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How Personal Trainers Can Become Wellness Coaches



How Personal Trainers Can Become Wellness Coaches and Why Wellness Coaching is the Next Logical Step up from Personal Training.

How Personal Trainers Can Become Wellness Coaches and Why Wellness Coaching is the Next Logical Step up from Personal Training.



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  • What Wellness Coaching is and why it's such an opportunity Hang in until end: The little known secret to creating infoproducts that actually sell …
  • WC = 2004 PTO – bringing internet savvy PTs together
  • The Treatment Paradigm can only take you to the neutral point, where the symptoms of disease have been alleviated. The Wellness Paradigm, utilized at any point on the continuum, moves one towards ever higher levels of wellbeing building a bigger, brighter future. It is much harder when one is problem-focused rather than being energized by working toward a vision for the future.
  • H ow to grow your client base 10X (more affordable options or affluent 20%) = leverage Clubs 10% penetration rates (active stage) – WC can open up a whole new bigger market caught up in the contemplation stage (lack confidence or self-efficacy – feel overwhelmed) How to get results in half the time (training methods + nutrition + lifestyle habits + stress + sleep + master plan) = more value [end result is a feeling]
  • The Coaching profession began about 25 years ago, first in executive leadership followed by life coaching. Just like PT, Clients feel accountable to themselves and their coaches. They make and honour their commitments to reaching their goals, accomplishing more than they believed possible when they began. Suits a more experienced, more qualified PT with more advanced communication/relational skills.
  • “ Potential – Interference = Performance” What Wellness means to them PERSONALLY Value = how well you can put some sort of framework or structure on it Easy to sell than PT - because client describes what’s important – then you ask where would like to start! Career path – PT – group PT + bootcamps – infoproducts (much work, much to learn, good platform) – coaching
  • The challenge of making changes: Personal obstacles, innate resistance and ambivalence. There’s a bewildering array of wellness guidelines, products and services. The demands of everyday life. If you can’t reduce the demand – increase their capacity.
  • Position PT as a core component of your WC. Choose a MOTIVATED group of people to create solutions for (ready, willing, able) "Wellness Coach" is vague - what makes your version of wellness different? What is the #1 benefit of your coaching? Can you hear the implicit pain she resolves? What is THE symptom the lack of life balance is creating? (problem) Core Complex
  • Viral – get others to spread your brand for you = Hook + Value = people want a complete one stop solution (nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, lifestyle management) = Faster Better Results (how they look, feel and act PLUS how that translates in their life – additional outcomes) Adjunct: Fitness or wellness coaching provides accountability of habits and activities outside of PT sessions.
  • Many variations on this! Pick a model and evolve it. Myth = business in a box
  • Behavioural + positive psychology + fitness + nutritional specialist knowledge through certifications
  • People want to be a part of something and are looking for inspiration
  • Event - product Launch - If no demand – don’t create it! Strong offer (increase desire – reverse risk – bonus – urgency – scarcity - guarantee)
  • Message = Promise (be ready to match with Proof) Focus on the outcome - not your title or process – what “feeling” do you wish to create? Offer (increase desire – problem, solution, expectations) Reverse risk – guarantee - bonus – urgency – scarcity
  • Creating real assets - work toward the 4 Pillars model – get support from peers or a Coach
  • Experience Wellness Coaching for yourself: What’s your master wellness plan? Vision, Mission, Values for your life and business? Philosophy on _______ [1 st step = Attraction Marketing]

How Personal Trainers Can Become Wellness Coaches How Personal Trainers Can Become Wellness Coaches Presentation Transcript

  • How to Triple your Hourly Rate with Wellness Coaching …
    • How best to Position yourself
    • What coaching Packages work best
    • Where to find clients that will pay you premium rates ( Promote )
  • How to Triple your Hourly Rate with Wellness Coaching …
    • WHO am I?
    • First started working in the Fitness Industry back in 1989.
    • Masters degree in Exercise + Health Science
    • BA (hons) in Physical Education
    • Original Chelsea Harbour Club Fitness Manager
    • BUPA Exercise Physiologist
    • UK Education Manager for Technogym
    • Highest fees for Personal Training in Southern Spain
    • Online Entrepreneur since 2001 (2006)
    • www.Wellcoach.co.uk and www.Wellcoaches.co.uk
    • Founder of PTO www.personaltrainersonline.org
  • How to Triple your Hourly Rate with Wellness Coaching … Key Concept: Wellness is a process - never a static state.
  • How to Triple your Hourly Rate with Wellness Coaching …
    • Wellness is a choice …. a decision you make to move towards … without any real end point.
    • Wellness is a way of life …. a lifestyle you design to achieve your highest potential for well-being.
    • Wellness is integration …. the appreciation that everything you do, and think, and feel and believe has an impact on your state of health.
    • Main Appeals: Youthfulness, beauty, feel-good factor (NOT necessarily health or the medical model)
  • How to Triple your Hourly Rate with Wellness Coaching …
    • Wellness Coaching started about ten years ago.
    • Coaches help their clients become clearer on where they are and where they want to go.
    • A coach brings about lifestyle change by focusing on a client's stated needs, values, vision, beliefs and goals.
    • Coaches help set goals, define an action plan and navigate the path until they reach their goals.
    • Ability to listen, to ask good questions, to reflect back and to simplify the process of making changes.
  • y
    • Wellness Coaching is HOT …
    • Lifestyle / Performance Coaching
    • Weight Management
    • Stress Management
    • Exercise as Medicine
    • Nutrition as Medicine
  • How to …
    • What’s Driving the Demand?
    • Reflect on how the demand for fitness has grown and what stops people
    • A person’s schedule or lifestyle may not lend itself to in-person personal or even group fitness training
    • People want more support in their efforts to eat less, stop smoking or drinking and reduce stress. They also expect more for less!
    • Economy: Mature workers are feeling pressured by younger, tech-savvy workers, globalization and automation and the massive influx of immigrants from Asia and Latin America who are willing to work long hours for lower pay.
    • Wellness coaches are being hired by employers and health insurers in the U.S. as a cost-beneficial perk for their employees
  • How to Triple your Hourly Rate with Wellness Coaching …
    • Positioning (Hook)?
    • Wellness Coach (“Location”)
    • “ Body Confidence Coach”
    • Good To GO Wellness Solutions
    • Specialise? lead program or service - funnel
  • How to Triple your Hourly Rate with Wellness Coaching …
    • Finding Ideal Clients
    • 2 Step Gift Offer
    • Network – Networking – Workshops
    • LinkedIn – Facebook – Twitter – YouTube – Blog/List
  • How to Triple your Hourly Rate with Wellness Coaching …
    • 4 Pillar “6 figure” Business Model
    • Lower Priced Entry Products
    • Signature Product, Program or Service
    • Continuity
    • VIP
  • How to Triple your Hourly Rate with Wellness Coaching …
    • Step 1 – Assessment
    • Client completes a Wellness Inventory.
    • Follow-up assessment in 3 months.
    • Step 2 – Areas of Strength
    • Highlight key areas of strength.
    • Step 3 - Personal Wellness Plan
    • Help your client create a personal wellness plan based on the areas they are most motivated to change (first)
    • They receive their plan as a weekly email reminder and over time revise and update their plan.
    • Weekly Wellness Coaching Sessions
  • How to …
    • Group Phone Coaching Programs
    • 1. Enables participation from all parts of the world.
    • 2. Potential for global learning, sharing of experiences and insights from across the global community.
    • 3. Less travel time (and cost) for you and the participants
    • 4. Many bridgeline services are free or a low cost
    • 5. Ability to call in from any location (beaches, forests, home.
    • 6. A feeling of "anonymity" or "safety“ or participants to share more, especially for people who may be in highly competitive industries or smaller communities
    • 7. Can repurpose calls
  • How to Triple your Hourly Rate with Wellness Coaching …
    • Hybrid “products”
    • 6 Week Group Program (e.g. Prograde)
    • Run as “a Beta” for 50% off
    • Additional digital/physical bonuses
    • Client Feedback
    • Client Testimonials
    • Recorded Product (front-end)
  • How to Triple your Hourly Rate with Wellness Coaching …
    • Let’s Sum Up!
    • WC is HUGE in scope but that’s the opportunity!
    • Define your “ideal client”
    • Define your speciality
    • Craft your unique message (hook)
    • Strong offer and / or free gift
  • How to Triple your Hourly Rate with Wellness Coaching …
    • Higher fees = help more people!
    • Additional to PT? One-to-one? Group?
    • Consider 4-6 wk hybrid programs when starting out (work towards 4 pillars)
    • Offline – Online?
    • Repurpose – Repackage - Reposition
  • How to Triple your Hourly Rate with Wellness Coaching …
    • No-nonsense approach to: a) Fitness Marketing b) Internet Marketing c) Multiple Income Streams
    • www.PersonalTrainersOnline.org
  • How to Triple your Hourly Rate with Wellness Coaching …
    • Thanks For Listening!