Abseiling Tower Briefing with Audio
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Abseiling Tower Briefing with Audio



This is an abseil briefing tool to use within a lesson plan for students abseiling at a tower.

This is an abseil briefing tool to use within a lesson plan for students abseiling at a tower.



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Abseiling Tower Briefing with Audio Abseiling Tower Briefing with Audio Presentation Transcript

  • Contents - Equipment - How to Abseil - Safety Rules - Abseiling Activities while you wait - Information for teachers or instructors
  • Equipment Clothing- What should you wear? Flat boots or sports shoes must be worn Comfortable clothing, not too loose to avoid getting it caught Long hair must be tied back (www.sports.det.nsw.edu.au )
  • Equipment Harness (http://safety.theuiaa.org) Purpose – to safely attach a person to an abseiling system Question… How do you know if your harness is tight enough?
  • Equipment Helmet (http://safety.theuiaa.org ) Purpose – to protect from falling debris and protect face from striking cliff Question…What are the 2 tests you do to check your helmet is on properly?
  • Equipment Karabiner Figure 8 Hardware (http://safety.theuiaa.org ) Purpose – to safely attach a person to the abseiling system Question… How many Karabiners do you get with your hardware?
  • Equipment Hand Gloves (www.sports.det.nsw.edu.au) Purpose – to protect hands from cliff surface and rope burn Question…Which hand do you wear your glove on?
  • Abseiling questions? When is it ok for you to go through the gate? Which side should your abseil line go down? How wide do you want your feet when you are abseiling? Which rope do you unhook from first? What do you say when you have unhooked the safety line? What do you say when you unhook the abseil line?
  • Rules for safety Only stay in the safe areas that the instructor tells you Never enter a ‘no go’ zone Keep your helmet on at all times (www.sports.det.nsw.edu.au)
  • Lets go abseiling!!
  • Activities while you wait The following are examples of a booklet I have made for the teacher that accompanies the group to abseiling. The Teacher is free to choose which activity will suit the students best.
  • (www.foresteducation.org)
  • (www.foresteducation.org)
  • (www.foresteducation.org)
  • (www.foresteducation.org)
  • (www.foresteducation.org)
  • (Reid &Breidahl, p35 ).
  • ( Reid &Breidahl, p15 ).
  • Information for Teachers and Instructors This Power point needs to be used in conjunction with the Department of Education Guidelines for Abseiling http://www.sports.det.nsw.edu.au/spguide/abseilin.htm Also, this slide show is not an entire lesson plan but rather a visual aid for parts of the overall Youthworks lesson plan.
  • References DET Guidelines Abseiling n.d., accessed 29/04/2009,http://www.sports.det.nsw.edu.au/spguide/abseilin.htm Forest Education Initiative n.d., accessed 30/04/2009,http://www.foresteducation.org/learning_resources.php ?id=88 Hardwaren.d., accessed 29/04/2009, http://safety.theuiaa.org/front/front_search_list.php Harnessn.d., accessed 29/04/2009, http://safety.theuiaa.org/front/front_search_list.php Helmetn.d., accessed 29/04/2009, http://safety.theuiaa.org/front/front_search_list.php Reid, A &Breidahl, H Outdoor Environmental Games,The Gould League of Victoria Inc.