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  1. 1. Noel Hatch FRSAResearch & Design Managernoel.hatch1@gmail.comSummaryNoel Hatch leads on helping people develop creative solutions to unmet needs. He has designed and managedresearch & design programmes for public services, think tanks and cultural organisations to better involvecommunities and transform services.He has notably developed a joint MBA Programme, major behaviour change programme with young people andco-designed services with students & entrepreneurs and an international festival.Skills & ExpertiseProgramme Development (Advanced, 3 years experience)Research Design (Advanced, 5 years experience)Bid Development (Advanced, 3 years experience)Community Development (Advanced, 5 years experience)Organizational Development (3 years experience)Facilitation Of Workshops (Advanced, 5 years experience)Knowledge ManagementCustomer EngagementStrategyPoliticsSocial MediaPolicyStakeholder ManagementPublic SectorExperienceCo-Chair of Cooperative at European AlternativesJuly 2011 - Present (1 year 11 months)Co-designed and helped organise Transeuropa Festival in London and development of Transeuropa Networkwith 40 co-ordinators of festivals across 10 different European cities.Develop transnational themes between different cities and work with local partners to develop creativeactivities and projects in London.Facilitate engagement between local citygroup coordinators and represent the Cooperative on the EuropeanAlternatives Board.Page1
  2. 2. Research & Design at Kent County Council2008 - Present (5 years)Develops and manages projects & research on transforming services. This includes managing a team toresearch and design services. I also support staff and partners to use new techniques to involve theircustomers and share knowledge.Raised over £250K through writing major bids on involving users and improving access to services.Won national innovation award for my ability in making the best use of innovation to tackle socio-economicproblems as well as the EFA Awards for public sector innovation in equality.Developed a new concept Transformed by You with various partners to involve the public to come withproposals themselves on how to tackle local challenges.Designed a behaviour change programme to support young people to use their social networks to tacklebullying.Developed strong collaborations with the local university securing students to work on R&D requiringspecialist expertise and helping develop a joint MBA programme.Achieved Prince 2 and Investors in People Reviewer status to improve my skills in project management andorganisational development and the Future Leaders for Kent 2014 Programme.Presented work on innovation at national conferences and have been featured in the Guardian, LGC andNational School of Government.17 recommendations available upon requestResearcher at Young Foundation2007 - 2008 (1 year)Engaged stakeholders and provided analysis in a research project commissioned by the Carnegie UK Trust toidentify unmet rural needs.Facilitated storytelling with community groups and members of the public as part of the First PoliticalMemory initiative in partnership with Operation Black Vote.Researcher at Demos2006 - 2007 (1 year)Communities & local governmentFacilitated focus groups with local authorities & residents for the State of Trust project to propose ways forcouncils to build better relationships of trust with the public.Page2
  3. 3. Worked with community groups to encourage stories & wishes to the Glasgow 2020 project, to develop avision of Glasgow’s future based on public imagination.Organised a deliberative event to shape research into the Talk Us Into It project to propose solutions toreconnect community involvement to the public realm.Skills & organisational developmentFacilitated workshops with graduates for the Working Progress project to explore the skills and organisationalculture needed in the future workplace.Provided quantitative analysis towards the Confronting the Skills Paradox paper to propose a more flexibleeducation & training policy.Identified typologies of BME community groups as part of the Change Within project, to improve their role& impact.LanguagesEnglish (Native or bilingual proficiency)French (Native or bilingual proficiency)Spanish (Professional working proficiency)Catalan (Elementary proficiency)German (Elementary proficiency)PublicationsRadical FutureSoundings April 1, 2011Authors: Noel Hatch FRSA, Rowenna Davis, Laurie Penny, Ben Little, Joss Garman, Rowenna Davis, JossGarman, Jeremy Gilbert, Richard George, Joanna AllanThis book represents an attempt by a group of activists, journalists and academics to come to terms with theissues faced by our generation, and the kinds of politics we want for our future. We are a diverse group, but inour professional lives all of us work actively for a better society. We believe that this book should stand as astatement of intent, and as an offer to our elders to enter into the debate for our future.Re GenerationLawrence & Wishart April 1, 2012Authors: Noel Hatch FRSA, Guy Aitchison, Jamie Audsley, Craig Berry, Adam Ramsay, David Floyd, GeorgeGabriel, Tim Gee, Guy Shrubsole, Shiv Malik‘The lost generation isn’t prepared to wait to be found. Regeneration is a timely and necessary collection, andPage3
  4. 4. it shows today’s youth politics at its best: angry, informed and able to imagine alternatives to a system thatoffers us none’ (Laurie Penny)Volunteer ExperienceYouth Chair at CompassSeptember 2006 - May 2010 (3 years 9 months)Co-designed and facilitated over 20 workshops with community groups, think tanks, student and trade unionsand developed campaign toolkitsDesigned a new model of organising called Campaign Camp, where young people use stories young peoplehave shared on issues that matter to them, and learn and test out creative campaigning techniques - such asmaking viral videos, get your message out to the media and designing campaign visuals.EducationUniversité Panthéon Sorbonne (Paris I)Bachelors & Masters, Political Sciences, 2002 - 2006Grade: Equivalent 2:1 & MeritActivities and Societies: UNEFHarvey Grammar School1995 - 2002Honors and AwardsInnovate08 award for best innovation that harnesses technology to tackle socio-economic problemsEFA Award for best public sector innovation in equalityCoursesBachelors & Masters, Political SciencesUniversité Panthéon Sorbonne (Paris I)Social Science Research DesignQualitative Research MethodsEthnographyQuantitative Research MethodsIntroduction to Quantitative AnalysisSurvey MethodologyMethods for Social Psychological ResearchSocial RepresentationsPage4
  5. 5. Social Psychology of Public CommunicationStrategy and InsightsThe Boundaries of Communication: AnthropologicalApproachesSemiotics: Cultural & Social CommunicationPublic Policy EvaluationPublic GovernanceNetwork Analysis for Urban ResearchUnderstanding Urban Informal Activities.................................................................................................................................................................Research & DesignKent County CouncilITIL Service ManagementPrince 2 PractitionerFuture Leaders ProgrammeTalent ManagementInvestors in People ReviewerPage5
  6. 6. Noel Hatch FRSAResearch & Design Managernoel.hatch1@gmail.com17 people have recommended Noel"Noel is an innovative worker who is constantly exploring new and better ways of doing things. He is open tocreative ideas that he quickly processes. He is also excellent at working with a wide variety of clients."— Thomas Neumark Jones, Associate Director, Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacturesand Commerce (The RSA), was with another company when working with Noel at Kent County Council"Noel is one of the leading innovators in local government in the UK, leading change and showcasing what ispossible in terms of new thinking and new ways of working. The sector needs more Noels!"— Dominic Campbell, Managing Director, FutureGov Consultancy, was with another company whenworking with Noel at Kent County Council"Having worked with Noel on a number of projects, I have been impressed with his proactivity, focus onresults and his ability to overcome obstacles to deliver end-products. Noel genuinely goes over and aboveminimum requirements and continually exceeds expectations."— Raymond Warren, Head of Customer Access, Transformation and Delivery (interim), Tunbridge WellsBorough Council, worked with Noel at Kent County Council"I am consistently impressed with Noels enthusiasm, creativity and professionalism. Within localgovernment, there are few people who have a clear vision of how the innovation and public engagement canbe used to make local public services more relevant, equitable and cost effective - Noel is one of these people.I have been inspired by Noels work in Kent and see him a trusted colleague within the sector."— Ingrid Koehler, Improvement Strategist, Local Government Improvement and Development (formerlyIDeA), was with another company when working with Noel at Kent County Council"I’ve worked with Noel on a number of projects and programmes across a broad range of policy areas. Hisinnovative and analytical capabilities have proved invaluable in delivering quality outcomes consistently."— Marcus Hobley, Procurement Manager, Transport for London, was with another company when workingwith Noel at Kent County Council"I first encountered Noel whilst working for BIS, via his organising of #visualcamp, an event bringingCentral/Local Government officials together with designers and social entrepeneurs to hack together policyand data visualisations. He is a passionate, insightful and inspiring person and I look forward to morePage6
  7. 7. opportunities to work with him in the near future."— Ed Anderton, Development Researcher, Nominet Trust, was with another company when working withNoel at Kent County Council"Noel brings creativity and innovation to his work. He often brings a very useful and much needed newperspective to a problem based on his up to date awareness of what is being done by leaders in that field"— Susan Nash, Vice President Society & Citizenship, National Union of Students, was with anothercompany when working with Noel at Kent County Council"Noel is an expert community of practice facilitator and is well respected across the local government sectoras a social innovator. He is an advocate of social media solutions to support more effective knowledgesharing across the local government sector."— Stephen Dale, Associate Consultant, IDeA, was with another company when working with Noel atGovernment"One of the brightest young professionals Ive met in the field of policy and project management. Hes one towatch for the future."— Daniel Cremin, Account Manager (Education & skills policy specialist with experience in housing &local government), Bellenden Public Affairs, was with another company when working with Noel at KentCounty Council"Ive worked plenty of times with Noel, and Im always surprised by his energy to keep things going on and toalways have ideas to improve a project. Its surely one of the smartest people Ive ever met, with a very strongidea to where he wants to go."— Alexandre Alaphilippe, Person in charge of online corporate communication and newmedias, Clermont-Ferrand City Hall, was with another company when working with Noel at Government"Noel Hatch is not only an efficient and organised person but also inspiring in his innovation work. Noel is astrong person, dedicated, precise, with a great sense of humour. Noel has always been creative and pro-activein finding solutions and it’s been a pleasure working with him"— Michael Norton, Knowledge Projects Manager, Improvement and Development Agency, was with anothercompany when working with Noel at Kent County Council"Noel is one of those rare individuals who combines a dedication to the principles of public service with anirrepressible interest in innovation. I am consistently impressed by the way he co-opts the latest techniques ofthe digital scene to the needs of real communities."— Daniel McQuillan, Co-founder, Social Innovation Camp, was with another company when working withNoel at Kent County Council"Noel is a leading local government thinker/doer with a great record of planning and delivering innovation inPage7
  8. 8. the way that a council delivers services. A skilled community builder and manager, Noel has a keenunderstanding of the principles of the social web and the benefits and opportunities this has for government."— Dave Briggs, Director and Digital Enabler, DavePress Ltd, was with another company when workingwith Noel at Government"Noels a great guy whos always got lots of energy and ideas to bring to the table."— Anna Maybank, Director, Social Innovation Camp, was with another company when working with Noelat Government"Noel thinks outside the box and has a large range of ideas and projects running at the same time. He is ableto think carefully about strategy, plan, consult, advise and take practical action whilst building relationshipswith a large range of stakeholders in government, NGOs, campaign groups, Trade Unions, Quangos andcommunity groups. He has a flexible mind, and is not afraid to use innovative methods. If he keeps his feet onthe ground he has the potential to work at a very high level and be a pioneer within whatever field he wishesto choose. He is also an effective leader being the Chair of Compass Youth."— Yue Ting Cheng, Monitoring, Outreach Worker, TSSA, worked with Noel at Compass Youth"Noel is an incredibly dedicated person and colleague with sound analytical and people skills and the abilityto drive things forward and build support for projects. A pleasure to work with."— Susanne Kendler, Communications Consultant, LME-LSE, worked directly with Noel at Government"Noel supported the work of the non profit organization CogniTerra, which I was leading since 2004. Hisinvolvement was of great importance to the projects and activities we worked on. He was consistent, on timeand dedicated adding great value to the team and the work of CogniTerra. I would recommend Noel."— Akis Laopodis, was Noels clientContact Noel on LinkedInPage8