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Bbm facebook timelineguide-01

  1. 1. Tips for the NEW Facebook TimelineTimes are a changing...The new Facebook layout will have an impact onwhat brands have built on Facebook in the past(i.e. applications, posts, photos and more) and howbrands can best use Facebook in the future.Compared to the current Facebook brand page(which only allows the profile picture and fivethumbnails to be customized, hiding photo albumsand tagged photos beneath the Wall), Timelineunlocks new possibilities for branding, raisingawareness and creativity.The “Cover,” an 851 by 315 pixel image spanningthe top of your profile, can be changed at any timeand is major real estate for a brand — perfect fora product shot or promotion push.Now with the larger post size and photos, Timelinecan easily serve as a brand blog, providing fanswith frequent and engaging updates in a neatlypackaged profile.As of March 30th, 2012 Facebook’s Timeline willbe pushed live to everyone.How will this effect our brand pages?Are we ready? the integrated ideas agency
  2. 2. Tips for the NEW Facebook TimelineVisual Changes Cover Photo The new home for on-Page promotion, the Cover Photo should be uploaded at 851 x 315 pixels. The perfect place to feature a fan or photo of the month, a new promotion or even a call-out for a (now more hidden) custom Facebook Application. Careful! Cover Photos may not include price or purchase information, contact information or calls to action. Consult Facebook’s rulesTimeline before development, which includes no commericial & promotionalThe new Page layout allows for the biggest, most customized content.visual branding ever. Combined with a new, moments-in-timefocused layout, Pages now act as more of a brand narrativethan a community message board. Profile Picture Though many brands used extended, promotional profile pictures in the past, Facebook’s new Timeline layout means that a brand’s profile picture can now stay a relatively consistent reflection of the logo, using the Cover Image for major promotions instead. It should be uploaded at 180 x 180 pixels. It will automatically be scaled down to 32 x 32 pixels for News Feed viewing. the integrated ideas agency
  3. 3. Tips for the NEW Facebook Timeline Timeline Optimization Pinning Posts While Facebook recommends Pages post once per day, it has created a capability that allows Administrators to “Pin” a post to the top of the Page, so that it is the first thing users see upon arrival for a 7-day period. Prioritize Content Page Administrators now have a way to prioritize their own content within the Timeline by starring the best (most engaging) ones and allowing it to expand with double width on the timeline. Just as easily, Administrators can hide less engaging or less important stories. The net effect of this functionality is that once a post is no longer current, Administrators can choose not to feature it as a main part of the company’s past in the Timeline. As such, product recall announcements or public apologies can still be distributed and shown while relevant, but can later be hidden in favor of more positive milestones in the brand’s past. the integrated ideas agency
  4. 4. Tips for the NEW Facebook Timeline Timeline Optimization Most visual post WINS! Facebook is beginning to put more of an emphasis on helping users visualize their friends’ and brands’ posts and activity. Brands that create posts that are accompanied by visual media (i.e. a photo or video) enjoy greater inclusion and engagement through users’ News Feeds and also are now core to a quality user experience in the Timeline layout. Posts that include fill-in-the blanks, caption contests and video clips will drive engagement as Facebook continues to evolve. Additionally, visually compelling posts make for an easily scannable, engaging Timeline history, which users can now scroll through at any time. Facebook Recommendations Facebook released some staggering statistics about what types of posts work best. • Visually engaging posts generate 2X the engagement of basic text posts. • On average, people visit and engage with Pages most often between 9pm and 10pm. • Posts between 100 and 250 characters (less than 3 lines of text) see about 60% more likes, than longer posts. ONE engaging post a day is GOLDEN. the integrated ideas agency
  5. 5. Tips for the NEW Facebook TimelineFacebook ApplicationsNo Welcome TabAdministrators will no longer be able to set adefault landing tab as the first thing userssee upon arriving to the Page. Instead, theCover Photo will need to do any “Welcome”talking desired by the brand (though currentfans will see it too).App size changeThe new application display will continue toallow older apps (520 pixels in width) todisplay, but they’ll look narrow in the newlayout that allows for 810 pixel-widelayouts. Applications new and old require anew icon to appear on the Page that is111x74 pixels. the integrated ideas agency
  6. 6. Tips for the NEW Facebook TimelineFacebook ApplicationsApplications get a down gradeCustom Facebook Applications represent asignificant investment to many marketers,were given a low priority in the new Timeline layout.Pages can choose to feature up to three customapplications by default (the Photos Application isfixed), but the rest fall below in an area that mustbe expanded by the user prior to viewingadditional applications.Because Facebook’s interface has long been basedon a tabbed navigational structure, where brandswould often create “Welcome Tabs” to orient usersto the Page, this will trigger a major change in manyPage’s user experience. Users will now have to bedrawn in by a brand’s content, rather than amessaging tab. the integrated ideas agency
  7. 7. Tips for the NEW Facebook TimelineFacebook AdsFacebook’s top advertising spenders will nowbe using an offering re-named “Premium onFacebook.” In order to augment its preexistingpremium advertising offering, Facebook is addingthe in-News Feed ads, mobile News Feed ads anda new Log-out experience as parts of its paidmedia offerings. the integrated ideas agency
  8. 8. Tips for the NEW Facebook TimelineBest Practises for the NEW Facebook#1 Forced community Is DEAD...One of the biggest challenges for brandsjoining Facebook (especially those in highlyregulated industries) has always been the factthat users could post whatever they wanted tobrand’s walls whenever they wanted to... forthe world to see.Timeline does away with that. In fact, theentire interface has made a shift from being adolled up message board with some coolinteractive features to becoming a narrativestory about a brand... completely controlled bythe brand. Administrators can prevent usersfrom posting to the timeline, moderate allposts and even re-publish the user-generatedposts they like.The Timeline is engineered to tell the brand’sstory as it wants to be seen. Blemishes can behidden and Community Managers havecomplete control over what happens on thePage. One-to-one, consumer-to-brandmessaging also keeps consumers’ and brands’dirty laundry (i.e. customer service issues) outof sight and, perhaps, out of mind. the integrated ideas agency
  9. 9. Tips for the NEW Facebook TimelineBest Practises for the NEW Facebook#2 Don’t forget the News FeedIf nothing else, users will have to admit:Timeline is pretty. Marketers are sure to loveplaying with the Cover Photos and findingnew ways to feature neat history as part of theTimeline. Facebook is even pushing the ideaof the Page itself as “Mission Control” everychance it gets.None of that changes the fact, however, thatperhaps the most important part of Facebookfor brands has not significantly changed atall: the News Feed. Indeed, the majority ofengagement and awareness is generated bybrands’ posts being seen among their friends’posts in the News Feed.While Facebook’s new paid advertising unitswill be able to land brands in the News Feed,a strong content strategy with engaging postsat the right time will still be at the core of themost successful brands on Facebook. So goahead, make your brand’s Page beautiful...but don’t forget to think long and hard aboutthat News Feed. the integrated ideas agency
  10. 10. Tips for the NEW Facebook TimelineBest Practises for the NEW Facebook#3 Emphasis on visualsNo one wants to read a book when they hop onFacebook to stalk a few friends. A quick scrollthrough a brand’s timeline will give you an ideaof whether it is posting enough rich visual content.The more photos, videos and links relevant toindividual posts, the more a brand stands outin the timeline and builds affinity throughits timeline.As the entire Internet drives towards a futureof representing a new world of data witheasy-tounderstand visuals, it will be no surpriseif Facebook continues to focus on makingimprovements to the platform that make itmore visually gripping. the integrated ideas agency
  11. 11. Tips for the NEW Facebook TimelineBest Practises for the NEW Facebook#4 Story telling through MilestonesBrands, public figures and institutions thathave a rich history have a perfect opportunityto display it through Timeline in an engagingway. Administrators can literally go back intime and use the new “Milestone” post type toadd landmarks in an organization’s past allthe way back to the year it was founded.Brands that have long-standing relationshipswith customers can even encourage users tocontribute photos that can then be re-postedas part of the Page’s history.For those brands that don’t have a history,like movies, Timeline allows Administrators totell a fanciful backstory that can buildanticipation for premieres. For televisionshows or entertainers, Timeline offers awonderful way to catalogue episodes orperformances and the journey toaccomplishment. the integrated ideas agency