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The Workforce Training Fund is a state fund enacted into law in July 1998 and financed entirely by Massachusetts employers. Its purpose is to provide resources to Massachusetts businesses and workers to train current and newly hired employees.

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Cape and Islands WIB MA Workforce Training Fund Program

  1. 1. Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund Program David Augustinho, Ex. Dir., WIB February 26, 2014 Orleans Chamber of Commerce
  2. 2. 1. WTFP Mission, Priorities, and Statute 2. WTFP Compliance Requirements 3. Overview of Workforce Training Fund Programs a) Hiring Incentive Training Grant (HITG) b) Express Program c) General Program d) Consortium e) Technical Assistance Cape & Islands WIB
  3. 3.  To provide business and labor organizations funds for training initiatives  To upgrade the skills of Massachusetts workers  To fund projects that: ◦ Promote job growth, job retention, or increased wages ◦ Improve productivity, competitiveness, and ability to do business in Massachusetts ◦ Include employers who have made a commitment to provide significant private investment in training during and after the grant Cape & Islands WIB
  4. 4.  Enacted by Massachusetts State Legislature in 1998 (MGL Chapter 29 Section 2RR)  First grants awarded April 1999  Funded by employer contributions - $8.40 per employee per year collected with quarterly UI payments  Contributions are collected into a Trust  Approximately $18M - $21M in collections each year  Workers must be paid while in training Cape & Islands WIB
  5. 5.  Massachusetts companies are eligible as well as companies moving to Massachusetts  Department of Revenue Certificate of Good Standing required with each grant  CGS good for 6 months  Gubernatorial-appointed 9-member Advisory Board Cape & Islands WIB
  6. 6.  All companies must pay quarterly into Workforce Training Fund. Self insured companies are not eligible.  All trainees must be employed in Massachusetts  All companies must be current with: ◦ Unemployment Insurance ◦ Unemployment Health Insurance ◦ Fair Share ◦ Current Workers Compensation Coverage ◦ Certificate of Good Standing Cape & Islands WIB
  7. 7.  All companies must have a current Massachusetts Department of Revenue Certificate of Good Standing (CoGS) issued within 6 months of application.  Applications are considered complete when a current and valid CoGS has been submitted (along with other application materials). Not having a current a CoGS will cause delays in the review and approval of your Workforce Training Fund application.  The CoGS must be issued from the Department of Revenue, NOT the Secretary of the Commonwealth. Cape & Islands WIB
  8. 8. Hiring Incentive  ◦ Training Grant (HITG) Hiring and training unemployed Mass residents and Mass veterans ◦ Maximum award $75,000 ($5000 per hire) ◦ For companies of any size  Express Program Grant ◦ Pre-approved, off-the-shelf training ◦ maximum award $30,000 per calendar year ◦ For small companies of100 employees or fewer General Program Grants  ◦ Training Grant and Consortium Grant Customized Training  Maximum award $250,000  Companies of any size  ◦  Technical Assistance Grant Training needs assessments and training plan development  maximum award $25,000 Cape & Islands WIB
  9. 9.  Program to encourage hiring Massachusetts residents who have been dislocated from the workforce  $5,000 grant award per eligible employee; payment after 120 days from date of hire (payroll documentation required)  Maximum award of $75,000 per calendar year ◦ Grantee may submit additional HITG applications for eligible new hires throughout 12-month contract period  The grant does not pay for mandated federal, state, or municipal training or worker orientation  Can use external training or in-house trainer Can have HITG ,Express and General grants at same time  Cape & Islands WIB
  10. 10.  Hired Employee must be a Massachusetts resident  Eligible Trainees: Full-and Part Time Hires  Employees hired within 30 days of application  Unemployed for a minimum of 6 months and has not earned more than$6000 in gross earning within 6 month's prior to hire/ has not been employed by hiring company during the last 6 months prior to hire  Veterans (DD214) required / above criteria waived for veterans  Not Eligible:  Temporary workers / Seasonal or Contract Workers  High School students/Non- Massachusetts residents  Company owner(full or Partial) relative of any owner Cape & Islands WIB
  11. 11.  Applications must be submitted within 30 days of eligible new hire. Applications consist of:  Online application and Pre-screening Form (must be submitted within 30 days of new hire)  Certificate of Good Standing (can be submitted after 30 days, however, application will not be approved without a current CGS  Applications are reviewed and approved within 5 – 10 days ◦ Current Certificate of Good Standing and no compliance issues required for approval  12 month calendar contract HITG Website: John Huynh/Commonwealth Corporation (617) 717-6912 Cape & Islands WIB
  12. 12.  Program for small companies to quickly and easily access off-the-shelf training ◦ Small business = businesses with 100 or fewer employees  Company chooses from a list of pre-approved courses on the WTFP website: ◦ ◦ Choose the “Training Provider Information” page, then click “Training Provider Directory” ◦ The Workforce Training Fund Program will not award an Express Program grant if the employee participating in the course/training program has previously participated in the same or similar course/training program that was funded by the Express Program.  Maximum grant award of $30,000 per company per calendar year ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ $3,000 per trainee per course limit Businesses may submit additional applications for additional courses throughout the contract period up to award maximum Will not fund the same employee to take the same course multiple times 12 month maximum training per course Can have Express Grant, General Program Grant and Hiring Incentive Grant simultaneously Cape & Islands WIB
  13. 13.  Must submit completed application at least six weeks before anticipated start date of training. Applications consist of:  Online application  Applications are reviewed and approved approximately 10 days after submission. Application approval is contingent upon: ◦ Submission of current and valid Certificate of Good Standing ◦ Applicant passes internal compliance check (DUA, DIA)  After course is completed and paid, company/grantee is reimbursed 50% of training cost /maximum of$3000 Express Program website: Kara O’Donnell-Galvin 617 717 6919 Cape & Islands WIB
  14. 14. For companies of any size to implement a customized training program for incumbent workers ◦ $250,000 maximum grant / Requires a 1:1 match for every dollar requested company must have an in kind contribution ◦ exception ESOL (English as a Second Language)allows 50/50 match ◦ 2-year maximum training period ◦ Companies may use training provider(s) of choice/ in or out of state ◦ Rolling Application Process  Applicants are notified within 90 days of application submission ◦ Application documents found online ◦ Waiting Time between General Program Grant is 1 year ◦ Pending-- adding a second GP grant during an ongoing GP grant Check web site for announcement and details Cape & Islands WIB
  15. 15. Training Grant Application Materials  ◦ General Program Training Grant Application (pdf) ◦ Consortium Partner Supplemental Form ◦ Training Module Details and Budget Narrative (Excel) ◦ Return on Investment (ROI) Statement ◦ Financial Statements ◦ Certificate of Good Standing ◦ Union letter of support (for unionized companies) General Program Application Workshop  ◦ 3 hour comprehensive review of the General Program Application for companies ready to apply for or are working on an application for submission Cape & Islands WIB
  16. 16.  Technical Assistance Grants ◦ Assessment of workers skills deficiencies and development of skills-based training plan ◦ $25,000 maximum 12 month maximum grant  Consortium Grants ◦ Training involving multiple businesses with similar training needs ◦ $250,000 maximum/Two-year training duration ◦ May have an Express Grant at same time ◦ A General Grant while in a Consortium if receiving less than a third of grant dollars/combined not to exceed $250,000 Cape & Islands WIB
  17. 17.   Company Non-Profits ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦  Community College Labor Organization Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) Chambers of Commerce Can a lead applicant be a training provider? ◦ Yes, if lead applicant is a non-profit organization.  Can a private company that is also a training provider be a lead applicant? ◦ No Cape & Islands WIB
  18. 18.  Workforce Training Fund Program Administration  Commonwealth Corporation ◦ a quasi-public state agency, reviews, administers and provides fiscal oversight to The Workforce Training Fund Program for all grants. General Program website: Cape & Islands WIB
  19. 19. Website: Phone: (800) 252-1591 Robert Duncan, Sr. Program Manager, Commonwealth Corporation Tel: (617) 717-6927 Email: General Program Information Michael Corcoran, Outreach Coordinator DCS Tel: (617) 626-6426 Cell: (857)753-3494 Email: Express 617 717 6927 Kara O’ Donnell- Galvin/Comm. Corp HITG/617 717 6927 John Huynh/Comm. Corp Cape & Islands WIB