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Monitoring Publicity and Public Relations Measurement With Universal Information Services
Monitoring Publicity and Public Relations Measurement With Universal Information Services
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Monitoring Publicity and Public Relations Measurement With Universal Information Services


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Published in: Business
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  • 1. Monitoring Publicity and Public Relations Measurement With Universal Information Services Businesses in this day and age rely on publicity in order to let the world know they exist, and then use that same publicity in order to get customers and earn money. However, when businesses use public it is called public relations measurement, and it is something that Universal Information Services specializes in. For companies that are not sure about whether or not public relations measurement is for them, they need to understand just what Universal Information Services can do for them. Releasing information to the public is great, but once it leaves the press release agent, it is hard to know just how it is received from the public and actually how many people the information is actually reaching. Some of the services that Universal Information Services can provide are more than just tracking press releases, tracking the results of commercials, radio advertisements, and internet marketing with social media services, and can also do things like offer tracking of keywords, give reports for how their publicity is doing, and even offer training. Not all businesses have huge budgets for things like public relations measurement, but Universal Information Services is affordable, and most businesses can have their publicity monitored for around $100 dollars a month or less. While some companies like Universal Information Services offer monitoring of newspaper clipping per clip, but that costs of publicity monitoring can add up quickly to a huge amount, and that can turn into a huge monthly expense. Universal Information Services even has special software that can help companies do their own monitors, and once a month or more, they will receive a special report with all the information they need to see what how well their publicity and press releases are being received by the general public. Universal Information Services has been around since the beginning of the 20th century, and even back in those days, the employees of the company understood how important the media was to businesses all over the country. Back in 1908, this company collected newspaper clippings, and in the 105 years that the company has been in business, the media might have changed, but their goal remains the same, and that is to care for their customers and monitor media types for them.
  • 2. About Universal Information Services Universal Information Services is a company that has been around since 1908, and what makes this company special is the fact that it was started by a woman, which was unheard of at the beginning of the 20th century. In the beginning, Universal Information Services was a service that just collected press clippings. Even back then, Universal Information Services was dedicated to their clients, and that is one principle that has not changed in over 100 years. Universal Information Services takes care of the Omaha, Nebraska area. The company also has an office located at 1623 FarnamStreetUnit 3600 in Omaha, Nebraska. Contact Universal Information Services There are many ways that people can contact Universal Information Services. At the Universal Information Services website, which is, people can fill out a form and submit it or people can contact them by: Email: Phone:800-408-3178 Keywords: Public Relations Measurement, Monitoring Publicity and Public Relations, Universal Information Services