Section B Visual Verbal Squares


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Section B Visual Verbal Squares

  1. 1. Picture Definition BAssociated words Sentence
  2. 2. Definition the area we now call Israel, however in the 1st century CE the area was part of the Roman Empire and was known as Palestine. Holy Land• Israel Sentence• Nazareth• Judea• Bethlehem• Palestine
  3. 3. Definition Rome controlled a vast empire Roman empire• Vast lands Sentence• Control• Pontius Pilate• Governor
  4. 4. Definition Jewish religious system that developed in the period from 538 BC to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 AD.AncientJudaism Sentence
  5. 5. Definition an anointed person. Messiah• Christ Sentence• Anointed• Waiting• King
  6. 6. Definition One form of messianic expectation found in the Old Testament foresaw the coming of a King who would rule with justice and be a saviour for Israel. Messianic expectation• Expect Sentence• Waiting for a king
  7. 7. Definition Oral tradition• word of mouth Sentence• Story
  8. 8. Definition Written tradition• Gospels Sentence• recorded
  9. 9. Definitiontradition Sentence
  10. 10. Definition – “good news “ “sermons in story form” to proclaim the good news about Jesus so as to lead people to him gospel• Good news Sentence• Proclaim• Evalgelists
  11. 11. Definition the author of any one of the four gospels. evangelist• Authors Sentence
  12. 12. Definition Someone who sees and can give a direct account of an event or occurence. Witness• To see Sentence• Experience• Be part of
  13. 13. Definition - ‘alongside’ / ‘to see’ The gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke have much in common synoptic• Seen together Sentence• Gospels• Matthew• Mark• Luke
  14. 14. Definition the sovereign reign of God, God’s power and presence in history and creation shows itself in such a way that the absolute kingship and lordship of God is establishedKingdom of God Sentence
  15. 15. Definition a story in which some lesson is given and concealed, one thing is used to illustrate another parable• story Sentence
  16. 16. Definition - “act of power”. “mighty deeds” performed in the name of God that freed people from suffering and need. miracle• amazing Sentence
  17. 17. Definition Table fellowship• Share Sentence• Around a table
  18. 18. Definition Disciple/disciple ship• follower Sentence
  19. 19. Definition vocation• calling Sentence
  20. 20. Definition mission• Spread good news Sentence
  21. 21. Definition Conflict with authority• dispute Sentence
  22. 22. Definition sacrafice• Give up Sentence
  23. 23. Definition martyrdom• Die for cause Sentence
  24. 24. Definition memorial• remember Sentence
  25. 25. Definition passover• To be spared Sentence
  26. 26. Definition eucharist• Host Sentence• Body
  27. 27. Definition resurrection• arise Sentence
  28. 28. Definition transformation• Change appearance Sentence
  29. 29. Definition presence• In company Sentence• To be with
  30. 30. Definition Pentecost• Holy spirit Sentence• Filled
  31. 31. Definitionmissionary Sentence
  32. 32. Definition People of God• people Sentence
  33. 33. Definition Son of man• Title Sentence• Human
  34. 34. Definition Son of God• Unique relationship Sentence
  35. 35. Definition New creation• Rebirth Sentence• Title• St John
  36. 36. Definition Christ/Messiah• King Sentence• Wait• Saviour