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What do your parents do
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What do your parents do



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  • 1. What do your parents do? (Occupation) http://occupations.phillipmartin.info/occupations_hats.htm
  • 2. • Lesson Leading Questions Vocabulary Expression Conversation• Exercise• Test
  • 3. Lessonhttp://occupations.phillipmartin.info/occupations_hats.htm
  • 4. Can you answer these questions? What do you do? What does your father do? What does your mother do? What do you want to be in the future?
  • 5. Vocabulary Occupation Job Careerhttp://bestclipartblog.com/17-student-clip-art.html/student-clip-art-2
  • 6. Vocabulary Vocabularya gardener a farmer
  • 7. VocabularySinger Scientist
  • 8. VocabularyAn astronaut A pilot
  • 9. VocabularyA dentist A policeman
  • 10. VocabularyA soldier A chef
  • 11. VocabularyA vet An artist
  • 12. Can you guess?What is this occupation? She is a woman.  She is beautiful. She is tall. She always smiles. She works on the sky. It is… an air hostess.
  • 13. Can you guess?What is this occupation? He/She is a boy or a girl. He/She carries a bag on Monday to Friday. image He/She has a teacher. http://www.learningpower.info/images /stories/student%20cartoon%20learni ng.gif He/She studies at the school.It is…a student.
  • 14. Expression - What do you do? What do your parents do? do What does he do? - What does your father do? What does Mr.John do? does What is your occupation?
  • 15. Expression - I am a/an - I am a student. He is a lawyer. My parents are teachers. My occupation is a/an My occupation is a student. His job is a lawyer. Their career is a teacher.
  • 16. ExpressionWhat do you want to be ?What do you want to be in the future?
  • 17. ExpressionWhat do you want to be when you grow up?
  • 18. ExpressionI want to be a/an…. I want to be a pilot. I want to be an astronaut.
  • 19. ActivityPractice the expression with your partner. (ask and answer the questions)
  • 20. Conversation 2 students talk to each other. 2A: What does your father do?B: He is a teacher. He teaches in ABC school. How about your father? ABCA: He is a chef in EFG hotel. His food is very delicious. EFGB: Really? Could I taste it once?A: Yes, you can come to my home tonight.
  • 21. Conversation A teacher and a student talk to each other.Teacher: What do you want to be when you grow up?Student: I want to be a cartoonist. /Teacher: Why do you want to be it?Student: It is because I love to read cartoons and want to make my own cartoons. /Teacher: Great!
  • 22. ActivityPractice the conversation with your partner. (switch between speaker1&2) 1 2
  • 23. Exercise
  • 24. ExerciseMatch the name of occupation with the workplace.A nurse A fieldA postman A kitchenA chef A courtA farmer A hospitalA lawyer A post office
  • 25. ExerciseFill the occupation in the blank.1. ………. writes a book or magazine. A writer2. A model walks on catwalk stage. ……….3. A dentist takes care your teeth in the hospital. ………. ……….4. A guide takes tourists to the beautiful places.
  • 26. ExerciseFill the letters in the blank to complete the name of occupation.1. _ i _ g e _ (sing songs) s n r2. h a _ r d _ e _ _ e r (cut your hair) _ i r s s3. d e s _ g n e (design materials) _ i _r4. v e _ (cure animals) _ t
  • 27. ExerciseRead the story below and answer the questions.Jane Flora is a woman who works in thelaboratory(lab). She has many scienceexperiments. Science is the subject that she likethe most. In the future, she wants to be anastronaut because she wants to see the beautifulstars and planets.
  • 28. Exercise
  • 29. ExerciseQuestions:What does Jane do? She is a scientist.Where does Jane work? She works in the laboratory(lab).What does Jane want to be in the future? She wants to be an astronaut.
  • 30. TestAnswer these questions What do you do? What does your father do? What does your mother do? What do you want to be in the future? Why do you want to be that occupation?
  • 31. TestWrite 3 names of occupation that you like ,and also their workplace and duties. 3