MINDat en ews speci al issueNOW           THEa primer on mining in thephilippines and mindanaoSpecial FeatureThe challenge...
MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENTT       HE CONCERN that         of Kidapawan, Marbel and        cently denied SMI-Xtrata      th...
MESSAGE FROM THE EDITORI    T IS never easy to write    who fought for clean air,        We      encourage     every    fo...
ContentsThe Island of Mindanao Photo/Chelys - eosnap.comMIND at en ews speci al issu e                                    ...
AT E N EWS                                                                   The Official Student Publication             ...
LawsPhilippineMining ActA closer look BY FLORIENNE MELENDREZ                                             The Senate of the...
vided for under the Om-         the same excise tax on          (18) years of age shall benibus Investments Code          ...
LawsSave the PalawanMovementWhat Monsod’s contentions have baredBY ARIELLE STA. ANA1     995 TOFIL Awardee          rivers...
The beauty of Palawan island Photo/sofluna.comany extractive activity that     “(7) (e) mining as God’s      ism.”will ult...
FactsThe price of miningBehind the lucrative venture lies a risk thatendangers homes and lives BY JHAR-MAE MAGALONA10 m in...
Soldiers and rescuers carry a victim recovered from the site on Jan.                         6, 2012, a day after a landsl...
5/1                                                                  Pantukan Landslide                                   ...
TIMELINE 5/2                    5/15                     Pantukan Landslide Start of retrieval     Retrieval operations   ...
FactsTampakanThe Tampakan Copper-Gold Project -                                   TAMPAKAN                                ...
Left Photo/©alvindomingcil                                        TSF                                                     ...
S P E C I A L F E AT U R ES      amantha Sotto once         gave the people a better      said in her book           life-...
MINDT H ENOW The challenges that entail the  multi-million peso industry BY KATHLEEN PASTRANA, JENNYMAE SALDAÑA, CLEMARIE ...
Photo/sierrafoothillsreport.com   Mind the now   Economically     speaking  How the mining industry    affects the marketM...
significance       as   and poverty as well. Even          other economic sectors          to the changes         though t...
Copper ore Photo/John Zander                                                                    resources.                ...
events      have    created       resources     may    result        Minding these conditions,negative impacts on other   ...
Mind the now    Health than      Wealth    Can we still say that   there are “benefits” in          mining?               ...
of Economic and Social          diseases. Liquid waste          personal protection hadAffairs last August 2007,       tha...
T                                          HE THIRD              be     undergone.      Every                             ...
mining is a big contributor        point to one main reason;        be polluted. Pipe leaksto    the     degeneration     ...
Balikatan Exercises                                                                   Photo/natoreyes.wp.com   AnalysisMin...
and               exploitative   first. In most indigenous       Lumads and 288 are non-“development”,             are   c...
is free from coercions,       threatened as agricultural      multinational companiesthreats and bribes, and       lands i...
Davao del Norte      25th IBPA       67th IBPA60th IBPA72nd IBPA                        Compostela Valley       701st IBde...
mining category. These               and     Philex     Petroleum        Lepanto Consolidatedcompanies are operating in   ...
33%    was      spent     on     Rapu-Rapu Processingrehabilitation, reforestation,     Incorporated (RRPI)and resource ma...
AT E N E W SThe Official Student Publication ofAteneo de Davao UniversityCovered Court Building, Ateneo de Davao Universit...
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Mind The Now Ate News Special Issue


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Mind The Now Ate News Special Issue

International Mining Conference Davao

Primer on Mining in The Philippine and Mindanao

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
    No to mining in Palawan AND other
    Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs)
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  • Ang yaman ng Palawan ay yaman ng Pilipinas It is known as the Philippines’ Last Ecological Frontier. It has 40% of our country’s remaining mangrove areas, 30% of our coral reefs, at least 17 Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs), 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and 8 declared Protected Areas (PAs). It is unmatched anywhere in the country
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Mind The Now Ate News Special Issue

  1. 1. MINDat en ews speci al issueNOW THEa primer on mining in thephilippines and mindanaoSpecial FeatureThe challenges that entail themulti-million peso industryThe Price of MiningBehind the lucrative venturelies a risk to homes and livesMining & Human RightsMilitarization, displacementsand threats
  2. 2. MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENTT HE CONCERN that of Kidapawan, Marbel and cently denied SMI-Xtrata the Ateneo de Davao Digos and the Catholic an Environmental Clear- University express- Educational Association of ance Certificate based ones forcefully this week the Philippines in their op- the conflict between theagainst unacceptable min- position to the SMI-Xtrata local provincial ordinanceing in Mindanao through Project. and the national Miningits International Confer- As a Jesuit University it Act of 1995, the denialence on Mining in Mind- aligns itself with the mis- must be based on moreanao on 26-27 January, sion of the Society of Jesus than a mere conflict of2012, flows from its being which includes the protec- laws. The Internationala Catholic, Jesuit and Fili- tion and preservation of Conference on Mining inpino University. the environment. Mindanao will bring local As a Catholic University it As a Filipino University it and international exper-aligns itself with the Cath- insists that, if mining is at tise to bear on substantialolic Bishops Conference of all to be allowed, the Fili- negative impacts of thethe Philippines in its oppo- pino people must have a proposed project on thesition to such large-scale greater share in the value environment and on localmining projects as the SMI- of the minerals extracted communities, includingXtrata Mining Project pro- than “zero to nil.” the felling of protectedposed for South Cotabato As a University in Mindan- rain forests, the harm tobecause of the likelihood ao, it expresses its support the fresh water supply ofof the severe environmen- for the courageous and the communities, the ir-tal degradation that it will landmark ordinance of the reparable damage to bio-bring, because of the dis- Sanggunian Panlalawigan diversity, and the mininglocation of local peoples, of South Cotabato against method that will leave anand because of the ineq- open-pit mining, and the open pit five hundred hec-uitable sharing of mining implementation of this or- tares large and 800 metersresources under current dinance by South Cotabato deep.Philippine policy. It also Governor Arthur Pingoy.supports the local dioceses While the DENR has re- Fr. Joel Tabora, S.J. President Ateneo de Davao University2 m in d t he now
  3. 3. MESSAGE FROM THE EDITORI T IS never easy to write who fought for clean air, We encourage every for truth in this coun- Adelino Ramos of Brazil Mindanaoan to assess the try. Given the context who opposed illegal log- pros and cons of mineralthat Philippines is known ging, and Eliezer “Boy” exploitation. We call eve-as one of the world’s most Billanes, a Filipino and a ryone to join the cause anddangerous places for jour- strong advocate against say YES to a greener Mind-nalists, there are a lot of mining in Mindanao. anao, and YES to a pro-things a writer must con- The numbers of slain en- people mining.sider. Among these are vironmentalists are evi- If all of us are willing tothe validity of his informa- dences of impunity; these stand united to protect thetion, reliability of sources, are proofs of how greed best interest of the manyand especially the back- can silence innocent peo- and preserve the higherground of the people and ple or even end their lives. values of our community,parties involved. A writer The objective to hor- fighting for what is rightknows that the actors who rify green advocates in and writing for truth willplay big roles in his story the country continues be easy.are the ones capable of to strike, knowing thatbringing him either to the the people’s movementbrightest or to the darkest against mining is growing I would like to express myplace of his profession. and gaining more support. profound gratitude to the With the creeping culture In line with ATENEWS’s Office of the President forof impunity in today’s gen- goal to push responsible entrusting to us this spe-eration, it is not only jour- stewardship, we offer a set cial issue. To our support-nalists or members of the of relevant and truthful ive moderator Dr. Victoriapress who are exposed to articles on mining in Mind- Tatad-Pre and to my hard-threats. As long as an indi- anao. working Atenews colleaguesvidual has a cause to fight, In this issue, our writers who made this issue possi-an advocacy to propagate, share the stories of hope ble, especially to Jake andhe is endangered to be one of the common people and Steven, thank you and keepof the victims of society’s the battles of the deprived the passion!horrors. communities to live a safe Several prominent en- and quality life. Also, thevironmentalists around interests of the miningthe world were killed in firms and the industry as athe name of environmen- whole are incorporated for Reymond Pepito Editor-in-Chieftalism. Like Thongnak us to weigh both parties’ AtenewsSawekchinda of Thailand agenda. at en ews speci al issue 3
  4. 4. ContentsThe Island of Mindanao Photo/Chelys - eosnap.comMIND at en ews speci al issu e 10NOW THE The Price of Mining Behind the lucrative venture lies a risk to homes & livesa primer on mining in thephilippines and mindanao 26 Mining & Human Rights Militarization, displacements & threats4 m in d t he now
  5. 5. AT E N EWS The Official Student Publication of Ateneo de Davao University END THE SILENCE OF THE GAGGED! Reymond Pepito editor-in-chief Karlo James David Bringas associate editor Tom Louis Herrera managing editor John Kessler Misterio associate managing editor Cyril Jerome Almanzor news editor Kathleen Anne Veloso features editor Mind the Now 16 Edward Lactaoen associate features editor Paul Randy Gumanao honorary editor Garry Camarillo Jhar-Mae Magalona Jamira Anne Martinez The challenges that entail the multi-million Almira Jane Villegas Pamela Joy Yutiamco peso industry senior writers Ursula Calipayan, Zyra Kee, Florienne Melendrez, Kathleen Pastrana, Jenny Mae Saldaña, Philippine Mining Act06 Clemarie Secuya, Arielle Sta. Ana, Maybelle Yutiamco writers Save the Palawan Movement08 Caycee Coronel, Maritoni Nanini, JM Mercado, Miguel Alejandro Tampakan14 The Tampakan Copper-Gold Project Antonio, Geneva Shaula Almeria, Farrideh Jadali Sabet, Louise Marie Loreno photojournalists Who’s who29 Looking into different mining companies Paul Anthony Crooks, Steely Dhan Caballero, Nadine Caballes, in the Philippines Bea Trizia Jimenez, Zyra Montefolca Opinion cartoonists31 Why mining should not be in my backyard Steven Adrianne Chua, Jason Occidental, Sanju Chugani, Jamela Rae Allaga layout & graphicsAbout the Cover Francis Kenneth Barrina,Featured on the cover is the Panian Coal Mine on Semirara Herc CasipleIsland. Most of the coal extracted is used to generate energy in web teamthe Philippines, and some are exported to India & China. Dr. Victoria Tatad-PrePhoto/ISS Expedition 23 - NASA.gov moderator at en ews speci al issue 5
  6. 6. LawsPhilippineMining ActA closer look BY FLORIENNE MELENDREZ The Senate of the Philippines Photo/Joe ArazasL aws are enacted to utilization and conserva- that it allows a hundred maintain order and tion of the minerals and percent foreign ownership equity in a group, a resources found within the of mining operations. Thissociety or a country usu- Philippine territory. But could have been some-ally for the benefit and ironically, this Act, which thing good consideringbetterment of the major- is supposedly enacted for its possible contributionity. But, unlike many other promoting the welfare of to the country’s profits.laws, there is one in the the nation, is looked at But, there is one sad truth:Philippines that continues negatively by some peo- Chapter XIV, Section 80to spark debates because ple due to some provisions of the said statute statesof some of its effects that contained therein that that “The total govern-are apparently negative. does otherwise. ment share in a mineral Back in 1995, the Sen- production sharing agree-ate and the House of Rep- Profit-oriented? ment shall be the exciseresentatives in Congress It can’t be denied that tax on mineral products…”promulgated Republic Act the abovementioned stat- In short, the only way theNo. 7942 otherwise known ute is crafted with hopes country could gain from itas Philippine Mining Act of of boosting the country’s is through its small share1995. This law aims to pro- economy and gaining more on taxes.mote national growth by revenue by attracting more Aside from this, Sectionsetting rules regarding the investors. The idea is rein- 90 grants the incentivesexploration, development, forced merely by the fact to the contractors as pro-6 m in d t he now
  7. 7. vided for under the Om- the same excise tax on (18) years of age shall benibus Investments Code mineral products, in ad- employed underground inof 1987. Because of this, dition to other direct and a mine.” Despite the obvi-they are allowed to benefit indirect taxes. The basis of ous and clear rules, therefrom the income tax holi- the excise tax is the selling have been reports regard-day that ranges from three price of the mineral prod- ing the issues on child la-to six years from the start uct. Hence, there is no rea- bor in mining operations.of commercial operations son for the State to approve According to 2001 Na-depending on the status of or disapprove the capital tional Statistics Office Sur-the contractor’s projects. or operating expenses of vey on Children, there arePutting in mind the fact the mining contractor,” he some 14,000 children en-that the country’s income added. Thus, the statute gaged in mining and quar-is only through taxes plus does not give the State any rying. Half of these chil-the fact that the contrac- power and regulation over dren are between 10 - 14tors are enticed through mining operations which years old, and there havethe tax holiday incentives, superficially violates 1987 been reports that therewe already have a picture constitution specifically are some child workers asof the “huge profit” the Article 12, Section 2 which young as five working inPhilippines gets. states that “The explora- quarries and mines. Apart tion, development, and from the lax implementa-No state control utilization of natural re- tion of this provision of In the case of La Bugal- sources shall be under full the law, another issue thatB’Laan Tribal Association control and supervision of reveals itself in here is theversus Ramos, Justice Car- the State.” continuous employmentpio Morales expressed his Aside from the provi- of children by the Miningopinion saying that the sion’s constitutionality be- Corporations because ofprovisions of RA 7942 on ing questioned, this also cheap labor.MPSAs (Mineral Produc- makes it apparent how The Mining Act, thoughtion Sharing Agreements) such provision indirectly with its attempt of uplift-and FTAAs (Financial paves way for the unjust ing the country’s economyor Technical Assistance exploitation of minerals in by making its provisionsAgreement) do not give the country. enticing to the investors,the State any control and apparently remains imper-supervision over the min- A violation fect for the Philippine set-ing operations. This is be- Aside from the negative ting. Instead of resulting tocause the “share” of the effects of the somewhat betterment, it only ignitedstate in a mineral produc- “flawed” provisions men- disputes due to some oftion sharing agreement as tioned above, it can’t be its provisions that led toreferred to in Section 80 denied that there are also inequity of rights. With allis limited exclusively to provisions in the said law these, is it still justifiablethe excise tax on mineral that continues to be vio- if it remains implementedproducts. lated. in spite of the defects? Is In the same manner, Mo- Section 64 of the same it right if the governmentrales also said that the law makes clear the rules will still wait for more vio-“share” of the state in an on mine labor and states lations of the law beforeFTAA under Section 81 is that “no person under six- they start to do somethingnot related to the capital or teen (16) years of age shall about it? The answer is ob-operating expenses of the be employed in any phase viousforeign contractor. “The of mining operations andState’s “share” constitutes no person under eighteen at en ews speci al issue 7
  8. 8. LawsSave the PalawanMovementWhat Monsod’s contentions have baredBY ARIELLE STA. ANA1 995 TOFIL Awardee rivers and shorelines.” use of their advantage over for Government Ser- The word ‘mining’ might the underprivileged and vice, Atty. Christian S. have a luminous gleam weakly represented.Monsod, has been one of to it, because we expect “(4) In any case, therethe strong advocates of the gems, jewelry, and even should be a moratorium onNo To Mining In Palawan technology to accessorize mining in these areas untilMovement. Last Novem- and emphasize our “beau- the government (DENR/ber 22, 2011, he presented ty” and “comfort”. Behind MGB) has put in place thearguments that stirred the glistening outputs of safeguards which the Phil-those in the pro-mining mining though, are devas- ippine Development Planand anti-mining side, even tating outcomes that have (Chapter 10) admits are notthose far in between. been at the grave cost of yet in place.” “(1) Mining is one of the those who have more rights “(6) The mining industrymost contentious activi- to it that any one else- the is pressing for approval ofties in our country because indigenous peoples. These mining applications andmost of the minerals are people are either usually operations, warning thatlocated in the rural and unaware of the suppos- investments might dryin the mountainous areas edly dominating rights up and the internationalwhere the poorest of the they have to their home, community is becomingpoor are located – farmers or are made to believe the alarmed at the instabilityand indigenous peoples favorable agreements they of the rules and delays in– and in smaller islands would get into. Royalty government approvals.”where, in addition, the fee promises have never The Strategic Environ-livelihood of fisherfolk are been honored, mainly be- mental Plan (SEP Law)also endangered by mining cause mining companies supposedly protects thetailings spilling into the such as CitiNickel make land and the people from8 m in d t he now
  9. 9. The beauty of Palawan island Photo/sofluna.comany extractive activity that “(7) (e) mining as God’s ism.”will ultimately cause de- bounty to serve human- Minerals were situatedstruction. It seems though, ity – COMMENT: Minerals underground because theythat this law has not been can serve other purposes have purposes which, evenserving any purpose at than being dug up and ex- science, cannot counter.all, for mining giants have ported. Science says that The extraction of theseproceeded with the op- they are needed to anchor eliminates the anchoringerations even without a forests (especially in island function it has for the for-legitimate consensus on ecosystems). Since we are ests, and consequently,the matter. The owners of the number one disaster health-hazardous gasesthe land have full entitle- area from typhoons, the such as carbon monoxidements to reject or accept value of mineral rocks to are released. The value ofactivities to be done in our forests and biodiver- the minerals to the ecosys-their homelands, as justi- sity is just as high. As for tem is much higher thanfied by the Free Prior and the argument that miner- the cost of the mineralsInformed Consent (FPIC) als are the raw materials processed into the modernrequirement. The Pala- for modern conveniences, conveniences we avail ofwan Council for Sustain- the point is that, in cases today. The well-to-do haveable Development (PCSD) where mining is allowed, to take their part in givingeven has a questionable the minerals should be back, though the price toposition on the CitiNickel priced at full cost, includ- pay will never equal whatoperations. Sadly, as it ing environmental and so- has been lost to nature andturns out, these bodies cial costs. Otherwise, our endured by the dwellersand guidelines are just for poor, who bear these costs who cannot even dreamformalities. Will they ever are effectively subsidizing of touching the treasuresserve their purpose? the rich in their consumer- they also deserve. at en ews speci al issue 9
  10. 10. FactsThe price of miningBehind the lucrative venture lies a risk thatendangers homes and lives BY JHAR-MAE MAGALONA10 m in d t he now
  11. 11. Soldiers and rescuers carry a victim recovered from the site on Jan. 6, 2012, a day after a landslide occurred at the small-scale mining community of Pantukan, Compostela Valley in Southern Philippines. Photo/inquirer.net APL ooking for mineral mining has also caused The promise of wealth that deposits through a lot of damage to the the mines carry causes the mining is a gamble. environment. Some of people to disregard theHowever, in this these include various possibility of unpleasantundertaking, it is not only sea spills that marred the circumstances happening.money, time and labor coral reefs and sea life in Their desire to have awhich is at stake, it also general, deforestation in better life overpowers theinvolves life. There are these mining sites making fear they have. It is alsocountless tragedies that wide areas bare, and even this desire that has causedcan happen in a mining site. exposure of different innumerable miningThis is because mining is a animal lives to poisonous incidents in the country.highly dangerous activity chemicals.that can lead to numerous Yet, despite the danger Pantukan Incidentdisasters, including minor that mining creates, Mining can either beto severe injuries or even this does not seem to be small-scale or large-scale.deaths. enough to scare people Small-scale mining are Aside from that, away from the industry. those that are usually at en ews speci al issue 11
  12. 12. 5/1 Pantukan Landslide 25 killed 16 injured PANTUKAN Compostela Valleyconducted by small groups Compostella Valley. Ramos stresses out thatwho identify probable sites The landslide that the victims also have theirwherein mineral deposits happened last January 5 share of culpability. Theremight be abundant. On in Pantukan was the effect was an approved ‘Nothe other hand, large-scale of the small-scale miners’ Habitation Policy” that wasmining are those that are unregulated tunneling agreed on June of last year.conducted by large mining plus the frequent rains The miners didn’t observecompanies. But before that had happened weeks this and in return theythey could start their prior to the incident. have this consequenceoperations, they to live with. Part of themust first provide blame also goes to thethe necessary local officials who failed tofeasibility studies enforce the ban. Even afterto be approved the numerous landslidesby the Mines that had happened withinand Geosciences the vicinity -one happenedBureau (MGB). It last April, killing 14 peopleis often believed and another in the yearthat these 2009 which resulted to 26large mining deaths- they do not appearcompanies are to have learned anything.the only ones According to someresponsible for Photo/Philippine Army survivors, they were luckythe many lives enough to have heardthat have been lost in These factors made the the warning shots. Theymining incidents; but soil unstable, triggering believe that the rest ofit isn’t always the case. the landslide that buried those who were not able toOf the many mining- 62 houses and killed over escape may have chosen torelated disasters that had 36 people. Although the ignore these warning shotshappened, a significant landslide was classified or might not have heardportion of it was caused as generally rain-induced, them for they were in deepby the small-scale miners. the factor that the slumber. However, it is sadJust recently, a mining mining has intensified that despite everythingcatastrophe caused the predicament cannot that has happened, thereby small-scale mining be denied. Disaster are still a great number oftook place at Pantukan, Reduction Chief Benito miners who will choose to12 m in d t he now
  13. 13. TIMELINE 5/2 5/15 Pantukan Landslide Start of retrieval Retrieval operations The Pantukan Mining Landslide that operations halted happened last January 5 buried 62 62 homes houses, took the lives of 36 people, and left another 36 more missing. What buried could have caused this incident? 36 killedgo back to the mining site. tons of low grade nickel relation to this defense.They say that they have which was supposed to The first one is that thebeen relying on mining for be transported to China. shipping is part of thea very long time now and Although RTNMC initially mining process. Secondly,it would be hard for them claimed that the damage it happened within theto look for another source done should not be that Palawan territory andof income. They are fearful great for there are no lastly, they didn’t disclosefor their lives, but they corals in the area where it the incident.would rather live in fear spilled, it isn’t supported We are lucky to live in athan die of hunger. by evidences for no country that is wealthy immediate assessment in mineral deposits.Mining Incidents in was conducted to identify However, this fact is alsoPalawan the impact of the incident. responsible for creating Large-scale mining Another accident of the the dilemma on whethercompanies have always same nature happened it is better to mine or not.argued that mining to the Citinickel Mining Mining has been the reasonwon’t be as harmful as Corporation’s vessel. It for the many lives lostit was before. They say destroyed approximately and resources damaged.that the mining laws 1000 square meters of coral Nonetheless, we cannotand the technological reef area. However, the deny the reality that it hasadvancements that exist company did not disclose also been beneficial forare sufficient to guarantee the incident to the local some of us individually,that there is responsible authorities. It was only and for the economy ofmining. But is there really after a concerned citizen our country. In the end itsuch a thing? tapped the Philippine will all boil down to the Just last year, there Coast Guards that the consequences that you canhave already been two incident was raised to the live with. Are the richesmining-related accidents concerned agencies. Even enough to compensate forin Palawan. The first one so, the MGB says that the every life lost? Is mininghappened last March company cannot be liable worth the price we have towhen a barge of Rio Tuba for the incident that has suffer for it?Nickel Mining Corporation happened because theiroverturned due to terrible accountability ended whenweather just about 3 to 4 they loaded the mineralskilometers from the pier. to the ships. There haveIt carried 188 wet metric been arguments raised in at en ews speci al issue 13
  14. 14. FactsTampakanThe Tampakan Copper-Gold Project - TAMPAKAN South CotabatoA closer look BY PAMELA YUTIAMCOT HE PHILIPPINES copper, forest products Award (2010, 2009 and has a lot to give. With and fiber, woodcrafts 2006); Best Mining its diverse culture bamboo and rattan. Seeing Forest Program Award –and rich natural resources, the potential market of Exploration (2010), withthe rest of the world is no gold and copper, a wide special awards (2009 anddoubt drawn upon the area of Tampakan is now 2008); Safest Mine AwardPearl of the Orient Seas. In utilized by Sagittarius –Exploration (2010);the eyes of a commoner, Mines Inc. (SMI). Award of Distinction,culture and especially Sagittarius Mines Inc. is a Safety Organization of thenatural resources should Filipino company which is Philippines, Inc. (2010);be preserved. However, to part of a global diversified Anvil Award of Excellencea profit-maker it means a mining group, Xstrata –Communication Toolslot of opportunities. Two Copper. Xstrata Copper (2010); Top Taxpayerviews now stand at the holds the 4th largest global (Withholding Tax), Regionopposites of a pole. Which copper producer and is XII (2010, 2009 andone weighs the heaviest? providing the technical 2008) and Outstanding Mining in the Philippines and managerial resources Stakeholder, Departmentis one of the most for the development of of Education, Region XIIcontroversial issues in the the mining project in (2009).country. Although a law Tampakan.has already been enacted, According to SMI, the Why not mining?there are still an increasing project could enable a The Tampakan projectnumber of people who better future for the host carries with it a lot ofdisagree. communities, the people opportunities. Most of it Among all the mining of southern Mindanao and are about the economiccompanies established would make a significant growth of the country:in the Philippines, let’s contribution to the Significant “multiplier”zoom in to the one located Philippines as a whole. In effect –an additional annualin Tampakan. Tampakan fact, in order to gain the average contribution of 1%is one of the 11 local confidence of the people, GDP over the 20 year lifegovernment units in South SMI showed that it has a of the Project; Total taxCotabato. It is a major responsible track record: and royalty revenues toproducer of corn, banana, Presidential Mineral the Philippines estimatedpineapple, gold and Industry Environment to be PhP346 billion;14 m in d t he now
  15. 15. Left Photo/©alvindomingcil TSF Quarry Tailings Storage Facility Waste Stocks Concentrator Storage Facility YO R VE Fresh CON Water CK Employee E RO Dam Open Pit ST Village YO R WA VE ON EC OR Tampakan Copper-Gold Mine Project Site Graphics/Jamela Allaga Source/SMI SCALE 1.50 kmAnnual contribution of criticisms and negative dumped. Wicks said thatan additional 10.4% GDP feedbacks from the locals. the environmental impactfor Region XI and Region The project seems to have study and assessment ofXII; Opportunities for a lot of drawbacks. SMI failed to explain whyup to 10,000 workers the toxic waste rock couldduring construction and Why, of all means, mining? not be stored in the mine2,000 during operations; What SMI sees as an pit itself instead of beingEngagement of local opportunity seems to placed in a dumpsite,and national contractors be the opposite for the which would increaseand service providers. people in Tampakan, and the risks of cancer toIn addition to that, SMI South Cotabato as a whole. surrounding communitiesshows its commitment to Based on Clive Wicks, and that the mine willsustainable development: who co-wrote with Dr. seriously undermine theSustainable Development Robert Goodland a book government’s plans fordescribes our commitment published in 2009 titled water supply, agriculture,to balance economic, “Philippines: Mining or irrigation and forestry.environmental and social Food?,” Central Mindanao With the pros andconsiderations and ensure would have 20 percent cons laid down, whichthe long-term viability less water in 20 years and alternative now looks moreof our business and the this might worsen due promising? Going throughcommunities in which to the destruction of the with mining can boost upwe operate; SMI invests watershed in the mining the economy maybe tofor the long-term in area. SMI plans to clear the point wherein we willthe Tampakan Project, 3,935 hectares of forest, no longer be a third worldwhich provides a basis including identified old country. Not going throughfor social and economic growth rainforest for with it will preserve what’sdevelopment in the region; the construction of an left with our environment.and SMI aims to invest in 800-meter deep and Which one? Make a stand.skills, education, health, 500-hectare wide open-pit.social and enterprise It has a 300-meter high and Sources (http://www.pg.com/fr_development. 500-hectare wide waste FR/downloads/annual_reports/ PG_2010_AnnualReport.pdf), However, no matter rock storage where an Inquirer Newshow good the numbers estimated 1.6 billion tonslook, SMI faced a lot of of toxic waste rock will be at en ews speci al issue 15
  16. 16. S P E C I A L F E AT U R ES amantha Sotto once gave the people a better said in her book life- a faster, easier and Before Ever After, more convenient way to do“Life is a trade - a barter of things. Today, most of the appearschoices and consequences. things happen in an instant. that somethingNothing you have is It is possible because is trying to get backwithout a price paid by mining has provided the what the people owe. It isyourself or someone else. people with more than true that mining gives theSome days you will get their needs. Everyone people a lot but the moremore than what you paid has made the most out they receive, the biggerfor and on others you will of the products given by the challenge is for thepay more than what you the said activity, directly choices made entail one’sshould.” In a way, mining or indirectly. However, it responsibility.16 m in d t he now
  17. 17. MINDT H ENOW The challenges that entail the multi-million peso industry BY KATHLEEN PASTRANA, JENNYMAE SALDAÑA, CLEMARIE SECUYA & ALMIRA JANE VILLEGAS at en ews speci al issue 17
  18. 18. Photo/sierrafoothillsreport.com Mind the now Economically speaking How the mining industry affects the marketM INERALS PLAY in areas rich in these indirect employment a major role in resources. opportunities for the pursuit of The Philippines, endowed labourers in the localgreat innovations. Today’s with the bounties of area. Since mininggeneration is proof that nature, is known to be projects are supposedeveryone benefits from home to reserves such to help the locality forit, whether consciously as chromium, coal, its social developmentor unconsciously. Copper copper, gold, nickel and function, investing onand aluminium are needed other minerals. With infrastructures, roads andto carry electricity to our an estimate of 5 million other social amenitieshomes and offices. It takes hectares of mineralized surrounding the miningproducts manufactured lands, the country is sites are sort of afrom minerals to keep said to have a staggering requirement for miningiPods, Mp3 players, and $840 billion worth of firms. Other than that,cell phones running. mineral wealth. Ideally, the taxes collected fromAs standards of living the mining industry mining are claimed to berise globally, so does could have brought of significant value to thethe demand for mineral significant contribution total revenues collected byresources, compromising to the Philippines the government.the environment especially in its economic However, contrary towith the depletion of development. Looking in all the supposed benefitsmineral deposits and the positive aspect, mining coming from these miningthe exhaustion of mines could generate direct and activities, there is little18 m in d t he now
  19. 19. significance as and poverty as well. Even other economic sectors to the changes though the Philippines such as agriculture, it has brought exports minerals, fisheries and tourism, it to the macro- processing of these makes no considerable economy. For one, deposits do not happen benefits to the local it has relatively low domestically most of the economy as a whole. labor-output ratios. time. That’s why mining- Although the revenues Since the labor generated employment collected from the compensation has reached only an mining firms form part from this sector average of 177,000 as of the national budget, only amounts of 2009 and less from it should be stressed out to 13.3% against the previous years. The that the government 20.7%, it can only contribution these mining can only collect 2% of give an average activities have made to the excise taxes from these labor absorption economic growth of the firms’ total output.index of 0.64. In other country has reached only Thus, the governmentwords, the employment an average of 1.44% since revenues coming fromopportunities created out 1975. mining activities are notfrom mining activities are Since mining activities significant compared tonot enough to alleviate the desecrate and deplete the income generated byproblem in unemployment natural resources affecting the investors out of ourUP CLOSEFood vs. MiningTHE EARTH has been gifted the safety of the futurewith enough resources to generations has been setfeed its inhabitants. People aside. The desire to improveare sometimes under the the present overshadows theimpression that they will idea that the future’s needsnever run out of these are valuable, too.resources, so they take their The Philippines, as a tropicalabundance for granted. country, has lands suitableCircumstances define our for growing and harvestingneeds, and sometimes to be different crops. It also hasable to meet those needs, numerous fishing areaspeople find ways to acquire that provide a wide rangethem. These ways, no matter of fish species and marinehow great they seem to be resources. Tampakan,in people’s minds, are not a municipality found in Farmers incorporate rice straw back in the field Photo/Isaganientirely contributing to the the province of Southern P. Serrano IRRIimprovement of the earth’s Cotabato, is a good examplelife. The need for food should of a place gifted with of Mindanao because it isalways be met with support resources like fiber, corn, one of the major suppliers offor the life of both animals pineapple, rubber, coffee, food all over the Philippines.and people. However, rice, bananas, and a lot more. It contains vast agriculturalthrough the constant use and South Cotabato has been areas and numerous riversabuse of modern technology, labelled as the Food Basket that enable them to grow at en ews speci al issue 19
  20. 20. Copper ore Photo/John Zander resources. Since the 2004 nullification of some provisions of the Mining Act of 1995, foreign investors started participating in mining projects in the country. As a result, foreign direct investments increased and the inflows of foreign currency are continually growing making the Philippine peso stronger in the markets. But these Hard rock open-pit mine Photo/mining-law-reform.infocrops and at the same time located around 65 kilometers gold poses a threat to them.provide a stable water supply north of General Santos City Aside from jeopardizingfor drinking and irrigation to mine copper and gold. the health and safety ofpurposes. The condition of SMI claims that pursuing the people living in thethe soil that surrounds the this project will greatly villages near the mining site,place is also appropriate contribute to the progress of agricultural lands are alsofor raising animals such as the country’s economy. threatened. The food thatducks, chickens, pigs, and Despite the function of they take is in danger of beingcattle. People dwelling in this copper in the production exposed to these toxins. Theplace are fortunate enough of things like gadgets and crops produced will lose theirto have easy access to these household appliances, some health value, and over time, itresources. people like Church leaders may even stop its production However, upon finding out and local officials combat the because the environmentthat Tampakan also contains idea of the Tampakan Copper will no longer be fitting forone of the biggest copper Project. A great number of growing them. If this weredeposits in the Southeast people will suffer if this will to happen, the people willAsia-Western Pacific region, be pursued because the lose their means of livelihoodmining companies such methods used in mining which has not only servedas the Sagittarius Mines involve the use of toxins. them, but also most of theInc. (SMI) developed the Even the option to consider people in the Philippines.Tampakan Copper Project the use of cyanide to extract These toxins will result to20 m in d t he now
  21. 21. events have created resources may result Minding these conditions,negative impacts on other negatively in the future. If the government shouldlocal resource sectors for mining will be extensively consider the creation ofthey decrease the price practiced, then the activities that promotecompetitiveness of goods. opportunity costs would the development ofWhat’s worse is that when increase as well because local industries insteadour local currency rises in mining activities hinder of mainly focusing onvalue, there is a tendency the public from using resource-exhaustingthat other nations won’t resources that should have projects that do not onlybe able to afford our been used in agricultural create irreparable damageexported goods. Thus, a or manufacturing to the environment butdecrease in the export of purposes. Though the negative social impacts asmanufactured goods and increase in the number well. Since we are still aincrease in the import of of foreign investments developing country, it willproducts happen. coming from mining not help the economy if With the extent of the can be considered as a the limited resources wemining activities in the comparative advantage in have left will be wastedcountry, the comparative favour of the Philippines, with the false assumptionadvantages the Philippines social setbacks can still be that the Philippines ismight get out of it seem a deterring factor. growing economically.fewer than the opportunity Since minerals are non- Instead of exploitingcosts incurred. Though renewable resources, the country’s naturalit is true that the country the main problem that resources, establishinghas a great potential for the government is facing firm laws and policieseconomic growth with – aside from ensuring would be the first step tomineral deposits on hand, responsible practices in attain the rapid growth wethe exploitation of these mining – is sustainability. desire for the Philippines.air and water pollution—the mining can also put the food mining activities to the foodcause of the deterioration of security of the whole region industry outweigh the goodthe quality of different water at risk. An example of this is it does to the economy ofresources such as fish, which the fruit plantations found in the country. Indeed, miningis considered a staple food. Tampakan. These plantations comes with consequencesIn a town in Sultan Kudarat will be affected, resulting to a that are difficult to battle. If wecalled Lutayan, for instance, decrease in the production of allow ourselves to surrenderpeople depend on the fish- fruits. There is no guarantee to the consequences, wepen industry found in Lake that the once fertile lands would find it hard to undoBuluan. Geologists found out will not lose its ability to be what has already beenthat the mine dumps, residue, productive. People will have done. The effects are long-or the left-over materials no choice but to eat food lasting, and it is up to ourof the mining activity will that might have lost most of efforts to prevent them fromdrain into Lake Buluan. If its nutritional value. This will happening.this happens, the water will not help in the progress ofbecome polluted and it will the food industry, especiallybe harmful for the people to in a place where most ofeat the fish and other marine the residents depend onresources coming from it. agriculture as their main Aside from the destruction source of living.of river systems, the impact of The harmful effects of Photo/blah2blah.blogspot.com
  22. 22. Mind the now Health than Wealth Can we still say that there are “benefits” in mining? An open-pit mining facility Photo/Stapanov AlexanderM INING DOES not to gangrene in the hands other toxic material. only affect one’s and fingers. It can also Fumes are emitted by the economy, but it cause digestive problems chemicals being used oralso affects one’s health. due to the constant shaking by the machines that areAccording to the Institute of internal organs, heart employed during miningof Occupational Health problems and disruption operations. This, coupledand Safety Development of the nervous system. with poor ventilation may(IOSHAD), it is due to the Repetitive Stress trigger accidents and maynature of mining that Injury (RSI) is caused result in the death of theminers are constantly by overloading of a workers.exposed to intense heat particular muscle Hearing impairmentdue to poor ventilation. group from recurring and/or disruption ofMiners usually have fluid use or maintenance of body functions like bloodand salt deficiencies due constrained posture. circulation and hormoneto constant sweating, Miners who suffer from imbalance are caused byincreased stress on the this usually complain noise or irritating andheart, heat stroke, and from weakness of affected hazardous sounds, whichreduced fertility due to muscles, heaviness, “pins are inevitable with mininghigh temperature. and needles” sensation, operations. Inaudibility Poor ventilation causes and numbness. and hearing loss maythe brain to malfunction Mines also expose become immutable. Otherand may lead to death workers to different non-auditory effects areespecially in underground types of airborne increased blood pressureoperations. Vibrations can particulates. These make and peptic ulcer due tocause permanent bone the workers vulnerable increased gastrointestinaldamage and vibration to systemic toxic effects motility.syndrome, also known due to the absorption According to a studyas the “dead finger” of lead, manganese, conducted by the Unitedsyndrome, which can lead cadmium, zinc, and Nations: Department22 m in d t he now
  23. 23. of Economic and Social diseases. Liquid waste personal protection hadAffairs last August 2007, that is generated after been used. One examplemining also causes water the metals or minerals of skin illness broughtpollution. This is due to have been extracted is by mining is dermatitis.the toxic mine tailings that disposed of in a mining Dermatitis is a skinare usually impounded pit. When the pit gets filled inflammation usuallyin tailing dams. When up by mine tailings, they caused by allergic reactionthe pressure in the tailing become a stagnant pool of to specific allergens.dams builds up, especially water. This pool of water, Chemicals, allergens induring times of heavy if not treated properly, dermatitis, associatedrainfall, mining companies might cause water-borne with mining are factors ofdrain their tailing dams of diseases. This might also dermatitis.waters, or worst, face the be the breeding ground of Aside from the miners,risk of having it burst or deadly mosquitoes, which people in the nearbycollapse. In either case, cause diseases like dengue communities are alsothe tailings will have to or malaria, endangering greatly affected. Peoplefind their way out thus not just the lives of miners living near mining areaspolluting the water, river, but also other people in may get a disease calledand adjacent lands. the community. Silicosis, which is a form of This happened in Mining also triggers the occupational lung diseaseMankayan, where the Abra spread of skin diseases. that is caused by inhalationRiver before the mine was After all, most chemicals of crystalline silica dust.deep and narrow prior associated with it are skin It is certainly true thatto mining operations. It hazards. According to a mining causes somewas five meters wide and study entitled Selected health-endangeringabundant with fish and Health Issues in Mining effects basing from thesurrounded by verdant conducted by R. Larry aforementioned facts.rice paddies. Now, there Grayson and Douglas Mining therefore isis a wide abyss of barren F. Scott, there are more beneficial if we closeland on either side of the than 350 skin illnesses our eyes from the gravepolluted river. Fruit trees associated with poison destruction it carries withand animals have died oak/poison ivy and dust it.from the poisoned water. which are said to be the Mining does not only major contributors to skincause water pollution but disorders. It may havealso brings water-borne been prevented if properUP CLOSEMining Facts BY URSULA CALIPAYAN Boac Rivegr -adb.orIN THE infamous Marcopper disaster Photo/forum of 1996, on Marinduque Island, a mine tailings spill more than four million metric MANY HUMAN rights and environmental tons of waste that caused widespread activists who were against mining were flooding and damage to farm lands and victims of extra-judicial killings. property. Villages were evacuated and MINING OPERATIONS invariably evicted an estimated 20,000 people along the indigenous peoples from mining sites and Boac River were affected. The river was poses an imminent danger to indigenous subsequently declared biologically dead. culture. at en ews speci al issue 23
  24. 24. T HE THIRD be undergone. Every Law of action made by mining M o t i o n companies is carefully states that for studied and evaluated. every action, Companies are obliged to t h e r e ’ s secure an Environmental always an Compliance Certificate Environment equal and (ECC), which confirms at stake opposite that a mining company How mining affects reaction. had fulfilled the given the environment In mining, requirements of the the more Environmental Impact minerals are Assessment (EIA). ECC is drawn out, the a prerequisite set by the greater the impact government for projects to the environment and that are environmentally the society. One question critical or near critical must be figured out, what area. The purpose of these happens next after the agreements is to mitigate exploitation? future unwanted effects Before a mining of mining. Given those project starts, certain protocols, it is unfortunate requirements must that the environment still be complied first and suffers. certain processes must Directly speaking,UP CLOSE rich in all kinds of minerals.Socially not-so-good For hundreds of years, they spent their lives protecting and preserving their heritageTHE GOVERNMENT will made possible. They get to is very important for a tribe.most likely make a profit out sponsor different events, Most of them were bornof mining. It somehow boosts which people are glad to and laid to rest in their land.the economy of the country. have. Aside from that, the placesMinerals found become However, at some point what being grabbed by miningdeterminants of how rich consequently happens to companies are a source ofa country is in its natural the environment will have livelihood for the Indigenousresources. For some, mining an effect on the people. People. They cannot fightgives them food, shelter Even worse, culture is also against it when their right toand clothing for it is their deeply affected. Indigenous ancestral domain has beenway of surviving financially. People are preserving their taken away from them. TheEven though some miners ancestors’ legacy. Places land taken away from themhave already met accidents, sacred for IP’s are being was their life.they would still work back transformed into mining Mining is somewhat anbecause it is their only way pits leaving them no choice eye-opener to the people. Itof supporting their families. but to let go of what it used would be pretty surprisingThrough mining projects, to be. There is no doubt if people were not affecteddifferent activities are also that the IPs home place is by it. The people may24 m in d t he now
  25. 25. mining is a big contributor point to one main reason; be polluted. Pipe leaksto the degeneration mining. The pulling out make toxins penetrateof the environment. of stones and minerals the soil. If that happens,Deforestation is the first involve several use of it will affect the chemicalstep towards mining. machines and certain composition of the soilTrees and some other chemicals. Because of making it unsuitableplants are being cleared to this, wastes are inevitable. for planting. Miningmake way for the miners The wastes produced, if obliterates the beautyto dig up minerals. What not disposed of properly, of the environment.used to be vegetation and will greatly affect the land Mining leads to massivemountainous portions of and water property of the exploitation of resources.land are now flat plains. environment, thus making They say that small-scaleResidential areas are also it polluted. The chemical mining is more harmfulaffected; decreasing in wastes, through pipes, than large-scale but thesize. The conversion is are discharged to nearby issue is not that what isextreme. The destruction rivers, lakes and other more hazardous or not;of the forests may lead bodies of water. Having it is that it contributesto a big impact since the dams to serve as the catch to the damage of theregion affected by mining basin may also be risky. environment.will most likely become a Everyone should bedisaster-prone area. It is aware that the wastes areunsurprising nowadays toxic. It won’t be surprisingthat many accidents or to see dead aquatic Left Mt. Matutum,tragedies occur. If it is creatures floating; after all, South Cotabato Photo/traced back, it will all their habitat will probably letters2mindanao.wp.comparticipate in meetings, or views regarding certain effects of mining are all-see the assessments and matters. encompassing, reaching aattend workshops that are Mining causes a great shift, point that it affects everyonegiven. Mining companies a big adjustment to all that in one way or another.do have corporate social has life. Whether we like it Compared to the limitedresponsibilities to take. or not, it somehow destroys resources available, peopleBenefactors are mostly the balance among living have unlimited wants andpeople living near the sites. organisms. Biodiversity is needs that can only beMining companies give at stake. All that lives has satisfied through thesescholarships, livelihood to fight for survival. Mining resources that are in dangertrainings and other projects creates a domino effect. of depletion if not well takenthat are beneficial to the What happens to a certain care of. Human beings arepeople. Certain mining aspect affects the other. The created to guard and protectgroups do give back but the approach of mining to the the world but it is ironic thatreal concern is; would it last people may be good, but we are the ones destroyingor just cover the present how would people act on the it. The sad truth is that nosituation? impacts associated with it? matter what the effects of Other social impacts might Who’s going to be blamed? mining are, people can stillinclude the change in the After all, for every action, do almost nothing aboutbehaviour of people living there’s always an equal and it, since they are still thenear a mining site. It could opposite reaction. beneficiaries of the productsalso be the change of lifestyle At the end of the day, the coming from it. at en ews speci al issue 25
  26. 26. Balikatan Exercises Photo/natoreyes.wp.com AnalysisMining & HumanRightsMilitarization, displacements & threatsBY PAUL RANDY GUMANAOS HE IS a nun. But Sister Stella Matutina, equipment in Claver, because she stays OSB, Mr. Eliezer “Boy” Surigao del Sur in October in the communities Billanes, and Dr. Gerry last year, the investmentmore often than she is in Ortega are just few among defense force (IDF) hasher convent, the military the hundreds of leaders already been in existence.detained her for eight who were repressed In a government pressstraight hours in a barracks because of their advocacy release dated Februaryon February 16, 2009 against destructive 8, 2008, former Pres.on the allegations that, policies. They are not Gloria Arroyo “instructedinstead of just praying against development, the Armed Forces of thein her convent, she is but they are against Philippines (AFP) to createorganizing folks to become development aggressions an Investment Defenserebels. that cause ecological Force (IDF) to protect vital He was an environmental damage and a chain of infrastructure and projectsactivist. But because human rights violations. from terrorists, includinghe was a vocal critic of If a nun, an activist, and a the New People’s Armythe Xstrata-SMI mining doctor were not exempted and other rebel groupsoperations in Mindanao, from repression, what who stand in the way ofhe was tagged as “anti- awaits the ordinary people development particularlydevelopment” and, while in the community who in the rural areas.”buying a newspaper one cannot even defend their “The function of theafternoon, was shot dead rights? Investment Defenseon March 9, 2009. Force,” according to the He was a veterinarian. But Lumads say militarization press release, “is for thebecause, instead of treating is number one military to give a protectiveanimals, he was more Even before Pres. Benigno shield to power assets,passionate in broadcasting Aquino III ordered for a other infrastructures andthe environmental strengthened military and minerals developmentdestruction caused by paramilitary deployment projects.” Presidentlarge-scale foreign mining in mining areas after Aquino continues andoperations and called for members of the New strengthens the IDF.a mining moratorium in People’s Army burned the The indigenous peoplesPalawan, he was shot dead three-billion peso worth or the Lumads, who standon January 24, 2011. of large-scale mining in the way of destructive26 m in d t he now
  27. 27. and exploitative first. In most indigenous Lumads and 288 are non-“development”, are communities where Lumads. The company,the forefront victims of mining concessions are according to theirhuman rights violations, rampant, many Lumads Environmental Impactparticularly the right to life are being organized into Statement in April 2011,and security. paramilitary elements has promised to pay the In a 10-day mission in who are allegedly ordered residents to relocate themCordillera this month to be on duty for 24 hours without any complaints. Itdubbed as the Beaconsfield without pay to become even pledged to shoulderInitiative of the United pawns in fighting against the dowries of would-beChurch of Christ in Canada, the so-called “enemies of grooms from the Lumadthe mission participants development”. communities so as toencountered two citizens One of these paramilitary hasten the process ofbelonging to indigenous groups organized by the eviction. This scheme ispeople’s communities military was the Alamara- not just unique to Xstrata-who were arrested without Bagani Force, which, SMI but a seeminglycharges by the soldiers according to the late Father standard operatingfrom the 50th Infantry Fausto “Pops” Tentorio, procedure among allBatallion of the Philippine PIME, was responsible for mining concessions.Army. Mssrs. Edward his near-death experience Towns and cities will“Kiwet” Galao, 30, a in 2003. Alamara-Bagani be the new homes of thefarmer from Concepcion, Force wanted to kill Fr. Lumads. Here, they will beCervantes, Ilocos Sur, Pops for being a staunch forced to eke out a livingand Hilario Bantew, 42, opponent of destructive and become the poorest ofa resident of Mankayan, projects in Arakan Valley, the poor. Worse, they willBenguet, were detained North Cotabato. end up becoming beggarssince September last year Overall, the fate of the and slum dwellers laughedand the Beaconsfield Lumads in a militarized at and abused by many.Initiative finds it illegal community is either For the indigenousand morally wrong. getting recruited to the peoples, “Our land is our Illegal arrest and paramilitary, or getting life. Take it away from us,detention of members of harassed for not being and we will die.” Not onlythe local communities “supportive” to the the physical body of ourwho resist the operations military’s efforts to pave Lumads will perish, butof large-scale and the way for the entry of their rich cultural heritage,export-oriented mining large-scale mining and too, when their ancestralare widespread in the even logging concessions. domains are mined. ThePhilippines, especially Lumads themselves arein Mindanao. According Away from home: eviction treasures that are moreto Dulphing Ogan, from the ancestral land valuable than any coppersecretary-general of and transgression of the or gold. The IndigenousKusog sa Katawhang right to self-determination People’s Rights Act (IPRA)Lumad (KALUMARAN), In Kiblawan, Davao del provides that no mininga Mindanao-wide Sur and Tampakan, South operation is allowedorganization of Lumads, Cotabato alone, where in ancestral domainsif they were to rate the Xstrata-SMI operates, without the free, prior anddifferent forms of human 870 families have been informed consent of therights violations against targeted for eviction from Lumads. The question,indigenous peoples, they their communities. Of however, is whether thewould mark militarization these, 582 families are consent of the Lumads at en ews speci al issue 27
  28. 28. is free from coercions, threatened as agricultural multinational companiesthreats and bribes, and lands in the region face for them to fully-exploitwell-informed prior to the wide-scale pollution and the people’s patrimony.mining operations. destruction. The absence Most critics of the RA According to anti-mining of genuine land reform 7942 say that some ofadvocates, the efforts of and the lessening land- the provisions of the actthe mining companies to productivity caused are clear impositions ofoffer free education to by pollution, force the the General AgreementLumad children is a trash already-burdened farmers on Tariffs and Trade-when they no longer have to leave their farms, some World Trade Organizationa community to go back would become small-scale (GATT-WTO). Along withto, when they no longer miners. the plans to liberalize,have the right to self- privatize and deregulatedetermination to forward. The national sovereignty our markets as part ofThe effort to provide and patrimony at the general architecturejobs to Lumad parents the mercy of foreign of globalization, theis shallow when nature, monopoly capitalists continued full-offeringwhere they really find a If large-scale and of our mineral depositsliving, is wasted. destructive mining poses to foreign corporations a big threat to the people, make the Philippines aThe quest for a balanced why does the government prostituted nation thatand healthful ecology allow and even encourage provides pleasure to Just this January 5, tons its operations? dominant economiesof soil and rocks buried The Philippines is home while it suffers from risksto death around 40 to $840 billion worth of incurable maladies.individuals in a landslide of untapped minerals. The bottomline is that,in Sitio Diat, Napnapan, If the government the Philippine miningPantukan, Compostela fully implements the industry is not really aValley. The place is a zone Philippine Mining Act of Filipino industry, and thefor small and medium- 1995, according to the Philippine economy isscale mining operations. Chamber of Mines, the not a sovereign Filipino Landslide is just one. Philippines could increase economy.The more alarming its mineral exports fromenvironmental impacts the present $500 million What the Filipinos reallyof mining operations, annually to $2.5 billion. needespecially that of large- That, according to HSBC Alyansa Tigil Mina (ATM),scale, include removal of projections, would help one of the vocal critics ofrainforest communities; the Philippines make it to large-scale and destructivegreenhouse gas production the top 14 economies of mining in the Philippines,from forest conversion, the world by 2050. said they are not totallyenergy consumption But RA 7942, or the against mining, but theand industrial processes; Philippine Mining Act of repressive mining policies.increased flooding 1995, is believed to be an ATM, like all otherpotential; heavy metal anti-people legislation that anti-mining crusades,contamination of the is subservient to foreign recognizes the necessity ofwater; increased acidity of monopoly capitalists. minerals in the sustenancesoil and water; changes in The Philippine’s current of the humanity.drainage morphology; and mining policies place PANALIPDAN-Mindanao,many more. the country’s natural another environmental Even the food security is resources in the hands of NGO, said that the country28 m in d t he now
  29. 29. Davao del Norte 25th IBPA 67th IBPA60th IBPA72nd IBPA Compostela Valley 701st IBdePA1003rd IBPA 66th IBPA 71st IBPA 69th IBPA 28th IBPA 84th IBPA Davao Oriental 39th IBPA UP CLOSE 1001st IBdePA Mining Development 1002nd IBdePA Areas & Military 27th IBPA Davao del Sur Deployment Areas under Oplan Bayanihan 73rd IBPA needs a National Mining North Cotabato, Sultan expressions of our Plan and a National Kudarat, Sarangani, resistance. We can do this Industrialization Program. General Santos and through caravans, march- By planned, they mean Davao del Sur, shares the rallies, petitions, pickets, mining only what and following courses of action signature campaigns, how much is needed by for the people to forward: texting, lobbying, and the people, and mining Educate the people on barricades. under stricter policies that large-scale mining and Build a strong and active ensure environmental the disaster it will bring alliance against large- sustainability, access to when not stopped. We scale mining not only justice, and protection of must debunk all the lies throughout South and human rights for affected and misinformation being Central Mindanao but also communities. peddled about the mining in the entire archipelago, SOCKSARGENDS activities. and even outside the AGENDA, an alliance Organize all affected country. of church-based NGOs, sectors and supporters for Support the People’s peoples organizations, and a concerted action against Mining Bill for a just, environmental advocacy large scale mining. sustainable and pro- groups in South Cotabato, Launch Protests as people mining policy. G EOGRAPHICALLY, the Philippines does not only have agricultural lands of silver were reported in 2010. 58, 412 metric tons of copper content of to boast of for the country concentrate and 19,312 also has mountains rich metric tons of nickel content with metal and mineral of concentrate were also resources. Metals like specified in the same year. Chromium, Copper, Gold, Because of such Who’s and Nickel and mineral fuels like Coal can be found in our abundance, different mining companies are currently who mountains. Statistics also prove how operating in the country. These mining companies are Looking into different rich we are in terms of these categorized into two: large- mining companies in the mineral and metal deposits. scale and small-scale. Philippines An estimated production Companies with a large BY MAYBELLE ANNE number of 40,847 kilograms number of employees YUTIAMCO of gold and 41,004 kilograms belong to the large-scale at en ews speci al issue 29
  30. 30. mining category. These and Philex Petroleum Lepanto Consolidatedcompanies are operating in Corporation, handling the Mining Companyone to two large sites and oil and gas business. Lepanto is a miningstay until all the metal and The Company, Philex Gold company primarily involvedmineral deposits are already Philippines, Inc., Silangan in gold bullion production.exhausted. Small-scale Mindanao Exploration This company yields goldmining companies, on the Co., Inc. and its subsidiary, minerals from the Victoriaother hand, only involve a Silangan Mindanao and Teresa deposits insmall number of people. Mining Corporation, Inc., Mankayan, Benguet.These people are oftentimes are centrally involved in Lepanto has secured a total ofconsidered as a pack of large-scale assessment, 46-patented mining claimsnomadic miners since they improvement, and use of in Mankayan, Benguet.travel together to look for mineral deposits. PGPI Just like Philex Miningsites rich in minerals and controlled the Bulawan Corporation, Lepanto alsometals. mine in Negros Occidental has subsidiaries including The following are just some till 2002. Currently, the Shipside, Inc., Diamondof the mining companies Company runs the Padcal Drilling Corporationand big names involved Mine in Benguet and SMECI, of the Philippines, andin the Philippine mining represented by SMMCI, Lepanto Investment andindustry: operates the Boyongan and Development Corporation Bayugo mineral resources. Lepanto also reports toPhilex Mining Corporation Philex Mining Corporation have spent over P 127.15 Philex Mining Corporation produced over 4,153 million on environmental(the Company) subsidiaries kilograms of gold, 4,096 protection in 2010. 67% ofstarted in the country in kilograms of silver, and 16, the money went to tailings1955. Philex is classified into 157 metric tons of copper dam construction andtwo main business groups: content of concentrate last management for the millPhilex Mining Corportation, 2010. tailings and wastewaterholding the mining business, treatments. The remainingOPINION day-to-day needs. What makes it wrong is the means on howWhy mining should not be in it is done.my backyard BY JOHN KESSLER MISTERIO The irresponsibility of mining operations in the countryWE HAVE already seen the mining permanently. After all, aggravates concerns from thehazardous tragedy brought we cannot just deny the fact people that the multi-nationalby mining operations in our that all of us benefited from the corporations label as agentscountry. Many lives have been products of mining. against development.lost and properties left wasted. The laptops that we use The practice tends to beNo wonder a lot of anti-mining today wouldn’t exist if there abusive, with several miningmovements have increased were no mineral ore deposits. firms claiming lands as theirsignificantly, protesting to stop The coins in our pocket are “mining areas” with theall mining operations, may it made up of combined nickel, government’s approval as ifbe in a larger or a smaller scale. copper, or zinc. Our highways it was their property. It is theWho wouldn’t? Even the recent utilize metals which are mined, people’s property, and it’slandslide that happened in not grown. Without mining, the place where indigenousPantukan is caused by mining there will be neither a bus for peoples have been residing formalpractice. commuters, nor a car to take many decades. Most mining But don’t get me the us to school or work. Mining companies even go beyondimpression that I want to ban is an essential activity for our that just to maximize their profit.30 m in d t he now
  31. 31. 33% was spent on Rapu-Rapu Processingrehabilitation, reforestation, Incorporated (RRPI)and resource management. RRPI is located in Rapu- The Company also spent Rapu Island, Albay and is themore than P 3.5 million on biggest private enterprise inits Social Development and Albay with more than US$Management Program. 100 million investments. RRPP is the first miningAtlas Consolidated company to operate after theMining And Development RA 7942 or the PhilippineCorporation Mining of 1995 was enacted. Atlas was first incorporated Over 80% of the employeesin 1935. It is listed in the are from Bicol. It is also thePhilippine Stock Exchange mining company in theand was listed in the Philippines to support theAmerican Stock Exchange Final Mine Rehabilitationuntil May 1995. and Decommissioning Plan Three subsidiaries (FMRDP) before its approvalwere created in order to and was awarded with the Manuel V. Pangilinanimprove the Toledo Copper safest mining operation in Photo/planetphilippines.com the Philippines in 2010. Page 29 Atlas ConsolidatedComplex, Berong Nickel Mining & Development Corp.Project and the Toledo-Cebu RRPI is a secondary LogoBulk Water and Reservoir producer of gold and silver Photo/blairezonProject in 2004 and 2005. in the Philippines. TheConsequently, Carmen company reports to have tons of copper content ofCopper Corporation, produced 705 kilograms of concentrate and 9, 268Berong Nickel Corporation, gold and 10, 480 kilograms metric tons of zinc contentand Aquatlas Inc. were of silver last 2010. It has of concentrate in the sameincorporated. also produced 5, 972 metric year. In order to support the protects the interests of the promotion of one thatcountry’s economy, the the miners in the name of mines for the benefits andgovernment has opened its “development”, as some of needs of our country.doors to investors, signing them secretly benefits from it. Mining isn’t bad. What makesagreements and laws, and Getting a permit for it bad is the way it is done andallowing these companies to operations in mining seems to operated, making it unsuitableutilize the natural resources be culturally inclined. Instead to the current Philippineof the Philippines. Republic of granting permits in the belief setting. If this kind of processesAct 7942 seems to legitimize that it passed the standards continue, and if governmentdestruction of IP communities, for environment preservation officials would not be strictenvironment, and of the food and several pre-requisites, enough in implementingsupply in the name of “profit”. the government seems to fall certain mining policies, The law has become under the “palakasan” culture. then I can say, irresponsibleprotectors of foreign mining As long as those in the position mining should not be on ourfirms in extracting what is profit, the official role seems to backyard. The end can neversupposed to be ours. Poor and be one of camouflage. justify the means, and ourimproper management has I say mining should not be collective efforts on beggingresulted in various problems in our backyard, if it poses a for responsible mining will goleading to environmental and greater threat than benefit. on unless the right authoritiessocial issues. The civil society What we need is the repeal of will act in the name of integrity.is strong in its stand against a law that instigates zero-summining, while the government game for the Philippines, and at en ews speci al issue 31
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