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Who would guess that when Michael Jones' car broke down on the side of the road that it would be the beginning of a life-changing relationship?

Walking to the nearest house, Michael stumbles across a plantation style mansion on an estate named "Twelve Pillars." Charlie, the estate's caretaker, helps Michael get back on the road again and also strikes up a relationship with him - and along the way teaches Michael the secrets of success - the Twelve Pillars of Success - that have made the owner of the house, Mr. Davis, a wealthy and successful man.

This new novel by Jim Rohn and Chris Widener will inspire you to take your life to the next level and beyond. It will challenge and encourage you to become the best that you can be!

Twelve Pillars blends together the fundamental principles and teachings of Jim Rohn and The Jim Rohn One-Year Success Plan, and with the help of Chris Widener, those principles have been weaved into a unique tapestry of a fictional account of three characters – Michael, Charlie and Mr. Davis.

Here are a few of the lessons you will discover in the Twelve Pillars of Success:

Live a Life of Three-Dimensional Health
The Gift of Relationships
Achieving Your Goals and the Proper Use of Time
Surrounding Yourself with the Best People
Becoming a Life-Long Learner
Income Seldom Exceeds Personal Development
Communication Brings the Common Ground of Understanding
The World Can Always Use One More Great Leader
Leaving a Legacy

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Twelve Pillars

  1. 1. by Jim Rohn and Chris Widener 12 PillarsThe Of Success
  2. 2. Twelve Pillars, by Jim Rohn and ChrisWidener, is a short, easy to readstory about a man named MichaelJones, who feels that his life is at adead end. He meets an oldergentleman, named Charlie, whoshares with Michael twelve "pillars"that have helped the owner of thehouse Charlie maintains, Mr. Davis,achieve great success.
  3. 3. The PillarsThis pillar highlights that you can achieveonly to the level where you are. Keypoints on this pillar are success comes #when you develop yourself beyondwhere you currently are; readbooks, attend seminars/speakerengagements, study the best people;and implement and integrate whatyouve learned. These points remind meof the definition of insanity, doing thesame thing over and over again andexpecting different results. To get differentresults, youve got to change what youredoing. "The onlyway things are going to change for youis when you change." Personal Development
  4. 4. The PillarsThis pillar is "three dimensional health."The three dimensions are the body(physical), soul (our intellect, emotions,and will), and spirit (part of us thattranscends this world). The Spirit is yourcore, the soul is the next layer, and thebody is the outside layer. You need to #work on all three, dont just work onone to the detriment of the others.The relationship between the threedimensions highlights the need to betransparent, sincere, and genuine. Letpeople see you as you really are. "Youshould make sure the outside of you isa good reflection of the inside of you." Total Well-being
  5. 5. Relationships represent the "mostbeautiful highs" and the "most tormentedlows" of life. Relationships are the The Pillars #backbone of our existence. This pillarexplains that relationships are like agarden, you have to cultivate them.Once you get them up and running, themaintenance to keep them growing ismuch easier. "Time, effort, andimagination must be summonedconstantly to keep any relationshipflourishing and growing." People say thatmoney that makes the world go around,but I believe relationships are what makethe world go around because things getdone through people. The Gift of Relationships
  6. 6. The PillarsPillar 4 is "Achieve Your Goals." Ive heardand read many times that you shouldwrite your goals down. Writing them bringthem into reality. A side benefit ofachieving your goals is that you becomea better person. "The major reason forsetting a goal is for what it makes of you #to accomplish it." Something I learnedfrom someone elsewhere is that plans willchange, but your goals will stay thesame. A good approach for checkingyour progress is "Plan, Do, Check, Adjust." Achieve Your Goals
  7. 7. The PillarsThere are two types of pain, the pain ofdiscipline, which weighs onlyounces, and the pain of regret, whichweighs tons. Dont procrastinate, the endof your life will come sooner than youexpect; dont wait until its toolate. Remember that when you spend a #day, you have one less day to spend, sospend each day wisely. "Every day hasmany opportunities, but only one bestopportunity." The best opportunities arethose that align with your overall goals.Know the difference between the urgentand the important. The Proper Use of Time
  8. 8. The Pillars"Dont join an easy crowd; you wontgrow. Go where the expectations andthe demands to perform are high."People have an amazing power to influenceyour destiny. Every relationship you have isan association, be it positive, neutral, ornegative. Categorize every person you #meet. Is he or she someone you shoulddisassociate with, have limited associationwith, or should you expand yourassociation? Surround yourself with winners,successful people who exhibit and liveconsistent to values and skills you want toacquire and develop. You become likethose you hang out with, so be picky. Surround Yourself With the Best People
  9. 9. The PillarsMost of your life is lived after formaleducation. "Formal education will make youa living. Self education will make you afortune." Self education is about what youteach yourself and what you learn along theway so you are constantly improving andgrowing. Learning is the beginning of #wealth, health, and spirituality. Read books,observe successful people, reflect on yourown experiences; learn what went right andwhat went wrong. Help others by sharingwhat youve learned. "All of Be a Life-Long Learner
  10. 10. The PillarsSales means influence and influence is thekey to a successful life; learn the art and skillof influence. "One key to having influencewith others is to have others perceive you asa person of talent and virtues." Your talentand virtues represent your character andskill. Be a person of strong character and #increasing skill and you will always begrowing your influence. Life is Sales
  11. 11. The PillarsMoney doesnt solve the problems of life; youcan lose it, be sued for it, or it can be stolen.Whats important is what you becomebecause, "What you become directlyinfluences what you get." Become a milliondollar person. Remember, even if you losemoney, you have the skills to earn it again. # Income Seldom Exceeds Personal Development
  12. 12. The Pillars“Communication is two or more peopleworking together to find the commonground understanding. And when theyfind that common ground, they arepositioned to have tremendous powertogether.” Communication is hard, yetimportant in all relationships. Its about what #you say, how you say it, when you say it,and the receptiveness of who you say it to.Make sure you really listen. The characterbehind listening is caring enough andvaluing the other person enough to want tolisten. People dont care how much youknow until they know how much you care. All Communication Brings the Common Ground of Understanding
  13. 13. The PillarsAnyone can be a great leader, all is takesis mastering the art of influence. Leadersmake a difference through servanthood. "To lead others is to help themchange their thoughts, beliefs and actionsfor the better." Be interested in people, notjust in what you can get from them. Help #people with more than just their jobs, helpthem with their lives. Great leaders arereal, they know where they are. Greatleaders have an optimistic vision, theyknow how to get to a better destinationand work towards that vision. The World Can Always Use One More Great Leader
  14. 14. The PillarsLife is short. You cant choose how long youwill live, but you can choose how well youwill live. "Live a life that will help othersspiritually, intellectually, physically, financially and relationally. Live a life that serves asan example of what an exceptional life canlook like." The path we walk has been #prepared for us by others who have gonebefore us. So live your life in such a way thatit will serve those who come after you. Blazea trail that will allow others to move forwardin their lives faster than if they had to blazethe trail themselves. Leave a Legacy
  15. 15. The12 Pillars Of Success1. Personal Development2. Total Well-being3. The Gift of Relationships4. Achieve Your Goals5. The Proper Use of Time6. Surround Yourself With the Best People7. Be a Life-Long Learner8. Life is Sales9. Income Seldom Exceeds Personal Development10. All Communication Brings the Common Ground of Understanding11. The World Can Always Use One More Great Leader12. Leave a Legacy
  16. 16. As you can see, the twelve pillars are interdependent; you cant just focus on oneand neglect the others. The bottom line is that you have a choice about your life,"Make a Living or Design a Life." I hope you find value in these pillars and will beinspired to pick up Twelve Pillars and apply the pillars to your life and business.
  17. 17. Credit : The Pillars of The Earth movieThank You Very MuchSompong Yusoontorn