Healthcare apps for Nokia X and Nokia Asha


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Healthcare apps for Nokia X and Nokia Asha phones present a great opportunity to help improve the lives of millions of users around the world. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the fundamentals of mobile healthcare apps and give you an overview of the opportunities and challenges involved in developing such apps for Nokia phones. We’ll open the webinar with an introduction to the fundamentals of mobile healthcare, an overview of opportunities and challenges of developing apps for wellness and mobile health, and the role of mobile platforms in enabling health and healthcare apps. Then we will dig into specific techniques available when developing such apps for Nokia X and Nokia Asha platforms.We’ll demonstrate different approaches available to developers targeting the two platforms by examining a Blood Pressure Diary app, which is implemented for Nokia X and Nokia Asha. As part of that discussion we’ll show how to retrieve heart-rate data from medical devices using Bluetooth technology.

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Healthcare apps for Nokia X and Nokia Asha

  1. 1. Healthcare apps for Nokia X and Nokia Asha Oleg Medvedev, MD, PhD Chair of Department of Pharmacology Moscow State University Ilya Paramonov, PhD Head of Yaroslavl FRUCT Laboratory Email: {oleg.medvedev, ilya.paramonov}
  2. 2. Modality Pros Cons Comments Telemonitoring Better access ‘Personalization’ Early detection Fewer visits and hospitalizations Members love it Data issues Integration issues Rules engine issues Multimodal by population Team-based care Requires initial in- person visit © 2010 Kaiser Permanente Proprietary & confidential Remote Patient Monitoring
  3. 3. GlucoTrack uses three independent technologies: ultrasonic, electromagnetic and thermal, to painlessly obtain blood glucose levels.
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  7. 7. New York Times, May, 7, 2014
  8. 8. Mobile health trends for 2014-2017 • Smartphone user penetration will be the main driver for the mHealth uptake • mHealth applications will be tailored specifically for smartphones or tablets • mHealth applications will be native rather than web-based applications • mHealth niche stores will become the home of the 2nd generation of mHealth apps • Missing regulations are the main market barrier during the commercialization phase • Buyers will continue to drive the market • Applications will enter traditional health distribution channels • mHealth market will grow mainly in countries with high Smartphone penetration and health expenditure • 2nd generation mHealth applications will focus on chronic diseases “Mobile Health Trends and Figures 2013-2017”, Research2Guidance, July 2013: “Connecting People to a Healthy Future” video:
  9. 9. Users of mobile healthcare apps • Doctors Wants to support professional activities • Patients Wants for better treatment • Healthy people Wants to stay healthy for years
  10. 10. mHealth applications on the market • Informational/tutorial • Doctor assistants • Vital signs/medication trackers • Mobile diagnostics/ telemedicine
  11. 11. Example app: Blood pressure diary for Nokia X • Available from Nokia Store for Nokia X devices • Available from Google Play Market for the other Android devices:
  12. 12. Example app: Blood pressure diary for Nokia Asha • Available from Nokia Store: • Video:
  13. 13. Connectivity with medical devices A&D UA-767PBT blood pressure monitor Nonin 4100 Pulseoximeter
  14. 14. Bluetooth connectivity demo Code (Nokia X): Code (Nokia Asha): Video:
  15. 15. Thank you. Questions?