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A presentation on applications of Carbon Nanotube

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Final cnt 0511027

  1. 1. Welcome to the Nano world of Carbon Nanotubes  Presented by  Md. Tazul Islam  Student No:0511027
  2. 2.  Materials Science is based on SCP3Which stands forS=StructureC=CharacterizationP=Properties =Processing =performance The Materials Science Tetrahedron
  3. 3. Fields of Application Structural  Metallic and semiconducting Electromagnetic nanotubes Chemical  Carbon Nanotube Mechanical Interconnects Polymer Composites  As a vessel for drug delivery
  4. 4. Structural Combat Jackets Space Elevator Clothes Concrete Bridges Polyethylene
  5. 5. The completed cable would be thickest at the geostationary orbit, where the tension wasgreatest, and would be narrowest at the tips to reduce the amount of weight per unit area of cross section that any point The cable must be made of a material with a large tensile strength/density ratio. Carbon nanotubes theoretical tensile strength has been estimated between 140 and 177 GPa (depending on plane shape), and its observed tensile strength has been variously measured from 63 to 150 GPa, close to the requirements for space elevator structures
  6. 6. Electromagnetic Artificial muscles  Displays Buckypaper  Transistors Superconductors  Conductive films
  7. 7. . Prototype of NED
  8. 8. Nano Emissive Display NED is basically a thin, flat cathode ray tube with thousands of electron gunsat each pixel. In the past, carbon nanotubes have been pasted or printedonto a surface but the quality of the resulting display has been disappointing.On a back plate, only 3 mm behind each sub-pixel, we place a small structurethat contains about one thousand carbon nanotubes arranged such that aproperly applied voltage excites each nanotube to bombard the colorphosphors with electrons. It will extend the life of large flat panel displays to up to 30,000 hours as well as reduce the price to half (about 400 $) where plasma starts to see “burn in” aging effects at only 2,000 hours.
  9. 9. Chemical Water Filter Hydrogen Storage Air Pollution Filter Biotech Container
  10. 10. Despite tiny size, they can filter water more efficiently than current Carbon nanotubes used by the researchers are sheets of carbon atoms only seven water molecules can fit across their diameter The super smooth inside of the nanotubes allow liquids and gases to rapidly flow through water flow rates is 10,000 times faster than would be predicted by classical equations Salt removal from water, commonly performed through reverse osmosis, uses less permeable membranes, requires large amounts of pressure and is quite expensive. However, these more permeable nanotube membranes could reduce the energy costs of desalination by up to 75 percent compared to conventional membranes used in reverse osmosis.
  11. 11. MechanicalOscillator Nanotube Slick surface membrane
  12. 12. In Semiconducting SectorFig: Arrays of carbon nanotubes in a semiconductorWhen CNTs are fabricated a mixture of metallic and semiconducting nanotubes isformed. This carbon nanotube can be used as light emitting semiconductors.
  13. 13. When excited by a UV laser, titanium dioxide nanoparticles undergo charge separation, where some of the semiconductor’s electrons get trapped—a 3,770 electrons .Electrons trapped in the titanium dioxide displayed a blue coloration For SWCNTs in the titanium dioxide particles, the blue color decreased. Thislack of color meant that some of the electrons trapped in the titanium dioxidewere transferred to the SWCNTs. Complete transfer consisted of 1 electron per 32 atoms of carbon atoms (building blocks of the SWCNTs), and occurred in just 10 nanoseconds. Such a high electron capacity turned the SWCNTs into supercapacitors, which can be useful in electronics application
  14. 14. Carbon nanotube interconnects are used in universal memory. The high density CMOS RAM can replace conventional RAMs and flash memory with even better performance.
  15. 15. Only in sophisticated fields??? Answer is No
  16. 16. In SportsTour de France winning bike NanoDynamics golf ball This ball is engineered with nanoparticles to spin less, which should mean less slices and hooks. The bad news? Lower spin could mean shorter drives. But NanoDynamics is working to put more pop into the balls by hardening their shell.
  17. 17. Acknowledgement
  18. 18. Thanks 2 allfor being patient & listening