Figures of speech
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Figures of speech



Figures of Speech that includes: simile, metaphor and personification. Also literal and figurative language were contrasted.

Figures of Speech that includes: simile, metaphor and personification. Also literal and figurative language were contrasted.



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Figures of speech Presentation Transcript

  • 1. GO FIGURE!Figures of Speech
  • 2. What is figure?One meaning of figure is:
  • 3. What is figures of speech?Figures of speech creates pictures in the mindof a reader.Figures of speech adds color and interest toawaken the imaginative minds of the readers .
  • 4. Literal vs. Figurative LanguageFigurative language is language that means morethan what it says on the surface.Poets use figurative language MORE THANthe literal one.
  • 5. Recognizing the literal language“I’ve eaten so much I feel as if I couldliterally burst.”In this case, the person is not using the wordliterally in its true meaning. Literal means“exact” and “not exaggerated”
  • 6. What is figurative language then?Whenever we describe something by comparingit with something else, we are using figurativelanguage.Literal: He ran fast.Figurative: He ran fast like a wind.
  • 7. Types of figures of speechSimileMetaphorPersonification
  • 8. SimileA simile is a word that compares in a sentence.It is a figure of speech that says one thing islike another different thing. You can usuallytell if a simile is present in a sentence whenyou see the words as or like.
  • 9. Examples:The muscles on his brawny arms are strong asiron bands.
  • 10. Examples:Kim ate his food like a vacuum cleaner.Go back
  • 11. MetaphorA metaphor compares words in a sentence.Instead of saying that one thing is likesomething else, a metaphor says that one thingis another different thing. It doesn’t use thewords like and as.
  • 12. Examples:The road was a ribbon wrapped through thedessert.
  • 13. Examples:The smoke was cotton balls billowing from thechimney.Go back
  • 14. PersonificationIt is the act of giving non-living things humancharacteristics.
  • 15. Examples:The wind yells while blowing.
  • 16. Examples:The rusty door screamed every time it isopened.Go backTypes offigures of speech