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Fairtrade Powerpoint

  1. 1. Welcome toAnna’s
  2. 2. My name is Anna. Hello!I own a Fairtrade Shop. You might be thinking, Well, let me tell ‘what’s Fairtrade?’ you all about it.
  3. 3. When you go to theshops with yourmum or dad, youmay buy things thathave travelled along way!Things like coffee,tea, bananas andcocoa (which makesyummy chocolate)all travel longdistances beforethey reach theshops.
  4. 4. If the price different. It drops in the or ‘guarantee’ it canFairtrade isof a product is a and producers market, sell Around the world, farmers promise world have to tobe very bad news for enough moneysteady price to theirproducers that to earnfarmers. They might strugglefor buy their products they will get a fair and to survive.food or toproducts. keep their children in school.
  5. 5. So why doesFairtrade matter to you?
  6. 6. Buying Fairtrade products isabout using your power as a‘consumer’ (someone who buysthings).When people buy Fairtradeproducts it is a message to bigcompanies that there is a betterway to do business.When we buy Fairtrade productswe show that we really care forothers – no matter how far awaythey live!
  7. 7. My name is Jethanda and I grow Fairtrade cotton in India. Fairtrade is great because I know that I will get a fair and steady price for my cotton. This means that I can make plans, I hope to set up a rainwater-saving programme in the future.Hi! My name is Ana Hello! My name is Ovidia andand I am part of the I am part of a Fairtrade El Guabo banana cooperative in the Dominican cooperative in Republic. Selling our cocoa Ecuador. We are through the Fairtrade market passionate about has helped us to set up a healthy farming. nursery so that we can growAfter all, we eat the most of our own food.bananas ourselves!
  8. 8. Fairtrade can really improve people’s lives! That’s why I chose to open my Fairtrade shop.Now that I’ve helped youto learn about Fairtrade,CAN YOU HELP ME?
  9. 9. The problem is that the supermarket across the roadsells the same things as I do - but their products aren’tFairtrade. I have to sell things for a few pennies more because I only sell Fairtrade goods. Design a leaflet or a poster to persuade people that buying Fairtrade is better. It helps farmers and workers earn a fair wage for their products.
  10. 10. Remember to lookout for the Fairtrademark when you are shopping!
  11. 11. Photos by: Tina Leme, Simon Rawles, The Fairtrade Foundation