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Open for Business in the Philippines


The Philippines …

The Philippines

Open For Business

Supplement to USA Today

Wednesday June 15, 2011

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  • We have a great opportunity for anyone who wants it fast. We are selling extremely cheap because in 8 months we made enough money that I can get my wife back to america. We have to sell by april that is why this is all so inexpensive. we are selling our whole estate. EVERYTHING. Talk about the Filipino dream, this is it baby and the only one you will find online. Not 1, Not 2 But 3 sources of income with readily potential for 4 or more we just have not expanded it to that yet. Everything is brand new and up to date. There is a grocery store, A disco bar a coconut farm and a house included in this sale, PLUS all of our american household items some of them you will NOT find in the philippines. To be honest these items alone if sold to all these people asking for them could bring you in over 500,000 almost instantly. If you dont want everything you can sell things that you dont want right in the grocery store, when we first decided to go back to the states we put everything up there and WOW things started going really fast. Ok the coconut farm is harvested every 3 months, the grocery store is 80 sq meters and has a sales revenue of 160,000 a month the disco bar does about 10,000 to 12,000 a month, there is a brand new grill for an extra source of income, when we fire that thing up all the people smell the foods cooking and come running. And we are selling our 2008 Kawasaki Motorbike with everything. So for 1 low price you get an existing profitable coconut farm, a grocery store with current and loyal customers, a disco bar with all the laser lights and led lights 2 15 inch and 2 12 inch speakers, the videoke player and all the dvds youll need, there is also a touchscreen laptop bought in the states that has tons of music and music videos on it. Now under the store is a complete 1 bedroom house with kitchen living room and CR. In the house is all brand new wiring, heck the building is brand new completely. Inside the house is also brand new refridge, oven stovetop in 1 with 3 stovetop burners, 2.5 HP aircon installed but not used, microwave, toaster oven, 2 coffee makers, 3 or 4 DVD players, a 70 inch TV yes I said 70 INCH that is damn close to 2 meters of television, there is also a brand new 45 inch flatscreen. I have so many electric and regular tools you could literally start a construction business. over 200,000 pesos worth of just tools. Pots Pans heated mini inside grill from america and there are 3 of them a meat grill, a sandwich grill and a waffle iron grill. All the american equipment is already supported by the electric converter so you never have to worry about blowing things up, Plus there is a digital electric voltmeter in the tools so you can always gauge your electric usage for the american items. The building sits on the lot so that 60 percent of the lot is open for development, and inquiries have been made that people want to rent that space. You are the only disco bar and grocery store in our barangay, the sari sari traffic alone could make you a billionaire. This is a great opportunity for someone and if we dont sell by april we will just keep it all. Talk about lifestyles of the rich and famous this is it bro as good as it can get for poor folks like us. If not for my wifes family stealing from us and scamming us out of 400,000 pesos, we would not be leaving. But I just do not want to be near them, or around them and I want to take my wife back where she is appreciated. We never had anyone steal from us and her until her parents did. That is sad, Lets be happy the Filipino Culture is not based on their actions alone. So there you have it we were gonna make a life here and her family ruined it all so now we can go ahead and let some other lucky couple have the life they always dreamed of. Hope you are interested, If you are not We could set up a commission if you can help us sell it, Like a realtor broker, the more you get for us the more you will make. Good Luck My email is knlgfx@yahoo.com email me with any questions or comments, once we are comfortable with you I can give you our cell numbers.
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  • Wendell Bravo god creation the wonders of the earth (3:16 god gave it begotten son that who ever believe in son of god jesus christ will have the everlasting life) game begin>>>>>>>the garden of eden the devil/satan/tabernacle union of sun and moon zeus (the woman)(strength)>>>>adan and eve/cain and abel<<<<<<<<<<<<<<got the game <<<<<<<<<<<<<21st century information technoly the future beyond this .amen.
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  • ‎'NO TO MINING IN PALAWAN, and other Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs), Island Ecosystems, Natural Forests and Agricultural Lands.'
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  • Write a comment...www.no2mininginpalawan.com
    and VOTE to stop large-scale
    open-pit mining in PALAWAN
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  • 1. Our World Wednesday, June 15, 2011 THE PHILIPPINES Open for business This supplement to USA TODAY was produced by United World Ltd.: Suite 179, 34 Buckingham Palace Road - London SW1W 0RH - Tel: 44 20 7409 3106 - ourworld@unitedworld-usa.com - www.unitedworld-usa.com he May 2010 presi- would like to project openness, ing renewed attention in an ef-T dential election in the Philippines her- alded a new govern- ment, representinga new direction and a renewedsense of hope for this resilient na-tion of warm smiles and opti- approachability and be some- one people can relate to. The people of the nation are like the customers and the gov- ernment is here to serve,” he explains. Backed by positive GDP fort to increase food self-suffi- ciency and relieve poverty in the archipelago’s rural areas. The state-owned Land Bank, for example, is im- plementing the Depart- ment of Social Welfaremism. growth (2010 saw a 7.3% rise – and Development’s Benigno Aquino III’s re- the fastest pace since the mid- conditional cashsounding victory was the first 1970s – and forecasts for the transfer (CCT) pro-strong sign of support for the current year hover between 5- gram, from whichcandidate who hails from a fam- 6%), President Aquino is por- some 1 millionily of well-loved politicians that traying a bolstered image of the people currentlyhave followed the line of ‘peo- Philippines to the world, and benefit. In 2010,ple power’ and opposed mar- the world is watching and lis- the governmenttial law. His record-breaking tening. New investment laws budgeted overmargin of over 5 million votes offer better guarantees, yet are $231 million foralso suggests that the country is balanced by the government’s the CCT program,on track for a period of political focus on sustainable develop- a figure that is ex-stability, a fact not gone unno- ment in all areas, especially pected to moreticed by the international busi- where natural resources are than double by theness community; the elections concerned. This improved end of this year.were soon followed by a spike in business climate is crucial in The Philippines isinvestor confidence. the government’s plans to har- relying on public-pri- President Aquino is holding ness the power of the private vate-partnerships in or-true to his campaign platform of sector through partnerships to der to improve its“no corruption, no poverty” . address needs that the state infrastructure with a view “As the son of two people who budget cannot cover on its own. to become a regional logis-dedicated their lives for democ- “The country’s message over- tics hub. Better roads, bridges, A long-timeracy, I intend to use what I’ve electricity networks, etc. will ally of the U.S.,learned from my parents in lead- also enable the tourism indus- the Philippines ising our country towards try to grow. In a tidy spider embarking on an ag-progress,” says President web of interconnections, gressive growth strategyAquino. “I am deter- tourism is also expect- and warmly welcomes partner-mined to govern with ed to grow thanks to ships with the private sectortransparency and ac- the country’s bur-countability, and to geoning casinos andshow our peoplethat through sim-ple and practicalmeans, we can ef- integrated resorts, which in turn are paying into the government’s so- ‘Pacquing’ a punchfect change.” cial development Boxing champ Manny Pacquiao turned to politics to better serve his fellow countrymen His administra- programs.tion is also tackling “We’ve stream- The nation looks to Emmanuel earning an income. “We edu- ment to improve education, hethe Millennium De- lined business regis- “Manny” Pacquiao as a national cate them on how to get the has also stressed how attract-velopment Goals tration, improved hero, a sports god, and an in- most from their talents, and ing private investors can play a(MDGs) head-on and power supply, institut- spiration because he went from help them learn the required major part in improving thethe President believes ed reforms and issued nothing to becoming a con- skill sets for a particular job,” he country.greater transparency goes policies to fight corruption, gressman in the international says. “I’m also starting a free ed- “I want people to understandhand-in-hand with poverty al- and established closer coordi- arena and an ambassador for ucation program for children I am a businessman, who hasleviation. nation between the national the Philippines. whose families cannot afford imported a billion dollar box- “Our battle cry during the and local governments He has been named “one to send them to school, because ing industry to the Philippines,”campaign was: ‘Kung walang seas is that the Philippines is to improve the in- of the most influential if not, who will help them?” he says. “As a congressman, onecorrupt, walang mahirap.’ It sim- once again open for business as vestment climate, people today in the He is working alongside Pres- of my many goals is to create op-ply means that we’ll work to sig- a responsible and dynamic even in the world,” and num- ident Aquino to improve and portunities beyond boxing fornificantly reduce poverty and member of the community of countryside. ber one pound- develop Sarangani, and so far, my fellow Filipinos by helpingcorruption during my term,” he nations,” says President Aquino. We now have for- p ound the President has been very to bring billions more in otherexplains. Mr. Coloma agrees: “It is a land a govern- boxing cham- helpful and is likely to support industries and commerce.” The new administration has of opportunity, wealth and ment that is pion of the all of Mr. Pacquiao’s projects. Mr. Pacquiao believes thealready taken immediate steps competent and professional sincere and is w o r l d . Also the vice-chairman of the Philippines can achieve eco-to make the government more people who can grow busi- determined Nonetheless, House Committee on nomic development if thetransparent and the “Zero-Based nesses.” to pursue its one of Mr. Pac- Youth and Sports, government would fo-Budgeting” approach has been The President’s economic commitment to quiao’s main Mr. Pacquiao cus more on im-implemented to oblige all gov- plan for his six-year term re- move forward goals at the end of plans to align proving securityernment agencies to justify their volves around eight key areas, in broad daylight, the day is helping the the sports pro- and stability toprojected expenses in order to open as prime investment op- where everything it does poor and his fellow Filipinos gram to pro- keep people safelimit their spending to the ab- portunities: agro-industry, busi- and how it does things will be as congressman for the mote not only and encouragesolute minimum. ness process outsourcing clear, honest and transparent,” Sarangani region in Mindanao. boxing, but all people to invest. Herminio Coloma Jr., Secre- (BPO) and information tech- says President Aquino. Mr. Pacquiao is very pas- sports to help He knows that thetary of the Presidential Com- nology (IT) services, electron- sionate about his work because cultivate the Fil- government is ablemunications Operations Office ics and semiconductors, energy A UNITED WORLD of his own personal experience ipino youth. to help people if they re-and member of the late President and electricity, logistics, min- SUPPLEMENT PRODUCED with poverty and aims to focus To give the youth the ally want to, but the prob-Corazon Aquino administra- ing, shipbuilding, and tourism. IN THE PHILIPPINES BY: on development on a national opportunities for education and lem of corruption stands. “Thetion, reveals that President The agricultural sector, for- Charlotte Rose, Andrew level despite just being con- a bright future, Mr. Pacquiao future of our country dependsAquino has put himself at the na- merly the country’s economic Machaj, William Skidmore, gressman for the Sarangani re- suggests that the government on us being united to help to im-tion’s disposal, truly believing in backbone, has taken a smaller Paula Bellsola, gion. sets aside funding for educa- prove our country,” he says.the presidency as an office from role in the shadow of the grow- Ugo Bagration and “I entered politics because I tion and educational infra- He recognizes that the im-which he can uphold the man- ing high-tech sectors as well as Vincent Rifici want to help people,” he says. “I structure like classrooms, so age people have of the Philip-date of the Filipinos. BPO and other services. Nev- know what they are feeling and that the children have more pines is not particularly good, “Despite the tremendous ertheless, agriculture accounts what they need our assistance space to learn. In addition to but Mr. Pacquiao is optimisticpower his office holds, he for 14% of GDP, and is receiv- This report is with because I have been in that more funding, Mr. Pacquiao and wants to challenge the neg- available at situation during my lifetime.” has suggested leveling up the ative perception of the coun- www.unitedworld-usa.com Mr. Pacquiao is focusing on quality of education in the coun- try by engaging international creating a provincial hospital try by continuing teachers’ ed- media to promote the true rich-SPECIAL THANKS and provincial university for ucation and assessment, so that ness of the Philippines. “TheUnited World woud like to extend a special thank you the Sarangani population of educators will need to keep re- Philippines is a beautiful coun-to Secretary Ricky Carandang and Ian Soqueno from over half a million, with his vi- freshing their qualifications. try and hopefully we can en-the Presidential Communications Team, and to sion of teaching the people to As the congressman and courage more people to comeChairman Sergio Ortiz Luis, Gabby Cruz and Renato work and how to benefit from boxer works with the govern- and discover that.”Osmena of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce Our World Insert is produced by United World. USA TODAY did not participate in its preparation and is not responsible for its content
  • 2. Wednesday, June 15, 2011 Distributed by USA TODAY 2 THE PHILIPPINES ‘THE FIRST ‘EVERYONE IS ‘WE MUST ‘WE HAVE TO PRIORITY IS KEEN ON BELIEVE IN ADDRESS THE SOCIAL ENSURING THAT OURSELVES. WE ISSUES THAT PROTECTION, THE THESE ARE PURSUING HAVE HELD US SECOND IS A SHORTAGES OF THINGS IN BACK SO THAT DRAMATIC TEACHERS, SCIENCE THAT WE CAN INCREASE IN CLASSROOMS, PEOPLE INITIALLY ACCELERATE THE EDUCATION, AND SCHOOL THINK DIFFICULT COUNTRY’S AND THE THIRD IS FURNITURE ARE TO ACHIEVE, BUT GROWTH AND INVESTMENTS IN MET, AND THERE WE’RE TRYING MAKE IT PUBLIC HEALTH, IS A GENERAL TO INSTILL THE SUSTAINABLE, WITH A FOCUS CONSENSUS FOR CONFIDENCE ULTIMATELYFLORENCIO ABAD ON MATERNAL ARMIN LUISTRO EDUCATIONAL MARIO MONTEJO THAT WE CAN CESAR PURISIMA REDUCINGSecretary of Budget and HEALTHCARE’ Secretary of Education REFORM’ Secretary of Science and DO IT’ Secretary of Finance POVERTY’Management TechnologyThe fight against povertyGovernment departments – has risen by almost 19%, the initiatives to help the poor are rich potential for farming – arable like to treat this as an opportu- ple’s trust in government andunite across all sectors, biggest increase allocated in over on their own not enough, and farmland makes up more than nity rather than a problem. We encourage international in-rising to the challenge of a decade. Huge progress has that the economy needs to at- 40% of the total land area. Pro- can use agriculture as one of the vestors to invest in the country.meeting the Millennium been made in providing suffi- tract local and foreign invest- grams are being introduced to main areas where we can excel.” Cesar Purisima, Secretary ofDevelopment Goals cient textbooks, and resources ments to spur growth via help the nation feed itself, which As important as the devel- Finance, says, “We have to ad-(MDGs) on time are being focused on addressing public-private partnerships. the administration aims to opment of sectors with eco- dress the issues that have held the shortages of teachers, class- “We realize that investment in achieve by 2013, but beyond self- nomic potential is the need to us back so that we can acceler-“The first priority is social pro- rooms, and school furniture. poverty reduction programs will sufficiency the aim is to trans- transform government itself. ate the country’s growth andtection, the second is a dramatic make it sustainable, ultimatelyincrease in education, and the reducing poverty.” He adds, “Wethird is investments in public really need to stay focused tohealth, with a focus on mater- fight corruption; there are nonal healthcare,” says Florencio quick fixes or shortcuts.”Abad, Secretary of Budget and Fiscally, the government isManagement. “These are the pursuing a more prudent man-areas where we have been lag- agement of resources and ex-ging behind. In 2015, which is pects to lower and maintain itsthe final date of the MDG chal- deficit at 2% of GDP by 2013.lenge, we should be able to meet At the Philippine Stock Ex-our targets.” change, president and chief ex- At the top of the list is the re- ecutive officer Hans Sicat isduction of poverty; according to addressing what he calls the twoa census in 2006, 4.6 million Fil- major challenges of limited liq-ipino families live below the uidity and good corporate gov-poverty threshold. Under a con- ernance. “We are trying toditional cash transfer program, promote transparency and pro-subsidies are being provided to fessionalism,” he says. “Hope-families on certain conditions, fully, that will improve the viewsuch as sending the children to of investors not just locally, butschool and going on regular globally, as well. I think this willhealth checkups. By the end of do wonders for the economythis year, the government hopes because we are a major part ofto provide subsidies to 2.3 mil- the fundraising for companies.”lion families, helping the re- A broader perspective comesmainder by 2015. from the legendary tycoon “This administration is very Washington SyCip, founder ofserious about poverty reduc- President Aquino’s government has increased its spending on education by nearly 19% SGV Group, which represents 51tion,” says Corazon Juliano- of the top 100 corporations in theSoliman, Secretary of Social “Everyone is keen on ensuring not ultimately bring you the jobs form agriculture into a modern, President Aquino, who cam- Philippines for both insuranceWelfare and Development. “It that these shortages are met, and and make the kids healthier and dynamic and competitive sec- paigned on the basis that with- and tax auditing. “We need eco-has demonstrated this com- there is a general consensus for more educated; it is the demand tor that can serve as a spring- out corruption there would be nomic and political freedom andmitment with 34% of the bud- educational reform,” says Sec- coming from an expanding board for the economy. “We no poverty, has committed his we have to ensure that people areget going to social services, retary of Education Armin economy, for educated and want to export as much as we can administration to strict obser- educated and no longer hungry,”health, education and three core Luistro. healthier people,” he says. produce to the neighboring vance of the basic tenets of good he says. “We need political free-poverty reduction programs.” At the Department of Budget Proceso Alcala, Secretary of countries,” says Mr. Alcala. “A lot governance – in particular dom not only for the Philippines, Spending on education – seen and Management, Mr. Abad Agriculture, says full advantage of people are saying that there is transparency and accountabil- but for the whole of Asia andas the key to reducing poverty emphasizes that government must be taken of the country’s a food crisis issue, but we would ity. His aim is to rebuild the peo- developing nations.” A legacy of freedom fighters From a family legacy, President Aquino leads a new era for the Liberal Party and the Philippines It is always a challenge to pro- mote the legacy of a man and a family to become relevant, but in the case of Ninoy Aquino and his family, the Ninoy & Cory Aquino Foundation (Aquino Foundation) has taken up on this challenge to reach the lives of next generation Filipinos. To carry on the legacy of Ninoy Aquino, Rafael C. Lopa, presi- dent and executive director of the Aquino Foundation and Corazon “Cory” Aquino (1933-2009) was the 11th president of the Philippines and mar- nephew of Ninoy Aquino, has ried to Benigno S. “Ninoy” Aquino (1932-1983), former senator and opposition leader put together a campaign with Mekong Worldwide Crew to been very successful abroad spread the values of the foun- THE AQUINO could be a way to bring them dation. FOUNDATION HAS back to help the country further,” “It revolved around the idea PUT TOGETHER THE Mr. Lopa says. that if there is anything you want CAMPAIGN WITH THE The current President to communicate to young peo- TAGLINE ‘I AM A “Noynoy” Aquino is making it a HERO, I DO WHAT I ple, it is the whole idea that there point to fight poverty and im- BELIEVE IS RIGHT, I is a hero and innate goodness prove the education system. Yet, DO WHAT I BELIEVE in each one of us,” he says. “That IS GOOD, I FIGHT despite the inclusion of various is basically how she (Cory FOR JUSTICE, I FIGHT public-private partnerships put Aquino) felt we needed to com- FOR FREEDOM. I AM in place to help the government municate the legacy of Ninoy NINOY’ deal with the country’s problems because he really embodied the like malnutrition, hunger and idea of self-sacrifice for his coun- to be a Ninoy in that sense, and literacy, finding effective solu- try and people.” we managed to generate a lot of tions is still a challenge. “Every- Thus far, the Aquino Foun- interest in coming together.” thing is interrelated and it’s dation has partnered with retail The interest has grown sig- extremely difficult to know brands to introduce Ninoy nificantly, having brought to- where to begin,” Mr. Lopa says. Aquino to the public through gether an organization called Still, he believes that the Aquino merchandise that benefits nu- ‘The Ninoy Runners’ and even Foundation has helped Filipino merous charities. The founda- gathering celebrity support from society progress over the years, tion has put together the apl.de.ap of the Black Eyed Peas despite the small monetary as- campaign with the tagline ‘I am to help advocate for the public sistance it has been able to gath- a hero, I do what I believe is education problem in the coun- er. “I would equate the success right, I do what I believe is good, try. The star has agreed to be the and impact of a foundation such I fight for justice, I fight for free- foundation’s brand ambassador as this by how much it has done dom. I am Ninoy’ . and plans to travel in and out of for people who have created The campaign logo, a pair of the Philippines to raise money much bigger things,” he says. eyeglasses Ninoy Aquino was for the programs and promote As for the foundation’s future, known for, has since become an awareness about the problem. Mr. Lopa is very optimistic. “If iconic image. “The basic mes- Mr. Lopa believes that taking the we do our job well, we will real- sage of the campaign was ‘if you Aquino Foundation interna- ly promote the legacy of Ninoy were to see the country through tionally through well-known Fil- and Cory Aquino and inspire the eyes of Ninoy, what would ipino figures like apl.de.ap is the others to be like these two peo- you do now?’” Mr. Lopa says. next step in bringing Filipino is- ple,” he comments. “Then I think “The whole idea of ‘I am Ninoy’ sues to global awareness. this country will be a better place became a very effective model “We feel the whole idea of to live in. This country needs for us to talk about legacy, as it people wanting to give back to many leaders that should be able became so cool and fashionable their country because they have to look beyond themselves.” Our World Insert is produced by United World. USA TODAY did not participate in its preparation and is not responsible for its content
  • 3. Distributed by USA TODAY Wednesday, June 15, 2011 THE PHILIPPINES 3Sustained economic growthThe Philippines is “open for business” and backed by been building on its currentbroad-based bank lending growth and greater position of strength. The cen-transparency, accountability and competitiveness tral bank recently noted that the continued broad-basedA surge in the inflow of for- This has been blamed largely growth in bank lending speakseign direct investment (FDI) on the political uncertainty well of the solid growthinto the Philippines this year is surrounding the national elec- prospects for the economy;being forecast by Bangko Sen- tions in May 2010, although loans for production activitiestral ng Pilipinas. The central the government is fully aware comprise more than four-fifthsbank expects $2.2 billion worth there are other underlying fac- of commercial banks’ total loanof FDI to be registered by the tors that it has to deal with to portfolio.end of 2011 – a staggering make the business environ- Cesar Virtusio, executive83.3% rise on the end-of-year ment more attractive. director of the Bankers Asso-total for 2010. Cesar Purisima, Secretary ciation of the Philippines, says The reason for optimism is of Finance, says the Philippines that in the last five years (ex-the implementation this year of must develop its infrastruc- cept in 2008), bank lendingthe government’s private-pub- ture, make its policies more has grown more quickly, andlic partnership (PPP) program; competitive and reduce cor- at a rate that is even betterthe five initial PPP projects put ruption. On the fiscal side, the than the GDP growth. On topup for bidding this year are val- focus is on being more pru- of that, the percentage of non-ued at $1.1 billion. Investments dent in the management of re- performing loans continuesare also expected to come from sources. “We hope to reduce to drop – to less than 3%. Hemajor Japanese electronics and our deficit to 2% of our GDP believes the banks are wellsemiconductor companies by 2013 and maintain that dur- capitalized, with ample pro-looking to relocate to the Philip- ing the rest of the President’s visioning to absorb externalpines. term,” he says. shocks. “One of the reasons A further rise in FDI is pre- “President Aquino is trying why the banking sector is sodicted for 2012, when the cen- to accomplish all of this in his successful is its competenttral bank expects a total of $2.7 six-year term. He does not management and supportivebillion to be registered, basing think he will be able to ac- regulators,” he explains.its prediction, it says, on its re- complish it all, and nobody ex- Mr. Virtusio says the Philip-vised assumptions and outlook pects him to, but he wants to pines needs to address the ob-for emerging balance of pay- put the Philippines in the right stacles to its growth. “We hopements components. direction and change things so that we can realize the poten- FDI inflows into the Philip- that the next administration The Aquino administration has set in motion a series of fiscal and management reforms in order to raise transparency tial that has been linked to thepines have been declining for will have no other choice but country for a long time now.a decade, but the trend was ex- to continue with the reforms is crucial. “The perception that determined to make the Philip- Philippines becomes a truly at- Now that we have an honestacerbated last year, when oth- that he started.” this is a clean government that pines competitive in the in- tractive business destination.” national leadership backed byer Southeast Asian economies, Florencio Abad, Secretary will promote transparency ternational marketplace. “This A big plus is that the Philip- able and competent cabinetsuch as Malaysia, Indonesia of Budget and Management, and accountability is very im- is why we say the Philippines pine financial system emerged and heads of governmentand Singapore, enjoyed as says the premium placed on portant.” is open for business. We are from the 2008 global financial agencies, we should have a fairmuch as a five-fold increase. integrity by President Aquino He says the government is gearing ourselves up, so the crisis in good shape and has chance to accomplish this.”Phenomenal growth for SM InvestmentsFrom commercial and retail to residential and leisure development, the corporation does not shy away from large investments. SM has been highly successful, to bootOwned by Henry Sy, the rich- “Retail has a lot of potential,” Last year, SM’s net profitsest man in the Philippines, SM says Ms. Guidote. “We are were better than expected, ris-Investments Corporation is mainly focused on Metro ing by 15% to Php18.4 billionone of the country’s largest Manila now, but there is still a (around $420 million), withcompanies, dominant in re- lot of potential in the provinces, consolidated revenues in-tailing, banking and shopping and that is where we are grow- creasing by 12% to Php179.3mall development, and a fast- ing at the moment.” billion from Php160.1 billion inrising player in residential and SM is also dominant in shop- 2009. The largest contributiontourism-oriented real estate. ping malls, boasting no fewer came from retail (34%), with SM has been careful about than 41 across the country. By banking second (30%), fol-managing its resources, and the end of 2011, the number of lowed by shopping malls andhas been growing year-on-year malls in the Philippines will real estate (23% and 13% re-both financially and in terms have risen to 43, and an addi- spectively).of assets. tional mall will have been SM has increased its capital “The Philippines is still an added to the three the group expenditure program to Php47emerging country,” says Cora- already has in China, in the billion this year, from Php40.6zon Guidote, vice president for cities of Xiamen, Jinjiang and billion last year, and with all itsInvestor Relations. “There is a Chengdu. core businesses continuing tolot of potential, so SM is pour- Ms. Guidote recalls that the grow, expects to sustain dou-ing a lot of resources into grow- very first mall the company ble digit growth in 2011. Cer-ing all of its core businesses.” opened was a mere 1.3 million tainly, it began the year on a The most profitable part of square feet, but was already the positive note, posting a 13% in-the group is the retail business, largest mall in the country. “It crease in net income in the firstwhich has been undergoing was at the height of the Mar- quarter.significant expansion. With 28 cos crisis, when the father of the Corazon Guidote attribut-new stores opened in 2010, current president was assassi- SM is a very consumer-oriented company focused on serving the Filipino community in the best possible way es the group’s success to a high-and several more this year, SM nated; we could not have gone ly focused approach that shenow has 144 retail outlets na- into the market at a worse time,” Starting to challenge retail with 726 branches nationwide. Its current portfolio includes 14 says has made it part of the psy-tionwide. These include 41 SM she says. “But the growth has as the group’s main driver is its Chinabank, in which the group residential projects, 13 of which che of Filipinos.department stores, 31 SM su- been phenomenal. It is now banking business; SM’s bank has a 20% interest, is the eighth are in Metro Manila and one “The Filipinos have beenpermarkets, 43 SaveMore our largest and one of our most network is the largest in the largest with 269 branches na- in Tagaytay City in the province with us over the years in termsbranches, and 25 SM hyper- profitable malls, and we are Philippines. In the final quar- tionwide. of Cavite. This year will see the of growing the brand and themarkets. The group also has continuing to expand it. Daily ter of last year, BDO Unibank, SM’s rapidly expanding launch of at least five new res- business,” she says. “SM reflectstotal ownership of Pilipinas footfall there is at least 700,000 in which SM has a 41% inter- property business has interests idential projects, all located in the progressive spirit of the Fil-Makro, which has 4 Makro to over 1 million, and the oc- est, became the country’s in residential, commercial, prime locations within Metro ipinos; we would not grow if theoutlets. cupancy rate is about 97%.” largest bank in terms of assets, leisure, and hotel development. Manila. market did not support us.” Our World Insert is produced by United World. USA TODAY did not participate in its preparation and is not responsible for its content
  • 4. Monday, June 20, 2011 Distributed by USA TODAY 4 THE PHILIPPINESLand Bank, dedicated tofinancing rural developmentCEO and president of Land Bank of the Philippines, Gilda Elepano Pico shares the ins and outs of this government bank entrusted with boosting agricultural and rural sectorsRanked among the top five tant when lending to farmers of the national government’s Land Bank provides fi- sor with their produce based ment agencies and corpora-commercial banks in the and fishermen. We have es- thrust of promoting food se- nancing to all the players on the latter’s product re- tions because we are a gov-country, Land Bank of the tablished a group in Land curity. The objective is to in- along the value chain system, quirement. ernment bank. For example,Philippines is a government Bank called the Development crease farmers’ income by consisting of a full range of The processor, on the oth- if the NFA (National Food Au-institution that plays a unique Assistance Center which fo- providing financial and tech- activities that are undertaken er hand, commits to buy the thority) requires financing forrole promoting countryside cuses on the institutional and nical support along the value- in turning a particular prod- produce of the cooperatives domestic rice procurement,development while remain- capability building of these added chain of a commodity uct into a form that is sold at a competitive price; and then we lend to them.ing financially viable. The cooperatives. or industry. and consumed. may also commit to provide Local government units arebank has grown into the The success of the bank de- We launched this last year At the outset, a coopera- the necessary inputs and tech- crucial in the food supplylargest formal credit institu- pends on the strength of the where we allocated P50 billion tive and a processor will es- nical assistance if only to en- chain and in the developmenttion in the rural areas and to- conduits. Before we lend to ($1.15 billion) for the pro- tablish production, technical sure product quality and of the rural economies. Weday offers a full range of them, we make sure that they gram, particularly to support and marketing contracts, standards. The processor need infrastructure so thatbanking services. are prepared technically in the financial requirements for where the cooperative then makes use of the pro- the produce of the farmers Gilda Elepano Pico, CEO terms of bookkeeping and in crop, livestock and fishery through its farmer members duce to convert it into a prod- can be brought to the tradingand president of Land Bank of other areas of managing their production, working capital commits to supply the proces- uct that will again be an input center at the least cost possi-the Philippines since No- business. and acquisition of processing to another activity. ble. Sometimes it takes themvember 2006 and vice-chair- Another basic thing we re- and other fixed assets. ‘OUR FOOD SUPPLY It is really a complete chain a long time to transport fromman since August 2005, has quire from them is equity. If CHAIN PROGRAM from farm production to pro- the farm to the trading areas,worked in various depart- they do not have a stake in AIMS TO INCREASE cessing to marketing. Farm- so transport costs are high.ments in Land Bank since the business, they can easily FARMERS’ INCOME BY ers will now be assured that We finance local governments1981. Here Ms. Pico discuss- abandon the project. So for PROVIDING FINANCIAL their products will be bought. so they can build farm to mar-es Land Bank’s role in the every one peso that they put AND TECHNICAL The problem in the past was ket roads and rural infra-country’s sustained growth. in the cooperative, we give SUPPORT ALONG THE that there was no market for structure. them six pesos in loans. They VALUE-ADDED CHAIN their produce, so we are now Land Bank cannot do thisAgriculture is the backbone of use these loans for relending OF A COMMODITY OR addressing that situation. alone; it needs the support ofthe Philippines’ economy. to the small farmers and fish- INDUSTRY’ In line with that, Land Bank the other units and local gov-How does Land Bank support er folk. is also investing in research. ernments.the sector? The other priority sectors ‘WE SUPPORT SMALL We have linked up with uni- Land Bank has adopted an The agriculture sector plays of Land Bank are the micro FARMERS, FISHER versities and state colleges in integrated countryside de-a very crucial role in shaping small and medium enterpris- FOLK, SMES, LOCAL the provinces and the coun- velopment philosophy. Thisthe country’s overall eco- es, livelihood, agribusiness GOVERNMENT FOR tryside so they can study and synergistic framework is thenomic growth and develop- and agri-infrastructure, re- INFRASTRUCTURE research how farmers can in- most effective approach.ment. It remains as one of the newable energy and water. PROJECTS. WE ALSO crease their production and Adopting a silo approach to-most economically significant BACK RENEWABLE profitability. We will pilot test wards countryside develop-and promising industries in Are you developing any ENERGY AND their findings and if success- ment has a higher risk ofthe Philippines in terms of its more products to target WATER PROJECTS’ ful, the idea will be marketed failure.vast potential and opportu- even more farmers? to the farmers so they cannities for expansion and Yes, we developed a GILDA ELEPANO PICO, adapt the technology. We What final message wouldgrowth. synergy program CEO and President then pilot test their recom- you like to send to the read - This is primarily why Land called the Food Sup- of Land Bank mendation and, if successful, ers?Bank is helping the farmers ply Chain Program, encourage farmers to adopt Well, for one, we’d like to in-and fisher folk sector through which is in support these new technologies. vite them to visit our countryfinancial and technical assis- not only to behold the manytance. We want to reach as Speaking specifically about natural wonders in the Philip-many farmers and fisher folk your institutional invest - pines, but also to explore pos-as we can, and we tap rural ments, what avenues do you sible investment options.banks and cooperatives which like to go down, besides agri - On our part at Land Bank,serve as conduits in extend- culture obviously? we will continue to do ouring the much-needed credit Our priority sectors are not share in promoting econom-support to our mandated sec- just the small farmers and ic growth, especially in thetor. We are working with fisher folk. We also support countryside where potentialabout 500 rural banks and SMEs and we finance local areas for development aretheir branches and over a government units for infra- endless. Ultimately, we wouldthousand cooperatives in or- structure projects. We also like to see Land Bank fulfill itsder to serve farmers and fish- support renewable energy mission and be able to toucher folk across the country. and water projects as well as and make a difference in the Preparation is very impor- the requirements of govern- lives of the people we serve. Our World Insert is produced by United World. USA TODAY did not participate in its preparation and is not responsible for its content
  • 5. Distributed by USA TODAY Wednesday, June 15, 2011 THE PHILIPPINES 5New public private partnershipsA longstanding lack of funds has hindered crucial investment in the Philippines, holding back economic development. Now the government believes it has found a way around the problemCAYETANO PADERANGA ROGELIO SINGSONDirector General of NEDA Secretary of Public Works & HighwaysThe government plans to en- such as water supply projectsgage in public private part- and more efficient irrigationnerships (PPPs) as a means of systems to increase farm pro-funding the public works and ductivity. The President sayspublic services projects need- PPPs will provide thousandsed to boost the economy. of jobs, growth in the econo- “We cannot rely on public my and long-term mutuallyfunds alone to spur the coun- beneficial partnerships withtry’s growth,” says President large corporations.Aquino. “We need additional Grants totaling $8.5 millioninvestments from our partners are being provided by thein the private sector. As so Manila-based Asian Develop-many others before us have ment Bank (ADB) and the Aus-found, and as many others af- tralian government to get theter us must discover for them- PPP program underway, withselves, working together the Philippine governmentworks.” providing a further $8 million. The country needs to mod- A newly established PPP Cen- This past March, a raft of PPP infrastructure projects came up for bidding, worth an estimated $1 billionernize its roads, bridges, air- ter, attached to the Nationalports, transportation and Economic and Development process will be completed with- vate sector participation is be- approaches, including the so- of infrastructure in the coun-communications systems for Authority (NEDA), the coun- in just six months. cause of management expertise licited proposals approach. try is holding us back. Therethe efficient movement of try’s independent economic Cayetano Paderanga, direc- and efficiency in terms of pro- We prefer these, but we will are a lot of opportunities forgoods and people, as well as to development and planning tor general of NEDA, says, “PPPs ject implementation as well as still welcome unsolicited pro- the private sector to developbuild the competitiveness of agency, will provide technical are one way we can leverage pub- maintenance.” posals. We are looking at joint more infrastructure, whetherthe tourism industry. The assistance and help facilitate lic resources with private fi- He appeals to potential in- ventures as a variation to the it is roads, airports, seaports,Philippines must also invest in the development of proposals, nancing as well as expertise. One vestors to come and look at the BOT (build-operate-trans- or telecommunications. En-other critical infrastructure, ensuring that the approval of the reasons why we want pri- Philippines. “We have several fer) process. There are several ergy and water utilities are ways where people can get also in demand.” involved when it comes to The national highways net-A proven track record, infrastructure and other work is substandard and kinds of investments.” poorly maintained, and the The first batch of PPP pro- focus is on upgrading the na- jects was lined up for bidding tional roads to internationala partner for progress in March, with an estimated standards. private investment of more “We are way behind Malay- than $1 billion. Most of the sia, Thailand and Indonesia in projects come under the aegis terms of road infrastructure of the Department of Trans- and international standards,” nancial flexibility to provide and the support of govern- portation and Communica- says Mr. Singson. “We are look- an adequate return – earn- ment that dreams for change tions and the Department of ing at long stretches of toll roads ing $283 million in 2010 – and development will become Public Works and Highways. and expressways being pushed while allocating a significant a reality. Rogelio Singson, Secretary towards the private sector, long- amount for an entry into MPIC has a 45% float and of Public Works and High- term road maintenance con- power generation. Power a predominantly institution- ways, says, “We need to make tracts and at passing on bridge generation is the largest com- al shareholder base spread the Philippines more global- construction and mainte- ponent of the power bill, at globally. ly competitive, and the lack nance.” 58%, for consumers. Meralco is best placed to provide con- sumers with relief from high power costs with its ability to predict the optimum time to invest given its extensive knowledge of consumption patterns. At the parent company lev- el, MPIC has a five-year in- vestment plan which includes Php25-26 billion ($610 mil- lion) for roads and Php3.7 bil- lion for hospitals. MPIC is extending its road network to improve com- merce and convenience. Its flagship project is the con- nection of the Northern and Southern toll road systems in Luzon, the main island group- ing in the country, through the heart of Metro Manila, the country’s largest urban area. It will improve travel from over an hour and a half to less than 20 minutes and, more importantly, allow com- mercial vehicles to avoid the truck-ban on public roadsJose Ma. K. Lim, President and CEO of Metro Pacific during certain times of the day, facilitating access to theMPIC has grown from fective management. That is country’s major ports locat-strength to strength, MPIC’s claim to fame: we take ed within the metropolis.expanding infrastructure problematic companies, turn MPIC develops world-classdevelopment, turning them around and raise the medical facilities with the ac-companies around to level of service. These are ob- quisition of existing hospitalsbecome competitive, jectives that we continue to that are then improved withmeeting the needs of meet on a daily basis.” capital expenditures and pro-Filipinos across the nation Maynilad was in rehabili- fessional management. Over tation and unable to provide three years MPIC acquiredWorking in partnership with water to 3 million people in five hospitals. Its hospital net-the government, Metro Pa- its concession. In a little over work is now the largest in thecific Investment Corp. two years, it has reduced the Philippines, present all over(MPIC) is at the forefront of number of un-served people the country. The company isthe nation’s infrastructure de- in its concession by 1 million looking forward to addingvelopment. The new admin- and recorded a profit of $111 more hospitals to this net-istration has sought to million in 2010. It is invest- work with a target of approx-develop public-private part- ing nearly $1 billion over the imately 10 hospitals and anerships to jump start infra- next five years to ensure most total of 3,000 beds around thestructure development. of the remaining 2 million country.“MPIC is in a good position people are connected while MPIC is constantly seekingto facilitate the government’s working closely with its reg- new areas for developmentgoals,” says president and ulator to ensure money is outside an already impressiveCEO of MPIC Jose Ma. K. spent effectively and prices portfolio. Amongst these newLim. are not unduly raised for the areas are an airport and rail- At the helm of one of the public. way system, both of which ser-country’s most recognized At Meralco, the largest vice Metro Manila and are incompanies for delivering ba- electricity distributor in the need of investment.sic services, Mr. Lim explains: country, the progress can be “It is essential for the coun-“MPIC has a track record of seen in its financial returns. try to have basic services at asecuring its contractual reg- Under previous ownership, high standard for it to be com-ulatory returns from the gov- it had been unable to secure petitive. If water is not potable,ernment and delivering to the its regulatory mandated re- if electricity is too expensive,public the service they de- turns – earning only $61 mil- or if it takes too long to trans-serve. At our portfolio com- lion in 2008. With the change port goods, we will never bepanies, we have improved in ownership, its tariff has able to compete in an inter-service delivery by any rea- now been adjusted to a point national market,” says Mr. Lim.sonable metric with more ef- that provides it with the fi- It is with the expertise of MPIC Our World Insert is produced by United World. USA TODAY did not participate in its preparation and is not responsible for its content
  • 6. Wednesday, June 15, 2011 Distributed by USA TODAY 6 THE PHILIPPINESInnovation at the nation’s heartInnovation is the buzzword in the Philippines, where generation of new ideas for products and services is a crucial element of the national strategy for boosting competitivenessTechnology is seen as the foun- Strategy – dubbed Filipinnova- ing innovation regions, such as ipino researchers will come up and simple process and by us- aimed at producing a criticaldation of future economic de- tion – is based on a public-pri- North America and Europe. with products, services, and ing the filter we aim to reduce mass of engineers with ad-velopment, and by harnessing vate partnership, spearheaded The vision is of a competitive technologies that are competi- the number of those contract- vanced degrees and at promot-the creativity and ingenuity of by the Department of Science and multidisciplinary Filipino tive. “It is important for us to ing dengue fever. ing research and developmentthe Filipino people, the gov- and Technology (DOST), IBM, workforce producing value- believe in ourselves,” he says. “By promoting the con- as a way of addressing issues ofernment hopes to build new in- Asian Institute of Management added knowledge-based prod- “We are pursuing things in sci- sumption of brown rice and de- sustainability, health, securitydustries, make existing ones (AIM) Policy Center and the ucts and services of global ence that people initially think veloping a process to prolong its and quality of life.more productive, and create Intellectual Property Office of standards, and of competitive lo- difficult to achieve, but we are shelf life, we are trying to ad- An Open Technology Busi-more and better-paid jobs. In- the Philippines, and involving a cal firms driven by constant in- trying to instill the confidence dress the rice shortage,” he says. ness Incubator has been estab-novation, it believes, will give host of other stakeholders, in- novations based on research that we can do it.” “For disaster mitigation, we are lished by DOST and therise to new opportunities and cluding leaders from industry, and development. He argues that innovation is installing locally developed au- Philippine Economic Zone Au-offers the potential for unlim- government, academia, and civ- The government sees its role required in fields as diverse as to weather stations, water level thority (PEZA) to promote theited growth. il society. as being to create an environ- mass transit, flood monitoring sensors and rain gauges.” growth of technology-based “We are using science and Ultimately, the aim of Filip- ment in which innovation is en- and food control. “We aim to A variety of programs have ICT startups, while the De-technology to improve our in- innovation is to brand the Philip- couraged and can flourish, with come up with simple solutions been launched to support the in- partment of Agriculture hasdustries and make them more pines as an Asian innovation government, academia, and the that will reduce problems. For novation drive, such as the En- launched a program to enhancecompetitive,” says Mario Mon- hub that is distinct from its Asian private sector working towards example, there is a lack of drink- gineering Research and the delivery of accurate agricul-tejo, Secretary of Science and neighbors but able to compete a common goal. able water here, so we are in- Development for Technology ture and fisheries informationTechnology. effectively with them and that Mr. Montejo believes that giv- troducing a low cost water filter (ERDT) consortium, involving to assist business development The National Innovation strives to match the world’s lead- en such a positive climate Fil- made from clay. It is a very cheap seven universities, which is and decision making. A world-class exporter of high-tech products Forty years ago, the Philippines had only traditional agricultural exports. That started to change in the1970’s when the Philippine electronics industry got under way, spurred by industrialized nations seeking alternative locations offering lower production costs By the second half of the Kong, as well as to the ongo- UNCTAD, “...the global fi- 1990s, electronics had over- ing growth of China. nancial crisis has led to sig- taken agriculture as the lead- Gregory Domingo, Secre- nificant shifts in world trade ing export industry, and for tary of Trade and Industry, of ICT goods towards Asia.” years now the Philippines has says the strong showing in The pace of export growth been one of the world’s main 2010 demonstrates that the is forecast to slow this year exporters of high-tech prod- export strategy of enhancing through disruption of the ucts. competitiveness and opening semiconductor supply chain The global economic crisis market access through trade following the devastating hit the electronics industry agreements is “on track”. The earthquake and tsunami inThe Philippines is home to some of Asia’s oldest universities hard, and exports fell by more Philippine Export Develop- Japan. However, the Nation- than 28% to $22 billion in ment Plan 2011-2013 targets al Economic and Develop-Educating the people, 2009. Since then, however, the industry has rebounded, posting an increase in exports in 2010 of more than 41% to a doubling of total exports to $120 billion by 2016. Data published earlier this year by the United Nations’ ment Authority (NEDA) expects the impact on the ex- port earnings of the elec- tronics industry to bethe nation’s treasure over $31 billion – a record-breaking ex- port value. temporary. At the Department of Trade and Indus-With a long running educational tradition, for the Philippines supplying adequate Today the elec- tr y, Mr. Domingoresources for the educational system behind the quality of its workforce is essential tronics sector, which recently expressed is dominated by confidence that over-The Philippines is made up of with community and social de- work with the really good basic multinational cor- all exports coulda well-educated population that velopment oriented ap- ingredients we have and just porations, remains grow by more thanhas traditionally put much em- proaches. She stresses that straighten up the parts that need the largest contrib- the government’s tar-phasis on formal schooling; R&D is important for devel- it and bring in some technolo- utor to the economy, get of 10% this year.however, Dr. Patricia Licuanan, oping innovations that can gy inputs in strategic areas that accounting for 61% Non-electronicschairwoman of the Commis- change the quality of life for we aim to develop,” she says. of total exports last industries con-sion of Higher Education communities. CHED is looking beyond Fil- year. Semiconduc- tributed around 10-(CHED) believes in a more prac- “For instruction it may not ipino borders to aid in devel- tors are the leading 12% growth in thetical approach for the country be as clear but there are pro- opment by focusing on the product, and Japan first quarter of theand is not pressing the need for grams in higher education that inclusion of successful people is the largest cus- year, with a 100% in-higher education for all Filipinos. cater to developing the lower abroad to start projects and be- tomer. crease in coconut oil “There has to be a shift in at- sectors in society,” says Ms. come mentors. She aims to Electronics from exports, and furni-titude so that we also respect Licuanan. “Not enough of our show the world the potential of the Philippines were ture exports up byand value technical and voca- young people enter agriculture the country as it takes steps to in high demand last 50%.tional education,” says Ms. anymore and there is certain- achieve a noticeable amount year, and made a ma- The Semiconduc-Licuanan. “We are too white ly not enough that go into sci- of change. jor contribution to tor and Electronicscollar in our attitude. For the ence and technology. These are “I’d like them to see the an overall record- Industries in theMillennium Development necessary and we think high- Philippines truly as an exciting breaking perfor- Philippines (SEIPI)Goals, basic education is nec- er education does have a role.” and positive place to be for for- mance, with the forecasts that its sec-essary.” She aims to clean up corrup- eigners and Filipinos,” says Philippines posting tor will grow by 8- CHED recognizes that the tion and improve technology CHED’s chairwoman. “I may be its highest export 12% this year, despiteneed for basic education is and service quality to make biased but Filipinos are very revenues for 11 years. Ac- IN 2010, THE the situation in Japan.greater than that of higher ed- CHED a more effective com- creative and intelligent people cording to the Department of PHILIPPINES POSTED This confidence is shareducation, and plans to use in- ponent in the government and once we set our minds to Trade and Industry, total rev- ITS HIGHEST EXPORT by Sergio Ortiz-Luis, chair-struction, research and machine. “This is really our chal- something we can achieve so enues grew by almost 34%, REVENUES FOR THE man of the Philippine Cham-extension, to combat poverty lenge for higher education: to much.” reaching in excess of $51 bil- PAST 11 YEARS, ber of Commerce and lion. In addition to high-tech REACHING OVER Industry and president of the products, the garments and $51 BILLION Philippine Exporters Con- textile industry reversed years federation, who says that the of stagnation to achieve Commission on Trade and exports target for 2016 still growth of almost 12%, bring- Development (UNCTAD) stands. ing in $1.6 billion. showed that since the global “There is uncertainty due to The Export Development financial crisis the Philippines the disaster in Japan and the Council attributes this to the and other Asian exporters conflict in the Middle East, recovery of the economies of have continued to take mar- but these are temporary,” he some of the Philippines’ ma- ket share from Western coun- says. “We are confident that jor markets, notably the Unit- tries in high-tech goods and Japan would pick up after the ed States, Japan, and Hong components. According to middle of the year.” Our World Insert is produced by United World. USA TODAY did not participate in its preparation and is not responsible for its content
  • 7. Distributed by USA TODAY Wednesday, June 15, 2011 THE PHILIPPINES 7No longer a mere overseas call centerBusiness process outsourcing is growing and maturing into knowledge process outsourcing in this tech-savvy island nationFilipinos are techies. The duced almost 56,000 engi- that Cebu City was recently volves high-value work car- bring the total number of IT- parent and efficient. My chair-country’s ICT sector has been neering and technology-re- positioned as the number one ried out by highly skilled staff BPO workers in the country manship of the CICT allowsa leading driver of the econo- lated graduates in 2008, and emerging destination for busi- and is currently dominated by to 610,000. me to do that at a national lev-my for the past seven years, boasts one of the best ICT ness process outsourcing India. Most experts agree, With such a tech-savvy el. I couldn’t pass up thedriven by domestic demand training infrastructures in all (BPO), an advantage it wants however, that the Philippines population and economical- chance.for telecommunications prod- of Asia. Finally, the Philippines to parlay into knowledge is set to become an increas- ly powerful industry, the coun- “Most government struc-ucts. Electronic goods com- is even ranked number one process outsourcing, an up- ingly important competitor, try’s choice for the man to tures are created under an in-prise 60% of Philippine globally in SMS usage. and-coming sector in the and has already surpassed In- oversee it all is at first glance dustrial age model. Theyexports. Also, the country pro- It is therefore no surprise country, which normally in- dia as the world’s call center curious – Ivan John E. Uy, operate in vertical silos (for ex- hub. chairman of the Commission ample, agriculture, environ- Indeed, the only sector on Information & Communi- ment, education, etc.). The new growing faster in the Philip- cations Technology (CICT) model is flat. Information is pine economy than ICT is its since July 2010, and a former shared across the board. As long BPO sector. The Philippines member of the Philippine ju- as the government operates in has become a global power- diciary. A closer look, how- those silos, then information is house in the industry, espe- ever, reveals the particular kept there. This worsens bu- cially for voice-based genius of his appointment. reaucracy and red tape.” (Filipinos have a high level of A known cyber law expert, He adds, “CICT is really de- English and a cultural affini- Mr. Uy helped to transform signed to take on multi-faceted ty with the U.S.) and back-of- the workings of the country’s roles as a business facilitator fice work. It was worth $9 judiciary in his position as and a strategic, innovation-led billion in 2010, representing chief information officer of government unit that ensures over 3.5% of GDP and 10% of the Philippine Supreme Court. the country’s competitiveness. Sitel has been named the global outsourcing market. He says, “I had the privilege of We are at the intersection of the top global call The government is targeting being able to bring in innova- every point in the matrix; we center outsourcing revenues of $11 billion this tion to transform the way are the ‘e’ in everything – e- provider by The Black year, as well as the creation of things were done in the judi- health, e-commerce, e-duca- Book of Outsourcing 84,000 new jobs, which would ciary by making it more trans- tion.” Innovative BPO service and training solutions from Sitel Sitel is a global leader in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry and provides its clients with fully integrated customer care services by highly trained experts From more “We do not have a newspa- departments. It also has its than 135 per to sell or hotel rooms to own management training onshore, rent. Here in Sitel, we recog- schedule called Track Training.Organizing businesses nearshore and offshore loca- tions spanning 26 countries worldwide, Sitel’s clients have nize that our agents are our business,” says Mr. Barker. “We aspire to be the best BPO busi- “You have to develop the right people and send them out with the right expertise,” says Mr.the world round their customer care and trans- action processing needs looked after by its 52,000 highly trained associates in ness in Asia Pacific. That starts with our agents. To ensure that we get the best agents, we need the best coaches. They have to Barker. Sitel has been lauded the number one global call center outsourcing provider by TheThe first call center to be listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange, Paxys provides a 36 different languages. be managed by the best oper- Black Book of Outsourcing –wide range of services, including BPO, telemarketing, and IT and software systems The seven call centers Sitel the world’s largest independent has set up in the Philippines investigation into customer sat-Starting off in 2004 as a Fil- ternal systems development from here and the IT from over the past 10 years represent isfaction in the industry. Sitelipino company providing con- and email management. there, which gives clients a the company’s largest offshore received the top score in 11 crit-tact solutions, moving into As such, Paxys is able to of- more holistic experience with contact center hub and form an ical performance categories, in-legal transcriptions shortly af- fer both inbound customer more of a personal feel.” essential part of its global en- cluding vertical expertise,ter (ScopeWorks Asia), and management services, such as Its advantages in the Eng- terprise. “President Aquino said reliability, innovation, trust,then acquiring Australian order taking, help desk and lish language and cultural affin- the right thing – the Philip- flexibility and customization.salary packaging administra- technical support, and out- ity with the U.S. aside, Mr. pines is open for business,” says In addition, for the sixth yeartion company SmartSalary Pty, Martin says that the real com- Steve Barker, general manag- in a row Sitel has been select-Paxys is today a global holding petitiveness of the Philippines er of Sitel in the Asia Pacific ed as one of the best customerinvesting in business process in BPO lies in its people. “One region. “You do not have to care outsourcing providers inoutsourcing (BPO) companies thing that can’t be replicated trade any quality outcome as a the world and features in Theand related sectors within the easily is customer service. In result of having moved your 2011 Global Outsourcing 100Asia Pacific region. It also pro- ‘IT’S ENCOURAGING other countries in Asia they business transactions or cus- STEVE BARKER list. The annual ranking is com-vides management and ser- TO BE PART OF A are proud of their technical tomer interactions to the General Manager of Sitel, piled by the Internationalvices such as human resources, NATION BUILDING ability for example, but Fil- Philippines. You can certainly Asia Pacific Association of Outsourcingfinance and business develop- ENTERPRISE LIKE THE ipinos are proud of customer impact your profit and loss, get Professionals (IAOP) – thement through its subsidiary BPO INDUSTRY’ service,” he comments. an improved consumer expe- ations managers that we can global, standard-setting orga-Paxys Global Services. Mr. Martin says the BPO in- rience, and have the advantage find. We go out of our way to nization and advocate for The first call center to be list- bound services, including tele- dustry reacted quickly to the of a location that makes sense find the cream of the crop be- the profession. IAOP judgeed on the Philippine Stock Ex- marketing, tele-collection and international financial crisis, for whatever your business re- cause our clients and our agents providers on four critical char-change, Paxys recently jointly sales verification, in addition to despite its close links to the quirements may be.” deserve that.” acteristics: size and growth,incorporated two new centers, other BPO services compris- U.S., by taking the opportuni- By reducing service costs, Privately held and majority- customer references, organi-Stellar Global Solutions Philip- ing research, financial admin- ty to reflect on its core strengths improving customer retention owned by the diversified Cana- zational competencies andpines (with the Stellar Group istration, and human resource and build on them. and increasing revenue per da-based Onex Corporation, management capabilities.of Australia) and WNS Philip- functions. Paul Martin, VP of He says, “You can see now customer, Sitel delivers the best Sitel places great importance Mr. Barker adds, “We want topines (with WNS Holdings of Business Development and many of the BPO companies possible return on customer on the quality of the education be in a position where our cus-India). Paxys also provides in- Client Management at Paxys are building new facilities, hir- investment for its clients. Its and training of its employees. tomers are more successful byformation technology and soft- and managing director at GIC, ing more people and an- range of services includes cus- Its Sitel Academy has three having Sitel by their side. Weware systems through its Global says this means that “when we nouncing new engagements tomer care, customer acquisi- facets to it: in-classroom acad- want to make sure that we haveIdealogy Corporation (GIC), go to market, we do not just say all within a relatively short span tion, technical support, risk emies, mobile academies that that structure and talent in placewith offices in Singapore, the that we are voice or IT. We un- of time. It’s encouraging to be management, back-office pro- take learning out into commu- and that our clients are seeingPhilippines and Malaysia, derstand what the customer part of a nation building en- cessing, and collections and nities, and partnerships with the value of being associatedwhich offer services such as in- wants, and we can do voice terprise like the BPO industry.” receivables. universities and government with a global footprint master.”‘We have corrected misconceptions of BPO’Jared Morrison of Stream Global Services highlights the advantages of outsourcing customer care operations to the PhilippinesStream Global Services is a Do you feel that the global in - American movies in the the- profile. We also offer in-house Why is now the right time topremium international busi- vestment community is fully aters, American brands are English courses. showcase the Filipino BPO sec-ness process outsourcing aware of the potential of the available in the retail areas and We have some language tor internationally?(BPO) provider whose sales, country? there is a following for Amer- training expertise, and we If you take care of the peo-customer care and technical I do not think so. Ameri- ican sports teams. That can’t work with the universities to ple who work for you, providesupport services enable its cans are familiar with the be said in many offshore BPO help them see what our re- a good work environment, en-clients to increase revenue Philippines. It is getting some ‘IF YOU TAKE CARE destinations. quired curriculum looks like. able them to be successful andgeneration, operational effi- reputation in the U.S. market, OF THE PEOPLE WHO Also, people are naturally provide competitive wages,ciencies and brand loyalty. particularly in the BPO in- WORK FOR YOU, nice and pleasant. Visitors im- they will in turn trust you andThe Boston-based company dustry because there are so THEY WILL IN TURN mediately notice the openness do a good job for your clients.merged with eTelecare in 2009 many people here. TRUST YOU AND DO and helpfulness of the locals. When they do a really goodand has eight call center fa- One of the reasons why the A GOOD JOB FOR This is especially important job for your clients, you do notcilities across the nation. Jared Philippines has become so suc- YOUR CLIENTS’ for functions with clients call- have much to worry about.Morrison, vice president and cessful is that we’ve seen a lot ing about their problems Nobody can say that the in-country manager of Stream of voice work diverted to the ‘WE HAVE dustry is a fluke, or that it is notin the Philippines, outlines the Philippines. There is also the PARTNERSHIPS WITH How are you working with sustainable. When I look at ourcompetitive advantages of high quality of customer care MORE THAN 12 academia to secure a performance metrics, we areboth the country and the com- that can be delivered here. UNIVERSITIES HERE’ steady flow of human able to perform at par with do-pany. Also, the country captured capital for the BPO in- mestic outsourcers. the BPO voice services mar- ‘WE HAVE BROKEN dustry? Contrary to the assumptionCan you comment on the ket due to the neutral quali- THE MOLD IN TERMS We have partner- that a lot of companies makedefining features of the new ty of their accents. Filipinos OF WHAT PEOPLE ships with more when they outsource their ser-government? are easier to understand so it PERCEIVE THIS than 12 universi- vices elsewhere, you do not There has definitely been is easier to communicate with INDUSTRY IS CAPABLE ties here in the have to expect a degradationan improvement in terms of them. The service profes- OF DOING’ Philippines and of performance by outsourcingvisibility and ease of doing sionals are experienced and we provide services to this country. Thisbusiness. The new adminis- knowledgeable. them with fact has been an eye-openertration is finding ways to We are at an important JARED MORRISON our hiring for a lot of companies.decrease red tape and bu- point of the growth stage. The Vice President and Country Manager of Over the years, we have cor-reaucracy. Policies and regu- industry is huge here. The key Stream Global Services in the rected misperceptions andlations have become more is for it to maintain its good Philippines made companies aware thatbusiness and investor friend- reputation. the Philippine BPO industryly. In addition to transparen- has the capabilities to handlecy, wealth distribution is What other natural advantages things beyond basic CSR. Weimproving. There is a growing are here? have broken the mold in termsclass of young professionals There is a natural affinity for of what people perceive thismaking their mark. Western culture. There are industry is capable of doing. Our World Insert is produced by United World. USA TODAY did not participate in its preparation and is not responsible for its content
  • 8. Wednesday, June 15, 2011 Distributed by USA TODAY 8 THE PHILIPPINESSustainable extraction of $1 trillionin natural resourcesThe world’s fifth richest country in mineral resources, the develop the mines and speed up Another point on which thePhilippine mining sector is back on course after a nearly the administration of the claims,” government will not budge is30-year slump and the government is taking sustainable explains Lito Mondragon, pres- in environmental and commu-development and investment protection seriously ident and CEO of PMDC. “At the nity protection. “Even as we moment we have about 23 on- move towards developing ourThere is an estimated 1$ trillion established, winning back in- going works on the mines and natural resources, we have todollars’ worth of natural re- vestor confidence and allowing we still have upwards of 20 that protect our environment andsources in the Philippines. In 100% foreign owned companies need to be developed.” make sure that we use our re-fact, the country’s land is con- to operate in the Philippines. Chinese companies have been sources sustainably. We alwayssidered the world’s fifth richest, Passed in 1995, the law went the most responsive so far. Philip believe that environmental se-with the planet’s largest nickel, through an adjudication peri- Romualdez, president of the curity is the ultimate securitythird largest gold, and fifth largest od. Ramon Paje, Secretary of the Chamber of Mines of the Philip- needed to protect our resourcescopper reserves. The 1970s and Department of Environment pines, says, “I think U.S. interest and our people,” says Mr. Paje.80s witnessed a boom in the and Natural Resources (DENR), in the Philippines has changed. According to Mr. Mondragon,mining sector, but tightened reg- says, “Now we have one of the The mining companies in the part of the PMDC contracts re-ulations – especially in terms of strongest laws in the region be- U.S. are generally more inter- quire mining companies to sub-working with Local Govern- cause the law was adjudicated for ested in going to Canada and mit their development andment Units (LGUs) – put an end 10 years, not only by the Con- Europe and even Latin Ameri- environmental plans from theto the sector’s contribution of gress but also by the Judiciary. ca. It’s therefore a challenge to start, as well as quarterly reports.20% to national GDP. That is why we can guarantee bring American mining com- The LGUs still have a voice President Aquino’s adminis- that investments in mining will The government prioritizes the environment over the extraction of resources panies over here.” in deciding whether a miningtration has targeted mining as be protected.” Because Philippine mines are project is beneficial for the lo-one of the eight key sectors of “This is the only sector in the favorable market prices, a grow- ration (PMDC), and besides ex- in such demand, a government cal communities, yet the gov-growth and is putting real re- country where foreigners are al- ing number of investors are seek- ploring, mining, smelting, pro- policy of ‘use it or lose it’ is pre- ernment has the final say. Theforms into place to get the sec- lowed to own 100% of the op- ing out available mining claims ducing and exporting, among venting claims from sitting idle. process, albeit tedious, ulti-tor off the ground and running erations,” he adds. in the archipelago. The DENR’s other tasks, the PMDC also pro- After a stipulated amount of time mately guarantees a green lightonce again. With the wealth of mineral corporate arm is the Philippine motes mines for development. and three notices, claims are for- for the project, and investment A new mining law has been resources coupled with today’s Mining Development Corpo- “Our goal is to go for a PPP to feited and passed to the PMDC. security and sustainability.Building the community and striking goldHonesty and concern for the people really distinguish Jose Ernesto Villaluna, include a natural gas deposit I see the company achievingpresident and chief operating officer of Philex Mining, and the way he does business in Palawan and coal in Zam- its aim for growth. We are right boanga, Sibugay. now preparing for the eventu-The president and COO of pines, what makes Philex a suc- years ago. Our revenues depend al development of the SilanganPhilex Mining Corporation sees cessful business, and his vision on world commodity prices, but How important are CSR ini - Project over five years. We arehelping people to be a top pri- for future expansion. we remain competitive because tiatives to Philex Mining? also in the debugging stage ofority, connecting the industry of low operating cost. Improv- CSR is indeed important to our coal operations. We con-with community development. How do you think the mining ing on this competitiveness any mining venture. Realizing tinue to explore for additional Philex prides itself on its cor- sector is going to contribute to would mean more mines that this, before we start exploration ore reserves in the Bulawanporate social responsibility the nation by improving its could operate profitably. And on a mineralized area, we have gold property in Negros Occi-(CSR) practices, with initiatives competitiveness in terms of more mines would mean more to build goodwill with the com- dental and perhaps, if we aresuch as building schools, hos- trade? economic activities, not only munity by reaching out and by lucky, this could justify the re-pitals, and free healthcare. It has been reported that the from the mining operations by being clear on what we plan to opening of the mine for oper-Philex even donated a power potential mineral resources of themselves but from the relat- do on the ground. We have to ations.line so that children in sur- the Philippines is worth $800 ed businesses and satellite ac- ERNESTO VILLALUNA manage the perception and ex- The exploration in the areasrounding communities could billion. This amount, if tapped tivities as well. All of these could President and COO of Philex Mining pectation of stakeholders, to around the vicinity of our Pad-study with incandescent lamps and realized in terms of the generate more revenues for the balance the windfall mentali- cal mine could hopefully addinstead of gas lamps, and pro- country’s revenue, is large country that could contribute to Yes. Our corporate structure ty. Stakeholders are not mere more sources of ore for the Pad-vided a water and storage pump enough to pay for the country’s its economic, as well as social, is basically in two main areas: beneficiaries of a future min- cal mine. Over this time, wefor irrigating crops. Mr. Vil- foreign debt and provide the uplift. mining and energy. The min- ing operation but partners in aim to have at least another op-laluna believes the mining in- foreign exchange component of ing side is under the parent progress. erating mine in addition todustry to be an integral part of infrastructure projects that will Although gold and copper is company. The energy side is Padcal. Should and when thisthe Philippine economy and in support economic growth. your primary business, Philex under a wholly owned sub- How do you see the company happens, we would have no lessthis Q&A, he reflects on the The mining industry has been Mining also has other sub - sidiary, Philex Petroleum Cor- expanding over the next five than two mines generatingrole of mining in the Philip- a major export earner since 40 sidiaries. poration, whose investments years? earnings for the company. Our World Insert is produced by United World. USA TODAY did not participate in its preparation and is not responsible for its content
  • 9. Distributed by USA TODAY Wednesday, June 15, 2011 THE PHILIPPINES 9Nickel, a highly sought after World-classcommodity processes at Coral Bay Sumitomo and Nickel According to Mr. Fujimura, Asia’s Coral Bay Nickel this will ultimately turn Sum- Corp. is putting mine itomo into one of the world’s waste to good use biggest nickel producers. CBNC benefits from its In nickel mining, a great deal mother company’s 400-year of low-grade nickel ore (called long history in mining. laterite) is also extracted in the Sumitomo Metals can trace its process. Considered mine roots back to the late 1500s waste by many due to the com- when the original Mr. Sumito- plicated process of separating mo’s brother-in-law learned the nickel and iron from the Western methods of copper re- rest, some companies are in fining. Over the centuries, the fact specialized in this and have company also refined its busi- made it big business. One such ness, technologies and opera- company is Coral Bay Nickel tions, becoming a pioneer in Corporation (CBNC), a sub- ecology and community care. sidiary of Sumitomo Metal “CSR and environmental Mining (SMM) Company of protection is nothing new to Japan. CBNC partners with Rio SMM. Unlike other companies, Tuba Nickel Mining Corpora- we have our own strict CSR tion (RTNMC), a subsidiary of and environmental programsThe Coral Bay processing plant near NACs Rio Tuba mine in Palawan Nickel Asia Corporation within our company,” com- (NAC), the Philippines’ largest ments Mr. Fujimura. “In theOne of the oldest and most im- el sector so we had the pick of HPAL, considered the best into gold and copper, two min- nickel mining company. case of CBNC, together withportant mining companies in the good properties early on, plant of its kind in the world. erals found in abundance in “Through our process known our local partner RTNMC, wethe Philippines, Nickel Asia which is not to say that there Due to Coral Bay’s success, the Philippines. This plan is al- as HPAL, or high-pressure acid have a Social Development andCorporation (NAC) is also a are none left because there are.” NAC has once again partnered ready underway: in 2010, NAC leach, low grade nickel ore or la- Management Program. Thishomegrown company. Its first NAC took an equity inter- with Sumitomo to build a sec- bought a company from Anglo terite of RTNMC is utilized to embodies our social commit-subsidiary started operating in est in the country’s first nick- ond processing plant, which American that had four excel- produce nickel/cobalt mixed ment to the local communities,1975, and NAC now owns a el processing plant built by also happens to represent the lent claims for exploration. “I sulphide that is refined in Japan that include 11 barangays andmajority share in four mining majority owner Sumitomo single largest investment in the did a joint venture with them and used as a component for 24 indigenous cultural com-operations throughout the Metal Mining: Coral Bay Philippines’ mineral resource when I was at Philex so when stainless steel,” explains Takanori munities.”country (one in Palawan and sector to date. they wanted to sell we were Fujimura, president of CBNC.three in Mindanao). It also has “We’re working on a second the only Philippine company “So, through our process, aan equity interest in a nickel processing plant, which is quite they approached, the others waste material like laterite hasprocessing plant in operation a feather on the cap of this were foreign companies, and been given a ‘second lease on life’since 2005 and a second plant group. There are only a hand- we were able to pick it up at a to be valuable and useful all overnow under construction. ful of these plants around the reasonable price,” he says. again.” “We are the largest laterite world and two of them will be NAC’s main export markets CBNC is Sumitomo’s firstnickel ore producer and we ac- with us,” comments Mr. Brimo. are China and Japan. Its clients project in the Philippines, andcount for over half of the coun- The plant is due to be com- include the largest stainless it’s made quite a splash. Thetry’s nickel ore exports. We’ve pleted in 2013 and once on steel producer in China and HPAL facility has been in op-been around for a long time stream, NAC will be able to the largest ferronickel producer eration since 2005 and is stilland we’re a local company, and process the low-grade nickel in Japan. “We have very good going strong, as opposed to thethat gives us some advantages,” ore it has been stockpiling and relations in those countries and fates of other HPAL plantssays Gerard Brimo, president improve its sales volume sub- we’re the preferred customer worldwide, many of which haveand CEO of NAC. “Most Fil- stantially. because we have a variety of already closed or suspended TAKANORI FUJIMURAipino mining companies are GERARD H. BRIMO Although its core business is nickel ore and we deliver on operations. President of Coral Bay Nickelinvolved in copper and gold President and CEO of Nickel Asia lateritic nickel ore, Mr. Brimo specs and on time,” explains “Operating an HPAL plant Corporationbut we’re a pioneer in the nick- Corporation says NAC intends to diversify Mr. Brimo. may be difficult but we’re hap- py that we’re able to attain our THANKS TO THE targets not only because of our CORAL BAY HPALFILMINERA superior technology, but also FACILITIES, LATERITE IS because of having world-class GIVEN A ‘SECONDInvestment success Filipino workers,” boasts Mr. Fujimura. CBNC produces some 24,000 metric tons (mt) of nick- LEASE ON LIFE’ AND CONVERTED INTO A USEFUL MATERIALFilminera and CGA Mining Ltd. attribute their mining achievement to their investment in the community el annually at its facility in the THE UPCOMING $1.3CGA Mining Limited togeth- the Philippines. The operational “We are focused on health, rounding communities in the southern part of Palawan BILLION HPAL PLANTer with Filminera Resources success of the project is attrib- livelihood, and education in growing process. “Before we province. Thanks to Coral Bay’s AT TAGANITO REPRE-Corporation is operating the uted to its dedication to CSR, the communities where we do any social project, we make tremendous success, Sumito- SENTS THE LARGESTMasbate Gold Project, the becoming an investment suc- operate,” says Cris G. Acosta, sure that the community owns mo has decided to build a sec- SINGLE INVESTMENTlargest operating gold project in cess story others should follow. president of Filminera. the project and that it wants ond plant, this one adjacent to IN THE PHILIPPINE “What is good about Filmin- the project to take place. We the Taganito Nickel Mine (a MINING SECTOR era is that though still a work- do not want to impose any project of NAC) in the north- in-progress, it has already project on the community.” east region of Mindanao Island. He adds that regarding em- shown that you can have a Mining creates a lot of in- With a price tag of $1.3 billion, ployment, CBNC’s “thrust is to world-class mining project in frastructure, which benefits the Taganito HPAL plant, or seek first in the locale for high- the Philippines,” he adds. the community as Filminera THPAL, will be the largest sin- ly qualified people before President Benigno Aquino aims to improve its sur- gle investment in the Philip- searching outside the area.” has been supportive of the roundings while expanding its pine mining sector. Coral Bay also pays special at- mining sector and Mr. Acos- reach. “One of our objectives Once commercial oper- tention to its safety and envi- ta stresses that the govern- has always been to ensure that ations begin in mid-2013, ronmental controls in order to ment has to ensure continuing we protect the environment THPAL is forecast to produce prevent the underground infil- support of current investors and the safety of the people in 30,000mt annually. CBNC tration of acidic liquids and the while encouraging new ones. the communities we work in, and THPAL’s combined an- release of harmful gases into “We have not had much new and that we also share what- nual production of 54,000mt the air. The company’s strict mining activity, so we need ever profits or benefits we will represent 54% of Sumito- regulations also protect the pre- technology and investments have with the community mo’s middle-term strategy to cious coral reefs along Min- right now,” he says. “I think around us.” produce 100,000mt of nickel. danao’s coast. there are lots of opportunities here. If CGA Mining Limited was able to do it, then other foreign companies and in- vestors can as well.” With a forecasted $13.5 bil- lion coming in, the mining sector in the Philippines is growing. Filminera is takingFilminera’s Masbate Gold Project has total resources of approximately 7.7m ounces measures to include the sur-SAGITTARIUS MINING INC.More than a miningcompanyUnder Xstrata Copper, SMI is sustainably developing ployment within the Philip-one of the world’s largest copper-gold mines pines,” he says. SMI’s investment goes be-Located on the southern Mark Williams, SMI gener- yond the Tampakan mine asPhilippine island of Mindanao al manager for Operations and social development programsin the municipality of Tam- External Relations, estimates provide support for infra-pakan, is one of the world’s the project could generate, structure development, accesslargest undeveloped copper- on average, Php134 billion to education and health facil-gold deposits. ($2.8billion) to Philippine GDP ities and services, safeguard- Sagittarius Mines, Inc. (SMI) each year over the 20-year con- ing of cultural values,holds a Financial and Techni- struction and operation phas- institutional capacity building,cal Assistance Agreement es. This is equivalent to an and enterprise development.(FTAA) with the Philippine additional annual increase of “If approved, this projectgovernment to explore, devel- 1% to Philippine GDP. would be a blueprint for eth-op and operate the Tampakan “The project has the po- ical modern mineral develop-mine. If the project is approved tential to create opportunities ment in the Philippines,it has the potential to become for approximately 10,000 jobs including best-practices in re-the largest mine in the coun- at the peak of construction settlement programs, indige-try and the fifth largest cop- and more than 2,000 direct nous consultation, andper mine in the world. jobs when the mine com- environmental and social im- The Tampakan Copper- mences operation. Engage- pact assessments, and provideGold Project would be a sig- ment of local contractors and an opportunity for sustainablenificant source of revenue and service providers will gener- economic development,” saysemployment. ate further substantial em- Mr. Williams. Our World Insert is produced by United World. USA TODAY did not participate in its preparation and is not responsible for its content
  • 10. Wednesday, June 15, 2011 Distributed by USA TODAY10 THE PHILIPPINESAbundant renewable energy sourcesThe Philippine government recently passed the Renewable Energy Law in an effort to help spur the development of renewable energy sourcesPowering the Philippines requires taking greater advantage the country has abundant sun these plants, which use heat ticipated opportunities will ment is planning to invest in theof the nation’s renewable sources, including geothermal and and an industrial base capable from deep in the earth to gen- soon materialize. kind of infrastructure neededsolar, and using cleaner burning fossil fuels like natural gas of producing the semi-con- erate steam and turn turbines, Renewable energy will in the to supply gas to much of the ductors and other components making it the biggest user of long term be able to supply much country. The first step of the planEnergy is a vital component of to increase domestic energy needed to build solar farms. wet-steam geothermal tech- of the country’s power needs, will be building the Batangas-every country’s economy, and production. Nevertheless, the The government’s goal is for nology, and the second-biggest but in the shorter and medium Manila pipeline, known as thereducing dependence on for- country’s long-term goal is to fo- the country to get 40% of its producer on the planet of elec- term the Philippines has plans BatMan project.eign energy sources is an im- cus more and more on renew- primary energy requirements tricity using geothermal ener- to use its natural gas resources “This pipeline will go into theportant goal for many able sources to increase local from renewable sources by the gy, after the U.S. to make its power sector more heart of Manila to service thegovernments. The Philippines energy production, as the tech- end of 2013. That objective is At the Energy Investment Fo- efficient, less expensive, and less industrial, commercial, trans-has made great strides in this nology becomes more ad- very achievable, after getting as rum last December held in dependent on foreign fuels. port and retail sectors, and thearea in the past three decades, vanced and less expensive. high as 35% in recent years with Makati City, Secretary of Energy “The vision I believe in is that generating plants,” explains Mr.and is moving forward with sev- “Through technology and good amounts of rain to pow- Rene Almendras stated con- renewable energy will reach par- Cailao. “Can you imagine low-eral projects that will further mass production, renewable er hydroelectric generation. cerning renewable energies, the ity and advance periodically ering the cost of fuel by over 50%reduce the need to import en- energy is going to become a re- The country already has a Department of Energy (DoE) compared with fossil fuels,” says by having gas? It is a big boostergy. ality,” says Antonio Cailao, pres- very important source of re- “will take the lead, will push and Mr. Cailao. “The plan the De- to the economy, and that is also As a country with relatively ident and CEO of the Philippine newable energy, from geother- will make sure that things will partment of Energy has is to income for the foreign investorssmall proven oil reserves and National Oil Company, or mal generating plants. About happen.” To everyone working launch the gasification of the who would like to come in.”low oil production, the Philip- PNOC. “I am very much in love 27% of electricity generated in in the field of renewables, the Philippines, which will be the The addition of a pipeline net-pines is forced to seek sources with solar energy because the Philippines comes from DoE promises the highly an- intermediate step/fuel before work will reduce the need for for-of energy from other areas. The among all the sources of re- we move to renewable energy.” eign energy by another threeinauguration of the Malampaya newable energy, it is the only re- The country currently has one percentage points, Mr. Cailaonatural gas field in 2001 helped newable energy which is not functioning gas field, called estimates. Using more gas willmove the country towards a site-specific. The sun is in Malampaya. The field is locat- have other benefits as well. Nat-less expensive and more do- Spain, the sun is in Germany, ed about 310 miles west of Lu- ural gas burns more cleanly thanmestic energy supply profile. the sun is the same everywhere, zon Island and has estimated oil, producing less greenhouse Through investments in lo- and so that is why it is not site- reserves of as many as 3.7 tril- gases. Natural gas is also cheap-cal energy infrastructure, the specific.” lion cubic feet of natural gas, and er than fuels such as diesel.Philippines has managed to The government has passed 85 million barrels of conden- Even as gas pipelines are ex-slash its dependence on foreign legislation in recent years to sate. The field supplies three gen- tended around the country, theenergy sources from 92% in help spur the development of erating stations that between Filipino government and private1973 to 40% now. That figure renewable energy. One was the them provide 2,700 megawatts businesses will continue to in-will fall even more in the near Renewable Energy Law, which of electricity for the island, out vest in cheaper and more effi-future, as some ambitious pro- identifies major sources of of 7,600 megawatts of total gen- cient renewable energy, with thejects begin producing even emerging energy, such as geot- erating capacity on Luzon. goal of eventually cutting themore energy locally. hermal, hydro, solar, wind, The lack of a gas pipeline net- need for energy imports to a Some of the projects will use ocean and biomass. Solar is a RENE ALMENDRAS ANTONIO CAILAO, work greatly limits the use of the bare minimum, a goal countriesfossil fuels, such as natural gas, particularly interesting area, as Secretary of Energy President and CEO of PNOC indigenous gas, but the govern- around the world should share. The Philippines’ energy mix The Philippines has a growing population and a growing economy, both of which will increase demand for energy in coming years The government, local com- ident of Enfinity Philippines Re- as a foreign investor has to bring panies and foreign companies newable Resources Inc. “In the them in or hire them and start have ambitious investment future, with a couple of solar from scratch.” plans to meet the Philippines’ panels they can have fridges Of course, big multination- growing energy needs, through and freezers.” als have other advantages, such a combination of fossil fuel and A local company that’s mak- as enormous financial re- renewable energy sources. ing a difference is Aboitiz Pow- sources and the ability to cre- Enfinity is one such compa- er, which is specialized in ate thousands of jobs with just ny. It was founded in 2005 in hydroelectric projects. The one project. Shell Oil has a stake Belgium, and its core business company recently finished two in the Malampaya natural gas is developing, building, financ- new hydro plants on the island field project, and has other em- ing and managing renewable of Mindanao that were inau- ployment-generating opera- energy projects, especially so- gurated by President Benigno tions in the country as well. lar and wind projects. One ex- Aquino and will contribute 42.5 “The biggest shared global ample is providing solar energy megawatts of capacity on the service center of Shell is here in to remote areas using solar pan- island. Manila and it is a hugely suc- els, a small investment that can “We have an advantage be- cessful operation,” says Edgar contribute to a big improve- cause we have an organization Chua, chairman of Shells Fil- ment in local living conditions. on the ground,” says Miguel ipino business. “We have “In some areas, a simple light Aboitiz, senior vice president around five or six globally with bulb could change the whole of Power Marketing and Trad- around 7,000 employees and culture of the village and their ing for Aboitiz Power. “We have we have 3,000 here in the Philip- lifestyles, so they can study at the technicians and the finance pines, which shows the signif- night,” says Dennis Ibarra, pres- people etc. here already, where- icance of the operations here.” Our World Insert is produced by United World. USA TODAY did not participate in its preparation and is not responsible for its content
  • 11. Distributed by USA TODAY Wednesday, June 15, 2011 THE PHILIPPINES 11Extending top-rated medical servicesto all corners and classesPrivate healthcare providers, public clinics and HMOs work towards the common goal of reaching all Filipinos nationwideWith over 7,000 islands com- insurance, the healthcare sys-prising the Philippine archi- tem is “first class” says Dr. Ona. ,pelago, extending healthcare Patients can find world-classservices to all citizens can be quality healthcare at places suchquite challenging. Many Fil- as MPIC’s nationwide networkipinos have traditionally been of premier hospitals, and atneglected in the national health- Asian Hospital and Medicalcare system, which although Center, in the southern Luzonconsidered of a good standard, corridor of Metro Manila. In-simply lacks the resources to deed, Asian Hospital is con-reach the more remote, and sidered one of the best privatepoorer, areas. hospitals in all of Asia. “Unfortunately, a large part of As for insurance companies,the population is living in ex- the Philippines is home to var-treme poverty, even as far as ious regional and global indus-healthcare is concerned. On a try leaders. Sun Life Financialnational scale we have trained MARIO M. SILOS, Philippines, part of the Cana-many nurses and we have doc- President of Intellicare dian Sun Life Financial group,tors, but not in all areas. This offers Sun First Aid, an afford-lack of healthcare workers and graduates from the top univer- able hospital income plan thatfacilities must be changed,” ex- sities in the Philippines, and offers benefits such as daily cashplains Secretary of Health Dr. many have also acquired fur- benefits during hospital con-Enrique T. Ona. “We need to ther credentials and training in finement, which ultimately helpimprove our rural healthcare the U.S. defray the cost of hospitaliza-units, equipping them with the As a result, the staff in both tion. The Philippine American A large number of medical professionals practicing in the Philippines receive their training abroad, especially in the U.S.necessary manpower, nurses public and private health cen- Life and General Insuranceand midwives.” ters is highly educated, with Company (Philam Life) forms Those without private health INTELLICARE IS THE 600,000 members and a net- Currently, the Department some of the best doctors serv- part of the over 90-year old pan- insurance, of course, rely on LEADING HMO, work of more than 12,000 physi-of Health (DOH) has 72 larger ing in the state hospitals. The Asian AIA Group. Its Health state-funded hospitals and OFFERING cians and medical specialists,hospitals and around 2,000 major difference between the 100 is the Philippines’ first health centers, which are the tar- AFFORDABLE nearly 800 reputable hospitals,smaller ones, which are com- two comes down to the quali- health insurance product that get of the Aquino administra- HEALTHCARE TO ITS clinics, diagnostic centers andplemented by an excellent ty of facilities and technologies provides a comprehensive tion’s reforms to ensure universal 600,000 MEMBERS other first-class medical insti-private healthcare network. Fil- offered. range of living benefits up to healthcare. There is, however, tutions.ipino doctors and nurses are For those who do have health the age of 100. another important segment be- COMPANIES, SUCH AS The sheer size of the HMO tween the poorest and wealth- PHILAM LIFE AND SUN has given its members an econ- iest, covered by health LIFE FINANCIAL omy-of-scale advantage, even in Bring home more than just maintenance organizations PROVIDE EXCELLENT the more remote areas. “In the (HMOs), such as IntelliCare, the HEALTH INSURANCE old system people were too largest Philippine HMO. PLANS, WHILE ASIAN afraid to go to their providers, a Balikbayan Box, “We provide programs and innovative products and ser- vices to improve the delivery HOSPITAL AND MEDICAL CENTER RENDERS WORLD- as they could not afford it. The law of large numbers allows us to maintain a structure that per- with Philam Life’s “Balikbayani for healthcare services for those who can pay a portion for them- selves,” explains Mario M. Silos, CLASS HEALTHCARE SERVICES AND FACILITIES mits patients to access these fa- cilities. We provide support to the providers and allow sus- Pasalubong Package” president of IntelliCare. “We cannot focus on those on the poverty line; this is the govern- long run it not only expands our market, but it also temporarily tainability but we also allow the population to access this and provide them with better The Philippines has now become the third ment’s function.” allows us to focus our expertise health,” says Mr. Silos. largest provider of overseas workers in the Mr. Silos says that while In- on areas that can use our help,” “Our members must have world. The number of overseas Filipino work- telliCare supports the govern- he comments. “We’re a mem- access to providers and we’ve ers has grown by 52% in just five years from ment in its move towards ber of the Philippines Business made sure we blanket them around 900,000 in 2004 to 1.4 million in micro-insurance, especially for Social Progress and a lot of with an extensive network that 2009. Currently, there are around 3,900 Fil- within the poor rural areas, it is corporations are very happy to allows them to use their ipinos leaving daily for better employment also a partner of the private sec- support different projects.” IntelliCare card wherever and opportunities in foreign countries. tor’s CSR projects. “We really Established in 1995, Intelli- whenever they need it,” adds OFWs primarily work abroad to be able need to focus on this as in the Care today has more than the leading HMO’s president. to earn more so that they can provide a brighter future for their families. They dream of buying a new house and lot, starting their ASIAN HOSPITAL AND MEDICAL CENTER own business and sending their children to college. However, despite the higher income they still find it hard to save because most of their income is spent on the family’s ba- sic necessities such as food, medical expenses The luxury of hi-tech and household bills. Some OFWs even come back to the Philippines with hardly adequate savings for a retirement fund. healthcare Philam Life, the country’s number one life The 48-storey Philam Life Tower in Makati is one of the tallest Innovative and square meters of property. and identify people with high insurance company, understands the needs and most technologically advanced buildings in the country world-class healthcare Over 900 employees and 160 potential.” says Mr. Seiler. and burdens of today’s OFW. Thus, to help from a patient-centered outsourced staff, many of He also presses that he OFWs save easily and prepare for their fam- ABOUT PHILAM LIFE approach comes with the whom were educated abroad, does not regard its doctors as ily’s future, Philam Life introduces its “Ba- The Philippine American Life and General latest in technology and tend to the 217-bed capaci- customers, but as partners. “I likbayani Pasalubong Package” Philam Life . Insurance Company (“Philam Life”) is the impressive surroundings ty medical center. see the strength in the part- continues to develop financial solutions that largest life insurance company in the Philip- State-of-the-art technolo- nership and the very best way will help OFWs give their families a more pines and the market leader for over 60 years. gy, touch screens, and voice that can benefit the patient meaningful pasalubong than a Balikbayan Philam Life offers an extensive line of innov- activated systems put Asian in terms of patient safety, ser- Box – a bright future for their family. ative products that provides solutions to var- Hospital at the forefront of vices, and patient satisfac- Philam Life’s “Balikbayani Pasalubong ious financial needs including income the growing medical indus- tion,” he says. Package” is a comprehensive financial plan protection, retirement, education, investment, Walk into Asian Hospital and try in Asia. Theo Seiler, CEO In order to reach the de- for OFWs that offers the following financial health, personal accident, group life and cred- Medical Center today and it at Asian Hospital and Med- mand of regional and inter- solutions: it life. Philam Life has the most extensive net- may seem more like a luxu- ical Center, believes that a national patients, Mr. Seiler • Protection work of offices and sales agencies nationwide. rious hotel than your idea of patient-centered approach, emphasizes high-class facil- Vanguard 100, a customizable life insurance Philam Life is a member of the AIA Group a Filipino hospital. It is the innovation and affordability ities and services that Asian plan, provides life protection that will give Limited (AIA), the largest, independent list- first major private hospital are key factors leading the Hospital offers. “The chal- OFWs peace of mind that their family will ed pan-Asian life insurance group in the world. with tertiary care facilities in development of medical lenge is to change the per- be secured in case of unforeseen circum- the southern Luzon corridor tourism in the country. ception out there that the stances. ABOUT THE AIA GROUP of metropolitan Manila and Asian Hospital maintains Philippines is not a safe place • Savings AIA Group Limited and its subsidiaries (col- is the recognized leader of quality services by increas- and reassure people that Build and Protect, a savings and life insur- lectively “the AIA Group” or “the Group”) innovative, patient-centered ing the knowledge base of its some of our hospitals are ance plan-in-one, provides guaranteed cash comprise the largest independent publicly list- healthcare services. staff, continuing training as even of perhaps a higher benefits after 15 years that will help OFWs ed pan-Asian life insurance group in the world. The high-tech medical they begin work. “Our target standard than they can find save up for their dream house, dream busi- It has wholly-owned main operating sub- center stands on 17,250 is to provide opportunities in their own countries.” ness or dream vacation. sidiaries or branches in 14 markets in Asia • Education Pacific – Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Bright Future Plus, an education and life in- Malaysia, China, Korea, the Philippines, Aus- surance plan-in-one, provides a guaranteed tralia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, New education fund that will help OFWs give Zealand, Macau and Brunei and a 26% joint their children a bright future. venture shareholding in India. • Retirement The group traces its origins in Asia back Leisure, a retirement and life insurance plan- more than 90 years. It is a market leader in the in-one, provides monthly income payments Asia Pacific region (ex Japan) based on life in- when an OFW reaches age 50, 55, 60 or 65 surance premiums and holds leading posi- that will help OFWs live a comfortable re- tions across the majority of its markets. It has tirement. total assets of $107.9 billion (as at 30th No- • Investment vember 2010). Money Tree, an investment and life insur- The AIA Group meets the savings and pro- ance plan-in-one, will help OFWs grow their tection needs of individuals by offering a com- money through Philam Life’s investment prehensive suite of products and services funds. including retirement planning, life insurance • Health and accident and health insurance. The group Health 100, a health and life insurance plan- also provides employee benefits, credit life in-one, provides OFWs with a health fund and pension services to corporate clients. that they can use in case of sickness or acci- Through an extensive network of more than dents, plus cash benefits when an OFW 260,000 agents and over 21,000 employees reaches age 80 and 100. across Asia Pacific, AIA serves the holders of over 23 million individual policies and over With Philam Life’s Balikbayani Pasalubong 10 million participating members of group Package, OFWs can bring home the most im- policies. portant pasalubong for their family - a bright AIA Group Limited is listed on the Main and prosperous future. Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ikaw, anong plano mo? Usap Tayo. Con- Limited under the stock code ‘1299’ . tact your Philam Life Financial Planner to know more about the “Balikbayani Pasalubong Package” or call our customer hotline at (02) 528-2000. Our World Insert is produced by United World. USA TODAY did not participate in its preparation and is not responsible for its content
  • 12. Wednesday, June 15, 2011 Distributed by USA TODAY12 THE PHILIPPINESExtendingthe protectingarm ofinsuranceNowhere has President Aquinos election-winning pledgeto improve governance been taken more seriously than inthe insurance sector, which is set to become one of thecornerstones of the country’s economy as the averagewealth of Filipinos continues to growThe benefits of streamlined SSS president is clear aboutprocedures are already be- members’ responsibilities incoming visible in the health in- this regard.surance and pension sectors, “Some members may harborwith the powerful state-owned the misconception that theySocial Security System (SSS) save more if they underpayleading the way in preparing their contributions, but ulti-to meet Millennium Develop- mately they are denying them-ment Goals (MDGs) set by thenew administration. The SSS,which provides insurance pro-tection to workers in the pri-vate sector against sickness,disability, maternity, death andold age, is undergoing a majorreform with a view to extend- The SSS plans to diversify its investments and maximize available opportunities under the Aquino administration’s PPP scheme for insfrastructureing the life of the fund to per-petuity. THE SOCIAL SECURITY CONTRIBUTION TO THE DEPARTMENT OF THE INSURANCE As Emilio S. de Quiros Jr., SYSTEM AIMS TO SOCIAL SECURITY HEALTH IS WORKING COMMISSIONERpresident and CEO of SSS, PROLONG THE STANDS AT 10.4% TO INCREASE BELIEVES INSURANCEpoints out, “The challenge we FUND’S EXPECTED (UNDER HALF THE COVERAGE OF PENETRATION IN THEcurrently face is putting togeth- LIFE SPAN FURTHER ASIAN AVERAGE), A HEALTH INSURANCE PHILIPPINES COULDer a structure for the SSS that will EMILIO S. DE QUIROS JR. THAN ITS 2039 FIGURE THE SSS PLANS SERVICES AMONG REACH 20% BY THEcontinue to be around even af- President and CEO of the SSS EXPIRATION DATE TO RAISE THE POOR END OF 2011ter we have left the institution.Under current estimates the selves of meaningful SSS untary members so that they key MDGs is the country’s De- major hospitals to private in- The IC has therefore takenfund is expected to last until benefits when financial con- can continue paying their con- partment of Health (DOH), volvement via public private proactive measures aimed at2039, but our ultimate objective tingencies strike them and their tributions and avail themselves whose prime objective is to partnerships (PPPs). “I estimate boosting consumer and in-is to extend it to perpetuity.” families,” he stresses. of the lifetime pension when improve the welfare of the that we need something like 40 vestor confidence in the sector, And Mr. de Quiros confirms The SSS has also made they retire. At the same time we poorer sections of Philippine to Php45 billion [$923 million recently revoking the licensesthat this cannot be achieved progress in bringing the over- are increasing the number of bi- society through universal cov- to $1 billion] to upgrade and of two insurance agencies forwithout pushing for increases seas Filipino workers (OFW) lateral agreements with other erage and the provision of ad- modernize these 25 hospitals,” a string of violations. “We arein the contribution rate, which community on board by mak- countries. This will enable a equate human resources, says the Secretary of Health. determined to observe prac-is currently one of the lowest ing it easier and more conve- member who has worked five health information and health- “This is where we will be in- tices at par with regional andin Asia. “Right now it is 10.4%,” nient to pay via its Flexi-fund years in the Philippines and five care facilities. But as Dr. En- terested in big players part- global standards,” Mr. Dooche says, “This compares unfa- program and its wide network years in another country to rique T. Ona, Secretary of nering with us.” says.vorably with Asia, which has an of foreign representative of- qualify for a pension, for which Health at the DOH, explains, Another institution with a vi- The commissioner believesaverage contribution rate of fices in key locations such as 10 years of contributions are this is just the first phase. “The tal role to play in extending and that insurance penetration inaround 23%, and Europe with Abu Dhabi, Al-khobar, Sydney, required.” future phase is to improve the consolidating insurance pro- the country could reach asabout 35%.” Brunei, Doha, Hong Kong, Jed- These measures are already support value. In the Philip- tection in the country is the In- much as 20% by the end of this The challenge is significant dah, Kuwait, London, Milan, paying dividends, with the SSS pines health insurance does not surance Commission (IC). year, which in a still develop-since it requires a drastic Riyadh, Rome, San Francisco, reporting that its net revenue cover everything, and we aim Emmanuel F. Dooc, the insur- ing nation such as the Philip-change in public opinion, Singapore and Taipei. surged by 36% in the six months to increase the amount it does.” ance commissioner, states that pines represents genuinenamely: persuading employers As Mr. de Quiros explains, to June 2010, mainly due to This will inevitably require the regulator’s vision is to pro- progress, suggesting that theand employees alike that in- “we are doing two things for gains in contributions and in- considerable levels of invest- vide “an opportunity for every sector is finally tapping intocreased contributions are an the OFW market. First we are vestments. ment, which is why the DOH Filipino to secure insurance pro- one of the largest potentialinvestment in their future. The allowing them to become vol- Also tasked with meeting is opening up the country’s 25 tection by 2020.” markets in Asia. 116 years growing with and insuring the Philippines Part of the globally leading Sun Life Financial group, Sun Life Financial Philippines shows Filipinos that a better, more secure life and retirement is possible The Philippines is recording the population is financially value in getting an insurance extraordinary economic ex- independent at retirement. plan or investment product pansion with fast-growing In the Philippines, Sun Life’s from Sun Life Philippines: the manufacturing and service in- forte is life insurance, particu- money would then be avail- dustries. larly in variable universal life able in pesos for the insured With such a shift has come (called investment-linked in person’s family in the Philip- greater interest in financing Asia), accounting for 70% of pines or for the insured upon and banking among Filipinos, sales, as well as a range of mu- their return. However, due to yet the general public remains tual funds, bonds, balance and regulations in the Philippines, largely unaware of the bene- equity funds, and savings prod- interested parties must buy and fits of insurance policies. Sun ucts for education and pen- sign for policies while in the Life Financial Philippines, the sions. archipelago. nation’s second largest insur- “Perhaps as a result of the Fortunately, Sun Life Finan- er, prioritizes education of the economic downturn in the cial Group has a strong global market on how to save and se- past couple of years there has presence in 24 countries to ser- cure a financial future, creat- been a desire for some form of vice OFWs and other Filipinos ing greater awareness for the abroad. Originally established insurance industry and con- in Canada, Sun Life SLF Cana- tributing to the country’s key da is the largest Canadian life objective of poverty allevia- insurer based on premiums and tion. deposits serving individual cus- “Insurance companies play tomers through protection and a very vital role in terms of help- wealth solutions and group ing secure the financial future clients through group benefits of the Filipino people,” explains and retirement solutions. Like- Rizalina Mantaring, CEO and wise, in the U.S., Sun Life is a President of Sun Life in the leading provider of annuities, Philippines. “There is no oth- life insurance and group ben- er product that if you pay a pre- efits, too. Filipinos living over- mium today and something seas can expect the same level happens to you tomorrow your RIZALINA MANTARING of quality in products and ser- family gets the full benefit of President and CEO of Sun Life vices if they buy from them, but your policy.” Financial Philippines for those who plan to come “All other financial products home it’s important also to in- build value over time, but a lot guarantee, either a capital vest in peso instruments. of people don’t know this. This guarantee or minimum guar- Since 1895, Sun Life’s sup- is why we embarked upon our anteed return,” comments Ms. port of the community goes be- financial literacy campaign in Mantaring. yond insuring for the future; 2009. Studies were showing “But if you are preparing for Sun Life Philippines also part- that if you ask people which retirement, it’s worth invest- nered with the Department of investment offers the best re- ing regularly in something like Education to renovate schools turns over the long term, the a mutual fund, which is an in- and committed over a million number one answer was sav- vestment that may be volatile dollars over five years to build ings accounts. But in the Philip- in the short term but over time houses for families in a site with pines, the interest rate on will probably give you far bet- local schools, clinics and liveli- savings is only about 1%. It will ter returns than most of the hood programs. not beat inflation; it is not an fixed income instruments,” “We are woven into the fab- investment. We really need to she says. “The average com- ric of the nation’s history. We’ve build financial literacy. Very pounded return for a mutual been here through two world low insurance penetration can fund including the downturn wars and have families that have be traced back to that.” is probably around 17% an- been with us for as much as sev- At just 14%, insurance pen- nually. Over time, your re- en generations. It is a bond of etration levels remain ex- tirement is protected.” trust that has been built for many tremely low in the Philippines, For overseas Filipino work- years and we are part of nation a market more risk averse than ers (OFWs) who plan to retire building and will continue to be regional neighbors. Sun Life to their motherland eventual- partners in nation building,” ob- studies found that just 2% of ly, Ms. Mantaring says there is serves Ms. Mantaring. Our World Insert is produced by United World. USA TODAY did not participate in its preparation and is not responsible for its content
  • 13. Distributed by USA TODAY Wednesday, June 15, 2011 THE PHILIPPINES 13What the Philippines is aboutIn a way, the Philippines is the unexplored neighbor. Americans know plenty about the country but perhaps are unaware of its many magical, and practical, attractionsThe U.S. Census Bureau report- ital, Manila is a bayside melting Aside from providing an ex-ed in 2007 that there were ap- pot that combines old and mod- otic and friendly setting for ad-proximately 3.1 million people ern, gritty and sparkling, greasy venture, relaxation, shoppingwho are Filipino or part Filipino and epicurean. Brand new en- and playing, the Philippines isliving in the country. Filipinos, es- tertainment and leisure centers, also an ideal destination forpecially those who have left their along with luxurious hotels cater health tourism. Last year, 200,000homeland in search of a better to the discerning traveler, while medical tourists arrived in thelife (overseas Filipino workers or bustling streets give a glimpse Philippines, yet given the coun-OFWs), and Filipino-Americans into everyday life for the average try’s high quality healthcare sec-living in the 50 states form sig- Manilan or Manileño. tor and affordable prices, thisnificant populations in Califor- Venturing outside Metro number is but a drop in the buck-nia, Hawaii, New York, New Manila, visitors will encounter et of what it could potentially be.Jersey, Nevada, Washington, natural wonders, authentic vil- Secretary of Health, Dr. En-Florida, Virginia and Alaska. lages and exciting cities spread rique T. Ona, is looking to expandThey are the second largest eth- throughout the Philippines’ the capacity of the already lu-nicity among Asian Americans. 7,107 islands. crative medical tourism indus- Many Americans are familiar World War II shipwrecks and try. “We are looking at medicalwith Filipino food (lumpia is now one of the world’s largest coral tourism not just in terms of cos-synonymous with the spring roll reefs teeming with brightly col- metic surgery, but also lettingin many households), the coun- ored fish provide a unique back- the world know about the abil-try’s role in World War II, its ris- drop for snorkeling and scuba ity of our medical staff to dealing status as an English-speaking diving. In Donsol, Sorsogon, with major illnesses and opera-overseas call center, and the fact snorkelers can even interact tions that can be very expensivethat it’s an island nation in the with whale sharks, known as in some countries. The cost ofSouth Pacific. the ocean’s ‘gentle giants’ Philip- . healthcare here is at least 50% But what does the average pine fresh and salt waters also cheaper if not more,” he says.American really know about the set the stage for kayaking, sail- El Nido in the province of Palawan is protected for its unique flora and fauna and pristine geologic formations One day, medical tourists toPhilippines past and present? ing, fishing, white water rafting, the Philippines could be con-How many of them list the coun- and dolphin watching, just to tributing to improving the livestry among their top international name a few. of the country’s less fortunate.vacation destinations? How Landlubbers can experience Dr. Ona explains: “We would likemany Americans associate it phenomenal settings for rock to have a mechanism wherebywith breathtaking landscapes, climbing, trekking and moun- part of the funds raised by med-white sand beaches, hospitable tain biking, while Philippine flo- ical tourism will be channeledpeople, colorful festivals and ad- ra and fauna – including the to assisting the poorer peopleventure sports? And what about Philippine tarsier, the smallest within our population.”first-rate medical services, world- primate in the world, – spectac- The Philippines is improvingclass casinos, and a rich cultur- ular volcanoes and caves, and its international access throughal and ethnic mixture? colonial churches and villages a recently approved open skies A long history of Western can be enjoyed by the more policy as well as its internal trans-colonial rule (namely by Spain grounded. For those who wish portation network. Although theand the U.S.) and a steady influx to pamper themselves, the char- country received just 3 millionof migrants from China, In- acteristic Filipino warmth lends visitors last year, Secretary ofdonesia, Malaysia and other itself ideally to relaxing massage Tourism Alberto Lim is opti-Asian nations come together to therapies and also transcends in- mistic that the new governmentform a true blend of cultures, to the gastronomy, which goes administration’s efforts will paymyriad dialects and physical miles further than the charac- off in tourist arrival numbers.traits, and religious diversity. Yet teristic lumpia. Using fresh “We are ambitious enough towhat unites all Filipinos is their seafood, marinated meats, tasty predict that we are going to dou-warm hospitality, an aspect im- sauces and a wide variety of fruits ble our tourism figures in sixmediately appreciated upon ar- and vegetables, Filipino cuisine years. It took us 40 years to getrival in the country or upon almost invariably puts a few here, and it’s going to take us sixmeeting a Filipino abroad. pounds on unsuspecting travel- to get to where we want to be,” The country’s sprawling cap- ers. The breathtaking Banaue Rice Terraces cover approximately 4,000 square miles of mountainside he forecasts.Philippines’ warm hearts and smilesSecretary of Tourism Alberto Lim discusses his country’s strategies to attract more tourists and why they should visit for more than just the sun and sandThe Filipino diaspora is the We also want to develop new ‘THE DEPARTMENT OF shows how tourism has reallyninth largest in the world per tourism products like medical TOURISM ISN’T JUST A grown with this policy. We arecapita, and in the U.S. OFWs and wellness tourism. We ex- MARKETING ARM OF trying to replicate this policycomprise the fourth largest re- port health workers, so why TOURISM. WE HAVE TO in other secondary airportsmittance market. What is your not employ them here? We LET TOURISTS KNOW around the country, and I amministry doing to encourage have nice warm weather and WHAT THEY’RE GETTING sure that this is the key to de-their return? people speak English – these FOR THEIR MONEY’ velopment. Our undersecretary visited are all advantages we should When you have more peo-the U.S. in late 2010 and use. Sports tourism is coming ‘WE ALSO WANT TO ple coming in, they will needlaunched the Filipino Home- up which is combined with na- DEVELOP NEW places to stay, so there will becoming year 2011. We want to ture tourism and good weath- TOURISM PRODUCTS more investment in accom-bring Filipinos home this year er. We already host events LIKE MEDICAL AND modation, and then prices willfor big homecoming events. because of our natural beauty, WELLNESS TOURISM. come down because of com-This year is the 400th anniver- the terrain and the welcoming WE EXPORT HEALTH petition, so it becomes a cycle.sary of one of the oldest schools spirit of the people. WORKERS, SO WHYin the country and the 150th an- NOT EMPLOY THEM The Philippines takes 1% ofniversary of our national hero, How do you feel the poten - HERE?’ the total global revenue forJose Rizal. We wanted to coin- tial for the retirement market MICE (meetings, incentives,cide the homecoming year with and the medical tourism mar - You are a co-author of the conventions and exhibitions),these events. ket is? Open Skies Policy, which last year bringing in $3 billion. In 2012, we also want to do a I think we are only doing w o u ld c er t a in ly o ff e r g r e a t er Yes, but it is a little disap-Visit Philippines year, but we about 10% of what Thailand is accessibility to the country for pointing considering we usedneed to build up to that because doing. Our medical people air travel. For a country that to be number one. We startedwe lack the infrastructure and we speak English, and that should receives 95% of people via air - out in 1976 and we built a con-need a higher standard of prod- be an advantage. Except the craft on 7,000 airlines, this will vention center, which used toucts, i.e. service delivery. Warm problem is that the people in obviously be of crucial impor - be the largest in Asia, but nowhearts and smiles are the the hospitals are saying that tance. When do you expect we have been left behind. It’sstrengths of the Filipinos but an we need open skies. these reforms to take place? now small compared to whatinternational traveller also ex- If you are flying in from Eu- They’ve already been done the region has to offer. But thispects the food to be delivered to rope and you need to stop in but they’ve not yet been im- is a private sector thing, and thehis or her table hot with the prop- Bangkok, why would you plemented. There are a few or- government should offer in-er utensils. These are the stan- Alberto Lim, Secretary of Tourism change planes to come over ganizational matters left to centives so that the private sec-dards you can’t take for granted. to the Philippines when you resolve, but it is still a good tor can come in and build We have to develop our prod- What opportunities are avail- very nice beaches, old church- can stay in Bangkok? It should idea to draft a law so that when exhibition and conventionsuct before we brand it: safety, able for investment and coop- es, wildlife and coral reefs. be cheaper here, as well, so the next administration comes centers.information, variety, etc. I have eration with regards to tourism? We’re also going to extend the we should have a bigger seg- in the legislation is already We have an advantage asto make people understand that There are a number of in- runway at Puerta Princesa, and ment than what we actually there. regards MICE in that we speakthe Department of Tourism is vestments for infrastructure Legazpi is an up and coming have today. Clark is home to budget air- English, for example. Peoplenot just a marketing arm of projects including airports in destination as well. You can One can retire very cheap- lines, and people can fly out of want to look for new destina-tourism .We have to let tourists our priority destinations in the swim with whale sharks there. ly here, and we need to start de- Clark which is 56 miles from tions, and we are a tried andknow what they are getting for center of the Philippines. One These are the destinations we veloping this segment of the Manila for as little as $40-60 to tested destination – it’s just thattheir money. of them is Bohol, which has would like to develop. tourism market. another Asian capital. This our facilities are not big enough. Our World Insert is produced by United World. USA TODAY did not participate in its preparation and is not responsible for its content
  • 14. Wednesday, June 15, 2011 Distributed by USA TODAY14 THE PHILIPPINESIt’s playtimefor thePhilippinesAmusement and entertainment encompassed in integratedcasino resorts will both rival and complement other gaminghubs in Asia. The government hopes these resorts will alsogrow tourism numbersBack in the days of Bugsy Mal- in boosting the Philippines’ gam-one, Las Vegas was a strip of de- bling sector is First Cagayanveloped land in the middle of Leisure and Resorts Corpora-the Nevada desert where adults tion, who apart from develop-from all walks of life could indulge ing a resort in northern Luzon,in their addiction. The 1970s and also dominates the online gam-80s saw a gradual shift towards ing segment. And thanks to thefamily friendly facilities, with the First Cagayan’s leadership, theopening of Circus Circus, Wet ‘n Philippines is recognized as theWild water park and the MGM only regulated online gamingGrand Adventures amusement jurisdiction in Asia.park. Top billed singers and per- Jose Mari Ponce, CEO and ad-formances became everyday ministrator of the Cagayan Eco-names in Las Vegas. Today, city nomic Zone Authority (CEZA),is synonymous with family en- says there are more than 40 on-tertainment, and a visit to this city line gaming operators based outof neon lights affords a fun filled of the zone, several of which aretrip for people of all ages. major European players. Although the term “integrat- “Aside from being a pioneered resort” was coined in Singa- in online gaming, we’re also apore to describe a casino-based pioneer in online gaming oper-vacation resort, Las Vegas is ations. We were the first ones toprobably the first true case introduce live video streaming.brought to life. The combina- We also introduced the firsttion of casino plus family fun has proxy betting in Asia,” points outproven a winning formula both Mr. Ponce.in Nevada and in Singapore, and Income derived from onlinemore recently in Macau, where gaming is being reinvested ingambling revenues have sur- developing the zone’s infra-passed those of Las Vegas. The structure, thus improving con-Philippines is stepping up to bat ditions for Cagayan’s othernow to become yet another business as a transshipment portAsian gaming and entertainment and agro-industrial center.hub in an effort to boost not on- President Aquino has high-ly investment and a whole new lighted that his country is “nowsegment of tourism. open for business” and under The Philippine Amusement new management, denoting aand Gaming Corporation business minded approach to(PAGCOR) is currently devel- governance. Reynaldo P. Ban-oping a new mega-project, called tug, chairman of First Cagayan, PAGCOR’s Casino Filipino Mimosa in Clarkfield, PampangaEntertainment City Manila, that believes the new president’s in-will rival its counterparts in tentions are true and is opti- THE PHILIPPINES IS AS ASIA’S SOLE FOR THE HUGELY INTEGRATED RESORTSneighboring countries. mistic that they will carry over PREPARING ITS ONLINE GAMING SUCCESSFUL RESORT SHOULD BOOST Cristino Naguiat Jr., CEO of into gaming and resorts, partic- GAMING INDUSTRY JURISDICTION, WORLD MANILA IS TOURISM,PAGCOR, says that the compa- ularly given the ASEAN region’s TO RIVAL THOSE OF VARIOUS EUROPEAN THE PHILIPPINES’ ATTRACTING FAMILIESny will contemplate solely those rising economic power. “The ad- MACAU AND OPERATORS USE THE FIRST INTEGRATED WHO WILL STAY ANDproposals that incorporate oth- ministration of President SINGAPORE COUNTRY AS A BASE RESORT ENJOY THE SIGHTSer entertainment aspects apart Aquino says what it means andfrom gambling. These could in- follows it up with the proper will appeal to the southeast Asianclude amusement centers and policies and action. This will be market and bring in a great manymuseums, for example. More- a massive contribution for busi- more visitors who will then goover, only high rolling investors ness in the Philippines for both and see the beautiful sights andwill be considered for Enter- domestic and foreign investors. enjoy the characteristics thattainment City. “Companies will Accordingly, there is confidence comprise the Philippines.have to invest about $2.6 billion that the government is there to “The country has a great dealover the first three years before help business grow,” he says. to offer. Primarily our goods andthey will be allowed to operate “Suddenly we are seeing an services, but we are also a verya casino, and after that hopeful- expansion of people with pur- hospitable people. I believe thatly it will reach a $4 billion mini- chasing power and gaming is Filipinos are at the top and don’tmum,” says Mr. Naguiat. just one of the industries that have any competition at all as far Already up and running to in- are benefiting from this sudden as warmth and hospitality areternational acclaim is the Philip- affluence in the ASEAN region. concerned,” claims Mr. Bantug.pines’ first ever integrated This applies especially now that Friendly people and servicestourism center: Resorts World legitimate gaming is now out in aside, the Philippines also boastsManila (RWM). Located in the open. Before, all of this was picture-perfect beaches, balmyNewport City, near the NinoyAquino International Airport,RWM is home to three hotels,shops, boutiques, cinemas, underground and although the potential was there, the gov- ernment did not take advantage of this vast untapped demand,” weather, good infrastructure, and improved security, thanks to the Aquino administration, and its world-class casinos offer First Cagayan at therestaurants, and the NewportPerforming Arts Theater. Another company involved adds Mr. Bantug. PAGCOR and First Cagayan hope Filipino integrated resorts top Filipino and Asian enter- tainers that are sure to delight travelers from around the world. forefront of gaming Philippines-based on-line gaming is a big, and strictly legitimate, business The Philippines is Asia’s first The company’s main activi- and legitimate,” comments Mr. gaming jurisdiction. PAG- ties include the operation, Bantug. COR’s authority covers the management, establishment, It is this transparency that entire archipelago with the acquisition and leasing of has helped First Cagayan grow exception of the Cagayan Spe- tourism-related facilities and its business and attract foreign cial Economic Zone and activities. These, in turn, in- operators to the Philippines. Freeport, which is where First clude but are not limited to “Our business has to be trust- Cagayan Leisure & Resort games, amusements, recre- worthy and transparent in or- Corporation steps in. ational sports, Internet games, der to be able to maintain the “A company was trying to casinos and golf courses. trust of the market. With re- get into online gaming and in The Cagayan Zone is locat- gards to First Cagayan, I would Asia there is no jurisdiction ed on the northeastern tip of say that countries are confident for online gaming,” explains Luzon Island, and encompass- that if they locate here they Jose Mari Ponce, CEO and es the municipality of Santa have legitimacy. For us it is im- administrator of the Cagayan Ana and its neighboring islands portant that we can provide Economic Zone Authority as well as the municipality of that seal of integrity and this is (CEZA). “We took advantage Aparri. one of the most essential val- of that and I promoted Santa Casinos aside, First Cagayan’s ues of our company,” claims the Ana (the home of the Cagayan integrated resort on the idyllic chairman. Economic Zone) as the first northern coast also offers some- First Cagayan’s mother com- and only regulated jurisdic- thing for the entire family. pany LRWC, originally estab- tion for interactive gaming. “First Cagayan has a unique lished as an industrial That started it.” experience to offer,” explains chemicals company that later A subsidiary of Leisure & Mr. Bantug. “Gaming is just one turned to professional bingo Resorts World Corporation of the components of this re- gaming, has teamed up with (LRWC), First Cagayan acts sort in North Luzon. The tar- Belle Corporation, the leading on behalf of the CEZA to af- get is also tourism. We have developer of high-end resi- ford gaming operators the beautiful beaches to offer and dential and leisure properties, chance to become part of a the facilities are here, too. It to invest $1 billion in the Belle promising business environ- will be a hub for development Grande Marina Bay, an inte- ment, providing an excellent in the area.” grated entertainment project platform to penetrate the Currently, there are 45 gam- that will be built at PAGCOR’s gaming markets of the Asia- ing operators in First Cagayan’s Entertainment City Manila. Pacific region and beyond. jurisdiction, all of whom un- With this mega-project, Reynaldo P. Bantug, chair- derwent a strict screening to LRWC hopes to attract a sig- man of both First Cagayan ensure legitimacy in the busi- nificant share of the gaming and LRWC, explains: “First ness. “We only give licenses to market to the Philippines. “We Cagayan is not actually an op- legitimate operators and we’re believe the entry of our group erator of any gaming. Instead, very strict in this regard. Pro- with Belle will expand the size we provide software and in- bity checks are of the utmost of the pie. We will not be di- frastructure, as well as mak- importance. Anybody doing viding the pie of the gaming ing sure that all regulations business in the gaming sector market, but rather expanding are followed.” has to be strictly above board it,” says Mr. Bantug. Our World Insert is produced by United World. USA TODAY did not participate in its preparation and is not responsible for its content
  • 15. Distributed by USA TODAY Wednesday, June 15, 2011 THE PHILIPPINES 15Working towards a better futurePAGCOR, in charge of overseeing gaming in the Philippines, is also responsible in a large part for the country’s socio-economic developmentThe Philippine Amusement and for the government. PAGCORGaming Corporation (PAG- chairman Cristino Naguiat, Jr.COR) is more than it sounds. is exercising more prudentA 100% government-owned management and lowering op-and controlled corporation, erating expenses, saving PAG-PAGCOR was created in 1977 COR millions. “During the firstto put a stop to the growing quarter, we reduced operatingproliferation of illegal casinos. costs by Php548 million ($12.45 In 1983, PAGCOR’s new char- million), which realized hugeter gave the corporation broad- savings for PAGCOR,” he says.er responsibilities including the Because of its upbeat per-operation of Casino Filipino formance, PAGCOR increased(comprising 13 branches in ma- its remittances to its agency-jor cities nationwide) and the beneficiaries to Php3.76 billionpromotion of the Philippine (over $85 million). This wastourism industry. better by Php228 million ($5 While these goals defined million) compared to last year’sPAGCOR’s profile, a third goal contributions. The agency’sdefined a nobler mission: the valuable contributions to gov-state-run agency was also en- ernment coffers help providetrusted to raise much-needed better social services to the Fil-funds for the government’s A hefty proportion of PAGCOR’s earnings from gaming operations and other related services goes to the government to ultimately fund national development programs ipino masses.socio-civic and national devel- Thanks to PAGCOR’s man-opment efforts. goes to the National Trea- programs. Other entities that casinos for their community $190 million), up $17 million date for gaming, what is a fun Of PAGCOR’s income, 5% sury; 5% of the balance is re- get a share of PAGCOR fund- development projects. compared to the same period and entertaining activity togoes to the Bureau of Inter- mitted to the Philippine ing are the Board of Claims, For the first quarter of 2011, last year. some is a money-makingnal Revenue (BIR) as fran- Sports Commission for fi- the President’s Social Fund, PAGCOR recorded total rev- Higher earnings translate di- means with a philanthropic endchise tax, and half of the 95% nancing sports development and cities hosting PAGCOR enues of Php8.37 billion (over rectly into higher remittances to an entire nation. CHARITYEntertainment Pamaskong Handog 2010City PAGCOR hosts 12 Days of Christmas for the less fortunate While PAGCOR makes on- going contributions to society and communities, its star of such as those suffering from hydrocephalus at the Hydro- cephalus Foundation of theFrom tourism and foreign investment to job creation and MICE industries, PAGCOR’s generosity truly shines at Philippines, received mone-Entertainment City is set to stimulate economic growth Christmastime. The corpo- tary donations to help defray ration’s annual 12 Days of treatment costs.The positive financial results Christmas gift-giving project The centers and institutionsthat the Philippine Amuse- happened in the second week also benefited: orphanages re-ment and Gaming Corpora- of December. ceived beds and entertainmenttion (PAGCOR) currently Called Pamaskong Handog, systems, whereas hospitalsenjoys are set to continue ris- the project gave hope to or- were given medicines, hospi-ing, thanks to a mega-pro- phans, abandoned children, tal beds and medical equip-ject the state-run gaming the elderly, the sick, the dis- ment depending on the needsagency is currently develop- abled and other less fortunate of the intended beneficiaries.ing. sectors around Metro Manila PAGCOR’s annual gift-giving program Celebrity guests were also on Dubbed the Entertainment and the provinces. benefits many disadvantaged Filipinos hand to help provide enter-City Manila (ECM), the pro- “This is our way of sharing tainment and fun.ject is taking shape in a three- PAGCOR’s blessings to the less Gifts ranged from toys, PAGCOR selected 24 char-square-mile lot of land along privileged while highlighting clothes and candies (present- itable institutions for its 2010the reclaimed portion of the corporation’s role as a com- ed by Santa Claus “in person”) program, while the provincialManila Bay’s Boulevard area. passionate, caring institution,” for children to practical toi- branches held their own mis-Ultimately, it is set to take explains chairman and CEO letries, towels and slippers for sions the same time the gift-the tourism sector in the Cristino L. Naguiat, Jr. the elderly. Some sick children, giving was happening in Manila.Philippines to a whole newlevel, thanks to the Enter-tainment City’s wide offer- MEDICAL & DENTALing of activities for all ages. The project intends to cap-ture the imagination not on-ly of Filipinos but foreign Help is on its waytourists as well. The plan isfor national artists to be rep- PAGCOR provides free medical and dental care to thousands of peopleresented, for local cuisine tobe available, and for Enter- In line with its vision to help says Sirene Villafrea, a Duma-tainment City to stand out Filipinos in need, PAGCOR gat from the area of the Ipoin Asia for its uniqueness and brings basic social services Dam watershed. “We’re thank-its embrace of local culture. closer to the people through ful for these services given by “We need to go back to the medical and dental missions. PAGCOR. We now have someFilipino roots,” says Jeannie As Henry Reyes, assistant VP vitamins and medicines with-Javellosa, the culture expert of the community relations and in our reach.”and brand engineer assigned services department, says, “We The gaming revenues ofto handle the rebranding of PAGCOR is developing Entertainment City Manila over a 10-year period and want to be able to reach out to PAGCOR are also put to usePAGCOR and its Casino Fil- envisions a fully integrated resort with casinos, entertainment venues, shopping the poor in such a way that they in disaster relief efforts. Theipino. “We need a total Fil- and restaurants, and much much more will truly feel that PAGCOR is agency was one of the firstipino experience of what ready to help them.” agencies to provide assistancegaming and entertainment is ‘WE NEED A TOTAL ‘WE ARE IN TALKS Since July 2010, over 13,000 when super typhoon Ondoyall about. We need to make members of underprivileged ravaged thousands of families FILIPINO EXPERIENCE WITH WORLD-CLASSit not just a casino, but a to- communities and indigenous PAGCOR sends medical and dental in Metro Manila. PAGCORtal leisure and entertainment OF WHAT GAMING DESIGNERS WHO groups have received free help to the country’s depressed areas also readily extends help tocomplex where people can AND ENTERTAINMENT CAN HELP CREATE medical consultations, dental communities struck by natur-bring their families.” IS ALL ABOUT...IT’S A MODERN FILIPINO check-ups, and much needed Though many must trek for al calamities. This is right in line with NOT JUST A CASINO, BRAND AND medicines and vitamins, ser- miles to reach PAGCOR’s PAGCOR brought morethe vision that PAGCOR BUT A TOTAL LEISURE ARCHITECTURAL vices they would normally not health missions, the recipients than 500 cavans of rice (66,500chairman and CEO Cristino enjoy due to a lack of health in- find the journey worth it. pounds) to flood victims ofL. Naguiat, Jr. has for Enter- AND ENTERTAINMENT DESIGNS...WE WANT frastructure in the far-flung “There is no accessible med- Eastern Samar, Agusan del Sur,tainment City and all its Casi- COMPLEX WHERE TO HAVE OUR OWN, areas of the archipelago. ical facility in our sitio [area],” and Sorsogon in January, 2011.no Filipino branches. “We are PEOPLE CAN BRING UNIQUE CASINOin talks with world-class de- THEIR FAMILIES’ FILIPINO LOOK’signers who can help create EDUCATIONa modern Filipino brand andarchitectural designs for ourcasinos that tourists wouldreally want to see. In Macau, Entertainment City is be- ing built over a 10-year peri- od, yet the first phase of one erhouse SM Investments (the principal investment vehicle of the Sy group) which is Schoolchildren top the agendathe casinos have a Western concept – specifically, the working with the Philippines’ Working alongside the Department of Education, PAGCOR commits tolook, but we want to have our aforementioned casino – is own Belle Corporation to schoolbuilding projects and programs to feed undernourished childrenown, unique Casino Filipino already complete. Built by build a world-class gaminglook here.” a major investor in Enter- facility in a major luxury ho- Among PAGCOR’s far and funding for the production Entertainment City Mani- tainment City (formed by tel to be managed by Radis- wide reaching CSR programs, of school desks using bam-la will be a fully integrated the partnership between son. education ranks high on the boo. The project will helpentertainment and tourism Malaysia-based Star Cruises The total cost of develop- corporation’s list of priorities. spur a cottage industryresort, in which the actual and local company Travellers ing the project is expected to The agency is working among communities.casinos will only account for International), Resorts World amount to some $5 billion, a closely with the Department Apart from these majorless than 8% of the total de- Manila is located near Ter- figure that will bring with it of Education (DepED), De- projects, the state-run gam-veloped area. There will al- minal 3 of Manila’s Ninoy 80,000 direct jobs and about partment of Environment and ing firm is also workingso be entertainment options Aquino International Airport 400,000 indirect jobs. The Natural Resources (DENR), closely with the DepEd andfor children, theaters, stadi- (NAIA) and is the first Entertainment City Manila and Technical Education and the Department of Socialums, and facilities for MICE complex in the country to project, particularly its casi- Skills Development Authori- Welfare and Development(meetings, incentives, con- combine lodging brands no gaming component, will ty (TESDA) for the P-Noy (DSWD) for its Feeding Pro-ferences and exhibitions). (Marriott, Maxims and Rem- also generate a tremendous Bayanihan Project, which aims gram. The project aims to With such a wide assort- ington) together with the amount of revenue that will, to manufacture thousands of provide balanced meals forment of activities and facili- Philippines’ largest casino according to PAGCOR’s school desks out of confiscat- PAGCOR donates school desks made malnourished schoolchild-ties, PAGCOR hopes to and a four-level mall. Resorts charter, fill in government ed logs from illegal logging. out of old slot machine stands ren in daycare centers andinfluence visitors to extend World Manila also features coffers for use in carrying out PAGCOR is giving an initial public elementary schoolstheir stay. “Right now, some numerous dining establish- its numerous social devel- Php100 million ($2.3 million) The corporation also do- nationwide.foreign tourists come here to ments, concerts and acro- opment projects. funding for said project. nates to public schools hun- A total of 5,756 studentsplay for two to three days. batic shows, and a 1,500-seat Meanwhile, tourists from PAGCOR is also commit- dreds of school desks that are from 90 schools across theBut if we are able to create performing arts theatre. all over Asia and the world ted to building 1,000 new manufactured by its fabrica- country benefited from theother recreation activities for Entertainment City’s oth- will soon enjoy the Philip- classrooms in the next few tion warehouse using the casi- PAGCOR Feeding Programthe whole family, these er biggest investors to date pines’ newest and largest en- years. One or two-storey nos’ old slot machine stands. from July 2010 to March 2011.tourists will have good rea- are Japan’s Tiger Resorts tertainment venue and all of school buildings will be con- Also in the works is the About 25,000 school childrenson to stay longer in the Leisure and Entertainment its world-class facilities char- structed in areas where there E-Kawayan or Engineered have become part of the sup-Philippines,” explains the Inc., Bloomberry Resorts and acterized by the Filipino fla- is a substantial backlog in Kawayan project where plemental feeding programchairman. Hotels Inc., and local pow- vor and hospitality. classrooms. PAGCOR may provide since its inception in 2008. Our World Insert is produced by United World. USA TODAY did not participate in its preparation and is not responsible for its content