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Published in: Career

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  • Transcript

    • 1. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook…Oh My!
      How to Use LinkedIn Effectively
      Lewis & Clark College
      Center for Career and Community Engagement
    • 2. Context
      Part I
    • 3. Only about 5 percent of people obtain jobs through the "open" job market -- consisting primarily of help-wanted ads on the Internet and in print publications.
      Another 24 percent obtain jobs through contacting companies directly -- the cold-calling method of job-hunting.
      Twenty-three percent obtain jobs through such means as employment agencies, college career-services offices and executive-search firms.
      The remaining 48 percent -- nearly half of all job hunters, obtain their jobs through referrals -- that is word of mouth.
      Why is this important?
      Source: US Department of Labor, 2001
    • 4. Social media is the #1 web activity.
      Facebook is the 4th largest country.
      Ashton Kutcher and Ellen DeGeneres have more Twitter followers than the entire population of Ireland, Norway and Panama.
      80% of organizations use LinkedIn as their primary recruiting tool.
      Social Media
    • 5. LinkedIn (est. 2003) is a free interconnected network of experienced professionals representing 170 industries and 200 countries.
      You can find, be introduced to and collaborate with qualified professionals that you need to work with to accomplish your goals.
      What is LinkedIn?
    • 6. Over 50 million members
      50% in the United States
      Companies and organizations
      LC Alums
      Other professional associations
      Who’s on LinkedIn?
    • 7. Present yourself
      Part II
    • 8. Snapshot Profile
      Use a photo – it makes you seem approachable and helps others remember you.
      TIP: You are 40% more likely to receive opportunities if you get to 100% completion which includes: current position, 2 past positions, education, photo, summary, specialties and 3 recommendations.
    • 9. Extended Profile
    • 10. Make your profile public/full view.
      Request a public profile URL and add it to business cards, email signature, etc.
      Use lots of skills words throughout.
      Stay positive, professional and current.
      Profile Tips
    • 11. Settings
    • 12. Get connected
      Part III
    • 13. Levels of Connection
      1st Level – you know them.
      2nd Level – your contacts know them.
      3rd Level – your contacts’ contacts know them.
    • 14. Think quality, not quantity.
      Link with people:
      You know from other sources.
      With whom you’ve had at least 1 meaningful interaction.
      For whom you could write a recommendation.
      From whom you could ask for a recommendation.
      Who have professionalism, integrity, etc.
      To Connect or Not to Connect
    • 15. Upload your email address book
      “People” button at top
      “People you may know” box
      Find People You Know
      TIP: Ask for introductions! After you’ve searched and have a list – look for 2nd level connections. You can get introduced through a connection or even request an informational interview.
    • 16. Join Groups
      “Search Groups” box
      LC Net – LC Alums
      Workplace and professional associations
      Adds connections
      Participate in Groups
      Engaging makes you known
      You can ask/answer questions
      Make contacts for informational interviews
      LinkedIn Groups
      TIP: Keep it fresh! Make a habit of periodically checking if old contacts have LinkedIn accounts and connect with people you’ve recently met.
    • 17. Stand out
      Part IV
    • 18. Ask for them…
      3 recommendations are required for 100% profile completion
      Potential employers look at these
      Try to get one from each position
      In “experience” click “request recommendations”
      You can decide later whether to show or hide them on your profile
      Give them…
      Write recommendations when you are asked – if you feel comfortable
      Initiate the process too
      Click recommend on the profile of a contact
      It shows that you are grateful and helpful
    • 19. Upload examples of your work
      Bloglink, WordPress,, Slideshare, Google presentations, etc.
      Applications can be found under “more”
      Show Your Work
    • 20. Find your way & Find jobs
      Part V
    • 21. “Search companies” dropdown box at top
      Key statistics
      Related companies
      Use company information
      Current employees
      Click on a few profiles to see how they got there
      Former employees
      Click on a few profiles to see where people go next
      New hires
      Get a sense of whether the company is hiring
      Search Companies
    • 22. “Jobs” button at the top
      Advanced job search
      Experience level
      Get connected to those positions
      Click on the title of the job
      “Inside Connections to the Company”
      Find 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree connections
      Ask them for the inside scoop
      Search for Positions
    • 23. Ask contacts if they have insider interview tips
      Read LinkedIn profiles of employees to learn about current projects, lingo, etc.
      Read bio of potential manager and coworkers
      Read bio of person who vacated the role
      Assess culture and fit
      Interview Preparation
    • 24. LinkedIn Learning Center
      The Riley Guide
    • 25. Contact Us
      Center for Career and Community Engagement
      Located in room 206 of Albany Quadrangle