Cdb vol. 2 no. 126 (07.04.2012)


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Ecology Technical Working Group
Committee daily Bulletin

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Cdb vol. 2 no. 126 (07.04.2012)

  1. 1. Committee Daily BulletinVol. II No. 126 A publication of the Committee Affairs Department July 4, 2012 TECHNICAL WORKING GROUP MEETINGS MEASURES COMMITTEE PRINCIPAL SUBJECT MATTER ACTION TAKEN/DISCUSSION NO. AUTHOR Ecology Draft Reps. Alcala Establishing the Philippine Environmental The technical working group (TWG), presided (Technical Substitute Bill & Bag-ao Assessment System by Committee Secretary Atty. Dilbert Quetulio, Working to HBs 08 & terminated its deliberation on the draft Group) 3836 Substitute Bill to HBs 08 and 3836. The draft substitute bill will be presented to the mother Committee for its consideration. National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) Senior Economic Development Specialist Jean Centeno expressed reservation on Sec. 9 of the bill which mandates NEDA to serve as the secretariat of the proposed Inter- Agency Steering Committee on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). She suggested that the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) should be the secretariat of this inter-agency body considering that the department will be the lead implementing agency. Sandra Marie Recolizado of the Board of Investment (BOI) proposed to delete Section 6 (Applicability of the SEA) and Section 7 (Undertaking SEA) adding that the said provisions would require concerned agencies to include SEA as an integral part in the formulation of a policy, plan, program or project which may have an adverse impact on the environment. As defined in the bill, the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) refers to the management/planning tool for a systematic evaluation of the environmental consequences of a proposed policy, plan or program in order to ensure that they are fully considered and appropriately addressed at the earliest stage of decision-making. Recolizado added that requiring SEA in every proposed policy, plan or program would also mean additional cost to the government in conducting environmental assessment. She admitted that the BOI does not have experts in environmental assessment. Philex Mining Corporation Vice President for Legal Affairs Enrique Rodriguez suggested that Section 2 (Declaration of Policy) of the proposed law be reviewed.
  2. 2. Labor and Draft Reps. Providing for a magna carta of workers in The technical working group (TWG), presidedEmployment Consolidated Angara, informal economy, institutionalizing by Committee Secretary Celeste de Castro, will(Technical Bill to HBs Escudero, mechanisms for implementation thereof continue its deliberation on the draftWorking 768, 3014, Aglipay & consolidated bill in its next meeting.Group) 4306 & 6182 Mendoza (R.D.) The TWG focused its discussion on Section 4 (Definition of Terms) of the bill and agreed to modify this section taking into consideration various recommendations which include the following:  Define the term “formal arrangements;”  Redefine “industrial homeworkers” as those workers involved in a system of production under which work is carried out at or near their homes where materials may or may not be furnished by the employer or contractor;  Define the term “ambulant vendors” according to the definition prescribed by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD);  Include in the definition of “workers in the informal economy” “on-call” domestic workers, who are generally not covered by social protection, and project–based construction workers;  Set the age of a “worker of minor age” to below 18 years old;  Redefine “non-government organi- zation (NGO)” as a duly registered non-stock, non-profit organization focusing on the upliftment of the basic or disadvantaged sectors of society. Comments, suggestions and requests for copies may be sent to the Editorial Unit, Committee Administrative Support Service, 3rd Floor, Ramon V. Mitra, Jr. Bldg., Batasan Complex, Constitution Hills, Quezon City. Tel. Nos. 9326118; 9315001 local 7122. Also available at 2