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Secondary Industries
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Secondary Industries



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  • 1.
      Secondary Industries
  • 2.
  • 11.
      PC PRO Cork
  • 12.
      PC PRO, Cork
    • All usual inputs
  • 31.
      Bread factory
  • 49.
      Heavy and Light
      Heavy Industries
      Light Industries
    • Light inputs
    • 55. Small inputs
    • 56. Light products
    • 57. Small products
    • 58. Small factories in industrial estates
    • 59. Eg PC PRO, Cork
  • 60.
      ReadyMix Naas
      See an animation of the concrete making process here .
  • 61.
      Industrial Estates
    • Offers shared services for factories (infrastructure)
    • Are divided into plots
  • 65.
      Where are they located?
    • Near major roads for transport
    • Near airports
    • On edge of urban areas for workers and to avoid traffic jams
  • 66.
      Factors affecting industrial location
  • 74.
      Resource materials
    • Being near raw materials/components means
      • Transport costs reduced
    • Else
      • Near airport/port for easy transport
    • Especially important for heavy industry
      E.g ReadyMix located near gravel pits (7km) PC PRO located near Cork airport and port
  • 75.
    • Being near towns/cities provides employees with range of skills
    • Being near a University etc means workers will be highly skilled
      E.g Readymix is near Naas,Newbridge which provides plenty workers PC PRO is near Cork and has electronic graduates from UCC
  • 76.
      Transport facilities
    • Transport carries inputs, products and workers to factory
    • Good road and rail needed
    • Near airports and ports also
      E.g Readymix is near N7 to Dublin and Cork and M50 to Dublin PC PRO is near N28 to Cork airport and port
  • 77.
    • Is important for factories to be near the market for its product.
    • 78. Especially for industries producing
      • heavy products - less transport costs
      • 79. Bulky products - less transport costs
      • 80. Perishable products – less chance food will go off
      • 81. Fragile products - less chance of breakage
      E.g Readymix is 30 mins from Dublin
      • PC PRO is 6km from Cork
  • 82.
    • Factories need onsite services e.g Electricity, Water, Telephone
    • 83. All available on an industrial estate
    • Many factories have links with other factories
      • E.g for printing - security
      • 84. Packaging - research
      • 85. Courier - catering
      • 86. Maintenance
      E.g PC PRO has links with other factories for printing, packaging and couriers Readymix has no need for links
  • 87.
    • Factories need money
    • Loans and grants are given to factories if they are in a suitable location
      E.g Readymix is a multinational company and the parent company provides funds AIB bank gave loans to PC PRO because of its good loaction
  • 88.
      Gov’t and EU policies
    • Irish Gov’t encourages industry with low taxes on profits
    • 89. IDA and Enterprise Ireland encourage industry to locate in Ireland
    • 90. EU provides Structural Fund to improve services and attract industry
    • 91. Free access to EU market
      E.g Both Readymix and PC PRO pay low taxes on profits PC PRO imports inputs tax free from other EU countries
  • 92.
      Personal preferences
    • Factory owners might prefer to locate near their homes.
    • 93. Especially family businesses
    • 94. Community support is important
      • Pro’s – will bring jobs to area
      • 95. Con’s – Might pollute area
      E.g Readymix was welcomed because it brough jobs to Naas PC PRO began in near owners home but had to move as business got bigger
  • 96.
      Footloose industry
      A footloose industry is one that can be located in a variety of locations. It is not tied to one locational factor
    • In the past industry was tied to one locational factor
    • 97. E.g Steel industry was near coal mines – coal was too bulky to transport – coal used for power
    • 98. Industry had to be near towns/cities – workers had to walk to work
  • 99.
    • Today industry not tied to single factor.
    • 100. E.g Electricity provides power and available everywhere
    • 101. Workers can commute to work – good transport
    • Modern industry therefore can be footloose
    • 102. E.g PC PRO Computers, Cork
    • 103. Dell Computers, Limerick
    • 104. Cadbury’s, Dublin
  • 105.  
  • 106.