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  • 1. SEM Overview
  • 2. SMB Trends
  • 3. 7 Proprietary and Confidential. Copyright © 2012 BIA/Kelsey. All Rights Reserved. 3.0 3.1 3.1 4.6 4.4 5.8 0.0 2.0 4.0 6.0 8.0 10.0 2007 (Wave 11) 2008 (Wave 12) 2009 (Wave 13) 2010 (Wave 14) 2011 (Wave 15) 2012 (Wave 16) Average Number of Media Used by SMBs for Advertising and Promotion Source: LCM Wave 16, Q3/2012 (and prior waves, if relevant). Methodology: Online panels. Findings may not be statistically significant. Media Fragmentation Continues to Increase
  • 4. People are constantly looking for new information online
  • 5. The Traditional Mental Model of Marketing
  • 6. The New Mental Model of Marketing (B2C)
  • 7. Search Engine Marketing
  • 8. Your customers expect to find you
  • 9. Google Search Results Page: Paid Listings •  Sponsored advertising links •  Ranking based on bid and quality •  Pay per click •  Referred to as “SEM”
  • 10. Paid gives you control over the message
  • 11. Paid gives you control over the landing page
  • 12. Paid lets you control targeting
  • 13. How to get started with Google Adwords…
  • 14. RELEVANCE: Through geographic targeting
  • 15. Searchers Like Uninterrupted Logic
  • 16. Searchers Like Uninterrupted Logic
  • 17. Developing AdCopy Make  sure  when  you  write  ad  copy,     that  you  include  a  call  to  ac5on,     u5lize  promo5ons  (if  available),  and   Target  the  specific  campaign  you  are   focused  on.     The  goal  is  to  turn  researchers  into  buyers!  
  • 18. ROI: In Metrics and Reporting
  • 19. How do you get to the top of paid listings?
  • 20. How to get started with Google Adwords…
  • 21. The Premier SME Partners •  Anyone can resell Adwords •  There are thousands of Google Certified Partners. However, there are only 16 Google Premier SMB Partners in the US. •  This is the highest level of Google certification. •  In-depth Adwords Expertise •  Campaign Management •  Detailed Reporting •  Customer Reporting •  Marketing Guidance and Support Google Search: “Premier SMB Partner”
  • 22. Google Search Results Page: Natural Listings •  Organic “Natural” Search Results •  Based on Google ranking algorithm (Relevance) •  Cost Free •  Improved by SEO
  • 23. On  Page  Optimization   accounts  for  approximately   30%     of  your  ranking.     •  “Code”  a  web  site  with   SEO  Best  Practices   •  Design  your  site  to  convert   more  visitors  into  customers   •  Write  content  for  your  site   that  is  keyword  rich  and   search  engine  friendly   You  are  telling  Google  what  you   want  it  to  know  about  you,   your  business  and  your   website.    
  • 24. What  Is  It?   The  copy  on  the  very  top  of  the  browser  window   Why  is  it  important?     One  of  the  most  important  on-­‐page  factor   What  needs  to  be   done   Mention  of  the  target  keyword  toward  the  beginning     Title  Tag  
  • 25. What  Is  It?   In  the  HTML  source  code,  text  appearing  in  a   tag  called  meta  name=“description”   Why  is  it   important?     Serves  as  de-­‐facto  “ad  copy”  which  shows  up  in   Search  Engine  Results  Page  (SERP).     What  needs  to  be   done   Write  good-­‐converting  “ad  copy”  including  the   target  keyword,  about  25  words  (150  characters)   Meta  Descrip5on  
  • 26. What  Is  It?   The  copy  that  appears  when  you  hover  over  an   image  in  the  browser   Why  is  it   important?     One  of  the  ranking  factors  search  engines  use   What  needs  to  be   done   The  ALT  text  must  describe  the  underlying  image.   Bonus  points  if  you  can  “slip”  in  the  keywords  in  a   subtle  way,  but  search  engines  will  penalize  overt   stuffing   Alt  Text  
  • 27. What  Is  It?   The  main  block  of  copy  appearing  on  the  page   Why  is  it   important?     Search  engines  are  looking  for  useful,  relevant  content   What  needs   to  be  done   1)  Prominently  feature  a  block  of  copy  that’s  anywhere  from   100-­‐300  words.   2)  First  and  foremost,  copy  must  be  relevant,  unique,   informative  to  the  target  keyword.     3)  Ensure  that  the  copy  contains  the  keyword  AND  variations   of  the  keyword;  however,  having  too  many  will  cause  a   penalty.     Site  Content  
  • 28. What  Is  It?   Links  within  your  site  to  the  pages  you  wish  to   rank   Why  is  it   important?     Google  views  links  as  an  indication  that  a  page  is   important   What  needs  to  be   done   1)  Link  to  your  most  important  pages  from  your   global  navigations   2)  Link  to  your  most  important  pages  from  your   home  page   3)  Ensure  your  anchor  text  contains  the  keyword   you  want  to  rank  for.   Inter  Linking  
  • 29. What  Is  It?   The  full  address  of  the  business  on  the  site   Why  is  it   important?     This  is  what  search  engines  will  try  to  match   “citations”  with  for  Local  Search     What  needs  to  be   done   1)  Put  client’s  full  business  address  on  home  page   and/or  in  global  header  or  footer.     2)  Ensure  that  the  spelling  of  the  address  matches   the  spelling  used  on  major  citation  sources  such   as,,  Yahoo,   Citysearch  (disregard  if  they  have  no  existing   listings;  Yodle  will  submit  to  major  IYPs  on   their  behalf)   Business  Address  
  • 30. Off  Page  Optimization   •  70%  of  SEO  is  OFF  Page   •  Aside  from  the  content  being   relevant,  is  your  site   CREDIBLE?   •  Business  profiles  claimed  and   optimized   •  Citations  =  links  from  business   listings  with  consistent  info   Google  is  looking  around  the   rest  of  the  internet  to   determine  if  you  are  a   standing  local  business.   Search  Engine  Op5miza5on  
  • 31. —  Link:    A  connec'on  between   one  web  page  and  another.   —  Benefit:  The  more  links  you   have  back  to  your  site,  the   more  authorita've  you   appear,  which  contributes  to   a  rise  in  organic  rank   •  Cita5on:    A  men5on  of  a   business  name,  address,  and   phone  #  (NAP).     •  Benefit:  Used  by  the  search   engines  to  weigh  both  the   accuracy  and  popularity  of   businesses  in  their  local  search   results.       Links  vs  Cita5ons  
  • 32. Off  Page:  Link  Building   Custom  Articles   Interview  with  a   Professional  SEO   writer  to  create  3   articles.   Video   Create  a  Video  of   your  service  and   examples  of  your   work.   Business   Profile   Standard  business   information   including  address,   hours  of  operation,   etc.   Video   Sites   Article  Sites   Dozens   more   Web  Directories   Hundreds   more   Web  site   Coded  with  SEO  Best   practices  and   designed  for   conversion.   Links  back  to  your   site    account  for  70%   of  your  ranking.  
  • 33. Key Takeaways