Moving on Mobile: Understanding User Behavior and Taking Advantage of New Paradigms


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Presentation from panel at ad:tech San Francisco, April 2013, focusing on mobile marketing, merchandizing and CRM.

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Moving on Mobile: Understanding User Behavior and Taking Advantage of New Paradigms

  1. 1. Moving on Mobile:Understanding User Behavior and TakingAdvantage of New ParadigmsApril 9, 2013! @noahelkin
  2. 2. We rely on mobile devices to get wherewe’re going and find what we want50% of US smartphone owners use location-based services
  3. 3. … to stay connected via socialchannels …61% of US mobile users will access social networks in 2013
  4. 4. … to shop and buy—both online and in the physical world …24% of retail ecommerce will come from mobile devices by 2016
  5. 5. … and to manage our workflow
  6. 6. Mobile is rapidly becoming a biggerpart of our day •  Time spent with mobile is growing at 14 times the rate of the desktop web and 35 times that of TV
  7. 7. Say goodbye to the traditional couchpotato …
  8. 8. … say hello to the multi-screen, cross-platform consumer" •  Every key consumer activity now takes place across multiple screens" •  Smart devices are at the center of this multitasking
  9. 9. One result: Circuitous has become thenew linear in commerce
  10. 10. Look at the confluence of activity anddaypart when reaching your audience"
  11. 11. Consider how mobile ads drive action •  The display- search relationship works similarly in a mobile context •  Note that smartphones and tablets have increasingly distinct usage patterns
  12. 12. Also pay attention to location, channeland intent •  A lot of mobile search activity is designed to qualify future purchases, not satisfy immediate needs
  13. 13. Advertise locally for consumers thatshop globally •  Take advantage of the unique attributes of mobile, including: –  Location targeting –  Highly personalized ads
  14. 14. In-store shoppers are more receptive toads
  15. 15. The smartphone-equipped, sociallyconnected shopper is here to stay•  Showrooming gained momentum in 2012; don’t expect the tide to turn in 2013•  Marketers stand a good chance of keeping purchases in- store: 46% of “showroomers” buy where they search (Pew, Jan. 2013)
  16. 16. A smart mobile strategy uses accessiblechannels to improve the human experience People first, technology second
  17. 17. Focus on solving consumer pain pointsand achieving brand goalsBe accessible and relevant at key decision-making moments
  18. 18. Work on connecting the dots betweenthe digital and physical worlds Help ecommerce become “everywhere commerce”
  19. 19. Thank YouContact:! @noahelkin