East london Coaching Support Group


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To provide a central hub for supporting coaches, student coaches and anyone working in or interested in coaching and developing human potential (their own and that of others)

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East london Coaching Support Group

  1. 1. East LondonCoaching Support Group Noble Manhattan
  2. 2. Purpose of CSGsn  To provide a central hub for supporting coaches, student coaches and anyone working in or interested in coaching and developing human potential (their own and that of others)n  To hold regular monthly meetings open to all, to raise awareness of the benefits of coachingn  Provide support, motivation, inspiration and information
  3. 3. Objectivesn  To practise coaching in a safe and encouraging atmospheren  To improve the overall level of coaching support by enabling coaches and students to share problems and best practicen  To act as a ‘mastermind alliance’ to help overcome personal and business challengesn  To provide a networking opportunityn  To raise awareness of the general public and business communities of the benefits of coaching by welcoming them to meetings and having taster sessions
  4. 4. About Noble Manhattann  UK-based Coach training company that trains life and executive coachesn  Trades in 27 countries worldwiden  Longest established outside the US (first registered in 1993)n  Well-established leaders in the field of personal development
  5. 5. Management Team1.  Support group leader2.  Deputy support group leader3.  Membership & finance officer4.  Public relation officer5.  Education officer6.  Logistics officer7.  IT officer8.  Chairperson for Mastermind AllianceAlso – ambassadors for NM
  6. 6. Mastermind Alliancen  Go round, each person has one minute maximum to mention a challenge they’ve got at the moment to work on todayn  Group decides which to work onn  Person given 5 minutes (max) to explain issue or challenge in more depthn  Go round each of group – 30 secs / 1 min to ask questions, so everyone has complete understandingn  Group act as person’s executive board (controlled discussion, facilitated), give coaching / mentoring / guidancen  5 minutes before end, facilitator asks – how feel / where to go next.n  Facilitator gets person to make note of actions.n  Feedback if come back the following month (no more than 8 for mastermind group)
  7. 7. Peer coachingn  Sit in semi-circle, have facilitatorn  Who would like to improve their coaching skills / techniques? Which aspect? E.g. open questions / challenging appropriatelyn  Person comes out in front, coaches volunteern  Facilitator stops it after 10/15 minutes, then gets feedback in an orderly wayn  Give feedback on the thing requestedn  May have time to do a second one
  8. 8. Management Team Benefitsn  Enhanced personal profilen  Higher exposure within local communityn  Further develop organisational skillsn  Develop presentation skillsn  Opportunity to n  earn referral fees n  generate income from commission sales of selected Noble Manhattan products
  9. 9. Referral fees for ambassadors Course Referral Feen  Life Coach Training n  2.5%n  Corporate coach n  2.5% trainingn  Business for n  10% Coachesn  All other courses n  2.5%
  10. 10. Membershipn  Joining fee / standard annual membership fee of £15, goes to NM to cover costs of: n  Community manager n  IT upkeep of the different websites involved and Facebook sites involved n  Expenses of the regional and area governors (to be appointed in the near future) n  Folder, badge, ribbon and joining pack that people get when they register as a membern  Executive membership £25 entitles you to: n  have your photograph and biography put on the coaching support website n  temporary free membership of Business for Coaches
  11. 11. Monthly feen  Approx £3 - £5 tbcn  This money stays within the group and covers group costs e.g. venues, resources, treatsn  Members may bring along guests for freen  A guest may attend the first two meetings for free before being required to join the group
  12. 12. Group StatusGroups either Chartered or Non-charteredn  When a group initially forms it will be non- charteredn  When it achieves the following it will receive full chartered status n  Has three appointed officers n  Has total of 10 fee paying members n  Has run a first meeting with minimum 10 people