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Annie w., morgan c., coral reef destruction period 4
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Annie w., morgan c., coral reef destruction period 4


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • 1. By: Annie W. and Morgan C.
  • 2. The Main Causes of Coral ReefDestruction… Overfishing And Global Warming
  • 3. 70% of corals are threatened or destroyedReefs harbor 25% of all known marine animals Coral reefs have the most biodiversity after rainforests!
  • 4. Global warming causes fish tomove away from Tropics This causes reefs to have less biodiversity! 75% of ALL fish are overfished/ depleted!
  • 5. Think about this…. Fish could be gone withinthe next century!!!
  • 6. If we had better conservation measures… We would have healthy coral reefs!
  • 7. Global Climate Change…
  • 8. Oil spills Global Warming Pollution and many more! BombDivers Fishing
  • 9. 58% of the world’s coral Tourism DESTROYSreefs are threatened byhuman activities! coral reefs! people depend on coral reefs are dependent THIS IS IMPORTANT!
  • 10. Cruise ships dump 30,000+ gallons ofhuman sewage a day into the oceans weswim in!!! times 100!!! 300 times 30,000= 9 million+ gallons a DAY!
  • 11. You Make The Difference!It Can Be In Your School, Your City, Your State, Your Country, Even The WORLD!
  • 12. Thank You!
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