Ielts express unit 2 listening writing


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Ielts express unit 2 listening writing

  1. 1. IELTS Exam Preparation IELTS Express Unit 2 Listening and Writing
  2. 2. What are these things? mobile phone digital camera desktop computer radio in pairs in pairs
  3. 3. Forms: •insurance (extend guarantee or warranty); •hire purchase agreements (credit) Information: •name contact details: •address •phone number •e-mail address •date of birth •occupation •marital status •bank details •passport number
  4. 4. You will be given a short pause to read the questions after hearing the introductory sentence. It’s a good idea to use this time to think about the situation and the language that might be used.
  5. 5. click place people You will hear a customer enquiring about buying a camera. Ex. 3 functional language: asking for and giving information, topic related language: checking understanding talking about a particular thing
  6. 6. Imagining the situation and language Exercise 2 Part B You now will hear (2.1) the discussion you discussed in Part A Listen and note if your predictions about the situation were correct. Write down any topic related language you hear which you did not predict. click
  7. 7. Topic related vocabulary •camera •digital •zoom •lens •pictures •photos Back •memory
  8. 8. Aim: To show the importance and provide practice with identifying the question being asked. This is very important with tasks where there is not a direct question. Example: form and note tasks Day or a date, but no place
  9. 9. Now, write the questions to the answers in the first column “Notes about me”
  10. 10. One problem students have with listening tasks is that they become confused and anxious about words and phrases they don’t understand. Use common sense. You may be able to find the meaning if you stay focused on the words you do know. Stay calm and keep thinking!
  11. 11. Aim: 1. provide practice in identifying the type of answer being listened for 2. provide practice in completing a notes completion listening task type example questions What do you think the topic of conversation will be? suggestions
  12. 12. Suggestions for topic of conversation a mobile phone which will be given as a present Keywords •sending a text •network •top-up card •hands free back
  13. 13. how much which when where how many what percentage why
  14. 14. how much amount which name when time where place how many number what percentage percentage why reason
  15. 15. George 10 / ten cents ABC (in the) evening(s) newsagents and supermarkets 120 87% (much) safer
  16. 16. Banks 17A Leigham Street NT3 5OP 01382 25669 banks123 No
  17. 17. green clock four / 4 39.99 TV a / one hundred / 100 Parker (the) Olympic solar 18
  18. 18. 65 20 5