British isles


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British isles

  1. 1. WELCOME THE BRITISH ISLES A land of knights and castles
  2. 2. Two different countries <ul><li>United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland are two different countries. </li></ul><ul><li>The United Kingdom is made of 4 countries as well: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. </li></ul>
  3. 3. This is the Union Jack
  4. 4. THE BRITISH ISLES United Kingdom is not only England. It is made up of different countries. Ireland is another country. Just the North belongs to Uk. English is spoken in both countries: UK and Ireland. Ireland UK
  5. 5. This is IRELAND People from Ireland are IRISH Dublin is the capital city,
  6. 6. UNITED KINGDOM England is the biggest country and the most famous one. London is the capital city. People from this country are called ENGLISH
  7. 7. But there are other important countries in the kingdom such as WALES . Cardiff is the capital city of Wales . In this place English is spoken, but also Gaelic an old language.
  8. 8. Remember I told you Ireland is a different country from the UK. Just the northern part belongs to the UK. And this is called NORTHERN IRELAND . Belfast is the capital city.
  9. 9. And finally SCOTLAND , the land of Scots. This is one of the most beautiful countries in the UK. There are mountains, lots of lakes and old town where you can still experience the old times. Edimburg is the capital city. English and Gaelic are spoken here.
  10. 10. Castles in the British Isles
  11. 11. A fortresses made to protect people during military conflict. What´s a castle?
  12. 12. PARTS OF A CASTLE Down the castle there are dungeons to keep prisoners. Moat Window High wall Tower Bridge
  13. 15. England England
  14. 16. Wales: the land of the dragon This is the castle of Cardiff in Wales. It is one of the most ancient castles in the country. It was built by the Normans when invaded England. Many families lived there such as Robert Fitzzhamn, Lord of Glouster. There are also many legends about ghosts appearances and other supernatural elements even dragons!
  15. 17. Once upon a time…