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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: Using Social Networks to Grow Your Business
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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: Using Social Networks to Grow Your Business


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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: Using Social Networks to Grow Your Business.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: Using Social Networks to Grow Your Business.

Published in: Business, Technology, Design

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  • 1. Using Social Networks to Grow Your Business
    Noah Carter
  • 2.
    • 3.
    • 4. http://linkedin/in/noahcarter
    • 5.
  • why social networks for business:
    demonstrate your expertiseacquire and retain customersbuild a communitydevelop a voicecommunicateget found
  • 6. why social networks for business:
    • all other channels are broken
    • 7. that’s where the customers are
    • 8. it’s free
    • 9. it works
  • part of a bigger picture:
  • 10. statistics:
    • 400 million active users
    • 11. 50% log on to facebook daily
    • 12. network of friends
    • 13. what matters most:
    • 14. your profile, your page, your activity
  • statistics:
    • 75 million users
    • 15. tricky to get the hang of
    • 16. network of followers
    • 17. what matters most:
    • 18. your tweets, who you follow
  • statistics:
    • 65 million users
    • 19. 35 million US users
    • 20. network of connections
    • 21. what matters most:
    • 22. your profile, your groups
  • the average user:
    • has130 facebook friends
    • 23. sends 8 friend requests per month
    clicks “like” 9 times per month
    writes 25 comments per month
    • spends 55 minutes per day on facebook
  • 24. demographics:
  • 25. pages:
    • 3 million active pages on facebook
    • 26. 50% are local businesses
    • 27. 20 million people become fans of pages each day
    • 28. pages have created 5.3 billion fans
  • 29. pages:
    • your business profile on facebook
    • 30. fb pages are public by default
    • 31. (appear in Google search results!)
    • 32. facebook users become fans
    • 33. fan = opt-in subscriber
    • 34. (your company updates now appear in their newsfeed)
    • 35. fans are viral
    • 36. facebook provides the infrastructure
  • why bother:
    increase organic leads
    build thought leadership
    increase organic (non-paid) search engine traffic
    improve recruiting
    improve customer relationships
    build a community
  • 37. customercommunication
    traffic to
    your site
    search engine
    Great for engaging people who like your brand, want to share their opinions, and participate in giveaways and contests
    Facebook pages are great for brand exposure. Jump-start your brand exposure through the ad platform when your page is fully setup.
    Traffic is decent and on the rise thanks to share buttons , etc., but don’t expect massive numbers of unique visitors to go to your site.
    Little to no value aside from blogs picking up and featuring your posted links.
    Use keyword search monitoring through a program such as Hootsuite, TwitJum or Radian 6 to track what people are saying about you and your competitors.
    Offers unique opportunities for web site integration and to engage with customers in a viral way, helping your company stand out from the masses.
    Potential can be large, but promotion is an art form – promote your brand too heavily and turn off followers, yet don’t promote enough and receive little attention.
    SEO value is limited, but tweets will rank high in search results – good for ranking your profile name and breaking news, though shortened URLs are of little benefit.
    Not the primary focus, but customer engagement opportunities are possible by answering industry-related questions, establishing yourself as an expert in the field.
    Effective for personal branding and demonstrating you and your company’s professionalism. Encourage your employees to maintain complete profiles to strengthen your team’s reputation.
    Unlikely to drive any significant traffic to your site, though you never know who those few visits might be from – perhaps a potential client or customer.
    Very high page rank – almost guaranteed on the first page of search results – especially for your company name or individual employees’ names.
  • 38.
    • 39.
    • 40. http://linkedin/in/noahcarter
    • 41.
  • thank you: