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  • 1. Visual Dictionary
  • 2. Air Barrier Paper
    Used as a vapor retarder and air barrier on the sheathing of house to help with waterproofing.
  • 3. Attic Ventilation: Soffit Vent
    Used to help air flow into the attic
  • 4. Attic Ventilation: Ridge Vent
    Located at the roof ridge. It’s an open space that allows air circulation.
  • 5. Attic Ventilation: Gable Vent
    Located in the gable of a roof. It’s used to remove extra heat and humidity from the attic.
  • 6. Attic Ventilation: Roof Turbine
    • The roof turbine circulates air in the attic and helps remove warm air.
  • Backhoe
    Used in excavation work. Such as digging foundations.
    The width of this bucket is 22 ½ Inches.
  • 7. Batter Boards
    Set up outside the corners of the building with a string and a plumb bob. These help keep the corners at a 90° angle.
  • 8. Brick Arches
    Jack Arch
    Arch with keystone
    Roman Arch
  • 9. Centering
    Temporary framework for arches used during mason work.
  • 10. Brick Bond: Flemish
    Courses alternate between headers and stretchers
  • 11. Brick Bond: Running
    Each course is an alternating strecher.
  • 12. Brick Bonds: Rowlocks
  • 13. Brick Bonds: Headers
  • 14. Brick Bonds: Soldiers
  • 15. Brick Bonds: Sailors
  • 16. Brick Bonds: Stretcher Rowlocks
  • 17. Brick Sizes
    Modular: 3 ½ x 2 ¼ x 7 ½
    Utility: 3 ½ x 3 ½ x 11 ½
  • 18. Bulldozer
    Used to flatten ground and move soil in rough site work.
  • 19. Cladding: Brick
  • 20. Cladding: EFIS
  • 21. Cladding: Stone
    Random ashlar pattern.
  • 22. Cladding: Wood Board
  • 23. Cladding: Wood Shake
    Shake: Type of shingle that is split from a block of wood
    Shingle: Sawn, not split.
  • 24. Code Requirements: Egress Window
    W: 32 ½ inches
    H: 24 ½ inches
    A: 5.5 SF
    44 inches AFF
    W: 20 inches
    H: 24 inches
    A: 5.7 SF
    44 inches AFF
    This window doesn’t meet code because the area is only 5.5 SF and it is supposed to be 5.7 SF
  • 25. Code Requirements: Stairs
    Tread: 11 inches
    Riser: 7 inches
    Tread: 10 inch min
    Riser: 7 ¾ inch max
    These stairs meet the code requirements.
  • 26. Concrete Joints: Control
    A cut made in the concrete where a crack is expected to take place. The cut makes that point weak to force the crack to happen there. It decreases cracks in other locations.
    Control Joint
  • 27. Concrete Joint: Isolation
    The slab is isolated from the wall here.
  • 28. Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU)
    3 brick bonds = 1 CMU
  • 29. CMU: Sizes
    12 x 8 x 16
    4 x 8 x 16
  • 30. Decorative CMUs: Split Block
  • 31. Decorative CMUs: Ribbed Block
  • 32. Doors: Exterior Flush
  • 33. Doors: Exterior Panel
    Top Rail
    Lock Rail
    Bottom Rail
  • 34. Doors: Transom and Sidelight
    Transom: Window placed directly above a door.
    Sidelight: Window that is tall and skinny that is placed next to door. The glass is a tempered glass to prohibit breaking.
  • 35. Electrical: Transformer
    The transformer is another step down point. It converts it to a lower voltage.
  • 36. Electrical: Service Head
    The service head is where electricity is conducted from outdoor lines to the meter.
  • 37. Electrical: Meter
    The meter measures the use of electricity.
  • 38. Electrical: Service Panel
    The service panel is the main control center for all the electrical circuits in the house.
  • 39. Electrical: Duplex Receptacle
    Where an appliance can be connected to gain electricity.
  • 40. Framing: Anchor Bolt
    Anchor Bolt
  • 41. Framing: Sill Plate
    Sill Plate
  • 42. Framing: Floor Joist
    Floor Joist
  • 43. Framing: Subflooring
  • 44. Framing: Sole Plate
    Sole Plate
  • 45. Framing: Stud
  • 46. Framing: Top Plate
    Top Plate
  • 47. Framing: Ceiling Joist
    Ceiling Joist
  • 48. Framing: Rafter
  • 49. Framing: Roof Decking
    # 10
  • 50. Framing: Sheathing
    # 11
  • 51. Framing: Stringer
    # 12
  • 52. Front End Loader
    A front end loader can push things and pick them up and transport things. A backhoe digs and picks up, a bulldozer pushes.
  • 53. Gypsum Board
    Wall finish made out of an mineral that comes in prefrabricated sheets. It resists sound and fire.
  • 54. Heat Pump
    Air Handling Unit
    Advantage: Heats and cools
    Disadvantage: Not efficient in colder climates
    Compressor: The working fluid, in its gaseous state, is pressurized and circulated through the system as a liquid.
    Air handling unit: Conditioning and circulating air that is temperature control.
  • 55. Insulation
    Slows the transfer of heat. It keeps the building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • 56. Insulation: Batt
  • 57. Insulation: Loose Fill
  • 58. Insulation: Foam
  • 59. Insulation: Rigid Board
  • 60. Lintel
    Beam that goes across an opening that carries the load across the opening.
  • 61. Mortar: Extruded
    This joint hasn’t been tooled or troweled. It was left alone.
    3/8 inch
    This was on a house
    Probably N Mortar
  • 62. Mortar: Concave
    This was tooled.
    3/8 Inch
    Retaining wall
    Probably N Mortar
  • 63. Oriented Strand Board
    Nonveenered panel that is manufactured by taking longs pieces of wood fiber oriented in specific directions and bonded together.
  • 64. Plumbing: Lavatory
    1 ½ inch drainage pipe
  • 65. Plumbing: Water Closet
    3-inch drainage pipe
  • 66. Plumbing: Shower/Tub
  • 67. Plumbing: Roof Vent
  • 68. Plumbing: Sink
    Drop-in sink
  • 69. Plywood
    Wood panel composed of wood veneer layers bonded together using pressure.
  • 70. Radiant Barrier
    Reflective foil that reflects infrared energy and keeps it from entering the living space.
  • 71. Rebar
    ½ Inch
    #4 Rebar
  • 72. Steep Roof: Gutter
    Located on the edge of a roof. This collects runoff rainwater and show melt and directs to the downspout.
  • 73. Steep Roof: Downspout
    Vertical pipe usually located on corners to transfer water from the roof to ground level.
  • 74. Steep Roof: Splash Block
    Located under a downspout. It is used to block erosion from the water coming out of the downspout and to help direct the water away from the building.
  • 75. Steep Roof: Underlayment
    Layer of waterproof material between the roofing material and the roof sheathing.
  • 76. Steep Roof: Clay Tile
  • 77. Steep Roof: Shingle (Wood Shingle)
    Shingle: Water resistant material laid in an overlapping pattern to keep water from going underneath and into the sheathing.
  • 78. Steep Roof: Metal Panel
    Materials used: Galvanized or aluminum steel
  • 79. Steep Roof: Gable
  • 80. Steep Roof: Gambrel
  • 81. Steep Roof: Hip
  • 82. Steep Roof: Mansard
  • 83. Steep Roof: Ridge
    The intersection of two roof planes. (Gable Roof)
  • 84. Steep Roof: Valley
  • 85. Steep Roof: Eave
    The edge that is horizontal on a sloping roof.
  • 86. Steep Roof: Rake
    The sloped edge of a roof.
  • 87. Steep Roof: Soffit
    The underside of a roof overhang.
  • 88. Steep Roof: Fascia
    Exposed vertical face of an eave that the gutter attaches to.
  • 89. Stone: Random Rubble
  • 90. Stone: Coursed Rubble
  • 91. Stone: Random Ashlar
  • 92. Stone: Coursed Ashlar
  • 93. Vapor Retarder
    Layer of material to stop the passage of water through a building assembly.
    Put on the interior face of the insulation.
  • 94. Waterproofing
    Membrane applied to the outside of a foundation.
    Liquid applied
  • 95. Weep Hole
    Small opening to allow water to drain out.
  • 96. Welded Wire Fabric
  • 97. Window: Double Hung
  • 98. Window: Casement
  • 99. Window: Sliding