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Fundraising from Online Communities
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Fundraising from Online Communities


Published on

Course delivered at the Directory of Social Change - - …

Course delivered at the Directory of Social Change - -

Aims: To give participants a basic overview of the different community building tools online (aka Social Networking Sites) and other essential skills to successful online community fundraising.

For: Fundraisers who have little or no experience with using websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube for fundraising.

Published in: Education

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  • Does your marketing and fundraising budget look like this? If yes, this training is what you need

  • Numbers in January 09 - Facebook = 240,000,000 – myspace = 250,000,000 – Twitter = 11,000,000 – LinkedIn = 40,000,000

    Jan 2009:

    MySpace: 263,000,000
    Facebook: 250,000,000
    Twitter: 11,000,000
    LinkedIn: 36,000,000
    Flickr: 32,000,000

  • Sweet Seeds for Haiti promotion in its FarmVille social game had raised over $487,500 for the Haitian and Since it is known that 50% of all proceeds from the Sweet Seeds for Haiti sweet potato seed virtual item go to charity, that means Zynga generated nearly $1 million in revenue through sales of that single virtual good alone. 

  • £49 billion = sector
    50% from individuals
    ROI for community fundraising = £2.79 : £1
  • Kiva started in 2005
    Payback rate of 97.88%

  • Fly theory

  • Management = 20th Century invention… like TV, doesn’t mean it’s gonna work for ever
    Traditional management = Great for compliance
    Engagement (what charities want!) => Self direction
    Few times a year > Tell engineers work on anything you want, as long as not regular job
  • “Have to deliver over night”
    Autonomy over time, tasks and techniques
    At Google +/- half of all new products / services during that 20% time > Gmail, Google Ads, Orkut, Google News
  • Result Only Work Environment
    12 companies in the stats (used by American consulting) and productivity, employees engagement goes up

  • AIESEC size: 40,000 active members, 110 countries, >99% of volunteers and rotation of leadership = 1 year
    AIESEC Ahmadabad Consulting: refused paid jobs to volunteer for personal growth

  • Microsoft, mid 90s… lots resources: expert, money, management, structure, marketing, etc
    New model: fun, no professionals, no money
    No sober economist would have predicted what happened…
  • 14 million articles
    350 million edits
    May 2009… stopped Encarta.
    Encyclopedia Britanica… THE reference… 184x less hits than Wiki, and now try to copy their strategy

  • Pennsylvania: volunteer for clinton and did paper work (process), then Obama and asked about passion… personal interest: Star Trek > talk about Obama at conventions and forums