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Issues in education seminar

Issues in education seminar






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  • Being literate goes beyond novels, plays, and poems.
  • Cumulative approaches work together to reach the top of the pyramid. Critical Media Literacy is a holistic approach.
  • Cumulative approaches work together to reach the top of the pyramid.
  • Students only analyze the exposed tip of the iceberg. Critical media literacy attacks the ideologies that exist both explicitly and implicitly.
  • Schools tend to stress content rather than thinking about content. When we don’t criticize it, we take it for granted and often accept it, and then perpetuate it elsewhere.
  • These are the places where our students are finding cues as to how they will construct and reconstruct their identities.
  • A lot of teachers want to “be objective,” but the texts are inherently biased. We had the discussion a few weeks ago about when it’s “appropriate” to introduce our students to the idea of different kinds of relationships and families.
  • In regards to the quote, it’s hard to push ahead when we’re at a stalemate.
  • Because it’s so new and so dynamic, there are a lack of firmly established principles. Absence of texts = thus the need for relevant technology.
  • Students have a lot of power as produsers, but they’re often not aware.
  • This is especially important in critical media literacy because ownership is associated with content and ideas.
  • They are born into a corporate world where they are told to write what we tell them, and they are told to buy certain things, and buy into certain ideas and ideologies. They are figuratively tattooed with ideologies from birth.
  • But all that changes with this.
  • Because of the ubiquitous nature of the devices and the information overload, it is important that we arm our students with questions that they can ask for any text.
  • I like to show this commercial because it is intertextual: what is it trying to say about the industry? But what products and ideologies is it trying to sell?

Issues in education seminar Issues in education seminar Presentation Transcript