Ver 2how we do it


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Ver 2how we do it

  1. 1. how wedo itin garage
  2. 2. this is to show you the magicof world class presentation done in 24hrs
  3. 3. this is to show to our customers the magicof worl class presentation makeover in 24hrs yes, we are still a garage startup, but that doesn´t matter when…
  4. 4. have vision passion great people system flexibility a bit of luck
  5. 5. mission We make your presentation world class in less than 24hrs. Otherwise you don´t pay
  6. 6. How does it work ? You have your part of the presentation - whatever stage, whatever form, even handwriting - you send it to us and youll receive back finished and fine-tuned presentation in less than 24 hrs
  7. 7. What you see ?once you send your file with comments the machinery starts…
  8. 8. 1st stageYou receive immediate automatic confirmation of your requestSince now you can enjoy your cup of coffee, we´ll do the rest
  9. 9. 2nd stageIn a few hours you´ll be contacted by the founder of will confirm the capacity and lead time and will ask you a fewadditional questions if needed for better specification.
  10. 10. 3rd stageIn next few hours you´ll receive the first proposal for the design(slide architecture, typography, colours, type of pictures..) adaptedfor 5 slides and recommendation for the story, key message,content, flow and texts when needed.
  11. 11. 4th stageWe share and discuss your feedback and thenwe´ll adjust the rest of your presentation.
  12. 12. 5th stageWe send you final result + handouts if requestedStill in less than 24hrs since you posted your request
  13. 13. Under wraps …What you never see as customer…
  14. 14. 1st step We choose the designer Anna Bára Jiří Jitka
  15. 15. 2nd step We make our internal first reading and assess the story and content and we send you a few additional questions (who is the audience, what´s the target, …) TIP: Be clear with the target and say it to your audience
  16. 16. 3rd stepWe build the story
  17. 17. 4th step We define design architecture (layout, colours, typography, type of images, …) TIP: keep it simple, let it breathe TIP: empty space is one of the best pictures
  18. 18. 5th step Cut, cut, cut …. TIP: consider slide as billboard, cut most of the info
  19. 19. 6th stepOnce we have the space, we find the best picturesTIP: resolution mattersTIP: be emotional
  20. 20. 7th step…and then we cut againTIP: be brave
  21. 21. And the result…
  22. 22. Just compare what we got to what we made out of it…see examples on next slides
  23. 23. caty pearl, pearlcom
  24. 24. annamaria rosi ANFOV, Italy caty pearl Pearlcom, IsraelSelected references cobus group UK paul verhesen E.S.E., Germany gabrielle benefield Agile Association, UK heinrich homola systemic coach, Czech katarina emma schapiro coach, France patrick gyseling ATOS, Belux renee foose USA sarah browne guru_of_new, USA sandra schmidt ST.AG, Germany diego teot Retelit, Italy martin hudeček Orbit, Czech jaroslav cír Perfectcrowd, Czech martin klouda MP hodling, Czech ….. …
  25. 25. Price list June 2011pricing credit system the whole system is based on the credits you buy upfront to pay for any nobuu service amount of the credits you need for our services is calculated as following: 1 slide purchased from SLIDESTORE 1 credits 1 slide of STANDARD makeover 5 credits 1 slide of EXECUTIVE makeover 9 credits buy your price per credits: credit 25 credits $50 $2,0 50 credits $95 $1,9 100 credits $180 $1,8 200 credits $340 $1,7 500 credits $800 $1,6 1000 credits $1 500 $1,5 3000 credits $3 900 $1,3
  26. 26. So? When will you join us ?
  27. 27. just try it and you´ll stay with us all pictures sourced from