Festival Techniques


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Techniques used during Transeuropa Festival 2011

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Festival Techniques

  3. 3. Lecture Discussion Workshop InstallationParis: London: The Forum was Bologna: The square is the Prague: This installationCocktail and presentation of structured by a series of exchange of knowledge, with symbolically links the citiesthe festival in the presence of workshops on proposals for three workshops on the topic among them through a seriestransnational teams with an campaigns and practical of waste, which put in of architectural elements andaddress by a deputy mayor, action, involving ‘expert’ different contact points of conceptual references. Itpsychoanalyst and writer on speakers elaborating view, such as the many faces introduces open-endedquestions of identity, allowing potential campaigns, which of recovery, urban ecology, situations as a way of handingthe transgression of the usual will then be discussed by the sustainability laboratory to over responsibilities to theforms recognition of the citizens in the workshop new models of society. audience.other setting.Storytelling Vernissage Performance TheatreCluj: The stories of Francis and Cluj: The exhibition proposes a Lublin: Side theatre spectacle Bratislava: The spectacle will beRaniero, two Italian Sinti, Read focus on the perception of based on a drama through an followed by discussion with theand Interpreted by two intimacy in relation to identity. As existential poetic performance actors and creators of the theatreactors. These tales of two unique a space of powerful emotional about finding their space. about life without home and howpeople, at the same charge, it can be considered an they work with homeless peopletime, recount the lives of all of attempt to breaking taboos by or disadvantaged groups in orderus. creating a genuine closeness and to facilitate their integration. state of reflection.
  4. 4. OPERA MUSIC VISUALS BALL/PARTYCardiff: A short mini-opera Prague: Concert by a Roma Cluj: This collective looks to Prague: Kick off party to Learnexploring the environmental band to be followed by DJ reach the equilibrium more about festival eventseffects of a consumer society, dance party, showcasing between music and visuals so while dancing to music by thethe role of democracy in Roma music. as to convey the image of best trans-european DJs.effecting change, and the new urban realities, subject toimportance of individual transnational change.action.FACILITATOR ACADEMIC CAMPAIGNER ARTISTSofia: Involving poets to Sofia: Involving academics Prague: Inviting a range of Paris: Inviting a collective ofdesign a city junkie scavenger from different countries to campaigners to speak at a a comic animators to presenthunt so people could use a discuss the feminisation of debate on whether enacting their graphic novel on thepoetic map to look for the poverty. European citizenship is a way new sustainable graphicnarratives which old Sofia to guarantee Roma rights inweaved in its urban fabric. the EU.
  6. 6. POLITICIAN ENTREPRENEUR LOCAL GROUPS RESEARCHERSPrague: Inviting the prime London: Inviting Bologna: Presentation and Cluj: The young researcherminister’s advisor to speak in entrepreneurs to take part in screening of a selection of makes use of photographya panel discussion will social forum to shape films from movies for kids in and graphics in heraddress how the post-modern proposals for campaigns conjunction with a youth exploration of two cases oflightening of the essential festival urban architecture.values that are ascribed tocitizenship today are beingreconsidered.ACTIVISTS STUDENTS CREATIVES ONLINE GROUPSBologna: A theatrical show on Cluj: A project coordinated Bologna: Cooks helping you Sofia: Inviting social mediaexperiences and encounters by a professor and put into travel through the cuisines of activists to discuss thewith Roma cultures against place by a group of 9 students Europe to discover the dimensions of National and /stereotypes. from a university in Berlin will identities of Various European or civic: the old and new travel to Cluj for the diets through wine tastings, Media, and the possibility of a Transeuropa Festival will food tastings and transnational public sphere in present their perspectives gastronomy. Europe.
  8. 8. HAVE YOUR SAY KISS TEXT EACH OTHER Cardiff: FLASHMOBCluj: Workshop participants Amsterdam: A flashmob of Harness your creativity via Lublin: Flashmob outsidewill have the opportunity to exchange of kisses : the text messaging. Projected in church to protest againstcreate and transform large " Transnational Kissing "will real-time, an evolving text discrimination of LGBTstructures, and experience take place simultaneously narrative emerges andhow these changes affect in Paris and Amsterdam to unfolds. This process andtheir perception of and the embrace those who still can open source software will beuse and aesthetics and public not live openly their used to celebrate languagespace. orientation and gender identityTOUR THE CITY DANCE AND PARTY LEARN NEW SKILLS TEACH NEW SKILLSBologna: Migrants and Bratislava: Opening of art Bologna: A workshop to Cluj: The social market thatrefugees bring us on a cycle exhibition on a barge create an element of urban will be organised in both Clujtrip to discover the city. Each together with an opening furniture with recycled and London during the timestep will be short party of the festival opening objects. The workshop will of the Festival will consist ofperformances, the rapid of the exhibition associated teach the public to create the free sharing of objectsunfolding of a point of view with the official opening of comfortable and functional and skills among thethrough the story of his own the festival. urban furniture. participants and all those whovision want to enter the game.
  10. 10. PRESENT THEIR WORK WRITE A LETTER DRAW A MAP PRODUCE A MAGAZINECluj: The project is Amsterdam: An artist will London: People will be able to Amsterdam: People were ablecoordinated by a professor present the transnational help develop skills in to produce magazine usingand put into place by a group library of objects, that transnational mapping, different collages andof 9 students. These represents a personal collective production and new artefactsethnographic collaborations narrative on the city. media activism to rethink thewill question whether the university as a commons.public can be considered acapital space for suchimaginary.SUBMIT AN IDEA FIND A RECIPE WIN A PRIZE DEVELOP A WEBSITELondon: Have you ever seen an London: Have you ever wondered London: Learn how you can Amsterdam: A website wasobject or a building that’s disused where restaurants get their food create musical instruments out of developed to collect the lettersthat you thought could be great from? Could you guess what scrap materials – from pipes to to the European President fromto change into something better. ingredients are in their recipes? trumpets and even soundboxes! activists across EuropeTake an “I wish this was” sticker Track down where to buy the The most creative instrumentand stick it on something you ingredients in the market and wins a prize!want changed and write down find what the hidden recipes are.why.
  11. 11. PRODUCE A DOCUMENTARY DEVELOP A FILM PREPARE FOOD SET UP A STALL PROGRAMMEPeople were trained at Paris: Food from different Paris: A festival stand in themaking videos to produce a The invitation to the co- cultures was prepared and European Village in front ofdocumentary on the situation curators was meant to let the given out to the public as part the City Hall.of Roma in eight different critical interests of of the anti-discrimination dayEuropean countries. Transeuropa inform work and with activities for all ages, research already in progress. projections of videos and It was an attempt to blend more. . curating with curiosity.DEVELOP A GARDEN DEVELOP WORKSHOP SET UP AN EXHIBITION CREATE MATERIALS FOR AN TECHNIQUES Prague: ACTIVITYBologna: An urban, Sofia: Exhibition that presents ahydroponic garden will be set Cluj: The workshop, entitled Come see the exhibition visual and graphic works madeup entirely from waste Space, Motion, Emotion deals which will introduce works through a process of group workmaterials, involving the public with the division of public inspired by the most known on the theme of "borders". Is itin the process of its space and its impact on transport vehicle powered by possible to strip one nationality,construction. residents. Workshop human force: the bicycle. The and put another, at least in the participants will have the exhibition is an appeal to the experiment in group work and opportunity to create and Prague city to find solutions storytelling? transform large solutions for cyclists.
  13. 13. DEVELOP A CAMPAIGN ORGANISE A CONSULTATION ORGANISE A SOCIAL FORUM WORKING WITH A PARTNERACTIVITY TO FACILITATE AN ACTIVITY Bologna: A consultation on Bologna: A European Amsterdam: The localLondon: The Forum will be the condition of interns in Forum on pluralism citygroup worked with astructured by a series of Europe. The structure of the and freedom of foundation who helpedworkshops on proposals for meeting will follow this information with the facilitate a workshop tocampaigns and practical pattern: platforms to reach participation of organizations develop a magazine toaction. The workshops will consensus on specific issues, from more than ten European imagine new forms of positiveinvolve a few ‘expert’ there will be several working countries. populism.speakers and citizens groupselaborating campaigns.ORGANISE ALL DAY THEMED PARTNERING WITH USING GROUP PROCESSES TO WORKING WITH A PARTNERACTIVITIES ANOTHER CITY DEVELOP AN EXHIBITION TO CURATE A PROJECTParis: Anti-discrimination day Cardiff: Digital art Sofia: Exhibition that presents Lublin: Working with partnerwith workshops, screenings accompanies performance of a visual and graphic works to curate screenings ofand talks on forms of especially commissioned made through a process of collaborative film projectiondiscrimination. works by poets composed as group work on the theme of examines the body as allegory they made exchange journeys "borders". Is it possible to of real or imaginary structures between each others cities. strip one nationality, and put to approach the concept of another transnationalism.
  14. 14. GETTING PEOPLE TO HIDE OBJECTS AROUND A MAP THE ACTIVITIES USE THE ACTIVITY TOPRODUCE A DOCUMENTARY VENUE PRODUCE RESEARCH Cluj: The map was aimed atSofia: A documentary film London: Books are like producing a tactical and London: How do weabout the rights of the LGBT markets, you’ll always feminist counter-cartography experience the market? Thepeople in Europe, produced discover something new no of the city that reflects on the market is part of our everydayfor the festival by matter how many times you connections between gender reality, but how often do weTranseuropa Members of go. Find the hidden verses of and territory reflect on what we think, feel,Transeuropa Network. a story and guess what the do, say, see, hear, eat, drink poem’s called or buy here? Join us and map your emotions.SHOWCASE THEIR WORK USE THEIR SPECIALIST SKILLS GET A SELECTION OF SIMILAR TAKE PART IN THEIR PEOPLE TO PERFORM FESTIVALBratislava: Screening of the Bologna: The citygroup Lublin: Developing a show on Berlin: Taking part in a streetfilm by an association worked with a biodiversity darkness and loneliness, festival offering a day offollowed by discussion about group to use their skills to struggling with himself theatre, performance art,Slovak reality 20 years after create an urban, hydroponic bringing together dance, music, food and workshops.economic transition and garden set up entirely from music and video partners.social policy waste materials.
  16. 16. BRING DIFFERENT TYPES OF GET PEOPLE TO TELL THEIR GET PEOPLE TO TAKE GARDENPARTNER TOGETHER STORY PHOTOS FOR A DOCUMENTARY Lublin: Involving people to produce Bologna: An urban,Prague: Bringing different Prague: Asking participants to posters for an exhibition on hydroponic garden will be setpartners to introduce a new give their ideas and create a the issues of discrimination up Entirely from wastemodel for sustainable Utopian City in this workshop on grounds of disability, age, materialscommunities called the for a foundation that sexual orientation, religion‘Polyteknik Village’, which organises workshops in cities and ethnicity or nationality.incorporates unprecedented all over Europe to capture thelevel of cooperation. dreams of young Europeans.FOREST BY BIKE BY BUS BY FOOT Paris: Walk in Paris guidedNo matter who (they say) Prague: Bike ride through London: Presenting an by a urban geographer inwe are, the forest is ours the city to promote interactive and exciting the multicultural quarters.to be enjoyed. Let’s clean it alternative transportation storytelling experienceall together then: Roma, and enjoy the day. within the unique venue ofRomanian and a London Double Deckerinternational bus; a journey within a journey.
  17. 17. HELP IMPROVE IT! GET IN TOUCH ATN.hatch@euroalter.com Game by www.wedowhatwesee.org Images by www.euroalter.com/network