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  • 1. The Income Gap in NZHow does income gap affect people in New Zealand?
  • 2. Outline・The gap between rich and poor・The Income Gap in OECD・The Income Gap Growth in OECD・Main problem of the Income Gap・conclusion
  • 3. The gap between rich and poor New Zealand -Population : 4.4milion (2010) -GDP : 116.4billion US dollars (2008) Source: OECD FACTBOOK 2010 Question: What is the X? “Bottom 50% of population hold X percent of nation’s wealth.”
  • 4. The gap between rich and poor Source :Statistics NZ, Wealth and Disparities in NZ reportPercent of total net worth Cumulative(%)TOP 1% 16.4 TOP 1% 16.4Next 4% 21.3 TOP 5% 37.4Next 5% 14.1 TOP 10% 51.8Next 40% 43.0 TOP 50% 94.8Bottom 50% ALL 100 5.2%
  • 5. The Income Gap In OECD countries Source: OECD FACTBOOK 2010 “Gini coefficients” of income inequality in OECD countries, mid-2000s0.5 0.50 1 = 1 person who is richest has all of income 0.450.4 0.40 0.35 NZ = 0.335 point0.3 Ave= 0.311 point 0.30 0.250.2 0.20
  • 6. The Income Gap Growth In OECD countries Source: OECD FACTBOOK 2010Cumulative change (Mid-1980s to Mid-2000s) - 0.08 - 0.04 0.00 0.04 0.08 AUS “Point changes” AUT in the Gini coefficient BEL CAN CZE DNK FIN FRA DEU GRC HUN IRL Mid-1980s ITA JPN LUX ~Mid2000s MEX NLD NZL NZL NOR PRT ESP +0.064 point SWE TUR GBR USA OECD-24 OECD-22
  • 7. What is the main problem?・Poverty in childrenNZ is ranked 28th (out of 30 countries in the member of OECD)Last year…about 100 children died because of poverty.
  • 8. What is the main problem?・A Vicious Circle Poor Parent Poor Child Poor Parent
  • 9. Conclusion・Share the Income to those at the bottom Progressive taxation(rate) Promote a nation’s welfare for the bottom (especially in health, education for child)・Improve the gap of wages and salaries Work harder Decrease part time job rate
  • 10. END