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    Module 3 Module 3 Document Transcript

    • Module 3, Lesson 1 Assignment: Guided Questions for Speech1. Elizabeth had power over both church and state. In 1559, under the Acts of Supremacy andUniformity and upheld by the New Prayer Book, Elizabeths Church of England was established. Allspiritual needs were met under the reforms, except the extreme left wings of Catholicism andProtestantism, whose beliefs were outrageous in the eyes of the Queen. With the Act of Supremacypapal authority was abolished, defining Elizabeth as Supreme Governor of the Church. The Act ofUniformity required that all citizens worship on a regular basis according to the rites and ideologies ofan open prayer book. There were heavy fines for those who did not attend. She also had the power oflife and death and could order executions as necessary - including that of her half-sister, Mary.2. It is impossible to be liked by everyone. Queen Elizabeth the First was possibly the most popularEnglish monarch to this day, although she possibly was doubted and sneered appon by those whothought that a woman could not rule. Queen Elizabeth the Second is not a popular as Elizabeth the Firstwas, and this is possibly due to the fact that royalty does not play as large a role in every-day lifeanymore.3.
    • What is the role of a monarch? Be sure to provide textual evidence to support your point. How much power did Queen Elizabeth have? Was she respected? Be sure to provide textual evidence to support your point. What was her purpose? What was her goal? Be sure to provide textual evidence to support your point. Was she a trailblazer of values and ethics before her time? Be sure to provide textual evidence to support your point. Did she pave the way for others? Why does that matter to modern women?Attach your work in a file and also copy and paste it when you submit it.