get paid weekly. But the key to this, say I was tosponsor you (in fact you asked this question on yoursurvey), the first thing you have to do, is fill out aprospect list, then attend the Fast Start Camp, then setup three-way calling for us to talk to people. We’ll teach you the things to say and so on butyou’ve got to get people lined up and you make aprospect list. And it’s like a dance. I take a step and youtake a step, I take a step - I sponsor you, and you take a 21
  • 27. NONI MILLIONAIRESstep by filling out a prospect list. I take a step by goingto talk to your distributors on a three-way call, you take astep by putting them all on the phone and getting themlined up. Anywhere you quit stepping or dancing then I quitdancing. But I will dance as long as you will dance. Ican’t dance with a dead body. So we go hand in hand. You know we can’t hold hands unless we arewalking down the same road. The first thing you have tohave a new person do, after they get their names and youwork with them, is get them a check. I helped you get acheck by helping you sponsor somebody. Now I’ll helpthe people you sponsored, sponsor people. I’ll go down-line five or six levels to help all of themsponsor people. I get five times more motivation for thesame amount of effort by helping people down the line. When I help just you, that gets me a check. When Ihelp the person you sponsored, that gets you a check,you’re now motivated a little bit. If I go down five or sixlevels and help them recruit people, now all those peopleget a check. You’ve got that many more people motivated forthe same amount of effort. For me, that’s one of the keythings in making this whole network work. You put allthe time and energy into it, and that’s why I was so busy17 hours a day, because I was doing three-ways witheverybody. They get three and they get three, you know3, 9, 27, 81, 243 people. That’s a lot of people. You do all these three-ways and you’re motivatingthem. But you have them listen in, because they startlearning how to do it themselves. You don’t want to bedoing that all the time forever. They can start learninghow to do it without you. 22
  • 28. NONI MILLIONAIRES Now some of these people haven’t had me do three-ways with them for nine years. I don’t need to, theyknow how to do it on their own. But at first it was medoing it. I had more knowledge than they did. But nowwe’re equal. They’re probably even better than I am.And to me that’s one of the keys to making a networksuccessful. People getting checks aren’t going to quit. Now there are some who might quit because theyget upset. This is a people business! This is a volunteerarmy. People get their feelings hurt and they quit. Somejust dont work anymore, but they still get their checks. The key to really get people to stay in the business isto help them make money. That’s the bottom line. It’snot how much money I make. They don’t care howmuch money I make, they care about how much moneythey make. When we got this business going, my goalwas to help my people become successful, become Jades,Pearls, Diamond Pearls, Black Pearls. That’s what I wasshooting for, to get them there by helping them recruit.If I get them there that puts me there too.12. One of the concerns that came up when wesurveyed some IPCs was lack of upline support?What can IPCs do if they’re not getting supportfrom their sponsor? Ok, I love that question. If somebody comes up tome and says, you know my upline hasn’t really helpedme, they haven’t done three-ways, they haven’t placedanybody underneath me, you know, bla bla bla. I say, Iknow, I know exactly how you feel because I don’t havean upline either. I’m frontline to the company. I just hadto go out and do it. 23
  • 29. NONI MILLIONAIRES All you have to do is go to the training somewhere.And now TNI has whats called “Success Path.” Theygo to the Fast Start Camp, they go to the Coral Camp,they go to the Jade Camp and then the company actuallypays their way to go to the Pearl Camp. Now think about this, all these other people are outthere to teach you how to do networking and charginghundreds of dollars, charge you to learn how to donetworking, just generic stuff. With TNI, when youreach Jade and you qualify for Jade Camp, you flyyourself there but they’ll pay your expenses for two days,the meals and the hotel and your training is free. When you reach Pearl they fly you and a guest all theway to Salt Lake City, Utah for several days of training attheir expense - to help you make more money. Nowwhat company does that? It’s just an excuse when people say “my uplinehasn’t helped me, my upline hasnt done anything.” Goread the books. Go online and find things out. Go makesome presentations. Go and start learning. Don’t usethis as an excuse, that your upline hasn’t done anything. It’s your responsibility. Now if you get a sponsorthat really does help, if you can find a sponsor that reallyworks and really does help you, you are going to have abetter advantage, I mean lets be honest about it. But ifthat doesn’t happen, that’s still not an excuse. You justgo out an learn it, you go to the meetings, you startputting yourself in an environment. That’s what I had todo when I first learned networking back in ’89. I went tothose meetings, I took meticulous notes, I practiced.When I first started, my very first opportunity meeting Ihad with another company in 1989, Kelly Olsen was myupline, who’s now the president of TNI. He was one 24
  • 30. NONI MILLIONAIRESlevel above me. The first meeting I was going to have,he and his wife came to my house, they just lived a fewhouses away - I invited the neighborhood, I invitedeverybody I could think of. The only people that showedup were Kelly, his wife, my wife and my dog. We had anice conversation, talked a little bit, then they all left. Isat there and told my dog to sit and stay, and I gave apresentation to my dog. My wife even left. I started doing those every night, just on my ownand I got a video camera and I started recording them.I watched them back to see what I said, how I did it, didit make sense? I read books, I watched other videosfrom people and tried to learn how they did it. I wanted to do it so desperately. I didn’t just say,well there’s nobody to help me so I guess I can’t do this.Just like when I went to university and learnedphotography. I taught myself mostly everything. All theygive you is a learning environment and they teach yousome basics but you’ve got to go out and learn by trialand error. That’s what it’s like. I learned as a photographerthat, “if you want to photograph the rainbow you sit through thethunderstorm”...13. What has been the biggest challenge youve hadin this business? I had to sit through the thunderstorm when I startedin networking in ’89. Now we had a thunderstorm withthis company. The biggest challenge I had when westarted, was the company keeping up with us because wewere moving. Now they ask what’s my biggest challenge, its 25
  • 31. NONI MILLIONAIRESkeeping up with the company. It’s totally reversed.14. What qualities do you look for in a newdistributor? I look for enthusiasm, I look for vision and I lookfor teachability, and a positive attitude. I mean that’swhat they’ve got to have because there are going to bestorms before the rainbows. They’re going to happenand if you just give up because of the first little objectionor obstacle, you’re never going to make it in this or anyother business. When I got into photography, I remember I wentout and spent three days filming. This was back in 1973.I went into the laboratory to process it, my first 3 rolls offilm. I traveled all over the place shooting these picturesfor three days - when I got back, there was just a bunchof blank stuff, no photos. I figured I must have put it inthe fixer before the developer. I did everythingbackwards, I guess. But to this day I don’t know what happened. Iremember I called up my wife and said, “You know, I’mgoing back to cartooning. When I draw it, I see it, I haveit.” Here you shoot this stuff onto this film inside of acamera and you go to the dark room and you think,“please be there.” I wound up with nothing. Three daysof work, was gone. I was totally discouraged. I said I will never be a photographer. I want tofinish this class and that’s it. Well I finished the class, Ilearned what I did wrong and I went on to become aphotographer, a freelance photographer for NationalGeographic! So we all have our discouraging moments. 26
  • 32. NONI MILLIONAIRESEveryones going to fall, but it’s how high you bounce.That’s what makes the difference.15. When someone gives you an objection, do youhave a general rule that you follow to overcomeobjections? Yes. First I say, may I ask you a question? Youalways get permission to ask a question. I’ll say their name. Lets say you give me anobjection, right? And I say, “Ansel, may I ask you aquestion? Why do you feel that way?” See I want to findout what the real objection is. Lets say you think it’s too expensive. Let me role-play with you. Ansel: Ok well, the noni juice is too expensive I can’t affordit. Floyd: May I ask you a question, Ansel? Ansel: Sure. Floyd: You think it’s expensive? Ansel: Yeah, for someone on my pay check. Floyd: Ok, may I ask you, it’s expensive compared towhat? (The first person that talks loses. That’s a thing I’ve learned too. You ask a question you shut up and wait for an answer.) Ansel: Compared to orange juice. Floyd: If you think orange juice is going to do the samething as noni juice, you’re probably right. But let me ask you aquestion, Ansel. So, say you told me you had a health challenge,(whatever it may have been). Ansel, if this helps this problem youhave, would it be worth the cost? 27
  • 33. NONI MILLIONAIRES Ansel: Absolutely. Floyd: If it helped that problem? Ansel: Yes it would. Floyd: But then it seems to me, Ansel, your real objectionisn’t the price. You’re concerned that if it doesn’t work you’vewasted your money. Am I correct? Ansel: Yeah, I guess youre right. Floyd: Well if it doesnt work it’s free. Is that cheapenough? Because there’s a money back guarantee. What do youthink of that? Ansel: Works for me. You always make a statement and then you ask forconfirmation- “If I understand, Ansel, if this worksfor you then you said it would be worth it. So I’dsay that your real objection isn’t the price. You’reconcerned if it doesn’t work you’ve wasted yourmoney. Am I correct?” Another objection that people will give is... “Is thisone of those pyramid things?” I say, “Well would you explain what you think apyramid is?” First Id say, “No, the pyramids are inEgypt.” But what do you consider a pyramid?” And Iask them to tell me. They’ll tell me about people beingon top making all the money. I’ll say, “This isn’t one ofthose.” But now I say (and I draw a little triangle), “Youcan put a person at the top and a lot of little dots in itand at the bottom you put another dot.” I then say, “Isthis what you mean?” They normally respond in theaffirmative. “Well thats Wal-Mart. See all those peopleup there in that pyramid, that one at the bottom is you,below everybody else. Thats you supporting Wal-Mart.” I try to find out about what they’re really thinking 28
  • 34. NONI MILLIONAIRESbecause sometimes they’ve got this pre-conceived idea ofwhat something is. You’ve got to find out the realobjection. I had a person one time say, “Well I don’twant to make money off of sick people. I don’t thinkthat’s right.” So again I say, may I ask you a question? (Yes) Doyou respect your doctor? (Yes) Do you pay him whenyou’re sick or when you’re well? (When Im sick). Yousaid you respect him don’t you? So what do you meanyou can’t make money off of sick people, a doctor does?16. Whats the biggest mistake that you seedistributors making? The biggest mistake I see distributors repeatedlymaking, is not being willing to do the work it takes tomake things happen. Somehow they think it’s like alottery. A lot of networking companies are responsiblefor that. I get emails all the time with promises of peoplegoing to build the business for you. Theres no suchthing. I see people not willing to do the work it takes tomake things happen. Then people blame their upline fornot helping them enough, something we talked aboutearlier. They find an excuse. I mean, if you really want todo this you’re going to make it happen. I want to workwith people, who are so excited they can’t sleep at night.They’re setting people up for you to talk to constantly.They’re talking about it - they’re making things happen.They’re not home in their office getting their files set updoing all the reading, studying this, studying that, tryingto get everything ready so they don’t make any mistakes.Those are the people that are never going to get into 29
  • 35. NONI MILLIONAIRESaction. I want right-brained people (creative thinkers)not left brained people. Also negativity. The least little thing happens, theyget all shook up and they lose faith in what’s happened.And that’s because they don’t have the vision. They’renot fully committed. It’s not in their heart yet. Lookthroughout history - everybody that has become verysuccessful has gone through all kinds of failures. Theyjust had to keep going. When we started this business I had no doubt thatwe were going to succeed. It was just a matter of howsuccessful and how fast. But I knew it was going tohappen. People have got to treat it like it’s their ownbusiness. It’s not their upline’s business, it’s not TNI’sbusiness, it’s not Kelly Olsen’s business, it’s theirbusiness. TNI is the wholesaler, they supply the productand they give you the check. If you go out believing thisis your business, you’re going to make it happen.Nothing is going to stop you. Get out of the way world,because here I come! There are other people thinking the same way. Likeattracts like. And that’s what’s going to happen. People will follow a leader. They’ll follow somebodywho knows where they’re going. If you know whereyou’re going, you will find people that will follow you.And you may make some mistakes along the way, butthat’s ok. There’s no room in this business for pride.You’ve got to praise your downlines, you’ve got to giverecognition where its due. People love to be praised,people love to get recognition. My wife and I would notbe where we are if it wasn’t for the people in ourorganization. People should never forget that. 30
  • 36. NONI MILLIONAIRES It’s what I call micro-celebrity. I go to a TNImeeting and everybody knows us, everybody loves us,we’re wonderful, we’re celebrities. But, we walk out intothe street and see who knows us. No one knows us. Imean, my wife and I take the garbage out every weektogether down our long driveway. I still clean the carsand the garage and I do things around the house andplant flowers, just to remind myself that I’m not aboveanyone else. All I’ve done is obtain an incredible product,TAHITIAN NONI® Juice and I’ve learned to “tell thestory.” It’s my job to take this product to the world andthat’s what I’m going to do. I’m looking for other peoplewho want to do the same thing. That’s what networkingreally is. It’s finding others who want to go to the sameplace that you’re going. If you have a believable story, if you have believableleadership or enthusiasm, they’re going to want to gowith you. I’m looking for people who are moreenthusiastic than I am. I know they’re going to be goodin the business because I know how enthusiastic I am. In this business you’ve got to have faith in thefounders of the business and in the company itself. Toooften I’ve seen people come into this business and thenthey leave, because they started finding faults. I remember John Wadsworth, one of the fivefounders, told me many years ago, “Floyd, we havenever sinned intentionally. And we never will. We’llmake mistakes but we’ll never lead people astrayintentionally, but give us a break sometimes, we makemistakes. We all do. We’re all human.” Sometimes people say, why is it you have so manylucky breaks that happen to you, you find all these 31
  • 37. NONI MILLIONAIRESpeople? I say no, “luck is preparation meetingopportunity.” I find these people because I expect tofind them. I make things happen wherever I go because Iexpect things to happen. When you expect it, things justhappen.17. Apart from what youve already said, what doyou do that the average distributor doesn’t do? I expect the best and I have self-discipline. That’swhat most of them don’t do. The thing is, if you want to make a million dollars,don’t talk to somebody who’s never made it. You talk tosomebody who’s done it - that’s why you’re putting thisbook together. Talk to somebody who’s done it and listen to them.Don’t listen to your neighbor or your relative or yourbrother or your sister or your mother or your father.They’ll tell you all the reasons why it won’t work. Just go out and you listen to the people who havedone it. I expect the best. I’m very positive. I don’t findfault. Things sometimes happen. They just happen andyou move on. I have self-discipline. I treat it like it’s a job. In thesense that I don’t find ways not to work, I find ways towork. Sure, I’ll take time off, but I’m still self-disciplined.I do things that other people are not willing to do. Ispend the extra time. You see, in this kind of a business,at first you’re going to do more work than you get paidfor, but later you get paid for things you don’t even do.That’s what a lot of people don’t understand, it’s likeplanting seeds. When you plant that seed, it’s not going 32
  • 38. NONI MILLIONAIRESto grow up and sprout and produce fruit the next day. Ittakes time. You’ve got to water it and cultivate it. Someseeds are on stony ground, some seeds are on goodground, some seeds start growing and the weeds chokethem out. Some seeds fall by the wayside. There’s a placein the bible that talks about that - the sower of the seeds,but then sometimes when that seed falls to the waysidewhat happens to it? The birds come and get it andthey’re gone. When many people start in their business, they don’tunderstand this principle and the weeds choke out someof them. This discourages some of them. Some fall onstony ground or are scorched by the sun, whichdiscourages them, but then some fall by the wayside andthe birds get them. So what do you tell the sower of theseeds to do? Keep sowing the seeds! You didn’t tell themto go out and chase the birds. That’s what a lot of peoplestart doing, they get sidetracked. They start chasing thebirds around instead of planting more seeds. The birdsare going to get some of them, that’s just the way life is. Idon’t chase the birds. I just plant more seeds. The difference with our business is, after you plantthose seeds, you’ve got to cultivate them and take care ofthem. Another thing is we’re not hunters, we’regardeners. I’m not looking for sales people. I’mlooking for teachers. A lot of people, think theyshould get a hot shot salesman. A lot of good hotsalespeople never make it. They’re used to going outand making a sale, then they move on to the next one.It’s like a hunter. You shoot the animal and you move onto the next one. But if you get a teacher, or a gardener,they plant seeds. They’re used to taking time, they’repatient. They water it, they cultivate it. They let it grow. 33
  • 39. NONI MILLIONAIRESSo we’re looking for gardeners not hunters. That’sanother important lesson that people need to learn.You’ve got to nurture your people and help your peopleget their first check. I remember sometimes in the past, even in thisbusiness, I would get upset about some things and mywife would come in and say, “Well Floyd, are youchasing the birds today, or are you planting seeds?” Thatkind of wakes me up. Makes you realize that you need togo back to planting seeds.18. Whats the most important set of skills an IPCshould have? Being a people person. People should like to bearound you. This is a business where you can pick whoyou want to work with. Here’s a question people should ask themselves inthis business, this is a crucial one - “If I sponsorsomebody just like me, would I be happy?” I ask myselfthat all the time. Really analyze yourself. I’ve had to do so manytimes. Am I being positive this week? And there’sanother thing, if I have a down day, I shouldn’t be onthe phone to anybody. People want to be aroundpositive people. People don’t want to hear yourproblems. All they’re thinking is, either they don’t care orthey’re glad it isn’t them. I don’t want to hear everybody’s problems. Now ifthey have concerns they need to work out, and I canhelp them, then yeah, lay it on me. Lets see if we canwork this out. I’m going to go way back in time for a bit to 1970. 34
  • 40. NONI MILLIONAIRESWhen I first moved to Utah where I live, I couldn’t get ajob. We moved out here with three children and one onthe way, $5 in my pocket and no job. Here in Utah, I gotinvolved in a company called Success MotivationInstitute. I became a teacher of successful living, of positivethinking, selling tapes of seminars on how to raise yourmotivational levels and be successful in life. Thatchanged my life. The attitudes I have now towards a lotthings started at that moment. At 16 years old my father pulled me out of highschool in Texas. He was an alcoholic and a cruel personand at 17 years old I left home and I was on my own andhad no high school education. I went from that to thewrong environment, with the wrong people. My futurewas not very bright. Then I started realizing that Idecide what I’m going to be. My future is not decidedby somebody else. They may put up roadblocks, theymay dig the ditches, they may send me off on the wrongtrail sometimes, but I decide what Im going to do now. I learned a lot of that when I got involved in thatprogram in 1970. I decide my own future. Notanybody else. Things are going to happen to you thatyou can’t control sometimes. But you’re going to controlwhat you do about it. That’s what changed my life andgave me the positive outlook that I have now. My goal with this business, really is to help make adifference in people’s lives around the world, bothfinancially and physically and even hopefully spiritually.19. Has your view on life changed since you’ve hadsuccess or do you feel that it’s stayed the same? 35
  • 41. NONI MILLIONAIRES My answer is, it hasn’t changed. I’m successfulbecause I expected to be. I’ve always been positive aboutlife and all the goodness in other people and there’snothing more worthwhile in life than to lift others up. My wife and I really believe strongly that wealth ormoney only makes you more of what you already are.That’s all it does. It gives you freedom to fulfill yourinner most desires whatever those are - whether theyreselfish or generous desires. It gives you the freedom todo that. Money is not going to change you, it onlyaccentuates you. I really do think that wealth just makes you more ofwhat you already are. Im checking myself all the time.My wife and I say, are we putting on airs? Do we feel likewe’re better than everybody else because we have moneynow? And we’re always analyzing ourselves andhopefully we don’t come across that way because wedon’t want to be that way. I mean if it wasn’t for TNI, Iwouldn’t be where I am. I’m not a self-made person, itwas a group effort. If it wasn’t for John who researchedthe noni and Steve who flavored it, Kerry and hisbrother Kim who had enough faith in John and Steve tostart the company - and if it wasn’t for Kelly Olsen whocalled me up, and if it wasn’t for me having thisopportunity and then calling the people that I knew andpassing this onto them, then we wouldnt be where weare now. I went to Egypt many times as a photographer. Oneof my trips to Egypt was to go the Valley of the Kingsand photograph the hieroglyphics on one of the tombsway down under the ground. I had my strobe, you know that flashes, so we couldphotograph, because it zigzagged many times to the 36
  • 42. NONI MILLIONAIRESbottom and is in pure darkness. I wanted to take my flash in there, and my guidesays, “No, you can’t take the flash in there.” I said,“Well how are we going to shoot pictures?” He said,“We’re going to do it the way the ancient Egyptians did.”He says, we take a mirror - then they would have usedcopper or brass but today, we use a mirror. The guy at the top holds the mirror and reflects it tothe first turn, another guy holds a mirror and reflects itto the second, who does it to the third, who does it tothe fourth, who does it to the fifth, who does it to thesixth, and spreads the light over the whole cavern, andwhatever I wanted to shoot. I went down there and it was as bright as noonday.I mean it was unbelievable how much that light reflectedall the way down to the bottom. Now I thought, wellwhat if that guy on the third level lays his mirror down,I’d be in total darkness. The guy at the top doesn’t evensee the guy at the bottom, neither does he see the guy onthe third or fourth level, but every one of those isimportant in reflecting that light down to the bottom.Well, I got my photographs. I was looking at some of those pictures a couple ofyears back and this thought came to me. That’s the waythis business is, because I told somebody who toldsomebody who told somebody, and we’re reflecting thatlight down all the way to the newest distributor. What weare looking for in this business is “Reflectors of theLight.” People who want to share goodness with the restof the world. 37
  • 43. NONI MILLIONAIRES CHAPTER 2Noni Millionaires Vs The Average IPC You know it’s funny, when someone gets married they worry that they can only invite 200 people to their wedding. But when they start an Access Marketing business they talk to 5 people and they don’t know anyone anymore. - Ken Rolfsness Before we look at some of the differences betweenIPCs in general and noni millionaires – lets look at someof the major challenges IPCs reported. The Average IPCs Biggest ChallengeProspecting 50.51%Upline support 12.37%Retention problem 11.34%Price of juice 10.31%Replicating their system 7.22%Time management 6.19%Leadership 2.06% 39
  • 44. NONI MILLIONAIRES As you can see from the table above, the biggestchallenge by far is prospecting. At 50.51% itoutweighed its nearest competitor upline support,which was only 12.37%. Retention was the 3rd biggestchallenge for IPCs. What about the noni millionaires? What were theirbiggest challenges? From the table below, you will seethat their biggest challenge wasnt prospecting, nor was itupline support, and it wasnt retention. In fact, not oneof them listed those 3 points as a challenge. Biggest challengeReplicating their system 50%Time management 33%Price of juice 17% – Conversely, noni millionaires reported that onaverage they interest 63% of the people they prospected.This means if there are 10 people in a room and they talkto all 10, more than 6 of them will be interested inlearning more about starting a noni business. Out of the63% they are able to convert 21% into joining theiractual organization. 50% of noni Millionaires on average said theirbiggest challenge was getting people to replicate theirsystem. As it would seem, prospecting hasnt really been amajor problem for them. For this reason, one of thelargest chapters in this book focuses on effectiveprospecting. Retention, the 3rd biggest challenge for our IPCsdidnt even get a vote from our noni millionaires. Again, 40
  • 45. NONI MILLIONAIRESthe challenges are completely different. Is this whatmade our millionaires, millionaires? They have learnedhow to overcome the biggest problems. What about upline support? Most IPCs felt this wastheir second biggest challenge. When we surveyed the millionaires, 45.45% saidthey had low support from their upline, but not one ofthem listed this as a major problem. In fact, they said itwasnt a problem at all. They almost didnt even give it athought. So what kind of support do the IPCs wish theirupline had helped them with? The answer is in the tablebelow: The Average IPC Wishes Their Sponsor had Told ThemHow to Prospect 43.75%About Business strategies 31.25%About a Duplicable system 16.67%How to overcome “Price of juice” Objection 4.17%How much Commitment is needed 4.16% Once again prospecting leads the pack. And forgood reason, most consider prospecting the life blood oftheir business. But there are other factors that have ahuge impact on your organization – such as retention. 41
  • 46. NONI MILLIONAIRES The Average IPC would ask a Noni MillionaireHow to prospect 39.13%Demonstrate how to get started 24.64%Their business strategies 15.94%How do I get others to duplicate me 7.25%What drives you 7.24%System used 5.80% And for a 3rd time prospecting took the lead, whenwe asked IPCs what they would ask a noni millionaire. noni millionaires not only tend to be different intheir skills, theyre also different in how they viewchallenges. Well look at how you can start to changeyour patterns in the following chapter. OBSERVATION Working from Home Challenges Difficulties working from home depended very much on individual circumstances. While some had no problems working at home, others found it necessary to have a separate office. Bert Jensen has a strict rule - "no one is allowed to enter when you are working." Others, such as Sheron Hoot had no choice. She said, "All I had was the passion in my heart and the conviction of my personal testimony." She began her business in a tiny apartment on the corner of her kitchen table. Because of years of illness Sheron had not been prepared for business and it was very stressful. She had no car, no three way calling on her phone, no computer, no fax, no literature, no cash , no credit cards. 42
  • 47. NONI MILLIONAIRESCASE STUDY – John & Laurie Bentley1. Can you tell us a little about your background? I started working in my Dad’s retail store in LasVegas Nevada at age 10. I also had three newspaperroutes. As a kid I worked seven days a week and nevertook off summers. I graduated from Las Vegas High School in 1955. Ienrolled in a Jr. college. I started working full time atVan de Kamps restaurant in Pasadena California as a frycook.2. Had you any experience in network marketingprior to becoming a distributor with TNI? I joined up with a company called Nutrilite in 1955.I was amazed that I could hire people and not pay themand yet I got paid for items they sold! What a fabulousconcept! It was a great learning experience. I learnedthat you had to figure out how people thought.3. Did you work with any of your old downlinesfrom other networking businesses, or from businessassociates to build your downline in TNI? Yes. I made many phone calls to find out who wasinterested in joining me in TNI. I had been in many,many MLM companies previously. Forty five of them tobe exact! 43
  • 48. NONI MILLIONAIRES4. Why did you choose TNI? I listened to my sponsors Floyd and Ann Holdmantelling me about this new company called Morinda.Floyd had me talk to one of the owners, Kelly Olsen.The opportunity sounded great. Floyd offered me anairline ticket to Salt Lake to check it out. I was attractedto the product and the plan.5. Did you work alone or with your spouse or familymember when you began the business? I work with my beautiful wife Laurie and later ourdaughter Julie joined us.6. What problems did you encounter working fromhome? I overwhelmed the phone, the fax and the UPSdrivers. I moved into a 1000 sq ft. warehouse and officecomplex. I eventually surrounded myself with a fantasticstaff of people, which gave me more time to build thebusiness.7. As you built the business, did you promote thebusiness or the products, or did you promote one orthe other to suit the prospect? I did both. Some wanted to try the product first.Others wanted to make income right away. Weswamped the company’s phone system. Floyd washelping me turn orders in. 44
  • 49. NONI MILLIONAIRES8. What were the first things you did to commenceyour business? I worked on a list of over 100 people. I heldmeetings in hotels right away.9. Who did you approach first – family and friends,or strangers? I put in both family and friends. A few were non-networkers. The business took off like a rocket. Allapproaches were good. The juice had people re-orderinglike crazy.10. What qualities do you look for in a newdistributor? I interview people as if I was hiring them for a toplevel position in a huge company. I find out theirbackground, if they need more money and if they haveany health challenges. I identify the builders and helpthem identify others. I do not wait for anything!!!11. How long were you a distributor before you wentfull time or replaced your income? I was full time from day one. I put in long days andnights, 7 days a week. I was a noni machine! I did a lotof 3 way calls.12. When you commenced your business, where didyou focus most of your time, in finding new peopleor working with those you had? 45
  • 50. NONI MILLIONAIRES I did both. I was on the phone building downlinesalong with sponsoring new people. Our hotel meetingsjumped up to over 125 people.13. How much time did you spend learning aboutthe business before you began contactingprospects? In networking you learn as you go. I was contactingpeople when I got back from Orem Utah. For new folkswanting to get into the business now – Learn, Get theBurn and Earn!14. What percentage of time did you spend learning,prospecting and teaching? I learned the plan early on. We just had one productso most of our time was spent on phone calls, movingthe noni and teaching the new distributors how to do it.15. Taking what you know now, what would youchange if you were to start over? Absolutely nothing. noni was hot then and it ishotter now!16. What kind of input did your upline have in yourbusiness building? A lot. In the beginning Floyd flew down toCalifornia and helped me with meetings. Since he livesin Utah he helped me put in orders and get the product 46
  • 51. NONI MILLIONAIRESout to our customers and distributors.17. What was your biggest challenge when you werebuilding the business? What is your biggestchallenge now? People poured into the business in the beginning.They treated the “Case Autoship” as an “expense”instead of an asset. The ones that hung in there made alot of money. The value of “case auto” must still betaught.18. There are people who have been in the businessfor some time, and feel they dont know how tomove forward. They feel they need more training.What do you recommend they do? Many people treat this industry as a part time hobby.The main focus must be on training. Many don’t takethat time to learn. Everyday life cancels out many greatpeople. TV shows, the news are more important thanpursuing the business. Working the 9 to 5 job givespeople the warm fuzzies and a sense of false security.Why are so many people broke at age 65? Simple! Beingbroke takes very few plans. Being rich takes planning.19. What advice and training do you believe a newdistributor needs? A lot. Most young people put in four to six years incollege to learn a trade. People come into networkingand want instant income or they quit! They say, “Well I 47
  • 52. NONI MILLIONAIREStried it for several months and nothing happened.”20. What do you believe are the main challengesdistributors face and what solutions do you have forthem? People need to start and pick out people in theirupline who are doing well and get close to them. Dothis either by phone or computer. Success breedssuccess. Wealth for new people is just around thecorner. Some people can’t identify the corner!21. What action do you require your new distributorsto take? Massive! Get on the phone and learn learn learn.Spend time putting your team together. Select goodpeople. Lazy people are hard to pry out of their chair.Put time in everyday to learn and build.22. How do you find prospects? New prospects are EVERYWHERE. They workwith you. They are in shopping centers and malls. Theyown their own businesses. They travel. They are yourneighbors, your close friends, they are strangers standingin line at the movie theater behind or in front of you.They all need “TIME” freedom and more income.Strike up a conversation and talk to them.23. Do you ever purchase leads and if yes howsuccessful is this method? 48
  • 53. NONI MILLIONAIRES I have bought leads and worked them from time totime. Leads are tough. It’s not the best way to findquality people. It’s not wise for the new distributor whodoesn’t know the business well and could be blown awayby verbal abuse over the phone. You have to havefantastic people skills and know how to handleobjections!24. Have you ever run advertising campaigns? If yeswhat medium did you use and what was theresponse? I have run ads in the local papers. It’s no longer aneasy way to find great people. Most people are lookingfor a salary income. You are offering a commissionbased income. You receive a lot of No’s and very fewsay yes.25. How did you pique peoples interest and how doyou do it now? In the beginning we asked, “What do you knowabout noni juice?” Now I look for people who wouldlike to build a second income. It starts out as a part time,money building source.26. How do you call them to action and followthrough until they become distributors? Find out the amount of time they can put in andthen get them to commit to the TNI training program.Fast Start camp, Coral camp, etc. New distributors need 49
  • 54. NONI MILLIONAIRESa lot of help and attention and recognition. TNIprovides that!27. How do you overcome objections? By listening, smiling and saying their name andgiving them a reasonable answer. New people don’t carehow many objections they give you until they know howmuch you care to help them.28. I want you to be very frank. What is the biggestmistake or mistakes you see distributors repeatedlymaking? Not spending enough time building the business.Treating it like it has no value. They will let days, weeks,months go by without working the business. They treat itlike a $35.00 investment. They don’t see the value. Ifthey had laid out $350,000.00 to become a distributorthey would probably work it as such.29. What do you do that average distributors don’tdo? STAY BUSY. STAY FOCUSED. Six, sometimesseven days a week I go go go. The payoff is HUGE, sodoing something everyday makes sense. You don’tbecome a great golfer hitting the ball once a month.30. What is a reasonable time for a distributor to be“in training?” Forever! You never stop learning so you are always 50
  • 55. NONI MILLIONAIRESin training. I spend a lot of phone time with my teamlearning new ways to build and grow. Someone alwayswill come up with a new idea. It gives me theopportunity to praise my wonderful group.31. What are the most important things a newbusiness owner needs to learn and what skill setsshould they develop? People skills. You are in business for yourself, butNOT by yourself. The key to wealth is to surroundyourself with quality people. The team you buildduplicates. You set the pattern that others copy.32. Would you agree that even people in NetworkMarketing do not really understand their businessand how would you describe Network Marketing? People are sharp today. The same learning skills thatput you into real estate, puts you into networking. Thebig difference is that one sale of property gives you onlyone check. Networking allows you to put together ateam of thousands who buy and the checks flow daily,weekly and monthly. Its like having a money pipelineinto your home with no shut off valve!33. Is it the people who tend to promote the productor the business, or both that seem to succeed themost? Great products push the business, but it is theindividuals who have the vision to see themselves doingwell. TNI seems to attract great people. I know it’s the 51
  • 56. NONI MILLIONAIRESplan. When you are paid the most for your time, whywaste time doing other things? Everyone has 24 hours aday. Why not benefit the most with the best amount ofincome?34. What changes in lifestyle have you had on yourway to success? Many, many changes. Everyone wants to do well butwith TNI success comes at a fast pace. The trick here isto remain humble and thankful. Laurie and I are livingdebt free. My passion as a hobby is antiques and toytrains. We now own 8 antique stores in the city ofOrange and I get to be around all the things I love on adaily basis.35. How has success changed your view of life andhow you see yourself? My dad instilled in me early on that to be successfulin business, one has to remain a servant to others. Ourproducts and this company have allowed me to do justthat – to help others. I stay on the phone to encourageothers. Our group is in 44 countries. What a joy it is forme to see and hear so many people doing well. For yearsI worked for others, but a paycheck pins you down.Now thanks to the 5 partners and TNI we have financialfreedom, which really is time freedom. This companyhas let so many people prove their greatness, not only totheir team but to their families. 52
  • 57. NONI MILLIONAIRES CHAPTER 3The Single Biggest Mistake IPCs Make The myth still persists that you have to get into an MLM company early to be successful. What is of greater importance is how early you get into your own business. – Janice Ayre The greatest success comes from taking the businessseriously from day one. Spending long hours to haveeffective results, noni millionaires either did the businessfull time from day one or had replaced their current jobswithin a few months through massive action in the earlydays of their business. They realized the importance oflearning the business, but realized much was learned bydoing. We asked the millionaires to identify what they seemost IPCs doing wrong. We asked them to be frank, tonot hold back. Our millionaires came back with a number ofmistakes, but the one that stood out the most, the singlebiggest mistake was: 53
  • 58. NONI MILLIONAIRES “They [IPCs]waste time during prospecting trying to convince people to join their organization. And they dont talk to enough people.” We then asked the millionaires how they avoidmaking this same mistake: Solution... “Seek those who are motivated to change their life, ratherthan trying to convince people they need to change. Spend time with people who truly want the juice, and who truly want to build a business. Build associations with these people. Networking with these people will lead to endless prospects.” Simple? Maybe. Easy? Not always. It takes aconscious awareness to remind yourself to seek the rightpeople, like-minded people. It takes effort to network,recognize and build associations with like-mindedpeople. It takes effort to ask these associates forreferrals. But that wasnt the only problem that was identified.The millionaires also identify the following mistakes asbig problems. They also gave us the solutions theypersonally use to overcome them.Common IPC Mistakes and Millionaire Solutions IPCs... Often give up too soon because they let negatives discourage them, causing self-doubt. Solution: 54
  • 59. NONI MILLIONAIRESSometimes when youre discouraged it takes morethan positive thinking. After all, if positive thinkingworked all the time, you would never bediscouraged. Unfortunately thats just reality. Youwill get discouraged. Positive thinking has its place,but what do you do when you are struggling tochange your discouragement? You work! You goand do it anyway. You push through it. A littleknown fact is, action can create desire. Often timesleaders will do things, others (including themselves)dont want to do – but they do it anyway.IPCs...Treat their business as if it has no value. They seetheir investment as the cost of the kit instead ofinvestment of time and effort.Solution:John Bentley says IPCs dont spend enough timebuilding the business... “Treating it like it has novalue. They will let days, weeks, months go bywithout working the business. They treat it like a$35.00 investment. They don’t see the value. Ifthey had laid out $350,000.00 to become adistributor they would probably work it as such.”IPCs...Lack confidence to reach out to others because of afear of rejection.Solution:Ask yourself what is the worst thing that canhappen to you. Consider also that when someone 55
  • 60. NONI MILLIONAIRESsays “no” it is not a rejection of you, but a rejectionof the opportunity.IPCs...Spend too much time trying to make a distributorwho is not serious perform as they want them to.Solution:Realize that time is the most valuable asset we haveand spend it profitably.IPCs...Waste time during prospecting trying to convincepeople.Solution:Seek those who are motivated to change their life.IPCs...Fail to follow up and so lose many opportunities.Solution:Create a follow-up system. Track your prospectsand follow up with them routinely.Some IPCs...Are not willing to work to make it happen. Theyhave a win the lotto mentality.Solution:Realize it is your business, no one elses. TheCompany is the wholesaler. People above andbelow you in your organization are your associates. 56
  • 61. NONI MILLIONAIRES Realize there is no such thing as reward without effort. Effort develops leadership qualities and once you know where you are going people will follow. IPCs... Feel discouraged when mistakes are made or the world seems against them, so they give up. Solution: “If you want to photograph a rainbow you have to sit thought the thunder storm.” Floyd Holdman You must move past failures by having a definite vision of where you want to be and a sure conviction that the prize (and you) are worth it. OBSERVATION: Would a Millionaire do anything different if starting from scratch? Asked if they would change anything if they started over, some millionaires said they would do the same thing. Others felt they could achieve their present state in half the time. Some felt that they would spend time only with those who would take action and be responsible. If you havent previous experience in business thentheres a lot to learn, but that hasnt stopped themillionaires. The persisting belief among them, is thatyou need to start immediately and learn on the job. Thisis one business that can be well adapted to this way oflearning because there are many training aids and teamsupport. The simple truth is, you dont have to know 57
  • 62. NONI MILLIONAIRESeverything. The most important thing to know is that you cansurround yourself with people who have the knowledgeand skills you dont have. These people can be found inboth your upline and your downline. Rather than focuson becoming a self-made millionaire, our nonimillionaires seem to focus on becoming team-mademillionaires. Use the talents of those around you. Many more doors will open up by using thisuncomplicated model. 58
  • 63. NONI MILLIONAIRESCASE STUDY – Alex & Doralee Brewer1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and yourbackground? As a career USAF Officer, I was success orientatedand experienced in training and working with others. Ihave always been a goal setter and saw TNI as achallenge.2. Had you any experience in MLM prior tobecoming a distributor with TNI? After retiring from the USAF, I was a full timenetworker for over 26 years. When I joined TNI I hadachieved success in other MLM businesses, but this isthe first one that has so much to offer.3. Did you bring a downline from another otherMLM business, or from business associates to buildyour downline in TNI? No.4. Why did you choose TNI? Were you attractedmore by the product or the business? After initially turning down the opportunity, we triedthe product and then investigated the company andfounders. We liked what was presented to us, so joinedwith the idea of building a successful business. 59
  • 64. NONI MILLIONAIRES5. Did you work alone or with your spouse or familymember when you began the business? I worked alone.6. What problems did you encounter working fromhome? None.7. As you built the business did you promote thebusiness or the products or did you promote one orthe other to suit the prospect? I sold two things. First I sold the prospect on theidea the product was good and then I sold them on theidea that they could make money promoting thebusiness.8. What were the first things you did to commenceyour business? Studied the plan and ordered support literature.9. Who did you approach first - family and friends,or strangers? Which approach was more successful? Approached friends and acquaintances. Had aboutequal success with both friends and acquaintances.10. What qualities do you look for in a newdistributor? Do you identify business builders or doyou wait for them to prove themselves? 60
  • 65. NONI MILLIONAIRES I look for people who have a "success" attitude. Ifthey have the right attitude, I can show them how tosucceed.11. How long were you a distributor before you wentfull time or replaced your income? I went full time first day, as I was committed tomaking the business a success.12. When you commenced your business where didyou focus most of your time, in finding new peopleor working with those you had? I focused on getting people in the business andworking with those who had the right attitude pluscommitment.13. How much time did you spend learning aboutthe business before you began contactingprospects? What would you advise a new distributorto do in this regard? The business is so simple. It does not require a lot ofknowledge to tell others about noni and encourage themto try it.14. What percentage of time did you spend learning,prospecting and teaching? I am still learning as the business is continuallychanging. I think prospecting is where to spend the mosttime. The leaders will take little time, its the others who 61
  • 66. NONI MILLIONAIREStake away your time.15. Taking what you know now what would youchange if you were to start over? I would do the same things I did 10 years ago.16. What kind of input did your upline have in yourbusiness building? My upline and I worked together from day one andcontinue to do so. It is a team effort and we work as ateam. My upline has published training CDs. This is agreat program with guidelines to follow for thenewcomer as well as others who are in the process ofbuilding. We call this system, Wave 2.17. What was your biggest challenge when you werebuilding the business? What is your biggestchallenge now? Younger people seem to not be too interested inwhat I have to offer. At 79, its an age challenge I dealwith!18. There are people who have been in the businessfor some time, and feel they dont know how tomove forward. They feel they need more training.What do you recommend they do? When I was instructing in the USAF, teaching othershow to fly a Mach2 airplane, training was a high prioritybecause what you didnt know about the airplane would 62
  • 67. NONI MILLIONAIRESkill you. This business is so simple and I feel that manypeople use lack of training as an excuse for not gettingout there and prospecting people.19. What advice and training do you believe a newdistributor needs? They need to start with a prospect list and haveenough courage to get their upline on a three way callwith their prospect. If they do this, they will learn bydoing. Learning in a classroom environment is great,and gives newcomers the feeling they are building theirbusiness. I would rather they spend that time talking toprospects and learning by doing.20. What do you believe are the main challengesdistributors face? The main challenge I have with new distributors isgetting them to think bigger as well as setting areasonable goal. We already have "the wheel" so re-inventing the wheel wastes their time and mine.21. What action do you require your new distributorsto take? Listen to the Wave 2 CDs as well as get involvedwith our weekly conference calls. We have the track torun on.. they just need to get involved and make thingshappen.22. How do you find prospects? 63
  • 68. NONI MILLIONAIRES Within 5 months after joining TNI, I had talked toeveryone I knew. So talking to strangers, wherever I am,is the way to go.23. Have you ever purchase leads and if yes howsuccessful is this method? I have purchased leads to support a successfulmailing system that I use.24. Have you ever run advertising campaigns? If yeswhat medium did you use and what was theresponse? I mail letters to prospects that are from various leadsources. I do not recommend this system to newcomersas it is very expensive and you must be able to deal withnegatives and flaky people.25. How did you pique peoples interest and how doyou do it now? I evaluate the prospect as best I can and then make aproduct or opportunity approach, depending on theprospects comments and needs.26. How do you call them to action and followthrough until they become distributors?I give the prospects literature and tell them about theproduct and company. Then I tell them "If you areserious about your health or want more income, you willneed to call me." I also give them the times and phone 64
  • 69. NONI MILLIONAIRESnumbers of our Conference calls. So if they are serious,they call me, otherwise I am moving on without them. Iam very comfortable doing this as there are so manyprospects out there, I am moving on looking for thosewho are "serious."27. How do you overcome objections? I usually dont. It is easier to find someone who islooking for opportunity than it is to deal with excuses fornot getting involved.28. I want you to be very frank. What is the biggestmistake or mistakes you see distributors repeatedlymaking? Time is the most valuable asset we have. The biggestmistake I see distributors make is trying to make adistributor who is not serious perform like they wantthem to. 29. What do you do that average distributorsdont do? I talk to a lot of people, so I get a lot of “NOs.” Ithen move right on to the next prospect. The averagedistributor lets the "NOs" affect their own performance,so this business is not for everyone. Someone elses lack of vision or ambition is theirproblem not mine, so if they say no, I just move onwithout them. The ones who say “yes” are the ones thatcount, so why waste time trying to convince a “No?” 65
  • 70. NONI MILLIONAIRES30. What is a reasonable time for a distributor to be"in training?" I am still learning, as the business is not a fixedthing.. it is growing and expanding all the time, so weneed to continually learn and grow with it.31. What are the most important things a newbusiness owner needs to learn and what skill setsshould they develop? Learn people skills and help those in yourorganization learn how to deal with others.32. Would you agree that even people in NetworkMarketing do not really understand their businessand how would you describe Network Marketing? Many people in Network Marking do not reallyunderstand the concept of being successful by helpingthose you bring into the business, achieve their goals.33. Is it the people who tend to promote the productor the business, or both that seem to succeed themost? Almost everyone will want to make sure the productworks before building a business. There are a few whorealize that TNI and noni have to work as advertised. Sonow that we have a track record of success, there arenetworkers who will be joining based on the fact thatTNI is a winner. 66
  • 71. NONI MILLIONAIRES34. What changes in lifestyle have you had on yourway to success? I was already a successful person and had a verycomfortable lifestyle before TNI.35. How has success changed your view of life andhow you see yourself? Thanks to TNI, I have a larger estate to leave to mychildren.36. How has success changed how you live and whydo you believe it is good to be financiallyindependent? I dont feel that I have made any significant changes.I do feel very rewarded for my part in helping othersachieve their goals. Because of the volume being generated, thedistributors in my dowline earn over US$40,000.00 dailyin commissions and bonuses, so I am proud to say that Iplayed a part in this.37. Are there any other comments or observationsyou would like to make? As a Double Diamond Black Pearl, my next goal isto achieve Triple Diamond and then on to the top. Thisis a lot better deal than working at Wal-Mart. I wouldthink that if a 79 year old veteran of WW2, Korea andVietnam can do this, you can too. 67
  • 72. NONI MILLIONAIRES CHAPTER 4 Art in Prospecting I interview people as if I was hiring them for a top level position in a huge company. I find out their background, if they need more money and if they have any health challenges. I identify the builders and help them identify others. I do not wait for anything! - John Bentley Without controversy, the biggest challenge and alsothe most sort after answer is how to prospect. 50.52% ofall surveyed IPCs said that effective prospecting wastheir biggest challenge. 39.13% said that would be thesingle most important skill they would like to learn froma noni millionaire. 43.75% of all IPCs surveyed wished their sponsorhad trained them more on effective prospecting. Well, we asked that question for you and will detailthe strategies used by the millionaires in the pages thatfollow. The art of effectively generating new leads, sorting,following-up and converting, is a major keystone of thebusiness. 69
  • 73. NONI MILLIONAIRESThe only way to get above average results is by beingabove average How do you get above average results? We foundthat 67% of noni millionaires had some kind of networkmarketing experience prior to joining TNI. Does thismean youre stuck at being average if you dont haveprior experience? Not at all. This prior experience taughtthem skills, it helped to make them above average.Remember only 33% brought a part of their formerorganization with them. But they all brought their skillswith them. You can learn these skills. You can learnthem right now. Theres a misunderstanding between the termssimple and easy. The concept is simple but it is noteasy until you have developed the skills to make it so. Dont call a few people and when you have nosuccess, give up saying it doesnt work. Weve heardsuccessful business builders state that you need to talk to300 to 400 people before you develop the skill setsneeded to make the difference between failure andsuccess. Once you have approached that many people, youwill have gained the confidence and a rhythm to yourapproach, that will give prospects the confidence toknow they are speaking with someone who knows whattheyre doing. But before you run out and try to talk to that manypeople, you can improve your skills instantly, byunderstanding some key techniques. Just what are the skill sets you need to develop? We pin pointed three main skill sets you need: 1. Communication. 70
  • 74. NONI MILLIONAIRES 2. An understanding of the profile of your future business associates. 3. The knowledge of the most important aspects of your business. Communication: One of the most important skillsyou will need to become a master prospector iscommunication. Communication is an art and that is why you have topractice it to master it. It is more important to know your prospect than toknow your product or business. An IPC needs to build agenuine relationship. It takes time to build a relationshipof trust. But when you do, a prospect will see you as acredible person. If they feel that you can help them witha problem, then they are more likely to follow you, inbusiness and in life. How long this process takesdepends on your nature and the nature of the prospect. There are no statistics to memorize, only principlesto follow. A skilled communicator uses four keys to gain theresults he wants. (a) Asks questions. A skilled communicator knowshow and what questions to ask. He knows the purposeof questions is to open doors, allowing his prospect anopportunity to voice his fears and desires. He knowsthen that asking will make up the much smallerpercentage of his communication. (b) Listens. A greater percentage of time will bespent in listening to the prospect. Many people in manysocial situations worry more about not knowing what tosay rather than developing the skill of listening. The skillof listening involves learning to listen below the surface, 71
  • 75. NONI MILLIONAIRESto understand that what is being said may not be what isintended. Why is a person speaking to you? Is it becausetheyre too polite to tell you to go away? Why might aperson agree with you? Is it because they think that youwill go away if they do? Why is a person rude orimpatient with you? Is it because theyre fearful? Tellingyou that they havent the time or that they are notinterested can either be an indication that they want youto go away or that they are fearful of change. Listeningto how something is said and the context in which wordsare uttered will give you greater understanding of thetrue meanings of others responses. (c) An exit strategy. Have you ever avoided a person,a perfectly nice person, because you feel cornered whenyoure in conversation with them? Do you know whythat is? Its because they give you no comfortable exit. Soyou need to let your prospect know right away thattheres a comfortable exit for them. This is done byshowing respect for the time theyre giving to you andoffering them the opportunity to withdraw gracefully.For example, dont ever be like the persistenttelemarketer that can only be dismissed by hanging upthe phone. (d) Collects and processes information. As thecommunicator converses with the prospect he will begaining knowledge of that person and he can use that toframe pertinent questions and offer valuable solutions. Learn these communication skills and youll be ableto say less to more people. Your time will be used moreeffectively. Your Business Associates: Who you choose asyour business associates will determine both yoursuccess and theirs. Decide first what your values are and 72
  • 76. NONI MILLIONAIRESthe type of person you will enjoy working with. Having adefinite picture in your mind of the qualities you wantwill achieve three important things: 1. You will not waste your time with someone unsuited as your business associate. 2. You will come across as a leader and people respond to leaders. 3. You will not appear desperate for their acceptance so you take the pressure off them, giving them an opportunity to listen objectively to you. Important Aspects of Your Business: Knowingthe important aspects of your business is more criticalthan memorizing all the products, company informationor the complexities of the compensation plan. There areplenty of materials produced by the company and otherswhich you can use when actually giving a presentation.When you are prospecting, you are qualifying people tojoin you in your business. Knowing the importantaspects of your business is knowing what is of value toyou and what can be of value to your prospect. They willnot be interested if you cannot show them quickly why itis an advantage for them to consider your offer. Skilledmarketers have learned the art of finding hot buttons(what gets a person interested), for whatever product orservice they are marketing. Network marketing does notdiffer in this respect to any other forms of marketing.Therefore much can be learned by studying from theexperts. Be willing to develop these skills and seekpeople who have the same determination and mind-set. 73
  • 77. NONI MILLIONAIRESDo noni millionaires lead their prospecting activitywith the juice or with the business? Although this topic has been up for much debate,we found that 58% of millionaires interviewed, lead withboth the juice and the business. An opportunity that isunique in itself. Business Focus Both 58% Product 25% Business 17% Even though MLM/Network Marketing as amarketing model has been around for over 50 years andis one of the fastest growing methods for movingproducts, it is still greatly misunderstood even by manyof the millions already involved in it. The question of whether to lead with product orbusiness is not as important as knowing who to target asprospects. You will see from reading the stories of themillionaires, that even if they lead with product orbusiness, both factors are an important part of theirmethods. Bert Jensen had experience in NetworkMarketing and owned his own successful business beforejoining TNI. He understands the business mind-set sothese are the people he targets. The interesting elementto his story, is that he chose the company based on thefact that it offered such a unique and effective product.He knew that business people would see the value in theproduct, from a revenue point of view. We did however, observe that success came to those 74
  • 78. NONI MILLIONAIRESwho modified their lead approach to suit the person towhom they were talking. But ultimately the combinationof the two seemed to provide the greatest percentage ofsuccess.Where to find the most responsive prospects We noticed that most of our noni millionaires, 98%of them to be exact, have the greatest success bycontacting (or making new associates), and by piquingpeoples interest, whom they come into daily contactwith. Ken Rolfsness noted this observation when askedabout prospecting: “You know it’s funny, when someone gets married they worrythat they can only invite 200 people to their wedding. But whenthey start an Access Marketing business they talk to 5 people andthey don’t know anyone anymore. According to Readers Digest,the average 21 year old can recall the names of over 500 people. Sowhy do people have such difficulty in making a list of 50 to 100names? There are two reasons. First, it’s human nature to feel likeyou have to have a crystal ball to see if everyone you write on yourlist will be a diamond. Second, if you have yet to develop yourconfidence you’ll have the tendency to feel that people will think lessof you. If you’ve yet to realize the incredible gift you give when youoffer your business to a prospect, you automatically put yourself ina place of weakness…where you feel like you’re talking a personinto something that is not in their best interest. You need to seepast this, and realize what you can bring into another personslife.” We asked each noni millionaire to break down their 75
  • 79. NONI MILLIONAIRESown personal prospecting methods. We arent going toteach you each one, because they all vary. What we aregoing to show you are, the key elements that seem tomake them a successful system. Knowing the keyelements will allow you either use theirs or create yourown. Each millionaire was asked to provide details on thefollowing: – How they find new people – How they pique a persons interest – How they sort/qualify people – How they follow-up – How they bring them into the business (close)The most effective method of finding new people Out of a list of seven major methods for contactingnew prospects, two methods stood out far above theothers. They included: – Contacting associates – Contacting people on the spot Leads source (most effective)Associates 52.78%On the spot 27.78%Referrals 8.33%Advertised 5.56%Family/friends 5.55% While On the spot prospecting is approaching 76
  • 80. NONI MILLIONAIRESpeople wherever you happen to be, it can be in manydifferent localities. Some millionaires chose shoppingcenters, while some used business and other functions tomake their initial approach. The On the spotprospecting is done either by deliberate design, that is,placing yourself in a likely position to meet new people,or taking advantage of situations in which you findyourself. Leads source (most effective) Associates On the spot Referrals Advertised Family/friends “Associates” have ranked highest in the table aboveand these numbers have been taken from severalsources: 1. Established associations: Those who have made a connection in passing but are not well 77
  • 81. NONI MILLIONAIRES known, such as contacts from business cards: 2. New associations: Those originating from business functions or online activity.Does this mean the other methods dont work? No, notat all. But if you want to follow the path of leastresistance, then I would rely on the past (and current)success for the overwhelming majority. For example: Like many average and strugglingIPCs, most noni millionaires also found it difficult toconvince family and close friends. We also found that our millionaires learned to excelin two methods of finding new people. They didnt relyon one source. What defines an “associate?” An associate is anyonewhom our millionaires have met at least once. Even if itwas just an exchange of business cards or anintroduction. The point being, they had had some formof contact or communication with the person in the past.Larry Lim started with 1500 business cards he hadcollected. You may want to start collecting businesscards! In general, noni millionaires avoided approachingfamily, and if they did (even to this day) the results werenot outstanding, to say the least...How to increase your ability to interest a prospect As we mentioned in a previous chapter - Onaverage, our millionaires are able to influence 63% of thepeople they meet, into learning more about noni. And ofthose 63%, they are able to bring 21% into the business. 78
  • 82. NONI MILLIONAIRES Average Outcome of ProspectingInterested in learning more about Noni 63%Signed up as distributors 21%Not interested 16% How does your conversion rate compare? If itdoesnt measure up, you can use the strategies found Average Outcome of Prospecting Interested in learning more about Noni Signed up as distributors Not interestedhere to improve your percentage. If you cant reach thatlevel does it mean you are doomed to failure? No, it justmeans it will take you a little longer. Your conversionrate and that of people in your organization will helpdetermine how quickly you build the business. Larry Lim makes himself available as a publicspeaker. He talks about the economy and related topics.This opens up the opportunity to talk about his business.Another strong conversation starter that he uses is to tellpeople that he has retired. 79
  • 83. NONI MILLIONAIRES The chart below illustrates from what angle nonimillionaires approach prospects. Whether they approachthem based on the juice, the business (including lifestyle)or both. Business Focus Both 58% Product 25% Business 17% Business Focus Both Product Business When asked how the millionaires approach mostpeople, 3 common strategies became apparent: 1. They asked questions to give the prospect an opportunity to talk about themselves. They then evaluate the prospects needs and offer 80
  • 84. NONI MILLIONAIRES solutions. 2. Made a statement which aroused curiosity. 3. They used a third party approach “who do you know” ...has a health looking to start a business? (This takes the pressure off the person you are addressing until they feel comfortable with you. It also gives you more contacts). Number 1 holds significant interest. 95% of allmillionaires surveyed said they used general questions toeither lead the conversation or to gain a persons interest. Floyd Holdman uses two simple statements for the“curiosity approach” to gain the interest of new peoplehe comes into contact with.“I teach people how to become millionaires.”“I show people how to get free trips to Tahiti.”Bert Jensen teaches:“Strangers are just friends you dont know yet.Strangers have no prejudgment about your past.Strangers dont know if you are broke or not.” Ask questions to give people an opportunity to talkabout themselves. Show them the benefits of joining thebusiness. Most people can increase their prospectingconversion rate simply by asking questions.Art in sorting prospects: Qualities to Look For WhenBuilding Your team People you want on your team should have the a 81
  • 85. NONI MILLIONAIRESsuccess mind-set. They should be teachable and have asuitable motivational orientation. noni millionaire, John Bentley is adamant when hesays “I interview people as if I was hiring them for a toplevel position in a huge company. I find out theirbackground, if they need more money and if they haveany health challenges. I identify the builders and helpthem identify others. I do not wait for anything!” Hewants like-minded people. He wants team builders. Although your unemployed brother-in-law, as LarryLim theories, may NEED the money, hes notnecessarily the best person to be in your team. You canhave the best business and system in the world, but itwont work with the wrong people. Sheron Hoot goes on to confirm this - “Address theprospects needs through a simple interview process. Inspire theminto a business mindset. Discover what motivates them. Show themhow we can help them achieve their dreams.” Focus on the values in their life and respond withword pictures (benefits they can see), that show you canhelp them obtain the things they want in life. Would you like to have a noni millionaire in yourdownline? Working with the right kind of people canmake your business soar. Who are the right kind ofpeople? We discovered that 50% of the millionaires wesurveyed were previously self-employed. What does thistell you? - If you want to greatly increase your chances ofsigning up a noni millionaire, you may want to target theself-employed... 82
  • 86. NONI MILLIONAIRES Background Experience Self-employed 50% Professional 25% Labor 17% Trade 8% Thats Bert Jensens philosophy. In our survey Berttold us: “I always prefer people having a self-employed mentality.Those kind of people understand the advantage of having a passiveincome and know what it means to start and run a business. Theyknow about investments, advertising, about owning and runningan office, business behavior, how to dress businesslike, and how totalk business.” Are you qualifying your prospects and targeting theright people? The millionaires dont plead for someone to join theirteam, they qualify them. Be selective...Art in follow-up Efficiency is one of the most important componentswhen it comes to following up with prospects andbringing them into your business. 99% of millionaires have some system in place thatallows them to accurately follow-up. Anything from arolodex system to computers and PDAs. The methoddidnt make the difference, the organization as well asconsistency did make a difference. 73% of millionaires identified those struggling 83
  • 87. NONI MILLIONAIRES in their organization either didnt have an effective follow-up plan, or werent committed to following up a prospect. Although not everyone follows this principle, themajority agrees that the money is in the follow-up. You have to show prospects you are dependable bygetting back to them when you say you will. You need tohave a system in place to track your contacts. The number of follow-ups you do will depend onthe interest of the prospect. You will naturally spendmore time with those who have shown the strongestdesire to know more.Convincing others to join your organization “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people together tocollect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but ratherteach them to long for the sea.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Most, if not all of the millionaires we interviewedwere great story tellers. Why does this hold suchsignificance? Stories sell. Stories create emotion, storiesmotivate, stories convince - again stories sell! I cantstress this enough. If you are to learn one skill, learn howto share great stories. Use personal experiences about the business and theproduct. If you don’t have any of your own, use yourupline’s (or anyones) story, it’s still personal to you. We found that many of the millionaires didnt try toactually close a sale (sign someone up), they helped themlong for the lifestyle, whether that was health, financialor both – or in other words, “they taught them to long 84
  • 88. NONI MILLIONAIRESfor the sea.” Its not what you say but how you say it. You qualifythem by giving them commitments, then set time foranswering questions. If prospects arent keepingcommitments, then maybe they arent right for yourorganization. OBSERVATIONS A noni Millionaires First Business Steps The following are steps the millionaires generally took to start their business. - Used a list of over 100 people and immediately began holding meetings - Learned about the company, the marketing plan and the product - Developed a success system - Set up basic communication systems such as three way calling, fax and computer - Dedicated many hours on the phone to call many, many people - Committed to talk to a specific number of people per day in a face to face situation - Ensured that contact details such as email and phone numbers were collected - Gave information packs - Followed up to get feedback and resolve concerns if there were any. 85
  • 89. NONI MILLIONAIRESCASE STUDY – Sheron Hoot1. Can you tell us about your background? My parents came to Canada as new immigrants andas a family we realized the value of hard work to achievefinancial security. It was that early foundationalexperience that left a lasting impression with me. From 1983-1997 I was on life support, bedriddenwith a serious illness and unable to work in any capacity.I was desperate to change my future situation and vowedto myself to do whatever it took to change my life. Thatgave me a single-mindedness for success. After I graduated from High School, I studiedTravel & Tourism for 2 years at Community College.This was creative work, therefore I did not have tounlearn business methods. I created my own businessmethods based on what worked for me to build my nonibusiness. I had never been in Network Marketing or DirectSelling before TNI, so I learned my business by making alot of mistakes. I learned by doing what worked for me. Ibuilt my organization with regular folks who also had noprior experience in Network Marketing. I was somotivated by my results with the product that I justmodeled various mentors as I met them over the years. A lot of people didn’t believe in my dreams but Ihad to believe in myself and my dreams. They thought Iwas too enthusiastic about how noni juice gave me backa life I never thought I would ever experience again. Ireceived a lot of negative feedback on building a 87
  • 90. NONI MILLIONAIRESbusiness with a brand new company. I soon harnessed the attitude “If it is going to be it isup to me!” This attitude helped me to fulfill my newmission, purpose and vision of what my final outcomewas going to be…..Helping a lot of people improve thequality of their health, financial independence andleaving a legacy for my family.2. Had you any experience in MLM prior tobecoming a distributor with TNI? I had never been exposed to this type of industrybefore I had my result with drinking noni juice. If youhave a strong belief in your product, in the Founders ofyour Company and a strong belief in yourself, anything ispossible. I started to build the business with regular folks whohad no prior experience in Network Marketing, or withthose who never achieved any type of success.3. Why did you choose TNI? Were you attractedmore by the product or the business? I was attracted first by the results I received fromthe product, but shortly after meeting the Founders andDr. Ralph Heinike I realized that TNI was the bestvehicle to support making all of my dreams come true.The Founders were congruent with everything Ienvisioned in my new life. I knew this was a perfectDivine match for me and I immersed myself wholeheartedly into launching and working on building mybusiness. 88
  • 91. NONI MILLIONAIRES4. Did you work alone or with your spouse or familymember when you began the business? I worked my business alone literally without thesupport of my sponsor to mentor me.5. What problems did you encounter working fromhome? All I had was the passion in my heart and theconviction of my personal testimony. I was sellingseveral cases of juice each week out of my 500 squarefoot apartment. Storage space was a huge issue until mycustomers picked up their product. Because I went frombeing bedridden to working full time overnight, I wasnot prepared for business. I allowed myself no time toget organized from the years of illness. I had no car, nocomputer, no fax machine, no 3 way calling on myphone, no cash and no credit limit, no literature to sharewith people. I borrowed various credit cards fromfamily and friends, just to buy my products to retail. Iam normally a very organized person, but I found myselfworking my business off a small corner of my kitchentable. This was very stressful, but my burning desire towork my business propelled me for 18 hours every dayon the phone with new prospects. When people cameinto my home, no-one could believe that I was actuallybuilding a business out of that very small and crowdedspace. Remember, just a few weeks before it was onlyused as my bedroom during all those years of being ill.6. As you built the business, did you promote thebusiness or the products or did you promote one or 89
  • 92. NONI MILLIONAIRESthe other to suit the prospect? I always promoted both at the same time. Myattitude from the beginning was, that if my prospect wasnot interested in earning some additional income bysharing something good with folks, then I knew I wouldhave a second chance of helping them improve thequality of their health while they continued to work theirJOB.7. What were the first things you did to commenceyour business? I commenced my business by setting up the basiccommunication tools. I got 3 way calling and callwaiting installed on my phone. I bought a fax after 3months and a computer after 8 months. I made a list ofnames of everyone I knew who had a circle of influencein the health and wellness industry. I photocopied anypiece of literature I was able to find to share with myprospects. I really only had my own story when I started.That was my point of influence and when I shared itwith conviction - I won a lot hearts. I focused on makingapproximately 60 new calls every day to share my story. Iqualified my prospects around the business and followedup with all my customers and success team to supportthem. I also made a point to keep in touch with everyoneI originally spoke to, knowing that over time they maysee some value in what I was sharing with them. I couldsee potential in everyone. I just needed to learn how tointerview them properly to find out what their needswere. I needed to learn communication skills. Relentless daily goal setting was the key for me. 90
  • 93. NONI MILLIONAIRESProcrastination was not an option. I used StephenCovey’s daily planner to keep me focused on my goalsand became fanatical about achieving everything Iplanned for each day, before I allowed myself to go tobed. Sleep was my reward.8. Who did you approach first - family and friends,or strangers? Which approach was more successful? I approached my family and friends first about theproduct and business opportunity and always askedeveryone for referrals of anyone who needed the productor a new business opportunity. Friends and familyturned their back on my business venture so I turned toasking for referrals and that worked very well for me. After sharing my story with enthusiasm, doorsopened for me to share more information even thoughthese folks had never met me before. My enthusiasmpropelled me to talk to everyone, no matter where I metthem. I asked “who do you know who is sick or dying,who do you know that needs extra income, who ispraying for a miracle in their life right now?” Anyone who had a desire to help people was willingto offer me a few names as a referral. I approachedanyone who looked dissatisfied with their currentsituation. I did not prejudge anyone because I knewwhere I came from and it changed my life forever. Icould see their potential even if they couldn’t.9. What qualities do you look for in a newdistributor? Do you identify business builders or doyou wait for them to prove themselves? 91
  • 94. NONI MILLIONAIRES I look for people that are: S Success minded T Teacher type, who like to help others learn E Enthusiastic, Entrepreneur type A Ambitious M have a Millionaire Mindset Business builders prove themselves by theirproductivity, not by what they say they are going to do.Actions speak louder than words! Once they do thatwhich you call them to action on, then you know youhave something to work with and build on.10. How long were you a distributor before you wentfull time or replaced your income? I started working full time on the 5th day after Istarted to drink noni juice. I had a story that the wholeworld needed to hear. I made sharing my story a moralobligation with everyone and it didn’t matter where Imet them. I could have been in a restroom somewhere,but they needed to hear my story.11. When you commenced your business where didyou focus most of your time, in finding new peopleor working with those you had? Because I started my business at ground zero, I hadto find all new people. I focused on their developmentthrough group trainings to become successful leaders.Sponsoring a lot of new folks was the initial goal to seewho would actually desire to build a serious businesswith me. 92
  • 95. NONI MILLIONAIRES12. How much time did you spend learning aboutthe business before you began contactingprospects? What would you advise a new distributorto do in this regard? I spent no time learning about the business initially.I was ignorance on FIRE! My passion attracted thekinds of people who wanted what I had….health andworking on my freedom to create a legacy. For new distributors I advise them to share theirstory, or share my story if they don’t have their own justyet. The goal is to get a lot of folks evaluating theproduct in a short period of time. Tell your story in agroup setting so the synergy and energy created isperpetuated and you can build on that groupmomentum. There is always one person who is veryenthusiastic because of their story and that feeling iscontagious. Stories inspire and encourage more to seethe vision of building a business. Together everyoneachieves more.13. What percentage of time did you spend learning,prospecting and teaching? 5% learning over the past 9 years 75% prospecting 20% teaching14. Taking what you know now, what would youchange if you were to start over? 93
  • 96. NONI MILLIONAIRES Spend time only with positive people who are takingaction and responsibility for their life and business.15. What kind of input did your upline have in yourbusiness building? My upline John Bentley gave me good ideas and hascoached and encouraged me over the past 9 years eventhough I am on his 14th level! He taught me how toprospect and interview people, do 3 way calls andfollow-up effectively. Thanks John for your greatcoaching! All those hours paid off! Look at me now, Iam alongside all the other greats in this business!16. What was your biggest challenge when you werebuilding the business? What is your biggestchallenge now? Not knowing how to handle and deal with all thenegativity and objections from distributors andprospects. My biggest challenge now is to find balance in mylife as my greatest passion is still my business.17. There are people who have been in the businessfor some time, and feel they dont know how tomove forward. They feel they need more training.What do you recommend they do? TNI has a great training program for everyone. Finda mentor and a coach to model what they do. Feel thefear and do it anyway! Group training sessions are vitallyimportant. Everyone has a different learning style and 94
  • 97. NONI MILLIONAIRESTNI has a training suitable for them. They need to beguided to where all their training resources can be foundand let them choose what works best for them. Thentake all out massive action and don’t let anything stopthem. You have to be fanatical about your businesseveryday of the week.18. What advice and training do you believe a newdistributor needs? A few short scripts on how to pique a prospectsinterest either over the phone or in person. How tohandle certain objections, how to do a homepresentation or Tea Party and how our CompensationPlan works. Learn to always speak with a smile on yourface and say the person’s name several times throughoutyour conversation. Allow them to share what their needsand desires are and then relate to them on that level.People want to know you care about them not abouthow much you know. Let them share things aboutthemselves and you listen. Don’t share too muchinformation at one time. Let them ask you morequestions.19. What do you believe are the main challengesdistributors face and what solutions do you have forthem? The main challenges distributors face are that theydo not spend enough focused time on their business.Because they have invested so little money to start theirhome based business, many folks treat it like a hobbyinstead of a serious business venture. They do not spend 95
  • 98. NONI MILLIONAIRESenough time formulating their goals and working with anaction plan being accountable to their upline. If you treatyour business casually you will become a casualty of thisbusiness concept.20. What action do you require your newdistributors to take? Create a dynamic list of names and have a focusedstarting point. Gain interest in the business opportunitythrough pre-recorded hotlines or through the TNIwebsite Business Opportunity presentation. Invite themto evaluate all the products so they will have a powerfulstory to share. Set up a meeting with prospects and learnto think like a millionaire. Make a dream board with everything they want tohave in their life. Set time sensitive goals daily, weeklyand monthly. Commit these goals to your upline so theycan support you in staying on track. Learn how to hold ahome presentation or Tea Party. Teach what you learn to your new distributors. Findout the persons needs. It doesn’t matter what we haveto offer them if we are not meeting that persons needs.21. How do you find prospects? Prospects are everywhere I go, within 3 feet of me.Become friendly with everyone. Tell them your homeoffice is in Tahiti, that gets a conversation rolling. Theyneed to know I can offer them HOPE!22. Do you ever purchase leads and if yes howsuccessful is this method? 96
  • 99. NONI MILLIONAIRES No.23. Have you ever run advertising campaigns? No.24. How did you pique peoples interest and how doyou do it now? Sharing my personal and business success storywith enthusiasm and a sense of urgency always works forme. I still ask simple questions and get them to sharethings about themselves and their situation.25. How do you call them to action and followthrough until they become distributors? Addressing their needs through a simple interviewprocess. Inspire them into a business mindset. Discoverwhat motivates them. What is their “hot button in life?”Show them how we can help them achieve their dreams.26. How do you overcome objections? Ask a lot of questions about their concerns. Oftenobjections are not realistic. We can show them how tohave their needs met and find whats in it for them.Focus on what they want and need then always smile, saytheir name and answer with positive feedback.27. I want you to be very frank. What is the biggestmistake or mistakes you see distributors repeatedly 97
  • 100. NONI MILLIONAIRESmaking? Many distributors spend too much time convincingpeople instead of sorting through the numbers untilthey find someone who is truly self motivated to changetheir lifestyle. Other distributors wait for someone elseto build a business for them instead of putting both feetinto their own business. Some spend too much timelooking at our opportunity when it has already provenitself as a company, producing hundreds of millionairesalready. They couldn’t find a millionaire at their job withbinoculars!28. What do you do that average distributors dontdo? I keep in touch with prospects and follow up withthose that I see potential in over the years. Timing iseverything with people. I have made many sacrifices formy distributors and my business. When I started my business, I created a Dreamboard to help me stay focused on achieving everything Iwanted in my life. I had the courage to travel throughunknown territory even when it was very uncomfortablefor me. I am sold on and fanatical about helping othersand living my dream life. Living outside of my comfort zone has become alifestyle for me. If I am not uncomfortable then I am notgrowing to become a better person. I am not looking for juice testers. I stay focused onlooking for people with a mindset of success andwanting to take charge of their life. 98
  • 101. NONI MILLIONAIRES29. What is a reasonable time for a distributor to be"in training"? 3 months working closely with their distributor willgive them the confidence they need to train others.Ongoing training is valuable as new insights developover the years.30. What are the most important things a newbusiness owner needs to learn and what skill setsshould they develop? The most important thing a business owner needs tolearn is how to communicate effectively with people,especially learning to listen more than speak. They should learn how to mentor and support their team. What tax benefits they have with their home based business. How to manage and work effectively in the time they have set aside to build their business. Stay focused on what makes them money. Learn how to set smart goals with all their senses. Act and speak as though they have already achieved their goals.31. Would you agree that even people in NetworkMarketing do not really understand their businessand how would you describe Network Marketing? Network Marketing promotes core values all aroundthe globe and gives people the chance to make the mostof their lives. Network Marketing gives you a proven, 99
  • 102. NONI MILLIONAIRESpractical success system that you can apply immediately,to get your business off the ground without thesometimes prohibitive start up costs of traditionalbusinesses. This business thrives on word of mouth marketing,not selling. You probably already do it and don’t realizeit. It is not about sales, it is about exposure of yourproduct and services. We franchise people around theworld and build relationships. Your income will stillgenerate while you are sleeping. Here’s the best part, youcan do this business in your spare time, even during yourlunch hour or in the comfort of your own home. All thatmatters is your willingness to make a change, changeyour perspective, change your finances, change your life.32. Is it the people who tend to promote the productor the business, or both that seem to succeed themost? Our products drive our business. TAHITIANNONI® Juice was the spark that motivated me to dothe business after getting dramatic life changing results. The enthusiasm attracts success minded folks.33. What changes in lifestyle have you had on yourway to success? I moved from my 500 square foot apartment to alarge luxurious home in a prestigious neighborhood. Ialso built my ocean front dream home. I have earnedmany opportunities to travel the world and take myfriends with me at the Companys expense. 100
  • 103. NONI MILLIONAIRES34. How has success changed your view of life andhow you see yourself? I am more aware of peoples needs. I am confidentthat anyone can achieve their dream if they have thecourage and desire to change their life. I see myselfworthy of all the rewards after the hard work I have putinto my business. I now have the freedom to havechoices of what I want to do instead of what I have todo to survive.35. How has success changed how you live and whydo you believe it is good to be financiallyindependent? For the first time in my life I have choices anddignity of how and where I choose to live. I have peaceof mind for my future health care in my senior years.The gratification of putting in an honest days hard workby doing good helping people, and making a significantcontribution back to society and those who helped mealong the way. I have the surreal enjoyment of living abeautiful and fulfilling life with deep meaning andpurpose. Everyone has the same opportunity. It is what youdo with your business that propels you from mediocrityto excellence. I simply love what I do with unstoppablepassion! It is not work for me, it is a way of life! We areall stewards of Tahitian Noni International and if wemake this our moral obligation, success is sure to followus everywhere we go. Invent your own Masterpiece! Choose to dream BIG dreams! Have courage, take 101
  • 104. NONI MILLIONAIRESheart and make all your dreams come true. Commit tochange your life now! With heart-felt appreciation and deepest respect, toall my success-team in Canada, Japan and worldwide.Thank you ! You are the best!!! You have challenged me to be mybest and for that I will always be grateful. 102
  • 105. NONI MILLIONAIRES CHAPTER 5 Leadership: Team Made Millionaires I consider my ability to arouse enthusiasm among my people, the greatest asset I possess, and the way to develop the best that is in a person is by appreciation and encouragement. - Charles Schwab Have you ever met a noni millionaire (or anysuccessful person) who wasnt a great leader? Howimportant then, is the acquired skill of leadership? Above all else, the size of your organization willdepend on your leadership skills. A bold statement?Larry Lim sees one of the biggest challenges facing IPCsis that of leadership. He taught leadership skills for 25years with Franklin Covey Corporation and says thisability can be learned. Many people find themselves in leadership positionswithout ever having consciously made the choice tobecome a leader (perhaps like your boss at work). Brian Ward, a leadership consultant says, “The PeterPrinciple, (named after its originator L. Peter) statesthat in modern organizations, most bosses rise to thelevel of their least competence, like the specialist (e.g. 103
  • 106. NONI MILLIONAIRESaccountant, engineer, lawyer etc.) who is so good at hiscraft that he gets promoted to a management position incharge of people without having mastered any realleadership skills. And then they bomb. Its not their fault, they were promoted into theposition with little or no training or mentoring...its sinkor swim.” Its therefore important to be aware that when youstart your noni business, you are in fact becoming aleader, good or bad – and so are the people who joinyour organization.What type of leader are you? Im not referring to “good” or “bad.” Im referringto a leadership type. There are 3 leadership types. Youmay even be all 3. 1. The Entrepreneurial Leader: This person tends to be a visionary. They inspire and bring together different combinations of ideas, views and methodologies. 2. The Manager Leader: This leader tends to organizes things well. They are systematic and analytical. 3. The Charismatic Leader: They are great communicators and have the ability to influence people. Again, which one are you, and which ones are inyour organization? All have their own strengths, and oneor more leadership types can be uncovered in mostpeople. Ideally youll want a combination of all 3 within your 104
  • 107. NONI MILLIONAIRESgroup. When you bring someone into your organizationhelp him identify which one he is, and assignresponsibility accordingly. You will then be training people to solve theproblems and to lead, and to teach others to do thesame. The millionaires have shared the qualities they usedto become successful in their business. A business is areflection of its creator. If you, as its creator, havelearned the necessary success skills then your businesswill flourish. This skill of leadership is of primary importance. Ifyou fail to develop the qualities of a leader then yourentire organization will not have a defined focus. People who have no business experience can have amore difficult time adjusting to the role of leader. If youhave come from an employee background, then youhave learned to spend your time concentrating on thework at hand rather than leading a team. For you, theexperience of using vision and management to run yourbusiness is new. Fortunately you can learn to be a leader. You canlearn to set yourself apart from the crowd. Late 19th Century German philosopher, FriedrichNietzsche tells us: "The Individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try to, you will be lonely often, and sometimesfrightened. But no price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself." What he didnt add is that, as we draw ourselves 105
  • 108. NONI MILLIONAIRESaway from common mentality, we will meet qualityminds in harmony with ours that will expand ourthinking and the success of our business. There are 3 principles to follow in your role as aleader. To Manage: Inform your team what they areaccountable for and the standard against which the workis evaluated. Its been well documented that when a person isrequired to record his activities, then productivityincreases. When a person is required to record ANDreport activities, then improvement is dramatic! Arepeople in your downline recording and reporting? To Guide: Instruct them in the things you havelearned. How do you learn new things? Make sure yourelistening in on conference calls, reading training material,and actively seeking new information. To Inspire: Support and encourage them as theyexperience personal growth, and as they grow theirbusiness. Give them a great example to follow. Praisethem for work well done. Follow the advice of CharlesSchwab, “by appreciation and encouragement.” But you cannot do those things for them until youhave learned for yourself what it takes to be a leader.You will be ineffective with others until you are in theprocess of becoming a leader. Becoming a leaderrequires a personal transformation. Model others to acquire new skills, new knowledge,new understanding, new emotional maturity, and newwisdom. It requires the understanding of the keyprocesses that need to be performed, the objectives thatneed to be discovered. You need to formulate a plan,envisage the actions needed and articulate what you 106
  • 109. NONI MILLIONAIRESwant. Trudy Crow used the power of articulation whenshe asked her team for help in reaching a particular goalin her business. Or in other words she expressed hergoals and her intentions to her organization, and gotthem behind her. Larsen, an 18th century author said: "That a man can change himself, improve himself, re-createhimself, control his environment, and master his own destiny is the conclusion of every mind who is wide-awake to the power of right thought in constructive action." If you work on the 3 principles outlined above,leadership influence will be a natural outcome. Mostpeople try to build leadership from the outside, thinkingto control others, but true leadership is an inner change.It is a mighty change in thinking. Once a person setscourse for a new way of thinking, he interprets the worldaround him in a different manner. It guards him againstpetty thoughts and opens a new and better view of hislife. We are constantly making small decisions. Theoutcome determines the success or failure of our lives.That is why it is worthwhile to look ahead, to set acourse, and at least be partly ready when decisions needto be made. True leaders have the capacity to visualizetheir objective and act according to these. The thoughts we regularly entertain are the processby which we build character. When we train our thinkingto concentrate on our needs for creating the new person,we put certain demands on our senses to be active inaccomplishing our desires. As action brings results there 107
  • 110. NONI MILLIONAIRESis a constant building of our character. We have an evenstronger capacity to do the things which bring us closerto having leadership skills. Every positive attribute wedevelop makes us a better leader. There is some dispute as to whether goal settingworks. Most people have a list of unrealized goals but itis not the setting of the goals which is at fault but maybethe choice of goals. It isnt right or wrong if you write agoal down or not, its what works for you. Sheron Hootuses a dream board to keep her focus while Bert doesntwrite anything down. Without a doubt, both aresuccessful. If you have a vision of where you want to gothen its a goal. The process used to reinforce this visionis unimportant as long as it works for you. What isimportant is the understanding of what you really wantand the direction you decide to take to get it. Knowingwhat you want helps you formulate a plan and takeaction for reaching that goal. "Vision without effort is day-dreaming: Effortwithout vision is drudgery, but vision coupled with effort will obtain the prize." - Thomas S. MonsonDeveloping the leadership discipline If you decide on a goal, you must be committed toits completion. When you start something and do notcomplete it, you are forming the habit of failure. Failurereinforced is hard to break. Live by the rule that if youdo not intend to do something, do not start; if you dostart, do it! As a leader, know that the choices you make, 108
  • 111. NONI MILLIONAIRESmustnt make use of others weakness or lack ofknowledge. If a person uses the weaknesses of others totry to lift himself higher he will always fall. Anyone whois connected to your particular project must benefit fromyour activities. Network Marketing/Access Marketing isbased on this very fundamental principle. If you make the effort to develop the qualities of aleader, you will find the result will be exactly inproportion to the effort expended. Following theseprinciples of character transformation will make you agreat leader.A lesson in mental exercise As leaders we need to be conscious of our thoughts.Avoid the negative feelings of fault finding andcomplaints, of fear of the unknown and anything thattroubles us. We can begin to change our thinking with smallexercises at first. Continue to refine our thinking so thatwherever negative thoughts occupy our mind, we dispelthem with positive thoughts. Remember there is greatpower in thought. Every thought sets the brain cells inaction. Even reading these words causes a change in ourbrains. According to Dr Ray Sahelian an amazing abilityof the brain is its ability to improve its own performance.By using our intellect to make the right choices, we canmake ourselves even smarter. The reason this mental exercise can be difficult isbecause we allow ourselves to be controlled by theemotions instead of by our intellect. Emotions, whenused to clothe our desires will reinforce desires, causingpositive actions and will bring them into reality. But if weare controlled by emotions, instead of us governing 109
  • 112. NONI MILLIONAIRESthem, we will be become the victims in life. We will betossed about by cause and effect. When this happens we fall prey to excuses. Whenwe fail we will blame others or circumstances. We willnot try to resolve our problems by thinking about them.Energy is wasted in self-defence for things not goingright. The person who develops the ability to lookinwardly cannot fail to make use of the powerful forceswhich will eventually determine his course in life. Practice being a great leader. Practice will alwaysbring about change. Practice the right things and you willbe able to overcome obstacles you would formally havethought impossible to conquer. You will begin todevelope a character which will attract other strongcharacters. The advantage of this is that the creativepower is multiplied, because as successful people meettogether, ideas are shared and each has the opportunityto add benefits and strengths to the other. A strong character enables you to develop a winningpersonality. Use your confidence to build trustingrelationships. People can identify with you. It doesntmatter how good the things you want to share are, if youdont have a strong vibrating personality, then it is muchharder for you to gain peoples attention and trust. You can be the average man or woman and beunique. In fact, that is an advantage because mostpeople, regardless of their position in life, considerthemselves as average. If you can say, “Hi Im average,Im much the same as you. Im not special (I still take myown garbage out, as Floyd says!) but I have been able toachieve beyond average results - you can too.” KenRolfsness uses his former career as a factory worker to 110
  • 113. NONI MILLIONAIRESbuild an instant relationship with people he meets. Theycan relate to his average past, and see how far he hascome today. They see themselves doing this.Questions to ask for leadership development What do I value most? Who do I wish to be? What kind of life do I want? Create your life with intention. Know what you wantthat life to be. Know who you want to be. Actively makeyourself and your life what you want them to be. If youdont have a clear picture of what you want, how can youknow what steps to take to achieve it? Many people have known mostly a life offrustration. They are more aware of the pain rather thanthe pleasure cycle. For this reason they find it difficult tovoice, or maybe even know what their hopes and dreamsare anymore. The vision of what they dont want is farstronger. By focusing on trying to propel themselvesaway from what they dont want, and the associated pain,they come no closer, or even move away from their mostcherished desires. If you will be a leader, it is time tochange that. Success orientated people dont live their livespassively, they live them actively. They go to work ontheir lives, not just in their lives. They dont passivelywait to see what life will bring them, they actively seekwhat they want. They spend their time living out thevision they have of their future, right now. They 111
  • 114. NONI MILLIONAIREScompare what theyve done with what they intended todo and where there is disparity between the two, theywork to make up the difference. They dont run theirlives parallel with their dream, because it will always beout of reach, but rather see that their actions cause theselines to converge. Ask questions of yourself to find your primary aim.The answers to these questions become the standardsagainst which you can begin to measure your lifesprogress. Without a standard, your life will drift aimlesslywithout purpose. Standards give you focus, energy andthe will to persist. A person who has developed the skills we havediscussed is recognized as a leader because of hissuperior character traits. He is a person that others wantto be around because they feel the magnetism andexpansion of his personality. To begin the process,model yourself after leaders you admire and rememberthe effectiveness of practice, for producing life changingresults. A good leader gives clear directions for others tofollow. A great leader has the capacity to bring out thepotential of others and to elevate them to greatness. Agreat leader does not envy the talents of others but usestheir skills and lends his own so that together even morecan be accomplished. You have the ability to mold and create yourself andyour future. 112
  • 115. NONI MILLIONAIRESCASE STUDY – Bert & Elisabeth Jensen1. Can you tell us about your background? Whatever business you start, you will need money toinvest and to cover lifes expenses. I started the TNIbusiness with 3000 DM (1500 EUR) in hand. At thetime, I was working a shift job at a slaughter house. I have an average school education. But my maineducation is definitely in Network Marketing, which Ihave been doing for 26 years now. My original educationdoesnt make me a penny today. Nothing beats experience. Whom would you like tofollow on the mountain? Somebody who has successfullyclimbed it to the top twice. Or, somebody who is stilltrying to figure out a way to reach the top? Skills in direct response marketing areas areadvantageous. If you know how to run ads and directmailings, you will be able to collect a lot of goodprospects. If signing them up in your organization is achallenge for you...well, sponsor somebody who knowshow to do the job and share the prospects. In otherwords, use the talents you have. And use the talents ofothers. I always keep friends and family out of my business,until they beg me. I like to give them a hard time,suggesting negative things that could happen to them. Ifthey still want to join after that, then be my guest. Its not easy working with friends. Sometimes itslack of credibility, sometimes its lack of money,sometimes its lack of commitment. Its common, but 113
  • 116. NONI MILLIONAIRESnot always the case, for them to expect you to build theirbusiness for them. This can cause problems withinfriendships.2. What did you learn from your experience in MLMprior to becoming a distributor with TNI? A lot. It gave me all the basic skills and more, whichare still valid today. I learned what it takes to open upbusiness in a new country and prepare it for the launchof the office.3. Did you bring a downline from another MLMbusiness, or from business associates to build yourdownline in TNI? TNI is the second company I have been associatedwith. I had a break of some years before I started withTNI. The lists I built were lost as I moved around, so Istarted from scratch with new people.4. Why did you choose TNI? I learned that you have to have a unique product tocreate the greatest success. If your product is notavailable at the local store and you are the only one whohas the original product, then prospects have to come toyou. Uniqueness is a powerful thing.5. Were you attracted more by the product or thebusiness? Both. Its both that makes the perfect combination. 114
  • 117. NONI MILLIONAIRES noni juice targets the baby boomers, which we knoware the largest influential market. Most people are asking themselves if they shouldlead with the product or with the business. Thats aredundant question, because its not my decision whatthe prospect needs. Its always his decision. Its what hesinterested in. Dont dictate to your market, let themdictate to you. Just respond to the questions he has. Lethim sell himself. Avoid giving him more information then he hasasked for. This can confuse a prospect. If hes confused, he doesnt know what to do andfeels insecure. If he feels insecure with you, he will neverjoin or never buy.5. Did you work alone or with your spouse or familymember when you began the business? Actually my wonderful wife Elizabeth didnt knowabout my past success in Network Marketing. There hasnever been a reason to tell her, because she never askedme. She felt pretty unsafe with the idea and said to me: "I dont believe that this will ever work. Tell me,where will you get all the people to ever make it to Jade?You dont know anybody here in this city. We justmoved here!" I answered: "Okay. I understand your concerns, but what if Ijust give it a go for six months? You can be the first oneof us to quit your job?" From this day on, she helped me with everything. Itwas the last day I ever had to clean dishes or to take thegarbage out. 115
  • 118. NONI MILLIONAIRES She realized that my time was just too valuable tomisuse it and after 3 months she was able to quit her joband never ever will she have to get another one, for therest of her life.6. What problems did you encounter working fromhome? You cant work from home if you dont have aseparate office where nobody is allowed to enter whenyou are working. Period! The home office can be a real problem without strictrules. You cant work effectively if every 5 minutessomebody wants to ask you something.7. What kind of people do you prospect? Every day I am looking for people who want tomake more money. If they dont like the industry, theymay like the product. If they dont like the product, theystill can make money. Then they can start to like thejuice.8. What were the first things you did to commenceyour business? Rented a cheap office 500m away from our home. Started to learn as much about the company and the product as I could learn Developed a 3 step system Started running generic ads Sent information to the prospects 116
  • 119. NONI MILLIONAIRES Sponsored 3 people first Duplicated the system9. Who did you approach first - family and friends,or strangers? Which approach was more successful? The cold market is always the best to start with. Alot of my colleagues may disagree with this. I wassuccessful in my previous company and in TNI bybringing in total strangers. Strangers are just friends you dont know yet. Strangers have no pre-judgment of your past. Strangers dont know if you are broke or not. And the same is valid for us. How often have wesorted a list of prospects and judged that this one will dothe business, this one may like the product, this one isnot interested and so on? Until they meet some of thesepeople at the next leadership meeting...10. What qualities do you look for in a newdistributor? Do you identify business builders or doyou wait for them to prove themselves? I always prefer people that have a self-employedmentality. These people understand the advantage ofhaving passive income. They know what it means to startand run a business. They know about investments,advertising, about owning and running an office,business behavior, how to dress businesslike, how to talk 117
  • 120. NONI MILLIONAIRESbusiness and so on. People with an employee mentality tend to need youto run the business for them. It makes no sense if youalready have your own business to run. Of course we liketo help people. But they have to bring enough of theirown willingness to the table. I will then help them tobecome successful. Otherwise - Next one please!11. How long were you a distributor before you wentfull time or replaced your income? It took us barely three months to quit our jobs.12. When you commenced your business where didyou focus most of your time - in finding new peopleor working with those you had? It depends on what phase of the business you arecurrently in. There are several phases in building aNetwork Marketing business: Phase 1: Get to know somebody (if you work with your warm market skip this phase). Phase 2: Build a relationship Phase 3: Introduce them to the business/product Phase 4: Wait for a decision Phase 5: They join Phase 6: Teach them the system Phase 7: Do some 1:1 meetings for them Phase 9: Start the duplication Phase 8: Stabilize their first three levels Phase 10: Go back to phase 1 118
  • 121. NONI MILLIONAIRES This whole process can take up to several months,sometimes even a whole year depending on how longit took to get them into the business. In the beginning you look for at least 5-6 peoplewith whom you can work hard. This will ensure theirsuccess. This will allow you to get to the higher ranks ofTNI and get paid for all the volume. We normally refer to this as "working the group."Later, you just work your front line and develop newleaders for your expansion. Teach them how to “workthe group.” This will give you more time freedom.13. How much time do you think a new distributorshould spend learning about the business beforecontacting prospects? When you start talking to people about the industryyou need to learn a lot. To avoid a long learning curveyou should use someone in your upline (preferably yoursponsor), and introduce them immediately to at least 10of your associates. Have your sponsor do thepresentation, while you learn.14. What percentage of time did you spend learning,prospecting and teaching? I learned in the first 2 weeks all I could about TNI.I felt comfortable talking about the product and the restof the business came by trial and error. In general I would say that in the beginning its50% learning and 50% prospecting. That changes after awhile into 10% learning, 70% prospecting and 20%teaching and ends up with 80% prospecting and 20% 119
  • 122. NONI MILLIONAIRESteaching. Sometimes people fall back into managingmode, which looks like 80% managing and 20%teaching. Dont do that. Its like having a job and your volumewill run down the drain. Network Marketing is not formanagers. Manager are employee minded people.15. Taking what you know now, what would youchange if you were to start over? It took me 4 years to get my first group stabilized.Today I would cut this in half and have them set up in 2years.16. What kind of input did your upline have in yourbusiness building? My upline supported me in the growth stage bytaking care of product deliveries. Nino and MyriamTeulings visited us frequently to do meetings for the newgroups. Mark Rose and Dru White supported mewhenever I asked for it, in any way possible.17. What was your biggest challenge when you werebuilding the business? Here in Europe, we had the biggest challenge ever,out of all the countries which TNI did business in. In the beginning we had to sign up German citizensvia a Netherlands address and get them to pay 5000German Marks to somebody in the Netherlands whomthey dont even know. The funny thing is, there is a kind 120
  • 123. NONI MILLIONAIRESof "special" relationship between these countries (theylike to make jokes about each other and have a specialsoccer history), it doesnt really support the growth of afriendship - if you know what I mean? We ran out of addresses for the Netherlands shortlybefore TNI associated with the Tropical ExpressCompany. Their system, which is known as a kind of TNIAccess System today, involved qualifying distributors torun a Coordination Point. This was a place that tookorders and new sign-ups at their office. It alloweddistributors to pick up their product and starter kits. So we Germans, especially Ingeborg Nayduch, havebeen the guinea pigs to get this system up and running. Changes were made here and there and we havemade a huge success out of it. Of course it has neverbeen that perfect, but it enabled us to get enoughvolume whenever we needed it. The challenge was, that the product was for"personal use only" and we were not allowed to sell nonijuice. Thats not a problem if your customer registersdirectly with the company to get it at the best price – orin other words for "personal use" only. But when yougrow to 12,000 people in your downline in 15 months,you will find they dont want to miss out on a 30%commission. This caused us some real problems. The state attorneys started to hunt us downwhenever they could get a hold of a coordination pointand confiscated computers and hardware, beside all thedocumentations and name lists. They even searched distributors homes. They evenvisited us as “guests” at 6 oclock in the morning, twice. The founders of the company never ever left us to 121
  • 124. NONI MILLIONAIRESfight alone, they helped us wherever it was possible. If itwas necessary, they provided information or sometimeseven advice from a lawyer. In spite of all this trouble, when I look back at ittoday, it was worth all the trouble and challenges wefaced. I like to reflect on the pioneer work. DieterWolfmiller and Ingeborg Nayduch also enjoyed thepioneer work we did together. In 2002 my wife Elisabeth and I became the firstBlack Pearls ever in a Tropical Express/TNI Accesscountry - Ever! You have no idea what that meant to us,after all the trouble we - and our leaders - had to gothrough.18. What is your biggest challenge now? Are you kidding?19. There are people who have been in the businessfor some time, and feel they dont know how tomove forward. They feel they need more training.What do you recommend they do? Now that you know about my attitude about self-employed people and employed people, I guess you canimagine the answer, right? To make it short. There are, in my honest opinion,just two possibilities: 1. Teach employee minded people to gain a self- employed mentality. Then let them go to work. 2. Those who dont want to change, let them be 122
  • 125. NONI MILLIONAIRES product uses and not business owners. Does that sound too hard? Well, it may be. But youneed to grow personally, or you will always be stuckwhere you are now. The secret is - we leaders can make you successful,but you need to bring some things to the table that firstenables us to give you the right support.20. What advice and training do you believe a newdistributor needs? 1. A commitment of 12 to 18 months to become a Diamond Pearl. 2. Willing to work at least 12 hours a day to build the business (Now you see why employee minded people have hard times) 3. Become independent from your sponsor after 14 days. 4. Always sponsor and support people who have the same desire as you do to make it to the top, and who work as hard as you do. (Bring your wood where the fire is burning!!) 5. Keep the communication lines open with those people on a daily basis. NEVER EVER GIVE UP! There is always somestruggle and trouble until you succeed. The more struggle and trouble, the sweeter thesuccess will be. Endurance and patience is the key tosuccess. 21. What do you believe are the main challenges 123
  • 126. NONI MILLIONAIRESdistributors face and what solutions do you have forthem? I know that for some distributors it is a hugechallenge to bring people into the business. Sometimesits even hard for their upline. So this dilemma duplicatesitself further and further down the line. Then somebodynew joins and wakes them all up, because he knows howit works and produces volume and builds a large group. You need to learn how to successfully bring THERIGHT people into this business. You dont need tosponsor everyone. You just need 5 to 6 go getters. Heres what you do: 1. You need to find out what kind of people areright for you. These are the people whom you really loveto be around, for the rest of your life. They must havethe same desire to change their lives, as you do - or evenbetter - who have a greater desire to change their livesfor the better THAN you. 2. You research places where you can meet thosekinds of people. Want some advice? You wont find theright people in pubs, bars and nightclubs. This is wherepeople go to switch off their brain. Instead, attend business seminars, church meetings,sports clubs of all kinds, go to public seminars aboutprosperity - attend workshops about Yoga, Tai Chi orwherever people spend money or time to becomehealthier, smarter or richer. These are places where youwill find what you "should" be looking for. 3. Start to build a relationship with some of them.Its strictly forbidden to talk about Network Marketinguntil at least you meet them for the third time. And eventhen you just talk about it, if they ask you. Period. 124
  • 127. NONI MILLIONAIRES This may take 2-3 weeks until you have built sometrust. Real trust. I mean it seriously - you need to behonestly interested in these people. Have fun, havediscussions about this or that and learn about theirneeds. You will not have to talk very much. Most of thetime you will just have to listen. People love people whocan listen. 95% of the time I just listen to what other peoplehave to say. 4. After a while you will pinpoint people whohave the right kind of thinking. This is whereprospecting, with the Pre-Approach Kit (our custommarketing kit) process comes in. You have to screen outthe people who have a dream and are willing to dosomething about it (the prospects) from those who arewaiting to hit the lottery (the suspects). Here are some examples on how to approachbusiness minded people: "Jimmy, Im excited about some new business ideas that Ive come across in the financial world. Ive discovered how to make some great income with some lucrative tax benefits. Id really like to share these ideas with you and Brenda and get your opinions on them ..." "I ve recently started working with some people who have a large volume marketing business..." "...and its really hot right now. It just so happens were expanding in (City) and were in the process of talking to a couple of key people. You impress me as someone whos looking for more out of life. If youre really interested, I can find some time to show it to you." 125
  • 128. NONI MILLIONAIRES Your goal is not to sponsor anybody at this stage,but rather to determine if they are a prospect. This iswhere your planning ends and your actual business-building begins. Now youll begin to separate thesuspects from the prospects. A qualifying question andthe Pre-Approach Kit will help you through the sortingprocess. This will determine whether you move forward tomaking an actual presentation. Check with yoursponsorship line for the correct pre-approach procedureto follow and materials to use, or use the wonderfulVideos TNI created for all of us. In cases of rapid organizational growth, yoursponsor may not yet be qualified to make a presentation.If so, thats okay go further up the sponsorship line andyou will find someone to help you. This is a critical part of your training. As you watchand listen to your sponsorship line make your initialpresentations (taking good notes), you will be learninghow its done. The sooner you learn to conduct a presentationyourself, the sooner youll be on your way to financialindependence. You can then duplicate this process withyour people. By following this system, you will bebuilding secure lines with the potential for walk-away,residual income. 5. The presentation: I cant emphasize enoughhow important it is to have both spouses present foryour presentation. If Im prospecting a man, I might say something like,"When we sit down to talk about a business, manypeople prefer to have their spouse present, to make sure 126
  • 129. NONI MILLIONAIRESwere all on the same page." If the man balks andsuggests that hell relay the information to her, Illexplain that this wont work, "Because you wont be ableto explain it to her. Ill just be doing a quick run-throughthe first time to see if youre qualified. Id like you andyour wife to be here, so you can see it together." If you have the opportunity to bring your spouse aswell (if youre married), youll dramatically increase yoursign-ups. If youve been using the Pre-Approach Packlong distance, do a presentation on the phone and send out your companymaterials packet. I created this presentation for my group and myself.If your sponsor does not want you to use mine, get theirpresentation and support. By using a pre-approach in this way, youll get thebest results from the limited amount of time you have towork your business. Youll be making presentations onlyto qualified prospects, and youll dramatically reduce therejections that you and your people will face. As I said earlier, not all lines use Pre-ApproachPacks. They ask the qualifying questions, then go straightto an appointment. Check with your sponsor.22. What action do you require your newdistributors to take? 1. Join the "TNI Success Path" ASAP. 2. Get at least 10 Pre-Approach Packets. 3. I teach them how to qualify people from the warm market. 4. Every week get 10 new Approach Packets to qualified people from this market. 127
  • 130. NONI MILLIONAIRES 5. Try all our products in at least 3 months 6. Invite me to appointments for just the first 2 weeks.23. How do you find prospects? Most of the time I find them in places like Imentioned above. Sometimes I use generic advertising orI attend business club meetings or breakfast clubs forbusiness people. I just need 2-3 key people a year. So I can take mytime to find the right ones. And the ones I choose to dobusiness with me are 100% perfect.24. Do you ever purchase leads and if yes howsuccessful is this method? My experience with leads is okay. As you mayremember, I sponsored around about 11 people in onemonth using the website and my onlinetraining. You have to be very dedicated when using onlinemarketing. Now I use the Internet to inform people Ihave met in "real life" and continue to stay in touch withthem by email and phone.25. Have you ever run advertising campaigns? If yeswhat medium did you use and what was theresponse? Yes, I run an advertising campaign once or twice ayear. The medium I use depends on the target group. Inmy case I place ads in newspapers and magazines which 128
  • 131. NONI MILLIONAIRESare created for sales people. I dont want a huge response rate. I just want theright person to respond - The one who meets all mycriteria mentioned in the ad, joins the business andbecomes a successful Diamond Pearl, or more.26. How did you pique peoples interest and how doyou do it now? I pique peoples interest by solving a problem theymay have.27. How do you overcome objections? I just ignore them. When you are in "prospectingmode," you are looking for people with the rightattitude. However, if you do want to overcome the objectionjust ask them to review some of the material, so they canmake a fair judgment.28. I want you to be very frank. What is the biggestmistake or mistakes you see distributors repeatedlymaking? To give up too early is in fact the biggest mistakepeople make. This is the cycle I feel people fall into: 1. People get excited about some goal. 2. With gusto and enthusiasm they set about to do what they think they must do to reach their goal (most of the time they only thought they were doing what they were supposed to). 129
  • 132. NONI MILLIONAIRES 3. Failure after failure happens with a few small successes in between which helped keep them hopeful and going. 4. Discouragement sets in. 5. Self-doubt and negative feelings become rampant. 6. They slow way down -- procrastination is the order of the day. 7. They give up - resigned to defeat and consign themselves to a life of emptiness and hurt or letdowns. 8. They get excited about a new goal 9. They repeat steps 2 through 7 10. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. And the sad thing is, this will happen all the time.They need to change something inside of them.Otherwise they will have the same results over and overagain. People quit all kind of things every day... they quit doing sport they quit dreaming they quit evening school they quit, quit quit! And some of them quit working for their future.Most of the time they havent had a real reason to buildthe business or are just "employee minded" and arewaiting for the obstacles they may have, to disappear.Until they start to learn and move out of their comfortzone, they will never know that there is no road tosuccess that is free from obstacles. 130
  • 133. NONI MILLIONAIRES We all incur them every day and some will incurmore than others. To each of us these obstacles lookdifferent but theyre still there. While most people quit when they reach theseobstacles, those who face the most obstacles andovercome them are the ones who serve as an inspirationto others who follow the path.29. What do you do that average distributors dontdo? I never quit. I could have quit 3 million dollarsearlier. I do not accept just trying something. Either I door I do not. Yoda was right when he instructed LukeSkywalker “Do or do not - there is no try!” And because I do not accept failure, I always keepon working until I have reached the level of success forwhich I was aiming.30. What is a reasonable time for a distributor to be"in training?" I like training on the job, if you know what I mean.When I build up a new person in my frontline, I give thepresentations to his contacts for a maximum of twoweeks. Than he/she will go 2 weeks alone. After that I askthem to give a presentation to me, to see if this person isdoing it the right way. It is that easy, because we are using tools. Ourpresentation is ready. Its on video. You just need tolearn how to place the material, how to ask the rightquestions and how to identify the real needs. 131
  • 134. NONI MILLIONAIRES The prospects qualify or disqualify themselves. Itjust depends on how often you give the presentation, tothe right people. The success rate is somewhere in therange of 80-90% if every criteria is met perfectly. I am not too fond of the monthly or even weeklytraining meetings. If its boring for me, its boring for thepeople. All they need to do is to listen to the CDs Irecommend and learn from them. Its up to themwhether they do it or not. What I prefer instead, is to invite 5-6 new Pearlleaders in my first 4 levels - where no other Black Pearl isabove them - to attend a success weekend in a niceluxurious and relaxing atmosphere. Most of the time it is at a lake or in the gorgeousmountains we have here in Switzerland. They come fromall over the world to attend. It runs from Monday toFriday. Sometimes I also invite a Jade or two to attend. Wetalk about business, success, life and so on. We own acouple of dream cars they can drive, we visit some luxuryshops and have a lot of fun. My family and I enjoy these success weeks. Wespend time with the right people and recognize newleaders in our business. We have developed great andongoing relationships with our leaders and know that wewill be working together for the rest of our lives.31. What are the most important things a newbusiness owner needs to learn and what skill setsshould they develop? They need to learn to stop trying to manageeverything and everyone. And unlike a traditional 132
  • 135. NONI MILLIONAIRESbusiness, dont try to keep everything under “control.”Its not a traditional business so dont treat it as such! In standard businesses, if you lose control, you arebroke. If you lose control in Network Marketing, youvemade a fortune! So stop trying to control and manage everyone.Move on and stick to the 80/20 rule, which is 80%prospecting, 10% teaching, and 10% managing (If any).32. Would you agree that even people in NetworkMarketing do not really understand their businessand how would you describe Network Marketing? Yes, I agree 100% to that. And most of them havespent 10 or more years in our industry and have no ideawhat they are doing. They never change and always dowhat they did when they first started. Kelly Olsen once did describe Network Marketingperfectly: "The real idea behind Network Marketing is that one person shares a product or an idea with another person." Most network marketers should know that there is adifference between MLM, Network Marketing and Salesstructure. Sales structure: Mostly "owned" by a company. Thismeans everybody is an employed salesperson, such as inmost Life Insurance companies or Real Estate Agencies. Multi Level Marketing: These are companies whoare focused on selling products to their distributors. Icould name a few, but I wont. You can easily recognizethem at certain qualification levels, where you have to 133
  • 136. NONI MILLIONAIRESbuy lots of products to qualify as Supervisor, SilverGreen Star Director, or whatever titles they use. Network Marketing: Everybody is qualified by acertain personal volume for every possible bonus andhas to meet a growth criteria to receive the higher ranks.33. Is it the people who tend to promote the productor the business, or both that seem to succeed themost? Ken Roland started this business because he wantedto earn money. He was living in a trailer park andcouldnt even afford to pay the phone bills to recruitpeople over the phone. He used Kerry Asays phone anddesk to start building the business. Floyd Holdman started this business to makemoney. He was hugely in debt and in danger of losinghis home. Mark Rose and Dru White (The Coconut Group)wanted to earn money with this business and wereattracted by the possibility of having a passive income,where you have to work once and get paid forever. I personally started the business to create a hugeincome, and to have all the freedom possible. Every successful person Ive met or sponsoredpersonally in this business has started because they wantto make money. Even the 5 founders liked the idea ofhaving a niche market and chose Network Marketing asthe perfect model for share growth.34. What changes in lifestyle have you had on yourway to success? 134
  • 137. NONI MILLIONAIRES In the 80s I made about US$30,000 per month withmy first Network Marketing business. I had 2 cars, ahome, a boat and a family. 1986 I quit because of some circumstances andstarted a general company in Office Supplies/OfficeFurniture with a partner. 1993 - just when I had my first vacation, hedisappeared with a couple of million and left me with allthe debt. I lost my cars, my home, my boat and myfamily. After I recovered I started a marketing company andremarried (she found me). Years later I looked back intoNetwork Marketing to find the right company whichwould fit into a set criteria I had learned about a decadepreviously. It was no coincidence, that I stumbled across TNI in1998. In 1999 we achieved Jade, Pearl and Diamond. In2000 we achieved Double and Triple Diamond andfinished the Black Pearl qualification in January 2001. We went from a 75sqm flat to a 140sqm Home, thento a 500sqm home in the first year. I purchased 2 newcars and traveled to a lot of countries in Europe to growthe business. I was helping people. In 2001 we invited all Pearls for a week to Las Vegasafter the Leadership meeting, as a special "Thank You"for their work and endurance. That was a lot of incentivefor the Jades. In 2002, after the German Mark was replaced withthe EURO, we decided that it was the perfect time tohave a look on the other side of the planet and moved toNew Zealand. We moved there for about 14 months.We took our dog and 4 Suitcases. There we were welcomed by John Calvert and his 135
  • 138. NONI MILLIONAIRESwife Maggie. It was like we had been friends for years.We miss John. He died way too early. We rented a nice home and bought 2 cars and aboat. We had some fun on the wonderful lakes there. John introduced me by phone to Ken Rolfsness, theAmerican Black Pearl residing in Australia. When our growing group from New Zealand wasready we left New Zealand with a 20 foot container. Wegave a lot of stuff to friends and the church and movedto Australia for 12 months to meet Ken and hisgorgeous family in Brisbane. We got a new home thereand again bought 2 new cars. After we set up a group in Australia we moved witha 50 foot container to Switzerland, again leaving a lot ofstuff behind, which we gave to friends and the church. We are living in Switzerland now and we havealready acquired a second home at a lake, 4 cars and ofcourse, a boat. Life is great and the people are as nice asthey have been in NZ and Australia. But guess what? We are planning to move to Asia inthe next few years. When this will be? No idea. MaybeIll wake up tomorrow and well start packing....Maybenext month or next year. Whenever I feel that my job inSwitzerland is done. We move on and travel to differentcountries for a couple of years. Now you know a little bit about FREEDOM!! Okay. Its pretty expensive, but why not if you canafford it? We love to experience other cultures andmentalities. We never wanted to live the average life. With Network Marketing we move around theworld like other people move from city to city. We havethe freedom to change our minds tomorrow and tofollow through with it. Is that something you would like 136
  • 139. NONI MILLIONAIRESto do? Its possible when you build a TNI business.35. How has success changed your view of life andhow you see yourself? As a father and husband I have the wonderfulfeeling that if anything ever happened to me, my familyis been taken care of. They will have prosperity andwealth for generations to come. Even if nobody lifted a finger to continue my work,my business would go on. This gives me a wonderfulinner peace. My kids are already asking me when they can starttheir own business (they are only 8 and 16). I want themto first know how to work, to have a regular job. Theycan then see the difference between us and the averageJoe. This will allow them to have an appreciation forwhat we are doing. We help people to gain morefreedom, health and wealth. Its available for everybodywho is ready to work for it. Id like them to meet new people who want tochange their lives for the better and learn how tobecome successful in the "People Business" - NetworkMarketing. You would be astonished to know that everythingyou want from life is just one right decision away... I feel very humbled that I was the one who receivedthe opportunity to build up Europe together with somegreat people I met on the way like Dieter Wolfmiller andIngeborg Nayduch, Norbert Stadler, Andrea Pasic, EmilaSaunin and heaps of other people I cannot mention here. I am just Bert Jensen. I am a free person. That is 137
  • 140. NONI MILLIONAIRESenough for me. We can afford to live every day like there is notomorrow. If I want a new S600, I just go and get one. Should Ichoose a Bentley, I go and get one. If we want avacation, we go and book it. It does not matter. I am stillworking. Our volume is raising every month. But I needa little reward from time to time and my family does too. There will be a day when you recognize, that youcannot eat more than 3 meals a day. We are still prettymuch down to earth. A normal regular family. Just"with" money. Thats all.36. Are there any other comments or observationsyou would like to make.? Be totally committed to TNI. They may sometimesmake mistakes. Everybody does. There is no companyaround that never makes errors. Like you and I makemistakes from time to time, companies do also. You cantrust this company will do whatever it takes to correctmistakes and prevent them from happening in thefuture. By the way, you saw that I didnt say “involved” withTNI? I used the word “committed.” Do you know whatcommitted really means? When I spoke at the TNI Conference in 2004 inBrisbane Australia, I asked the audience the samequestion. Heres what I explained: “Have you ever had bacon & eggs for breakfast?Well, heres how you can define commitment: Thechicken was involved, but the pig was definitelycommitted.” 138
  • 141. NONI MILLIONAIRES CHAPTER 6 Focus: Affirmative Action To build anything or achieve a goal, you have to know where you want to go and be prepared for the detours. - Merlin Weekes Merlin Weekes began at once to build his businesswhile still working an 8 to 10 hour job. He woke in themorning and would be on the phone calling people. Hespent his lunch hour making calls and his wife Bonniewould take him lunch. He spent the evenings makingcalls. He would work a 10 to 12 hour day. In those dayshe didnt have any marketing tools, he just had the juiceand a story. His advice to others is, do what you need todo. Do whatever it takes (as long as its ethical). “How did you stay focused” was a key question forwhich we wanted answers. When counseling the nonimillionaires, the answer that came back was mostly thesame – “Immediate massive action.” The mere act of “taking action” kept them focused.It didnt give them time to think themselves out ofsuccess. Its a paradigm - Most people feel they have tobe focused before they can take action, and yet the 139
  • 142. NONI MILLIONAIRESreverse is true. Action creates focus and motivation. But what kind of massive action? We foundmillionaires tended to focus on the following majorareas. In a way, it became a part of their businessstrategy.What Success Orientated People Do That Others Dont One of the anonymously surveyed millionairesoffered this point of view: “There are two kinds of people, the “Wishmores” and the“Havemores.” The “Havemores” are the ones that are willing todo what the “Wishmores” wont do. Which one are you?” Our noni millionaires seemed to intentionally orinherently focus on the following attributes until theybecame second nature: Willingness to put in the time and work necessary for the accomplishment of business goals. Development of people skills, particularly in the art of communication. Committing to specific time frames for reaching the predefined levels in their business. Developing independence quickly. Having the courage to learn by doing. Being a great mentor. Setting the pattern for others to follow by showing confidence, sincerity, integrity and enthusiasm. Having endurance and patience for difficult circumstances, the failures of others and even their own mistakes. John Bentley observes: “Most young people put 140
  • 143. NONI MILLIONAIRES in four to six years in college to learn a trade. People come into networking and want instant income or they quit!” Having the self-discipline to treat the business as a business, not a hobby. Listening to those people who have achieved success and not listening to those who havent. Being willing to work very very hard in the beginning so they wont have to work so hard later. Staying busy, staying focused. The pay-off is huge, so theyre doing something effective each day Expecting the best. On prospecting: Preparation, not luck – plan to find people and you will. Not accepting failure. Not letting the negatives ruin their success. Following-up. Developing a relationship. Birger I. Olovsson advises: “Its about doing a fewthings. Be laser focused over a period of time. You cantbe a world champion if you do a lot of things at thesame time. Find a balance, so every day is fun and filledwith new possibilities and opportunities. Think aboutothers success and your motivation will comeautomatically.”Focus On Training What training and how much, is a frequent questionfor IPCs? Too many people see the business as a hobby.They havent learned what it means to run a business.One of the primary skills is to learn to manage and work 141
  • 144. NONI MILLIONAIRESeffectively in the time alloted to the business. There is plenty to learn but there is also plenty oftraining material. You can find a mentor and modelyourself after him/her. Learn to act and speak as thoughyou have already achieved your goal. Lack of training should not be used as an excuse.Alex Brewer gives an example: “As an instructor in theUSAF, training others to fly was a high priority becausewhat you didnt know would kill you. This business is sosimple.” Sheron Hoot challenges: “Feel the fear and do itanyway!” It doesnt make sense to wait until you are trained,because a growing business will always be in a state ofchange. There will always be things to learn. Bert Jensen considers a new IPC needs only 2 weekstraining to prepare them to begin working in theirbusiness. Training is then geared to on the job training.Ongoing training is then at higher levels in the form of“Success weekends” where the team can buildrelationships and share ideas along with having fun. By making a regular pattern of learning throughcompany resources and using the assistance of peoplemore experienced in the business, then applying thatknowledge, you will gain both knowledge and skillsquickly.Start at the finish line When professional engineers want to learn how tobuild a product thats new to the market, they reverseengineer it. This allows them to see how it was built andhow it works. A business owner can use the same principles to 142
  • 145. NONI MILLIONAIRESbuild a successful business. You can use this sametechnique by working out where you would like to be.How much money would you like to be earning permonth? How many people in your organization will ittake to earn that amount? How many people per weekwill you have to talk to reach that figure? Break it down step by step. Youll then know ifyoure on track on not. Figure out your conversion rate and then work thenumbers. If you need to sign-up 10 people a month,then how many new people do you need to talk to aboutthe business? If you define the future of your business before youeven start, you begin forming a solid foundation. Onceyou have that vision in your mind, work outstatistically what you need to do each day to achieve it.For example: If your desire is to sign-up 3 new people aweek, how many people do you have to talk to per dayto achieve this? If you can convert 1 in 10 people youtalk to, then you will need to talk to 30 new people aweek to get your 3 new IPCs. Work the numbers. Not only will this help you stay focused, but you canhelp others in your organization to focus on these sametargets. It takes both the guess work and the uncertaintyout of your business. You will now be building a business that others canemulate. Your business will now be system dependent,instead of people dependent. Theres a big difference.People in your team can then bring this system to lifeand work with it. A system gives structure to yourbusiness. 143
  • 146. NONI MILLIONAIRESCASE STUDY – Larry & Katie Lim1. Can you tell us how you got started – who did youinitially approach? I approached associates. People I’ve done businesswith in the past. I had over 1500 business cards ofpeople I had met. I wrote a training program myself, had it all in placewhen I started, you know. But it was finding the rightpeople. You can have the perfect training system right?...But wrong people – have the wrong people and it willnot work.2. Did you have any Network Marketingexperience? No, none at all. Some of the others are, you know,network marketing professionals. Some of the successfulleaders, even in this company, brought a couple ofthousand people with them or at least a few hundred,but I started with just my associates. None of whom arenetwork marketers.3. What kind of people do you try to prospect? I have found business people like myself. Our story,as you discovered, is so fantastic that a business personcan be brought into this business in spite of the fact, likemyself, that they are “allergic” to network marketing. I used to teach at the university (in Hawaii) part 145
  • 147. NONI MILLIONAIREStime. I used to teach marketing so I understood networkmarketing, I mean I believed in it. It wasn’t like Idisliked it, but I disliked how people operated in it. The people that did network marketing were not mytype of people. I would never sit in the meetings andnever show checks or photos sitting in front of a big car. Things like “I made twenty thousand dollars in myfirst month....” That’s just a turn off for most businesspeople. So when I started building the business, I tookthe business approach. I would say “Here are the facts,study them, and I’ll be happy to answer any questionsfor you.” I knew a couple of millionaires, people who werealready millionaires that joined me in this business.Theyre smart business people, because they didn’t wantto be left out! The mistake a lot of network marketers make is,they sign up their unemployed brother-in-law. You may want the business for him, but he mustwant it for himself. They may have no drive, or business skills. I guess ifyou have enough time, you can teach them. But I lookfor people already working hard, business people so busythey are already working six days a week. I look for smallbusiness owners. The profit margins are smaller for them now.There’s a lot more stiff competition in the market place.The Wal-Marts and other major stores, can put the littleguys out of business. Not to mention the cost ofemployees, turnover rates, inventory, health benefits, etc. We have no inventory, or any of that. I have a multi-million dollar business that I operate off a laptop in ahotel room, swimming pool, golf course, etc. Thats a 146
  • 148. NONI MILLIONAIRESgood message for business people. Those are the kind of people I want to talk to. Theguy with a million dollars ready to invest in aMcDonalds franchise. I can show him how, as aDiamond Pearl in our business he can earn the sameincome without the huge capital investment, employees,benefits, liability costs and inventory of a franchisee.4. So we should go after the business people? Yes. That’s why the company has me speak atconventions and I have been featured in magazines,because that’s the future of this company. You know, a lot of network marketers, theprofessional ones, are already in this company. Look for business people. Even Kelly Olsen says,we need to take this company to a different level byappealing to more business people. Only 12% of the population is involved in networkmarketing. What about the other 88% who arent? Let me give you an example. If a business expositionwere held in your city, how may people would attend?Maybe 20, 30 50 thousand people. Few if any, wouldattend looking for one specific opportunity. Most wouldvisit many, many franchises, possibly 20-30 to see whichbusiness would be most suitable for them. I know that the TNI business opportunity would bea wonderful option for these people. I believe that if ourTNI opportunity is presented in the right way, this is amuch better alternative. How many people are looking for a business?Everybody! Ill give you an example. I just moved into a new 147
  • 149. NONI MILLIONAIRESneighborhood. Of the seven new neighbors around me,four are involved in a part-time home based business.There are people everywhere looking to supplement orreplace their existing income.5. What’s the biggest mistake you see IPCsrepeatedly making? There are a few major mistakes I see IPCs making. 1. Most people don’t talk to enough people. They talk to a few people and they get nowhere and then they stop. 2. I know some people who will talk to three, four, five people a day. They do it for three months and they’re still nowhere. They’re not talking to (what I consider), the right people. I believe in qualifying people and that’s why I get eight out of ten really interested, or at least looking at the information. I try to qualify them. For example: If theyre smoking and drinking their life away and they dont care about good health, I dont even introduce the juice to them. Likewise with the business. If I discover that the person Im talking with is perfectly happy with his income and his quality of life, I wont share the business opportunity with him. You can give a perfect presentation, but its no good if youre showing it to the wrong person. I never start talking about the marketing plan or thecompany or the business. I ask questions to determine 148
  • 150. NONI MILLIONAIREStheir interest in good health and building a business. Ilisten to their answers. I’m looking for “hungry” people; people that have aneed for the juice and/or the business and have a senseof urgency. 3. Some IPCs achieve immediate success or short- term success. I then see them managing instead of building. They get really excited, they find some good people, and then they sit back and stop doing the very thing that made them successful. So what happens is, they find only three people, because all you need is three people to get to the top in this business. But they stop building solid pillars beneath themselves, hoping that these three people will be the right three to build their business. They need to keep sponsoring people.6. So when youre looking for more business people,where do you go? Youve probably heard of the “three foot rule.” Thisis just talking to anyone who comes within a 3 footradius of you. I believe in the 3 foot rule. This allows meto talk to a lot of people, but more importantly, I try toget networked in the business community. For example, I recently moved to Idaho. I haveapproached business organizations, chambers ofcommerce and business networking groups in the area totalk to their members about current economic issues thatwill impact them and their businesses. I remind themthat to survive, they themselves and their companiesneed to change or they wont survive. I never mention in 149
  • 151. NONI MILLIONAIRESmy talks that I am a noni distributor. I tell them that Ihelp people retire early with more I have. I emphasize the importance of networking andcongratulate them for belonging to a networkingorganization. I mention that by networking successfully,I was able to transition from my first career as aninvestment analyst with a Wall Street firm, to a secondcareer as a management consultant. And througheffective networking, I successfully started a thirdcareer. I retired with a network of over 30,000 people. After these meetings, many people come up to meto ask what kind of business I am involved in and how Iwas able to build such a large network of associates. Ipass out my business card and set an appointment tomeet with them later. That is when I share the productand the business opportunity with them.7. Weve found that a key attribute is leadership. Doyou have any strategies for developing solidleadership skills? I agree with you. Leadership is everything and that’swhy, even for a person like myself, if you ask me whatmy greatest challenge is, Id probably say, finding goodleaders. I believe leaders can be developed, but it often takesa while and that’s why I look for people alreadysuccessful who possess some leadership qualities. Theycan easily transfer those skills to the building of thisbusiness. You know, I taught leadership skills for twenty fiveyears or so. I know how it works. We can help somepeople acquire more skills, but wouldn’t it be better to 150
  • 152. NONI MILLIONAIRESfind somebody with the skills already?8. How did you stay focused on your business in thebeginning? I focused on the benefits and the lifestyle. If you stay on your goal, whether its collegeeducation for your kids or getting out of debt, the“why” you’re doing this business, then you’re morelikely to stay motivated. Too many people focus on rejection. They take itpersonally, and lose their focus. Know your conversion rate. If you talk to ten peopleand five are going to be interested, and out of the fiveone will sign up, then it’s just a numbers game. If you doyour work, then youve got to believe that out of everytwenty-five people or so, you’re going to find one goodleader. Work by the numbers. Stay focused on that. Once again, I look for busy people and busy peopleusually see the benefits of a lifestyle change. If theydesire the lifestyle change, they will find the time to buildthis business. When Del Williams approached me about thebusiness, I honestly had no time. I was raising a family,building my management consulting business, active inmy church, and serving as President of the Chamber ofCommerce. I was also the director of a youth leadershipprogram for high school students while teaching part-time at a private university. I had just turned fifty at the time and found myselfdoing some serious soul-searching. I had a successfulconsulting business and really enjoyed the other things Iwas involved in. 151
  • 153. NONI MILLIONAIRES However, I had some needs that were not beingmet. I realized that to enjoy my same lifestyle, I wouldhave to continue working. Like so many other people, Iwas as good as my last sale or last contract. My incomewas tied to the economy. When the economy was goodso was my business. When the economy dropped so didmy income. I was desperately seeking residual income. Iwanted to continue to get paid long after the work wascompleted. I wanted to retire in the near future, but realized thatI didn’t have enough in my retirement account to retireand enjoy same lifestyle that I was accustomed to.Another concern I had was my responsibility to care formy aging parents. There was no way that I couldcontinue to support my growing family and care for myaging parents. These concerns and others were the “whys” Idecided to do the business. I finished my term at theChamber and didn’t run for re-election. I stoppedteaching at the university. I found someone to replaceme in the youth leadership program. That freed up sometime for me to start building the business. I started part-time and as my income increased Idedicated more and more time to this business. Myfavorite quotation is “If you continue to do what you’vealways done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve alwaysgot.” While this statement may not be grammaticallycorrect, it is absolutely true. With some wonderful support from my sponsor andfocused, consistent hard work, I now have the lifestylethat I always wanted. I’m debt-free. I was able to providea college education for each of my children. I have aretirement account that will ensure the same lifestyle that 152
  • 154. NONI MILLIONAIRESI enjoy today. When you have the time and resources, you can goback to those things you sacrificed. Now that I have totalcontrol over my life, I have returned to some of thesepast activities that are so meaningful to me. When talking with people who are interested in abusiness opportunity, I always ask this question, “If youhad all the time and money in the world, what would youdo with your time and money?” That becomes their“why” to do this business. I have found that people whodo not have a firm “why” usually aren’t successful inthis business.9. How do you handle objections? I’ve identified seven objections that most peoplehave and if people can learn to overcome these certainobjections they can build a wonderful business. 1. Does the juice work/is it safe? 2. Why is the juice so expensive? 3. Is the company solid? 4. Is this MLM? 5. Im too busy. 6. I dont know many people. 7. Im not a sales person. Those are the objections, how do you handle them?First, you listen with empathy. You know, people wantto know that you care. Then you want to make sure thatyou clarify their objections. Often what people say andwhat people mean are two different things. For example, “How does the juice work?” You 153
  • 155. NONI MILLIONAIRESknow, they really don’t care whether it goes down thethroat and through the first and second stomach, smalland large intestine. What they’re basically asking is,“What are the benefits if I drink the juice?” You’ve gotto clarify the objection because you could give a perfectanswer to the wrong question. Once you identify what they are really asking you,then use the The feel, felt and found method. Say “Iknow how you feel because that’s how I felt before, butwhat I found by drinking the juice is.....” And then youjust give the appropriate answer. They’re not asking for aforty-five minute exposé on human anatomy of howliquid goes through their digestive tract. You need toanswer the question in the right way. Just know whatthey’re really asking you and answer it. We can talkourselves out of a deal, and I’ve seen a lot of people dothat. They read all the information and then they sharemore than they need to and they talk themselves out of adeal. Most important is to use logic. We have facts ofcourse, facts are important to use, but use logic morethan facts. Its not that we dont have facts, we do. But we canpresent more and more scientific studies of how ourjuice is made and how it works, however, people believewhat they want to believe. There’s always one morestudy coming out, there’s always one more scientificsurvey that’s being worked on. People dont alwaysbelieve research. Instead, you need to appeal to people’slogic. For example, Ill resolve the first three concerns Imentioned earlier. Youll see how I use logic first, notfacts. You can then apply this principle to resolve the 154
  • 156. NONI MILLIONAIRESother concerns. The first concern was, “Is the juice safe?” Answerwith logic: “We sell the juice in eighty-three countriestoday, wouldn’t we know by now whether the juice wassafe?” We’re pretty much a one-product company, oursignature product, our flagship product is the juice. Ithink ninety percent of our sales come from the juice. Iwill say to people, “With a one product company likeours, if the juice doesnt work, if the juice were not safedo you think people would buy the juice again and againand again? Do you think we’d sell six hundred milliondollars of juice each year?” The second concern was, “The juice is soexpensive.” Again use logic. Go through the costs, thecost of getting sick. Ask prospects, “What is the price ofgood health?” There are always things that you can get that arecheaper. But is cheaper better? If you had to have heartsurgery would you go through the yellow pages lookingfor a surgeon that would give you the lowest price? Idon’t think so. Is $2.00 a day too much to spend ongood health? The third concern was, “Is this company solid?”Answer: “Well, there are only three companies in thehistory of world business, that have experienced fastergrowth than us in the first six years of operation – theyare Google, Federal Express and Intel - We’re numberfour on that list! You’re familiar with Nike andMicrosoft, Coca Cola and all those companies? Well,they are far below us on the list of most successfulcompanies in the first six years of business.” After you use logic then you can go back to the facts 155
  • 157. NONI MILLIONAIRESto back up everything that youve said. But use logicfirst.10. We found that one of the big challenges peoplehave is retention. What strategies do you use tokeep people active? In your organization, like you said, there’ll obviouslybe attrition. But what steps do you take to minimize it? You have to make an effort to stay in touch withpeople. That’s your job. The other one is to get themphysically and mentally active. Staying in touch with them is the point, but activelygetting them to do something is vital. The companyoffers some training. I would want to get them involvedin that. I would want to get them involved in our groupconference calls. I would want them to check ourwebsite everyday because we have new calendaredevents. We have blogs, we have updated trainingmaterials. The more active they are the more successfulthey’ll be. The first ninety days are crucial in the business. Youhave to help people make money. Even a check fortwelve dollars next week is going to give people theimpetus (driving force) to continue what they’re doing. Iwant to make sure that they’re active, that they’reproductive and effective. Being productive will lead to recognition,recognition will lead to money. And that will motivatethem to even greater heights. I started with a check of twelve dollars and as wespeak, I’m looking at that check on my wall. Thatswhere I started. 156
  • 158. NONI MILLIONAIRES CHAPTER 7 Overcoming Objections “Feel, felt and found” was my very best, absolute, top of the range, number one way to resolve concerns. That was the one for every concern. - Ken Rolfsness When questioning IPCs, we found that their 3rdbiggest challenge was overcoming objections. We askedthe millionaires how they overcame objections. Know that you will get objections. Learn how toextinguish them fast. You can either react (negative) or respond (positive)to objections. Do not fear objections. Realize that objections arepart of the conversation in the recruiting process just likeasking questions and making statements. An objection isonly a smoke screen and you can take the most commonobjections and turn them to your advantage. Reacting negatively to an objection can sometimeshappen out of fear or because of lack of information. When you respond to an objection, you are incontrol. Your objective is to create confidence by having 157
  • 159. NONI MILLIONAIRESan automatic response. If you find a strong confidentway of handling objections it will give you incrediblepower. Be prepared before you encounter the objection. Your aim when prospecting is to befriend, connect,and move on. Your success depends on getting through the powerof objection by understanding the objection and gettingit out of the way. "If you know you are right then it doesnt matterwho says youre wrong," says Merlin Weekes. Dont put the person down. Respect what they saybut be confident when you make your point. It is whenyou dont have that confidence that you feel threatened. See objections as an opportunity to ask questions. Ifthe questioning is done with a genuine interest and youcan offer answers and solutions, then you can bringabout a paradigm shift for these people. Merlin makes a good point for anyone who hastrouble with the cost of the juice. He asks them howmuch they spend on health insurance. He then asksthem how they benefit from the insurance. The answerthat they benefit when they are sick, leads him to explainthat having the juice is excellent health insurance becausethey can gain immediate benefit by not getting sick.Rules for handling objections: Always validate their objection by thanking them.Respect their right to object and make them feel good.Don’t take their objections personally. Once you validatetheir objection it loses its power. You will have changedthe focus and neutralized the objection. The main objections are: 158
  • 160. NONI MILLIONAIRES 1.No time 2.No money 3.No Interest 4.No success 5.No sales For each objection you use the same formula. Validate, neutralize, move forward. The way you do this will depend on your ownpersonality, but whichever way you choose, alwaysremain polite, professional, and in control. One of theautomatic responses you will use for just about everyobjection is; “That’s the exact reason why you need totake a look at this business.” You can also neutralize an objection by using logic,as Larry Lim suggests. “Most important is to use logic.We have facts of course, facts are important to use, butuse logic more than facts.” You will have a totally different level of strengthonce you learn to take an objection and come back withsomething of value. You need to be able to saturate theobjection with positive energy. If you have a strongconviction of your own value and the value of yourbusiness, you can do this. Here are some ideas of how you can respond toobjections. We found that the “feel, felt and found” methodseemed to be the most effective. But try differentmethods to find the one that suits you. The belowexamples, are just that – examples. They were structuredusing the “feel, felt and found” method. You will need tomodify them to suit yourself and your situation. Were simply showing you how easy it is to use this 159
  • 161. NONI MILLIONAIRESparticular method of overcoming objections. Objection (1) – No time “I know how you feel. I felt the same way - until Ifound out about this business. Do you have anything inplace to give you more time in the future? If you dont,thats exactly why I want you to look at this business. If Igive you this CD, will you give it a chance and listen toit? Objection (2) – No money “Yep, I know how you feel. I felt the same way -until I found how much I started making from thisbusiness. Do you have anything in place to give youmore income in the future? What would it be worth toyou and your family if you never had to say these wordsagain, “I don’t have enough money?” Thats exactly whyI wanted you to look at this business. If I give you this CD, will you give it a chance andlisten to it?” Objection (3) – No interest (They don’t know what they are not interested in.Having no interest is an assumption. Use this to youradvantage.) “Yep, I know how you feel. I felt the same way too,I wasnt interested - until I found that this was exactlywhat I was looking for. What exactly is it that doesn’tinterest you? What if this really is for you and you missedit? I wasn’t interested either but I gave it the benefit ofthe doubt because I didn’t want to walk away fromsomething that could be worth a fortune to me, and itwas.” (Your position is strengthened because yousuggest a ‘fear of loss’ which is a very powerful emotion.) “Whether it is for you or not, at least it gives you an 160
  • 162. NONI MILLIONAIRESoption. If it isn’t for you, at least you might have a betterunderstanding of what I am doing. This company haschanged my life.” If they are still not interested you can ask: “Do youknow someone who could benefit from thisopportunity?” If you have been friendly, polite and professionalthen they are more likely to want to provide you withcontacts. Objection (4) – No success “Yes, I know how you feel. I felt the same way. Infact, I had no success in the past either - until I foundthis company. You see, most people run networkmarketing businesses the wrong way. But there are people and companies that are doing itright. I have found a company that is doing it the rightway. Listen to this CD and youll see what I mean.” Objection (5) – No sales “That’s great! We are not looking for sales people.Tell me, do you like to help people? Our business ismade up of people who like to help others. We shareideas. I can show you how you can share and makemoney doing it.” Objection (6) – Pyramid scheme “I know how you feel. I felt the same way - until Ifound out that our country has laws that don’t permitpyramid businesses.” Explain the difference simply andprofessionally between a non-traditional business versusa traditional business model.3 principles that help resolve concerns There are 3 main principles we identified during ourresearch, that can help you resolve concerns raised by 161
  • 163. NONI MILLIONAIRESprospects. One is not necessarily better than another butit would be best to follow the one that best suits yourpersonality. First principle Dont be afraid to move on to the next person if youhave to. Closed-minded people can waste your time. It isusually easier to find someone who is looking for anopportunity than to deal with excuses. Second principle Be polite, use their name and ask questions to findout their concerns. Show them they can have their needsmet. Third principle Floyd Holdman uses the questions to control theconversation and find out the true reason for theobjection. This is a method to be used by a person whohas a great deal of confidence and self-control. He makes use of the prospects name and first askstheir permission to ask a question. The questioningguides the prospect to the conclusion that the prospectsconcerns or objections are unfounded. The conversationis closed with a statement and you wait for validationfrom the prospect. This way the prospect comes to thebelief that it is their decision. This method should alwaysbe done with kindness and consideration for the personsfeelings. Larry Lim tells us: “Listen with empathy. Clarifyquestions or objections so you know what they are reallyasking or saying. Relate to people regarding how you feltbut remember they are not asking for a 45 minute 162
  • 164. NONI MILLIONAIRESanswer. Failure to observe these principles could meantalking yourself out of a deal.” Remember to alwaysrespect a persons right to voice an opinion andobjection.A lesson from Dale Carnegie Dale Carnegie, in his classic book “How To WinFriends and Influence People” explained the easy way tobecome a good conversationalist is to become a goodlistener. He points out that when you listen earnestly toanother person, it fills a basic human need to feelimportant. Dale Carnegie wrote his book because he realizedthat while people need to know how to express theirideas with clarity, effectiveness and poise they need evenmore training in how to get along with people. Nonimillionaires know this. They know how to attract peoplewith similar dreams, people who want to be shown howthey can realize their dreams. A success minded persondoesnt operate from a needy position, but from aposition of someone who can offer realistic solutions toothers. Become a problem solver, and you will build asolid business. 163
  • 165. NONI MILLIONAIRESCASE STUDY – Merlin & Bonnie Weekes1. What has been your experience with NetworkMarketing prior to TNI? Prior to TNI, Bonnie had been involved with apretty big networking company for 2 years. For mepersonally, I had decided never to do network marketingagain. That was until TNI came along.2. Were you able to bring any of those people overinto TNI? Initially Bonnie wouldn’t let me talk to her peopleabout noni juice. She felt I was in competition with her.In fact, she said, “You mean for 2 years you would nothelp youre gonna compete with me?” I had to laugh and say, “You dont have anyproducts that can compete with noni juice.” Bonnie decided to join me in TNI when we had adramatic, emotional thing happen with our very sick littlegranddaughter. She was only 16 months old at the time,and noni really helped her.3. When you started off with the business, were youproduct orientated, business orientated or were youboth? Well, it was both. At my very first TNI meeting I felt noni could helpmy granddaughter. I believed it would help her - it surewouldn’t hurt her. 165
  • 166. NONI MILLIONAIRES When you have somebody who is really sick, andthere is a glimmer of hope without any downside, itsworth trying. My main interest was helping her. Then ifnoni worked, we would introduce it to other people.4. When you prospect people, do you tend to leadwith the product or did you just lead with both theproduct and the business together? Both. We did both because it was a new product. Ithad what I considered to be substantial scientificevidence, that it could do some good. I did my due diligence. I examined who the ownerswere, their experience, their financial strengths. Iassessed their long term commitment. We had been inother companies that did not have financial strength andthey died. The leadership was in place with TNI. If I was goingto work this business I wanted people there that Ibelieve were still going to be there tomorrow. Thefounders had the knowledge, the integrity, the vision andthe commitment to the distributors. They also had thefinancial strength to make it happen.5. You mentioned in the beginning that Bonniedidnt let you go to her downline. Who then did youinitially approach? Did you approach family andfriends, associates or did you go to completestrangers and start prospecting them? I mostly approached strangers. But I did all of theabove methods. I talked to some associates. But I talkedto a lot of people I didn’t know. I talked to everybody. 166
  • 167. NONI MILLIONAIRES I was working 8 to 10 hours per day at my job. Iwould get up at 6am and start calling people I knew onthe East coast. Then, I went home at noon and stayedon the phone my entire lunch hour. Bonnie would bringme a sandwich, then I would come home at night andstart calling people on the West coast. I would call untilabout 10 o’clock at night. We talked about the miracle of the juice toeverybody we met. I talked to many people that werentinterested. In fact, many associates we talked to werealready signed up with Floyd or somebody else. Most of our organization came as a result of newblood. New people that we found.6. How would you describe support from yourupline? Well, I only had one upline. Floyd was working sohard on his business, and I would be working so hard onmine that we didn’t talk much. We did meetings togetheroccasionally, but that was it. The reality was, at that time, everybody was trying toget started. For Floyd to support everybody he wasbringing in (as much as some people wanted to besupported), it would be absolutely impossible. He found a lot of people that were so excited to dothe business that upline support wasnt an issue. Theyjust went out and did it.7. Out of the different prospecting methods, whichhave you found to be most effective? We found that talking to people (strangers) and 167
  • 168. NONI MILLIONAIRESpeople that we had known (associates), were the 2 mosteffective ways of bringing new people into our business. I have never purchased any leads. I have never reliedon going to business functions to find leads. Im notsaying those arent good, I just havent used them. I think the most effective is if you can talk to peopleyou have known in the past. This will give you yourhighest percentage of success. You have to develop solid relationships with others.We developed some good businesses through our strongnetworks with people.8. What was the biggest challenge you faced whengetting started? The biggest challenge we had was not having anymarketing material or tools to work with. We just had abottle of juice and a story. Fortunately the juice works.We relied on that fact.9. Did you have a lot of objections when you started– such as the juice costs too much, it doesnt tastegood, not another MLM? How do you overcomeobjections? We had all of those you just mentioned. Somepeople didnt like the taste of the juice. Others thought itwas great. Some people said the juice cost too much. Wejust told them to use it anyway. If it didnt work, itwouldnt cost them anything because of the money backguarantee. We explained to them, if it does work, thenits worth it. 168
  • 169. NONI MILLIONAIRES10. When you look at IPCs in your organization andjust IPCs in general, what do you think is thebiggest mistake most of them make? Self confidence is the biggest mistake. Confidence toreach out and do something that is uncomfortable.People are afraid to be rejected by other people. Rejection is something IPCs have to experience.They have to face the rejection, face the fear and justsay… “Ok, what is the worst thing that can happen?”You then realize you can live with the worst that canhappen. IPCs have to understand it is not a rejection ofthem personally, it’s a rejection of an opportunity andinvitation. If people turn you down, it could be becauseof a bias, it could be a lack of knowledge, it could bemany reasons. Theyre not saying you are a bad person.But at this point in time they arent interested. Its justthat simple. Don’t take it personally.11. Can you give us a rundown of your prospectingsystem? How you personally build your business? The key element in building a successful business isthe ability to attract a prospect. You have to see thingsfrom a prospects perspective and what he’s wanting. Letme put it this way - it’s more important to know yourprospect than it is to know your product andopportunity. In my opinion, you have to be successful withprospecting first. You have to take the time to showgenuine interest, to be genuinely interested in yourprospects and their wants. Build a relationship of trust with him, to the point 169
  • 170. NONI MILLIONAIRESthat he will open up and talk to you openly. We live in a society where people are skeptical ofothers who approach them. If you start asking questionstoo quickly - trying to discover his needs and wants, hebecomes suspicious of why you want that information. He’ll give you half of the information. Not only that,he’ll give it to you with an attitude of “why do you wantto know…you shouldn’t ask that of me.” Talk to people until they are comfortable with you.Let them do the talking, until they feel like sharinginformation with you. It can be done in a few minutes,or it may take a long time. Everybody is different. If I’ve got something that can help them, they aremuch more likely to take advantage of it to solve theirproblem, if they trust me. You have to go through the same process, whetherit is somebody youve just met, somebody you know or alead you just purchased.12. Do you have any particular strategies forfollowing up with people? I’ve used card files and I’ve used computers. Theimportant thing is you have to follow up at the time theyagree. A prospect needs to know he can depend on you todo what you say. Or else, he wont want to be in businesswith you. He wont have confidence in anything you say.13. When you find someone whos interested in thebusiness but they havent joined yet, what do you doto bring them in – close the sale so to speak? 170
  • 171. NONI MILLIONAIRES I do use closing strategies, but it isn’t what you say,its HOW you say it. For example: you can say, “If youbelieve this should solve the problem we talked about,would you want to do this business?” That’s a trial close. If they say yes, then Ill say “Well, would you takethe time to validate the information Im sharing withyou? When would be a good time we could do that?” I encourage prospects to make commitments. Theiractions will then validate their level of commitment. Some people will tell you one thing and then doanother. They have no intention of doing it. That’s theway people are. So, you have to continually keep sortingand finding out if the person is still genuine. If they aregenuine, they will keep commitments. Another big problem that happens, is when you geta prospect excited and he goes home and talks to hispartner, and he/she is opposed to it. That will happen alot. You need to strengthen a prospect enough so thatwhen it happens, he has enough confidence towithstand the verbal blows.14. In the beginning you put in a lot of time to growyour business, while working a full time job. Howdid you stay focused on the business? That’s a good question. To build anything and toachieve any goal you have to be prepared for thedetours. You have to know where you want to end up.Your business and your life wont always flow smoothly.You just have to be prepared. Sometimes you have topre-plan and sometimes you just have to deal withwhatever comes your way. Know that you have to get to point “A” and the 171
  • 172. NONI MILLIONAIRESexact time you want to be there. If something comes upand you can’t be there at that time, you have to still getthere when you can. But you keep pushing until you arethere.15. What strategies do you use to overcomeobjections? First of all, don’t put the person down (who has theobjection). Respect what they say. But, be strong enoughto come back confidently. I like to say, “I understandhow you feel. I understand that some people feel thatway, but I don’t find it that way at all. I find it…” A lot of people misunderstand the networkmarketing industry and they say its a scam. That’s aderogatory statement. I use a phrase that “a person in a position ofstrength can afford to be generous.” If you know you’reright, then it doesn’t matter who says you’re wrong, it’snot a threat to you. Dont let objections destroy yourown confidence. They only become a threat to you whenyou’re not sure youre right. You want to be right, butyou are not confident that youre in the right position.This can destroy your confidence. Try to people and help them overcome their ownobjections. Be able to ask them questions. Assuming youhave a relationship already, if they say something that isdifferent from what you believe, you’ve got to talk aboutit with them. If they won’t talk about it, then it doesntmatter whether you are right or wrong, let it go. If you can get them to talk, then you can help themovercome the objection. For example: “What aboutnetwork marketing do you perceive it to be unethical? Is 172
  • 173. NONI MILLIONAIRESit from your experience or is it from hearsay?” “If it was from your own experience, then what wasit that made it so bad? Was it the principle involved, wasit individual personalities, was it ethics in the leaders, wasit their poor product, what was it? And if those were notthe case, then what?” Find out a persons real concern, what created theconcern and where theyre at. Show them respect andgenuine interest. See yourself as a college professor teaching a student- trying to help him overcome and gain newenlightenment - what we might call a paradigm shift.That only happens if they feel free to express their ownopinion without being threatened by you.16. What strategies do you use to help retain peoplein your organization? The most important thing you can do is to get yourpeople into positions of strength, where they’reconfident in the products and the opportunity. Thenhelp them focus on where they want to be, why theywant to be there, and how important it is for them toachieve this. Help them to understand that theyre going to haverejections more than anything else. Let them know theycan fail all the way to the top. If people are confident in the business, the juice, canhandle objections, and theres information to supportthem, then its just a matter of teaching them how toprospect. Teach them how to build that relationship oftrust with prospects and keep working at it. 173
  • 174. NONI MILLIONAIRES CHAPTER 8 Retention: Cultivating a solid organization The first ninety days are crucial in the business. You have to help people make money. Even a check for twelve dollars next week is going to give people the driving force to continue what they’re doing. - Larry Lim There will always be a degree of attrition in anorganization. Its expected, its unavoidable. However,the percentage of attrition can be controlled, andretention can be dramatically improved by followingsome basic principles. Although we didnt gather specific retention stats forIPCs noni business, what we will tell you is the industryaverage in Network Marketing is a massive 80% attrition! If you do nothing to improve your retention, youwill lose 8 of every 10 distributors - leaving a devastatingimpact on your profits, and even your ability to survive. So while youre out there prospecting, are you takingcare of the ones you already have? Do you want toconstantly replace IPCs, or would you rather add IPCs? 175
  • 175. NONI MILLIONAIRES Today, you can dramatically increase your retention.Keep the stellar performers and learn to engage thedistributors to realize their own potential.Success is in the margins – a 5% improvement canyield a 100% increase in earnings Did you know that improving your organizationsretention rate by only 5% can double your businesssrevenue? Here are some questions to keep in mind whenfocusing on your organization. Do you measure retention? Do you have a plan to stop attrition? Have you taught this plan to your organization? When you first get started, attrition may not be amajor issue. When youre dealing with smaller numbersits still manageable. For example, if you have 10 peoplein your organization and your yearly attrition rate is 80%(you lose 8 out of the 10), then you only need to sign-up1 person per month to keep your organization growing. But what happens when you reach 5,000 people inyour organization? If your attrition rate is still 80%, yourgroup will need to sign up 333 new people per month,just to keep it at that size. However, by improving yourretention and teaching your organization to do likewise– your business will grow at a much faster rate. Not onlythat, but youll be able to take more time off from yourbusiness without seeing a decline in the size of yourbusiness (and pay check). 176
  • 176. NONI MILLIONAIRES3 Steps to improving Retention We identified 3 key steps the millionaires use toimprove retention rates in their organization. Its acombination of these 3 key points that will improve yourretention rate. Focusing on just one point wont have thedesired result. 1. Keep people actively involved: Especially in thefirst 3 months, people need to be kept active. Help themcreate their business plan. Have them attend meetings,and listen in on conference calls. Have them attendtraining. Get them out prospecting. As long as they arestaying active, they will be less likely to quit yourorganization. Encourage them to read material, both online andoffline. Read and share success stories. There are somegreat blogs (online newsletters) that offer some greatmaterial. Have you ever noticed how focused people becomewhen theres an interesting news story to follow - forexample, the US presidency election, a celebrity crimecase, etc? They become fixated, almost to the point thatnothing else matters. It captures their completeattention. They talk about it at work - and they cant waitfor the next update! Thats because people like to "followa story", a big story. Well, on a smaller scale you can do the exact samething. Keep people updated. Build an email list of yourorganization and email them about new developments,success stories, and advice, etc. An email list is vital. It will allow you to quicklytouch base with your entire organization each week with 177
  • 177. NONI MILLIONAIRESonly a few minutes of work. Youll notice that most ofthe noni millionaires have built an email list and sendemail broadcasts to their list – in fact, youre probably onone or two of them right now. 2. Help people achieve small successes asquickly as possible: These successes can be anything,but speed is important. New distributors can becomediscouraged within weeks of joining (if not sooner). Inthe marketing world its called “post purchasedepression.” It means a person regrets having spent thetime and money to get involved. This regret can beturned into immediate enthusiasm simply with the resultof a few successes. Heres a list of small successes you might like tofocus on: First commission check First sign-up Giving a presentation Working out a business plan Putting together a prospect list Setting up a business website 3. Become a great leader: People follow greatleaders. People are loyal to great leaders. People want toemulate great leaders. An organization that begins to shrink is one that isreduced by the owner not applying the above steps. Ifyou find yourself waiting for something positive tohappen, you have not fully realized that applying thesteps above will generate an immediate improvement inyour organization. 178
  • 178. NONI MILLIONAIRES If you dont lead your business, expect similar resultsto a failing traditional business, where an inexperiencedmanager doesnt delegate appropriately. He frequentlyleaves management in the hands of others. Instead,follow the model of a successful business and lead bydelegation, not abdication. Commit to your team andexpect commitment from them. This results in a chain ofcommand that is empowering to all. Everyoneunderstands what is expected of them. “You can support them but you cant do it forthem,” says Merlin Weekes. Work with the people in your organization in aconstructive way. Get them to a point where they areconfident in the business and the product. This will keepthem focused. Be a great role model for your organization. Dontexpect anything from them that you are not doing or arenot willing to do. Be bold and expect your organization to beaccountable for their own actions or lack of action. Youdont want wishful thinkers, you want people who takeresponsibility. People who are doers. See that new IPCs take advantage of the trainingoffered by TNI. The Company actually pays the way forIPCs to attend training. Place yourself regularly in alearning environment and encourage your team to dolikewise. Practice presentations together so that eachperson becomes capable and gains confidence. Every noni millionaire we interviewed was willing tohelp people way down the list in their organization. “Getthem all a check. People dont care how much money Imake, its how much money they make. Teach them thatby doing the work they will get paid,” advises Floyd 179
  • 179. NONI MILLIONAIRESHoldman. The purpose of working down in your organizationis not to try to manage everyone, but to teach andsupport so they feel motivated to continue the work tobuild their own strong team. This way you will beduplicating success, not failure. Dont judge people. People like to be praised andencouraged, so remember to see the good things peopledo and be quick to compliment and recognizeachievement. As we interviewed all of the noni millionaires, wediscovered they took massive action from the beginning.If you havent taken “immediate massive action” in yourbusiness or your organization, then you may be missingout on the power of taking action. Its not too late tostart now... John Bentley says, “I find out the amount of timethey can put into their business and commit them to theTNI training program.” 180
  • 180. NONI MILLIONAIRESCASE STUDY – Trudy Crow1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I married very young and had five children. Aftermy third child, who was born with Downs Syndrome, Ibecame very interested again in looking at alternativemedicine. I had lost my sister when she was only two and ahalf from an overdose of penicillin that had caused heartfailure, and so I had always been interested in alternativemedicine. But after I had a son with problems, I really activelybegan studying and became a massage therapist andstudied herbology and I enjoyed working withosteopaths and chiropractors. I did this from 1972 untilabout 1993. And in ’93 I was living in Miami and wasworking with a chiropractor. I started marketing healthproducts as a secondary income. I had lost a lot of weight with a company but then Igot so tired of taking about sixty pills a day that when Iquit taking them, I gained all the weight back. In thatparticular company there was a lot of breakage and it wasvery hard to stay in business. They had high personalmonthly volume. I had some success with that company but it was notthe right company for me.2. Did you bring any of those people with you intoyour TNI business? 181
  • 181. NONI MILLIONAIRES I did speak to Carlos, one of my associates in theother company. But we did not contact our downlineswhen we started. It was just a few months after westarted, when we really had a wonderful experience witha young boy in Venezuela, who wasnt in the best ofhealth. We really spent a lot of time, energy and moneyhelping people in Venezuela.3. So initially were you attracted to the product or tothe business side of things, when it came to noni? To the product - absolutely to the product. I wasn’tlooking for another business, even though I wasn’t thathappy with my experience with the other company. I wasstill working as a therapist. I was still working or tryingto work the other business. I had my hands full, plus Iwas very sick in November of ’96, when I wasintroduced to noni juice.4. When you approached prospects, did you leadwith the product or the business, or both?I always approached with the product. I was excitedbecause I felt I had found an answer, an alternative, thatthere really was something that God had made that wasall natural, that could be used instead of always having touse drugs or surgery. You know, people need to beeducated and given a choice. And that’s really what mymission statement became. I wanted to help others and facilitate others to betterhealth and financial security through this opportunity.5. As we surveyed IPCs, one question that kept 182
  • 182. NONI MILLIONAIREScoming up was – who should you take the businessto first? Did you go to your family first apart fromCarlos, or did you go to other associates? I honestly never made a list. I talked to my family, Italked to close friends. I was in an area in Miami where itwasn’t hard to talk to ten new people a day. Basically Ijust made a commitment that I would share theinformation that I knew was true about noni juice, withat least ten people a day. However I found that I couldn’t do follow-ups onthat many people, so I cut it down to five people a day.To this day, I still talk to at least five people a day. It’sbecome a real ingrained habit. I’m still just as excitedabout what I know this juice can do for people and whatthe opportunity can do. It can give people time and givethem financial security. It gives them something excitingto look forward to, and of course better health. In fact, even when I broke my arm (on a photoshoot), and had to go to the hospital – I was able toprospect the medical people there. I had my orthopedicdoctor evaluating the juice, so did the therapist, so didone of the nurses, so did the regular doctor, and oneother person in the emergency room.6. Apart from just talking to people you meet, doyou have a system in place to find these five newpeople a day? I do it myself. As you go about your everydayactivities you can talk to people anywhere. This juice isgood for anyone, anywhere. I take my new distributors and we go prospecting. 183
  • 183. NONI MILLIONAIRESWe go into Miami and go shopping. And I show themhow easy it is to approach people. When I prospect I always do it third party. I dontask prospects if they have a health challenge or if theyneed extra income. I introduce myself and I ask them if they know ofanyone, maybe someone in their family, that has a healthchallenge or is needing to make an extra five, six, sevenhundred dollars a month - If so can they please givethem this newspaper or tape or brochure or whatever Ihave that I am offering. People are always very responsive and most of thetime they say, “Well yeah, I’d be interested in knowingabout this myself.” I go on to ask them if I can have their email address,because I’d like to be able to contact them and sharesome other information with them. I always make sure that everything I give them hasmy name and phone number and email on it.7. That sounds like a good approach. Have youalways used this method? Yes it is. I use this method, because people dontfeel like Im putting any pressure on them – and Im not. I had found from working in massage therapy andso forth, that people find it easier to talk aboutsomebody in their family than they do themselves. Sothey get to know you. It’s just easier for both peopleinvolved in the conversation.8. You mentioned you give people a tape or anewspaper. Do you have any particular prospecting 184
  • 184. NONI MILLIONAIREStool you use or do you use a variety of tools? Well of course when we started in ’96 and ’97 therewas not much material at all. I loved Dr. MonaHarrison’s tape, “What Every Doctor Should Know.” That was always my favorite. But I keep a variety ofthings in a filing folder in my car and I always carry aportfolio. I have something that I think will appeal to peoplewhether their interest is going to be on health, if itsgoing to be the money, if it’s going to be time freedom,or if it’s going to be fun. I have cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs and newspapers. Iask people - “Do you enjoy listening to information orreading information?” Youll find that some people are visual, some peopleare auditory. And that way I can kind of customize whatI give each person. If it’s a CD or a tape, I will tell them that I havesomething from my “loaning library” that I would lovefor them to take and listen to it. I then tell them I’ll becontacting them to get it back in about seventy-twohours or about three to five days. I tell them there areother people I will be sharing it with. This gives them asense of urgency, yet it doesnt really pressure them toomuch. If they dont listen to it in three to five days,they’re probably not going to listen to it. In the beginning I wasted a lot of money. So now Ireally encourage my distributors, “Set yourself up aloaning library and really treat it that way. Put yourmaterial out there. If prospects get excited, if they comeinto the business with you, then you can loan it tothem.” 185
  • 185. NONI MILLIONAIRES We’ve got such wonderful training tools andmaterial available . If you’re talking to someone whoneeds a lot of validation, then you’re going to be lettingthem borrow books and so forth. But some of the booksand material are really expensive. So you don’t want to just give them to somebodyand have them never read it and trash it. I have too much respect and appreciation for theliterature than to have it just discarded like that. Its fine to invest thirty or forty dollars intoliterature, as long as it’s making you money.9. So when you hand out information and youidentify someone who’s interested, do you try toidentify that person as a business builder or do youjust wait to see what they do? Well you know, there’s a lot of signposts that aresupposed to identify a leader. I think the most importantthing is that somebody is teachable. If you havepresented information and you’ve asked them to dosomething as simple as listen to a four minute tape orwhatever you are using to pique interest, and they don’tdo it - then that’s a pretty good clue that they’re notgoing to be real teachable later on. The people that have been the most successful inmy group are people that follow through with what Isuggested. They keep commitments. Then they come upwith their own unique things, their own questions andtheir excitement. In other words I don’t have to pumpthem up, all the time. If they’re really motivated, I mean if they are serious,if they really get the point of why they want to do this, 186
  • 186. NONI MILLIONAIRESthen those are the people you want. I really stress with people, I want to know your“why.” Whats your purpose, what’s your reason forwanting to join this company? I mean what do you wantto get out of it for yourself and for your family?10. Once you started your noni business, how longwas it until you were able to generate a full timeincome or at least, what most people wouldconsider a full time income? Well my situation is maybe a little bit different fromsome people’s, because on November 20th of ’96 (I gotmy first bottle of juice) a doctor had told me that Ineeded immediate surgery. I didn’t have the money forsurgery and I didn’t have the money for insurance. Wehad used up our finances moving to Florida and ninemonths later we had a visitor named Andrew, that wasHurricane Andrew. No matter how hard my husband and I worked, andwe both did work extremely hard, seven days a week,there was no money. I signed up in November, because I didn’t want topay retail for another bottle of juice. I had drunk my firstbottle in three days and had had wonderful results. Thatreally gave me hope that maybe I could handle my healthchallenges, without surgery. The company then put out a notice - they weregoing to extend the qualifying period to become a pearl,and to become a founder of the company through themonth of January. By January 1st I knew that I wantedto tell everybody that I could possibly talk to about howwonderful this gift from God was, because that’s the way 187
  • 187. NONI MILLIONAIRESI really feel about the fruit. I became pearl in one month. I found a lot of my clients in Texas that I had giventreatment to through the years. I told them about thejuice. I told them that I thought it would really benefitthem and actually I needed their help because I hadthirty days to qualify for a position with the company.This position would give me my own assistant in thecorporate office. I wanted to help as many people as Icould and I would need that assistant. I made these associates a deal. If they would buy athree to six month supply of juice, three to six cases –and if they found it did not help them, I would buy itback from them, I would give their money back to themif it didnt work. I had that much confidence in the product. I felt likeif they drank that much, I wouldn’t have to buy backany. And I didn’t. In fact one of the Spanish couplesthat bought the juice that month is a pair of mydiamonds. We just worked really, really hard and I actuallymade more money in ’97 than I had made in theprevious three or four years as a therapist. The next year it doubled and then the next year itdoubled and it was just phenomenal, it’s been aphenomenal journey. There is one thing I have always told my people, andI tell people whenever I talk to them, “Whenever youdrink this juice there are side effects, and they say,“What? What kind of side effects?” And I say, “Well Iknow there are three right away....” 1. It loosens my jaw and I talk to complete strangers about how wonderful this juice is. All day, everyday, because it’s just amazing what it 188
  • 188. NONI MILLIONAIRES does. 2. I noticed my heart enlarge, I have so much more love and appreciation than I used to have. 3. It gives me the runs (people of course think of a detoxifying process), I run to the bank every week, I run to Salt Lake City, I run to New York, I run to Hawaii, I run to Tahiti. I have so much fun helping other people. It’s justbeen wonderful. It truly has been the most wonderfulopportunity that I think I can offer to anybody. 11. Did you spend a lot of time learning aboutthe product and the business before you startedcontacting people and your associates? Well in January of ’97 there was one tape, there werefour fact sheets and there was one newspaper. Basically Italked from my own experience and I had credibilitywith the people I talked to. They knew that I wouldnt be calling them if itwasn’t true. Your personal credibility is very important.Like it says in the Bible, where your reputation and yourname are worth more than silver and gold. You have to have trust. People have to be able totrust what you say. And so youd better be really carefulwhat you say and how you treat everybody.12. What do you recommend to a new person in thebusiness? What should they be doing? I tell people I have four Ps. They are: 189
  • 189. NONI MILLIONAIRES – Purpose – Preparedness – Passion – Persistence People kept asking me, what were the keys to mysuccess? Why did I think I had been so successful? Andwhen I thought about it, those four elements were whatkept coming to my mind and of course I wasn’tsuccessful at all by myself. I had a wonderful team, as Ido today. Carlos is bilingual and in the beginning hecould travel, and I couldn’t do that. He could do things Icouldn’t do. I had the assistant at the corporate offices(and still do today), so when we had problems, as afounder, I could call Utah and we could get help withour problems. I actually sponsored my own upline from the othercompany who is a computer genius. I can hardly sendemails. So we had a synergy and I think that’s important.They say you don’t have to know everything, you justhave to surround yourself with people that know whatyou don’t. I’ve been very fortunate. I have wonderful,wonderful people that I work with in my group. And Iwork all the way down. I don’t look at what level they’reon. I feel that we are all here to help each other. That’simportant to me. I want it to be a win-win foreverybody, always.13. If you were to break up your normal dailyroutine, what kind of percentage would you putinto, say, finding those five people you mentioned,or contacting downline or contacting upline? Can 190
  • 190. NONI MILLIONAIRESyou give us some kind of breakdown percentage-wise where you spend most of your time? I don’t contact my upline. I consider my upline asfriends. We may talk on a conference call or something.But I dont constantly go to them. It doesn’t take that long to contact five new people aday. What takes your time is doing your follow-ups andsetting appointments and being organized. I keep 3x5cards. The five people I talk to today, I’ll move themthree days forward, and in three days I’ll contact themagain, and then move them seven days after that, twoweeks after that and so on. But you have to have somekind of organization otherwise youll forget. You don’t want to let any contact go too long beforeyou follow up on them. They may get excited by whatyouve said and get on the Internet and then they’rebarraged by all these noni copy cats, or whatever elsethere is out there. You’ll lose them. It’s an emotionally drivenopportunity and I think it’s really important that youdevelop rapport and you strengthen the relationship. I would say it would probably be fifty percent ofmy time following up with prospects.14. Looking back, would you do anything differentlyto what you have done? Or do you feel that you havepretty much followed the correct system for you?Well, I didn’t really fully understand the marketing plan,and I was so excited in the very beginning. I made someserious mistakes in placement because in the othercompany we didn’t have that feature. 191
  • 191. NONI MILLIONAIRES If I could go back, with what I know now, I wouldbe a lot more careful about where I place people in thebusiness. But at the time I thought I was doing the rightthing. You know, I’ve got a strong group but basicallyonly have two downlines. I think a person probably should build at least fivewide, not two.15. Did you have much support from family? Didthey help you to build your business, or did you justgo out and blaze your own trail? I just blazed my own trail. Actually I wasn’t evercontacted by anybody in my upline until ’98. I had onlycalled two of the uplines a couple of times to do threeway calls. Nobody put anything in my business, nobodyoffered me any kind of help as far as prospecting orprospecting tools. Because I did have it so hard, I almostthink that’s one reason I have been overly giving toothers in the business. I know how hard it was to nothave any money and not have anything, except your ownword of mouth.16. Apart from what you already mentioned, whatwas your biggest challenge in building thebusiness? And what is your biggest challengetoday? Well, firstly my biggest challenge was the languagebarrier because I didn’t, I still don’t speak Spanish nordo I understand it. That was a big challenge and it’s stilla challenge today for me - that and the computer. 192
  • 192. NONI MILLIONAIRES I know I’ve got to get into the 21st Century. Youcan hardly live in this society without being skilled at acomputer. But at least it gives people in my generation(the 46B.C. Generation – 46 years Before Computers),the confidence to do the business without computer“know-how.” As long as you can do three way calls andhandle filing and fax machines you can build thebusiness. It’s not the quickest, easiest most thoroughway, but there are people in my group who said the onlyreason they tried, is because they thought, well if she didit, I can at least try. And they’ve been successful too.18. There are people who have been in the businessfor some time, and feel they dont know how tomove forward. They feel they need more training.What do you recommend they do? When a new distributor came aboard, if I was theirsponsor, I would start by asking questions. I reallywanted to know what they wanted to do and what theyexpected of me, what my part was. I would then do threeway calls and train them. I would work with them for afew hours a week for the first few weeks. Now we’ve got the “Success Path.” The companysgot a standardized training. Then there are somedistributors, like Ken Rolfsness, that have a marveloussystem. I guess it’s just different strokes for different folks.But you don’t have to know everything about noni juice,you just have to love and believe in its uniqueness andthat it works. A person has to personally experience it.You just have to help people get their confidence level.Because once they believe it, they’re going to talk about 193
  • 193. NONI MILLIONAIRESit. There is no such thing as people not beingnetworkers. I don’t care if it’s, “Man I caught a fifteenpound catfish in this hole,” or “I just got the best sale oncheese you wont believe.” People share what they reallybelieve in. If they’re passionate about it they’ll talk aboutit.19. Do you think that’s the main thing peopleshould be doing - telling stories theyre passionateabout? I think people just need to be sincere and be honest.And if they’re impressed with what the juice does fortheir health or somebody’s health in their family, thenthat’s what they should talk about. There are so many people around that if you arewilling to put yourself out there and say, “Hey, if youknow anybody that’s under a lot of stress because theyneed to make an extra five hundred dollars a month, Iwish you’d tell them to talk to me. It’s made a world ofdifference now that I’m making the extra money. I’d liketo share how I’m doing that with somebody.” Just talk topeople, honestly and sincerely.20. Have you ever purchased any leads or run anyadvertising campaigns, run any ads at all? I haven’t personally run any kind of newspaper ad oranything like that. A few years ago I got involved with alead generating info-commercial, but that was the biggestjoke I’ve ever seen. I think it’s really important to have eye contact. Ithink it’s really important to develop a rapport because 194
  • 194. NONI MILLIONAIRESso many people have been ripped off and there is somuch smoke, so much misrepresentation that peoplehave to really believe you care. They don’t have to believe that you’re the smartestthing that ever walked. But if you are prepared to talk topeople then you know which prospecting tool, whichnewspaper, which CD to offer them. You just have toask the right questions. I think people need to listenmore than they talk. They need to ask questions andthen listen. Customize what you say and do so based on thepersons responses. Listen to them and find out whattheir needs are or what their wants are. That’s why Ive never written a script for myorganization to memorize. I’ll just take my downline andwe’ll just go shopping and I’ll make approaches and thenI’ll let them make approaches. We’re not a cookie cuttersociety. We’re all unique, we’re all different. And that’swhat people, I think, are so hungry for - for recognitionthat they’re unique. So let them talk about themselves. They say the most beautiful word to a persons earsis the sound of his own name. Ask one or two questions,use their name and let them talk about themselves, thenyou’re going to know how to help them. They’re goingto think you’re the greatest person in the world. Andthey wont even know why...21. Lets say you’re out shopping, for example -How would you approach someone, I mean whatwould be the first thing that you would say? It would depend if I was in a restaurant or if I wastalking to a manager of a store. But I just always start 195
  • 195. NONI MILLIONAIRESasking questions and I always do everything third party,so that theres no pressure on them.22. Do you have any techniques that you use toactually get people to sign up? What I always do, I will offer them their first bottleof juice wholesale. I don’t say at my cost, because I’m areal stickler for being honest. I just tell them... “I would really like you toexperience this. So why don’t I just give you your firstbottle at wholesale and then we can talk later about it.” I’m not pushy so people don’t feel threatened. WhenI follow up with them while they’re drinking the juice, Iknow that they should be getting close to the end of thebottle, so of course I’ve already asked them... “Are youthe only one drinking it or are you offering it to othermembers of your family?” If they say somebody besides them is also drinkingit, I’ll say... “Look, why don’t I go ahead and bring youover another bottle and you can have it at wholesale, butit looks like you’re going to want to go ahead and set upyour own account.” I don’t say, “Sign them up as distributors.” I neverhave. I don’t know why. I was never trained in networkmarketing. I’m not a seasoned network marketer. I might have just accidentally done a few thingsright. I believe there’s always time to offer the businessto others, but I don’t think anybody (this is my ownpersonal thought), could be good in business if theydidn’t believe in the product. I think you have to believein the product, thats just me personally. If the juice works for them, then it can stand on its 196
  • 196. NONI MILLIONAIRESown legs. It’s going to be very effective and people aregoing to be sharing it. People don’t like to think thatyou’re talking to them because you’re thinking aboutmaking money out of them. If they think the only thing you care about is tomake money off of them, I think that’s a turn off, butyou see that’s just my personal opinion. I’m sure thereare some other people in noni that would say, well that’sreally not true. But that’s my view.23. So what do you do when you come across peoplewho have an objection to the juice? Someone whodoes have an honest objection like, it’s tooexpensive, I can’t afford it, it doesn’t taste good -Do you have any kind of pattern that you follow orsystem that you follow to overcome objections? Well I usually don’t get objections because Imention things before they can and I’ll do it in ateaching manner. Lets say I was talking to you about the juice. Beforeyou even ask me how much it is, I would plant ideas intoyour mind that you’re worth whatever it costs and thereis a difference between price and cost. You know, some people might say, well $35 for abottle of juice is too high, but what is it costing them?You might get it cheaper at Wal-Mart, in fact you can,you can go get a 16oz plastic bottle, which is made frompetrochemicals which secretes into the juice. Thesecond ingredient is corn syrup, and the last threeingredients are preservatives. The price is cheaper, the cost is extremely high. Ifthey say they don’t like the taste, I tell them.. “You 197
  • 197. NONI MILLIONAIRESknow, I felt the very same way, until I realized that it wasbecause my P.H. was acidic. And there are naturalalkalizes in the noni fruit. If you will just stay with it for afew more days, your body is going to become morealkaline and you’re going to notice a different taste. Inthe meantime just hold your breath because you can’ttaste what you can’t smell.” My daddy was a big football fan and he always saidthat the best defense is a good offense. This has workedfor me. We already know what the three of four mostcommon objections are going to be, so we can beprepared to answer positively.24. What’s the biggest mistake that you seedistributors repeatedly making? Not following up. It may be that distributors fearrejection. I like to do role-playing. If you can help peoplereally feel more comfortable, they wont have that fear ofrejection. If you can help them to realize that they don’thave to know it all - they can call us or they can refer toinformation or the website for answers. Don’t feel like you have to give too muchinformation, when you do follow-up. People sometimes fear the follow-up, because theyare afraid they wont have all the answers. That’s why Ithink three way calls are really important. I think everysponsor should really work with their new distributorson the three way calls and help them build theirconfidence so they feel more relaxed about it.25. What do you see yourself doing that other IPCs 198
  • 198. NONI MILLIONAIRESdont do?I would say the follow-ups, developing a relationship,asking questions and really listening. There’s a differencebetween hearing and listening. I think that I listen betterthan some people.26. One of the big things we found when wesurveyed people was they struggled with two majorproblems: Prospecting and retention, keeping thepeople that they had signed-up active. Do you haveany techniques that you have used to keep peoplemotivated and active in your downline? I have seven diamonds and I talk to them everyweek, I talk to some of their pearls, I talk to theirdownline. I’ve got people that started with me in ’97,they are still with me. If you want retention in your group, it’s in thefollow-up, it’s staying in contact, it’s showing an interest.You need to set aside so much time out of the week forthis. You have to be making those calls or sending emailcards – you need to keep in touch.27. What percentage of time do you spend, keepingin touch with your organization. At least twenty-five to thirty percent per week.You’ve got to stay in contact with your team and helpsolve whatever challenges you see them having. Or justexchange information. Then you follow up on all yournew people, and follow up on their people. I just enrolled two new people and one of them had 199
  • 199. NONI MILLIONAIRESbeen in my group back in ’98. She lived up north and herhusband was really sick. I was going through a lot ofproblems. Somebody had got hold of my downlinereport and was going after my people. I was honestlyquite stressed. I didn’t contact her for a while and then when I didcall, the number had been disconnected. I wonderedwhat in the world had happened. I figured her husbanddied. I thought well maybe she had to go live with one ofher kids. But two weeks ago she called me and she still hadmy number. She had moved to Delaware and had runinto a lady that was selling noni. She mentioned that sheused to sell noni and she said, “Oh well you ought to dothat again, I can sign you right up.” And she said, “Oh ifI ever do it again I’ll go back to my sponsor.” Then shecalled me, to sign her back up. She said, “You were always helpful and you werealways there when I needed you. I just want to work withyou.” It means a lot to me that she would be that loyal.She felt like she had support from me. Sometimes itseasy to worry that somebody is slipping through thecracks.28. Are there any kind of skill sets you’ve seen withpeople in your downline, who are doing well? Whatkind of skills do you see in people that do well inthis business? I think they have good communication skills andgood people skills. There are common denominatorswith successful people. They do not prejudge. They have 200
  • 200. NONI MILLIONAIRESintegrity in their dealings with other people. I think thatis of the utmost importance. I used to really be upset at the people going after myleaders back in Mexico and Ecuador. I mean, I lost300,000 points in volume in six weeks in Ecuador. Then all of a sudden I realized, if those peoplethought it was ok to do that, then I was better offwithout them in my group.The people that offered them the money or offeredthem all this stuff, were scallywags as far as I’mconcerned. But evidently I had misjudged the people,because if they thought it was ok to sign-up in theirhusband’s name or their wife’s name or their deadgrandmother’s name...... I don’t want these people in mygroup. I’m not going to let my blood pressure go tostroke level anymore over it.29. Now that you’ve generated quite a degree ofsuccess in the business, has it changed how youview things? Do you do things differently? It’s given me the opportunity to fulfill my dream ofhelping other people and helping ourselves. Especiallyafter Hurricane Andrew when we were having such ahard time financially. There were many times I wouldhave to write a note and only be able to pay part of a bill. To be able to pay all my bills and to be able to havemoney to help other people that truly can’t afford things.We’ve helped a lot of cancer patients financially. We givethem a bottle a day. Now I’m debt free. We own our home. We own ourvehicles and our boat. I don’t have a two million dollarhouse. 201
  • 201. NONI MILLIONAIRES I just wanted the financial security of beingcomfortable and being well. I don’t have a showylifestyle. I have the lifestyle I wanted. I’m free. I can travel. Ialways said if I had money I wanted to see what Godhad created in other parts of the world. The lifestyle of freedom, to be able to help othersand to be able to help my children and grandchildren.My girls had to work so hard at such a young age. Wenever had a family vacation, so three years ago I wantedto do something special, so I took all four of mydaughters to Hawaii with me. That was a very specialtrip. It allows you to do all those kind of lifestyle things,particularly with family.30. Do you have any more observations orcomments in general? Particularly for those peoplewho are struggling in the business? I think one of the disadvantages of being in yourown business is the fact that you dont have to becommitted, if you dont want to. As an employee, if theboss told you to do something, then you would beobliged to do it. So when youre the boss you don’talways keep commitments to yourself. That’s the thing I have seen in my group. A lot ofpeople have committed to talking to five people a day orthree people a day. Then they only talk to one and getdistracted. They think, ok I’ll make it up tomorrow andI’ll talk to this many extra tomorrow. They don’t take it seriously enough. They reallyneed to realize that they have hired themselves. 202
  • 202. NONI MILLIONAIRESThey need to be committed and true to themselvesas they would be to a boss. Be reasonable, but be consistent and persist and takeit seriously. It is a business. If you’re wanting to makeserious money it’s not easy. I think that a lot of peoplethink, “Oh well I can sign up a couple of people andthat’s all I have to do. They’ll do all this work and I’llmake all this money.” Well that’s not reality. They haveto be accountable to themselves. 203
  • 203. NONI MILLIONAIRES CHAPTER 9 Whos Building My Organization? When I was instructing in the USAF, teaching others how to fly a Mach2 airplane, training was a high priority because what you didnt know about the airplane would kill you. This business is so simple and I feel that many people use lack of training as an excuse for not getting out there and prospecting people. - Alex Brewer What is a noni millionaires biggest challenge? Whenwe posed this question to the millionaires 60% of themsaid, “getting people to replicate them.” Whats the solution? Ken Rolfsness, one of TNIs fastest qualifying TripleDiamond Black Pearls told us: “When Michelle (my wife) and I first started our TNIbusiness, we only ever spoke about the product and the businessseemed to take care of itself. We built our business with the beliefthat “Ignorance on Fire is better than Knowledge onIce” resulting in a very large and stable business. We reachedTriple Diamond, Black Pearl within our first year and continue tobe successful. 205
  • 204. NONI MILLIONAIRES When our good friend Bert Jensen came to Australia wecompared our businesses and the growth differences. Bert asked mehow I built my business, so I shared my tactics with him. Hesmiled and said, “You may be able to out-recruit me 10 to 1, butmy 1 would out-perform your 10!” It was after this that I realizedthat even though Bert said I can out-recruit him, I didn’t have asystem in place like he does - where any person who wants to buildan organization easily can. He said, “Ken you’ve blazed a trail tothe top, but unfortunately you didn’t leave a road map for yourgroup to follow.” I then asked how he built such a large organization incountries that weren’t even open at the time. We spent many hoursdiscussing his business building strategies and how I could put thesethings into practice with my business.” “My 1 would outperform your 10!”A paradigmshifting statement. From the example above you can seethat Kens initial concept was to do it all himself. Due tohis exceptional communication skills he did very well.But it wasnt until he strategized with Bert that he refinedhis techniques, and freed up more of his time, by havinghis team build his organization. But what kind of team? Floyd Holdman explainedthat when he first started his noni business, he went afterthe big fish - people he knew had more contacts and agreater influential circle than himself. He didnt focus onthe less influential people. Floyd goes on to explain that many IPCs go aboutthe business the wrong way. They prospect people thathave less of an influential circle than themselves. Anddown the line it goes, each person bringing into theirorganization a smaller circle of influence. Each sectionof the team becoming less and less effective. 206
  • 205. NONI MILLIONAIRES Ken Rolfsness took this bold approach himself,perhaps unintentionally, when he signed up his formerboss, a multi-millionaire. This not only gave Kentremendous credibility, but it also gave him networkingopportunities into a new circle of influence. Ken was onhis way to becoming a noni millionaire. More than 90% of our millionaires have taken andstill do take this approach. They knew who was going tobuild their organization the fastest and the mosteffectively. A simple fact – if you want to build an organizationquickly and effectively, network with people who have abig circle of influence. Ken goes on to offer the following advice: Regarding building your organization, first work outwho your potential leaders are. Be selective in who youchoose - you could be traveling the world with them!Your potential leaders should be: 1. People who have a great and positive attitude 2. People who want more out of life 3. People who will do whatever it takes to obtain their goals 4. People who are persistent and won’t give up at the first obstacle 5. People who are the ones you want to travel the world with 6. People who you won’t need to continually chase up – they will be calling you! 7. People who are capable of leading an organization. If, by some mischance you haven’t already done so, 207
  • 206. NONI MILLIONAIRESwrite down the 10 best people on your list. This will beyour leaders list. Start with them first. What if you dont know enough people? Bert Jensensuggests you start networking. Go to functions, go tobreakfast club meetings, or Chamber of Commercemeetings. Larry Lim also applies this networking skill ashe speaks and attends business functions. Opportunitiesto network with other business people are all around youand never ending.Did the millionaires bring a former organization withthem? Another common question we received from IPCswas - “Did the noni millionaires become millionaires bybringing over an organization from another company?”We can put this one to rest right away. 67% of themillionaires we surveyed did NOT bring an existingorganization with them. Bring Organization from other Company No 67% Yes 33% And for those who did, keep in mind they still hadto build that organization in the beginning, which meansthis becomes an irrelevant question. A second major concern was - “all of the goodprospects are either in the business already, or alreadyknow about it and arent interested.” Does that meanthere is no one left to prospect? Larry Lim answered this question best, when he said 208
  • 207. NONI MILLIONAIRES“A lot of the network marketers, the professional ones,are already in this company. Thats why you should lookfor business people. Even Kelly Olsen says, we need totake this company to a different level by appealing tomore business people.” Only 12% of the population is interested in networkmarketing. What about the other 88% who arent?” Business people understand that a business doesntmove by itself, it is developed and directed by the mindbehind it.If you dont make it happen, no one else will do it foryou One of Donald Trumps TV shows The Apprenticehad two young men battling it out for the prized positionin the Trump company. It was an interesting challenge,because one was a top graduate in business who workedfor a large organization, while the other was the ownerof a multi-million dollar business and only had a collegeeducation. The competition was tight but thedetermining factor was the young entrepreneurs abilityto organize himself and make quick, concise decisions. This doesnt mean the graduate couldnt gain thesame abilities. But at this point, the entrepreneur had theedge with his experience as a decision maker. He knewhow to make the right decisions quickly. The entrepreneur knows he will have competition.This doesnt concern him, he has the vision of where heis going and he will turn most circumstances to hisadvantage. Network Marketing is not some sort of illegalscheme as some people may intentionally orunintentionally portray it. Its a marketing system that is 209
  • 208. NONI MILLIONAIRESnow being taught at prestigious universities around theworld. It has come of age and can stand alongside othermarketing methods. As such, it needs to follow thesuccess principles for business and marketing. Larry Lim, doesnt consider himself as a professionalnetwork marketer. But he is an expert in marketing. Hissuccess in the noni business proves that traditionalmarketing principles apply. 210
  • 209. NONI MILLIONAIRESCASE STUDY Ken & Michelle Rolfsness1. Can you tell us a little bit about your background?I was born in California, but was raised in Blue Springs,Missouri. Until recently, I had been living in Brisbane,Australia with my wife and 3 kids for 11 years. We arecurrently on an extended vacation in Utah. Like my parents, I came from a working classbackground. I was a factory worker in the US and whenI moved to Australia I was still a factory worker. In aneffort to change my situation (we were living with mywifes parents and our credit cards were maxed out), Idecided to take on a new job in sales, working for PhilTornabene. I was working 60 – 80 hours a week but notdoing very well. The opportunity to join TNI was dropped into mylap. Not having any prior experience in NetworkMarketing, I of course wasnt at all interested at first.But then I was given an audiotape and I am certainlyglad I listened to it. I decided to give it a go, and if it didnt work, “Ohwell...” My wife was very negative about it and said, “Ifits network marketing, youre not having anything to dowith it.” I decided to do it anyway. We tried the product andhad amazing results. I saw some amazing things happento my family, especially with my father. I decided to give the same tape to my boss Phil. Hesa great man, very successful in business. I asked him forhis opinion and he told me I was wasting my time. He 211
  • 210. NONI MILLIONAIRESsaid that only a small percent will make it to the top, andso on. Anyway, he reluctantly took the tape. About a week later I got a phone call while trainingin a meeting with a message to “Shut down meetingASAP and call Phil at home.” Im now thinking, “Oh no,Im getting fired.” You see, I asked Phil everyday if hehad listened to the tape. So I call him back and he says,“Ken I just heard your tape...if a quarter of whats onthis tape is true, were going to make a lot of money.” From there Phil and his wife Nolene then bookflights to the US. He meets with the founders, doesbackground checks on both the company and theowners. He sees that they have no debt and have a verysolid foundation. He calls me from the States and says, “Ken whatsyour ID number?” I said “Why?” And he said “Well, youintroduced this to me and I’d like to get started.” I thought to myself, wow – Phil, who is listed in the“Who’s Who of Business” in 1998 and 2001, who ownsseveral companies, and owned the largest AMP franchisein the world... what would he want with a simple fruitjuice? From that I got a lot of confidence. I startedhanding out that one tape like water. I would just say topeople, “Here’s a tape with a bunch of Doctors talkingabout how this fruit juice seemed to help their patients.If I give it to you, will you listen to it?” I didnt go to people with hype. I basically askedthem for their opinion. If they were in the looking zone,you would soon know. All I do is find out a way to get them to listen to theinformation. I let the tools do the work. Back then I didnt understand the marketing plan, I 212
  • 211. NONI MILLIONAIRESjust knew the product worked. I was confident in thatfact. You can guess what happened from there...2. Whats the biggest mistake you see IPCsrepeatedly making in this business? Talking too much! They talk people into it......thenright back out. When a prospect starts asking questions, IPCs tendto get excited and give too much information. It’s as ifthey have asked for a drink of water and the IPC opensup a fire hose and they drown them with too muchinformation. IPCs need to be a conduit to a system. A pipelineso to speak. I let the tools do the talking. For example, I use my‘iMap system’. The iMap system is based on the nowfamous “3 Question/Grid” program that I developedafter Bert Jensen directed me onto the right track. Rightnow that information is on the ‘Show Me The Money’DVD. Instead of them talking about how great noni is, Iprefer to do what I did in the beginning. I simply let thetools do the work for me. All I have to do is teach theIPCs exactly what to say and what NOT to say! The reason I made so much money so fast, isbecause I handed out hundreds of my prospecting tools,and I taught those who joined us to do the same. Itwasnt me talking, it was the tools. That’s where thecredibility came from - it was third party.3. Can you run through your prospecting system sowe can better understand it? 213
  • 212. NONI MILLIONAIRES Well, your warm market (associates) is where mostof your people will make the money. What we do withnew IPCs is the standard thing. They write a list ofnames. We teach IPCs to write a minimum of 40 names.Then we divide them into groups. The first 10 would bepeople that you look up to. This is important becausemost IPCs only approach those who look up to them.This is a mistake. IPCs should approach those they lookup to as well. The problem is, your people will then do the samething and then they will talk to people that look up tothem. Pretty soon you will be doing presentations froma park bench! In my own personal example, Phil Tornabene wasone I looked up to - my boss. Today after 8 years, he isstill here. He’s still solid and he’s my biggest group, andone of my dearest friends. Next, list 20 people that you associate with on aregular basis - your friends, relatives, club members,church, etc. That’s where the majority of the people willcome from. Finally list 10 people you would like to help. However, there are exceptions to the rule. Don’tcount on the exception, bank on the rule. You see,people will join you because they know you, like you andtrust you. Thats why your warm market is so important. After we have the list of 40 names minimum, wethen contact them. Its what I am calling the iMapsystem - Immediate Massive Action Program. The iMapsystem allows us to be a conduit into a system. Even I use this system myself. If you are doingsomething that is not duplicatable, which I have done inthe past, then you will build a good short term business, 214
  • 213. NONI MILLIONAIRESbut your long term business might not be sustainable. We teach people what to say and what not to say. Ifthey don’t know what to say, or they are confused,people won’t act. We then give them a simple script. I used to have aproblem with scripts. I always felt they were fake. I feltlike it was acting and thought “How can you bepassionate with a script?” But all a script does, is makessure you are prepared. For the average person whodoesn’t have any skill sets, when they have this shortscript, it gives them confidence. Then as they becomebetter in the business, they will know how to express itin their own way. But at least we give them a way to startand its short and simple. I researched the creation of the iMap system frompeople that have made US$10 million to US$20 millionin the industry. We created it from the top dogs…notjust the top people in noni, but in other industries aswell. Heres what we do: 1. Get your list of names. 2. Contact the 40 people in the first week. (And add to this list until you reach your desired income.) This gives your business a major kickstart. You dothis all within your first week. (Or if you have been in forsometime and you want more money, start a new weekTODAY) Some people would say “Well, gee Ken, I dohave a life here. I can’t contact 40 people.” But if you tellthem what to say and what not to say, they’ll be able to 215
  • 214. NONI MILLIONAIRESdo it without too much effort. If they contact the 40people in the week, our statistics show that they willbring 5 out of the 40 people into the business. So, all wehave to do is give them confidence to use the system andto understand it. That’s what we mean – be a conduit tothe system. I should mention here that if you can physically seethem in person, within 7 days, rather than call, you willget better results. Your conversion rate will be so muchhigher. Its better to see them than to phone them. In the beginning I used the ‘Look who’s talking’ tapeand that’s all I did. I let the tools do the work. I was verygood at getting people to listen to that. Now I use theDVD “Show Me The Money” which I find better. Itcovers the doctor’s stuff, but more importantly, it alsolets them know they can make money. The 3 things thatmost people want to know about a business are: 1. What is it? 2. How much money can I make? 3. What do I need to do to make that money?More people know that they are broke than know thatthey are sick. We are just going after a higher conversionrate. Call your associates and use one of these scripts: The 3 Questions ApproachQ#1. “Hey (Persons name), who do you know that would like tomake a lot of money? (Most say they do.)Q#2.“Can you get $300 within a week?”(If they answer “no” to this question, I have found a fast 216
  • 215. NONI MILLIONAIRESsolution. I was told by Jean Rahman, who was theyoungest, former Auditor/Examiner for the IRS, thatthe average working person can claim $300 to $500 amonth back in their paychecks, just because they operatea home based business. Jean teaches this concept in hertax course “How to Get A Raise Without Going to YourBoss.”)Q#3.“Do you know 5 people we can contact in the followingweek, who can answer YES to these same 3 questions?”(If they answer yes to the 3 questions, I show them the“Formula” on paper. I then arrange for them to watchthe ‘Show me the Money’ DVD ASAP) Generic Approach“Hey, {persons name}. The information on this DVD is some ofthe most important I have ever seen. Its important for you and forme that you watch this tonight. Let’s talk tomorrow.” Now, in most cases your friend is going to say,“Well, what is it?” And if you don’t know what to sayand you start talking and engaging them, in aconversation, you are going to lose them almost everytime. This is what I mean when I said people talk peopleinto it and then they talk them right back out. We do not engage them in conversation at thispoint. We are strict on this point. Normally yourassociate will say, “Well ok, what is it?” All you say is... “Well, {name}, it would be an absolute waste of your time and mine to discuss it until after you watch the DVD.”Often people say, “Oh, is it one of those pyramid things? 217
  • 216. NONI MILLIONAIRES” Again you say... “{name}, we will have plenty of time to answer every question after you watch the DVD.” We found most people fail in our business becausethey start to engage prospects. They tell them all aboutthe miracle stories. They believe in the product so muchbecause it has helped them. Its all they think and theytry to get that across to their friends. Unfortunately,that’s usually the brick wall. Thats why the 3rd partyinformation is so important. It has credibility. The 3rd party material must do the work. Now,heres the second problem. This is probably where mostof the prospects fall through the cracks. You can get awhole flood of people, and have them listen toinformation, and then they all fall through. The reasonthey fall through the cracks is because they fail to followup.(I am currently working on a new “Secret Weapon”that addresses this concern. And it’s a Beauty!) Why dont people follow up? Because people areafraid of rejection. What happens is that the IPCs don’tcall them. They sit there waiting for the prospect to callback. They start thinking the prospect must not beinterested. A day goes by, 2 days, 3 days, 5 days and bythat time the person has gone on with his own life. We teach people to follow up straight away andthey’re only going to do it twice. So, here is what happens. I call you up and say, “Hey{name}, did you watch the DVD?” Thats all you say.Dont try to start hyping them up and asking them ifthey thought the DVD was amazing. You just say, “Did you watch the DVD?” And if 218
  • 217. NONI MILLIONAIRESthey say no, I’m going to reiterate what we said in thefirst place. “Well, {name} the information on the DVDis some of the most important that I have ever seen. Itsimportant for you and for me that you watch it tonight,so lets talk tomorrow.” If I then call then back the next day and they stillhaven’t watched it, it doesn’t mean that theyre notinterested, it just means right now, theyre not interested.The time is not right for them now. So, you cut themoff. You do it in a very nice yet professional way, whichis “Well {name}, you know maybe your personal timingis just not right. If you ever do get the chance to watchthat DVD and it makes sense, give me a call.” Then youend the call and move onto the next person. Too many distributors sit there and go over andover the same people hoping, wishing and praying. Theycould instead be out talking to somebody else whoactually is waiting for it. Now if they say they didnt watch it because life gotin the way but that they will watch it, dont chop themoff. That’s just common sense. So lets say you call them up and you get a yes, theperson did watch the DVD, the only thing I want peopleto say is this, “Did it make any sense to you?” You willonly get 2 answers - “YES” and “YES, But....” If they say “Yes,” then you arrange a time to go overand show them exactly what the next steps are and getthem plugged into the system. But what happens in most cases is - they’ll say “Yes,but…” It doesn’t matter what the “Yes, but..” is – aslong as there is a good meeting in your area, just inviteyour prospect to it, to have their questions answered. Ifnot, contact your upline for advice on starting one. 219
  • 218. NONI MILLIONAIRES People will want a 2nd look or they will need a 2ndlook, in most cases….and sometimes its just that theyneed confirmation that theyre onto something good. You see, of all the companies over the last say 50 to60 years, that were viable, that were strong, those thatare still here today, all have big weekly opportunitymeetings. Unfortunately, its just a necessity. It’s likechurch. I go to church every week. Why? Because beingaround other people who feel the same way as me, givesme a boost in my life each week. I’m not perfect, and Ifall short. We are plugged into a system (whether itsnoni or church), we have a routine, we know what to do,and we help others. As I said, it doesnt matter what the “Yes, but” is. Itcould be, “Yes, but I don’t have any time, Yes, but Idon’t have any money, Yes, but my wife would kill me,Yes, but my husband would kill me. Whatever the “Yesbut” is, it should always be the same thing for all ofthem. You simply say, “Well {name}, that’s exactly whyyou need to be at {wherever the nearest meeting is} nextWednesday night at 7:30pm. Every question you havewill be answered. I’ll pick you up at 6:30pm” That’s theboldest we get. That’s what we recommend. If they saw that DVDand it made sense to them, it looks like there could besomething ringing around in their head. When they comefor a second look they are suddenly around people whohave made some money in the business. Maybesomebody just retired, maybe somebody just bought acar, or somebody just got an extra $500 a month or $200a month or $2,000 a month. It gives them confidencethat this could be something they have been looking for. As soon as they come into the business it doesn’t 220
  • 219. NONI MILLIONAIRESmatter if they want to make $200 a month or $20,000 amonth. They should all be on the same system. Bringthem straight into the iMap system.4. How did you develop the leadership skills to dothis business and how can people developleadership skills? My mission. You know, I served a 2-year churchmission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter DaySaints and that helps mold your life. But for those whoare trying to build leadership skills, now is the time tounderstand that the biggest thing about leadership is howyou think. That’s the whole thing about leadership - it’s exactlyhow you think. Let me give you an example. Bert gotthis from Big Al.. There are usually 2 ways to look atthings. You have distributorship thinking and leadershipthinking. For example, one of my favorites is a hypotheticalconversation between a distributor and a leader. Thedistributor complains… “My product is too expensive. This will never sell.”A leader responds to the distributor (and well use a carto illustrate the point). “The cheapest car is a Kia, right? So, if the Kia is the cheapest car and people buy on price only, then we should see nothing but Kia cars running around, right?”Then the leader grabs that distributor by the ear, pulls 221
  • 220. NONI MILLIONAIREShim out to any corner, and stands there on that cornerand says... “Ok, there’s a Holden, there’s a Ford, there’s an SUV, there’s this and that....oh no, no Kia’s yet.”The distributor says... “Well maybe we are in a rich neighborhood.”The leader says... “Ok, lets go to the poorest neighborhood and lets stand on thecorner. What are you going to see? Youre still going to see SUVs,Fords, rarely see the cheapest car on the planet. Even poor people buy products they want.”A distributor thinks one way and a leader thinks anotherway? A leader will use stories to help teach people. Let meshare another example. One day while driving, you getcut off by a red Mustang. It just flies straight past you. Itcuts you off. You are mad. How would you think? ‘Man,if I catch that guy’…road rage, right? Later on, you find out that a kid got hit on a bike,the same red Mustang pulls up, the kids going to die,the driver puts him in the back of his Mustang, races himoff to the emergency room just in time to save the kid’slife. You later find out that the kid was your son. Now,how do you feel? Its a paradigm shift. You suddenly changed theway you thought. I try to teach our people leadershipthinking. That kind of thinking transcends to other 222
  • 221. NONI MILLIONAIRESpeople.5. How did you build your business so quickly? Some of the most successful networkers tend to bethe best storytellers. “Facts tell, stories sell.” That’s exactly what happened to me. I didn’t have asystem to plug people into at the time. Consider this – Iwas a factory worker who ran up the ladder to TripleDiamond in 9 months, Black Pearl in my 1st year,Platinum in my 2nd year, and was featured in thebestselling book “The New Entrepreneurs,” where mystory was voted the authors favorite. I was also placedon the International Advisory Board, and was the firstdistributor to speak at a DSAA meeting in Australia onmy recruiting techniques. We made our first million withno experience... shows what a person can do with a greatstory!6. How do you overcome objections? I use what I learned on my mission. The “Feel, Feltand Found Method.” For example, “I know how youfeel, many people have felt the same way, however I’vefound that once you....” The “Feel, Felt and Found Method,” was my verybest, absolute, top of the range, number one way toresolve concerns. That was the one for almost everyconcern.7. When you first started in the business, what keptyou focused? 223
  • 222. NONI MILLIONAIRES I didn’t want to go back to the factory and I wantedto get out of my In-laws home. I was able to overcomeall obstacles because I knew what I wanted with ALL myheart! I found this business very easy to do. Kind oflike....breathing. It was effortless. That was the problem! That’s the part you can’tteach. That’s why I speak so heavily on plugging peopleinto a system, because I was an exception to the rule. Inever followed up. I didn’t write a names list. Peoplewould come to my house, go through some of thematerial and that was it. The way I did it, is notduplicatable. That’s why we had to make this DVDsystem. We had to make a system - to keep me in line. Imean I just had no questions. No questions whatsoever.I knew with all my heart that this was the rightCompany. I knew that the product (in my opinion) isone of the greatest gifts of all time, and that the paystructure would take care of my family, and their familiesfor many years to come. When I first started, I believed that “Ignorance onfire is better then knowledge on ice.” I have since understood that “Correct knowledgeAPPLIED, will grow your Empire.” 224
  • 223. NONI MILLIONAIRES CHAPTER 10 How to Build a Noni Business Empire Just as happiness is a conscious choice, so also is success. - Janice Ayre We hope by now that our book has given greaterinsight into the most effective methods for building yournoni business. As part of the survey, we were interested to find outwhich group of IPCs tended to be more successful whenit comes to focusing on the product or the business.Although not infallible, we measured success based ondownline size. Now keep in mind, the followinginformation is based on an organization as a wholegroup, not as individual IPCs. In other words whichgroup tended to be those building a noni businessempire.Who builds the largest organizations? We found that groups who focus on promotingfinancial freedom seemed to have the largerorganizations. See the table below: 225
  • 224. NONI MILLIONAIRES Performance of Average IPC Financial Freedom 281.69 Product 180.13 The table above suggests that those who focus onfinancial freedom have the larger downline. As you can see the “Financial Freedom” focusedgroups had an average organization size of 281 people.Whereas a “Product” driven group on average, has anorganization of only 180 people. Thats a difference of100 people. And its all because of their focus. The graph on the following page shows this in moredetail... 226
  • 225. NONI MILLIONAIRESPerformance of Average IPC300275250225200175150125100755025 0 Financial Freedom Product Which group would you rather be in? Now theresan interesting fact to these stats. We found that mostpeople, 59.99% decided to join the business because ofthe Juice. But, it wasnt until they focused on financialfreedom that their organization grew the fastest andlargest. As with all cases there are exceptions to the rule. Butbased on averages, your business will grow faster if your 227
  • 226. NONI MILLIONAIRESorganization as a whole is driven by financial freedom. Does this mean if you joined (or your prospectjoined) because of the product, you are destined to havea smaller business? Not at all – but your organizationsfocus AFTER joining will determine your rate of growth. Reason for Joining Product 59.55% Financial Freedom 40.45% Alex Brewer said it well, when he stated: “First I sold the prospect on the idea theproduct was good and then I sold them on the idea that they could make money promoting the business.” The twist is, most people initially joined for theproduct, but ultimately its the promise of financialfreedom that drives IPCs to build a larger organization. With these stats in hand, try it with your ownorganization. Put it to the test. To find answers weshould look for patterns. This is one pattern you canconfidently follow. Below are some of the steps you can take now tobecome another noni business success story: Learn the business and use the products. Join the TNI “Success Path” Find a good role model in the upper levels of your organization. Emulate them. Get involved in group training. 228
  • 227. NONI MILLIONAIRES Create a dynamic list. Set time-sensitive goals. Look for business people. These are the people who have developed a level of self-discipline. Learn how to qualify people. Choose people you will enjoy working with for the rest of you life. Do presentations with your sponsor until you are confident. Learn what information packet you need. Become independent as quickly as possible.From Ordinary to Extraordinary – A true story on whatmakes someone an achiever With just eight dollars in his pocket and only fifteenyears old, Cyrus Field left home for New York City.Seeing this young boy in his first job as errand-boy withA. T. Stewart & Co., New York Citys first departmentstore, probably no-one would have given much thoughtabout his future. But while two of his older brothers,David and Stephen, went onto higher education, Cyrushad his own agenda. He had a particular spark withinhim. Five years later young Cyrus Field left New Yorkand returned to Stockbridge and took a job in hisbrother Matthews paper mill. He became a successfulpaper salesman and made trips to Boston, Philadelphia,Washington and New York. His likable personality wonhim many friends in the business, which was to be agreat advantage later. By the time he was twenty-one hehad bought an interest in a small paper mill. Later heaccepted an offer from E. Root & Company, wholesalepaper dealers in Maiden Lane, New York City. Here, 229
  • 228. NONI MILLIONAIRESField became partner and attempted to strengthen thedeclining business through his acquaintances in thetrade. The effects of the financial depression of 1837brought the final collapse of the business. AlthoughCyrus was only a junior partner in the business, for someunexplained reason, he found himself responsible for thecompany debts. It took him five years to make asettlement with the creditors and to re-establish himselfin a business. It took him another eleven years before heand his brother-in-law had a successful business worthover a quarter of a million dollars. Despite difficulties, Cyrus went from an office boyto retiring a wealthy man at the age of thirty-three. Hisstory didnt end there nor was his future path easy.By the middle of the 19th century, a network oftelegraph poles strung across America had changed theway the country did business thanks to Samuel Morsesinvention that made instantaneous communicationpossible between cities across the continent.Communicating with Europe still relied on sailing shipsand it could take weeks before a message reached itsdestination. Cyrus Field was inspired by what was taking place inhis country. He realized the importance ofcommunication. It became his dream and laterobsession, to accelerate communication betweenAmerica and Europe. His vision was to lay a cable across the ocean floor.The challenges of doing this were part of a courageousadventure that would change communications forever.The need for transatlantic communication was obvious,but there had never been an undersea cable longer than a 230
  • 229. NONI MILLIONAIREScouple of hundred miles and 300 feet deep. The first successful laying of an ocean telegraph, theAtlantic cable in 1866, marked the beginning of a newera in human communication, for that achievement wasfollowed by others of similar magnitude in other parts ofthe world. It took the vision and determination of oneman to set this series of events in motion. He used hispowers of persuasion to light the fire of vision forothers. This would not have been an easy taskconsidering the failures and problems the task had. Cyrus Field was wealthy but his wealth was notenough for the project he had undertaken. He had tocommunicate his passion and belief to others. Hisdefinite desire gave energy to his undertaking, attractingthe minds and wealth he needed for a successfuloutcome. It took 12 years and the equivalent of billionsof dollars in his quest to successfully lay a cable acrossthe Atlantic Ocean. It is easy to be distracted from a project because oflack of knowledge. In the 19th century the only thingpeople knew about electricity was from lightning. EvenCyrus Field said that if he had known more aboutelectricity and oceans he probably would never haveattempted such a daring feat. In this day we have a lot of knowledge about manythings at our fingertips. We have ease of communicationand travel and yet we can still find numerous reasonswhy we cant achieve our goals. Maybe Cyrus Field wasprotected by what he didnt know but amid his failureshe must have questioned his ability to succeed. He wouldhave had many who would also have questioned hisability and even his motive. But that didnt stop him. When we see people excel, we admire them. They 231
  • 230. NONI MILLIONAIRESare our heroes. We see them in positions we think wecannot obtain. They are more talented, better educated,richer, all the things were not. If we study the lives ofmen and women who have excelled in a particular field,we see people who are as diverse in character, education,talent, position or wealth as the rest of the population.Cyrus Field didnt have the higher education that two ofhis brothers had. They were highly educated lawyers andthey made their mark in history. Cyrus had little formaleducation but he made an even bigger mark. So what sets these achievers apart? No one is bornextraordinary, this is developed in the life of a personthrough their own choice. To find answers we look forpatterns of particular attributes. These attributes can bedeveloped by anyone who has a strong enough desireand is willing to act upon it. Each one of us has the seedof the qualities needed to transform the ordinary to theextraordinary. We hope that you have learned from what we haveresearched and shared. Let these qualities unfold in yourbusiness. Our noni millionaires are people who have dared towin! They have laid their cable across their own personalocean. 232